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The Russian Federation is considered one of the best countries for start-up entrepreneurs, and the choice in which field to open your first business is incredible. For example, despite the huge variety of outlets selling all kinds of street food (hot dogs, shawarmas, burritos), “grilled chickens” are still popular among the citizens of our state. This product is purchased both for dinner and as lunch at work, as a snack for parties and when gathering for a picnic.

Of course, this type of fast food will keep the bar high in popularity for a long time, and all because there is no replacement for it yet. For a novice entrepreneur, this is a great way to realize oneself - a grilled chicken business plan is simple, it is quite easy to organize even with a small budget, and it allows you to implement not only your ideas in the service sector, but also subsequently organize a whole network of points of sale. Let's take a look at the organization of such an enterprise and in all the features of this business.

Stages of organizing the first outlet

To start your own fast food business, you need to support a certain business plan. This will allow not only to avoid mistakes in the organization of the enterprise, but also to significantly save money, plan the accompanying growth and form a budget for the opening of the first point of sale of grilled chicken. Typically aspiring entrepreneurs follow the following plan:

Marketing Plan

When choosing the location of the outlet, pay attention to the traffic of the place. For example, the highest sales will be near enterprises and educational institutions, where students and workers, hungry, will buy themselves dinner or lunch. In addition, it is desirable to have multi-storey buildings or densely populated areas of the city in the adjacent territory, this will significantly increase the number of clients. Train stations, hospitals and dormitories will also bring in more buyers.

For convenience, we offer a table for your reference, which indicates the average traffic near fast food outlets:

Nearby institutionMedium traffic ProfitabilityClientsUniversities, student dormitoriesMore than 1000 peopleMediumStudents, teachersNew buildings, residential areaAbout 1000 peopleHighYoung people up to 30 years old, married couplesStationsOver 40 peopleFrom many peopleUnder than 1000 peopleUnder than 1000 peopleUnder than 1000 peopleUnder than 1000 peopleUnder people and women between the ages of 30 and 50Around the leisure parkAbout 500 peopleHighResting youth and couples

Also, when choosing a location, immediately evaluate the premises available for rent. Pay attention to the rental rate and the possibility of connecting electricity to the outlet.

When choosing a logo and company name, involve specialists, or ask for help from friends and relatives, perhaps they will advise something unique and interesting. Do not forget that the first opinion of potential customers will be formed by the logo and name.

Farming is one of the most productive, affordable and profitable sectors of the economy. In the modern world, agriculture has stable and growing indicators. The relevance of business in our country is due to its low prevalence, which significantly reduces the competition between various entrepreneurs, creates free economic cells that can be occupied. The program of state support for agricultural start-ups, the tireless process of improving the legal framework leads to the fact that the sector of the economy is constantly in the spotlight. The statistical data of the trends of recent years, as well as modern political realities, show that businessmen are actively investing money in the creation of farms for breeding laying hens. The food market is developing synchronously with the increase in the world's population, the segment is always in demand by the consumer, the risks of going bankrupt are minimal.

Stages of organization

Setting up a business for raising laying hens has some nuances that can cause various problems and reduce profits until they are eliminated. It is possible to level or avoid inconvenience. A business plan for breeding laying hens is 70% of the success of the event.

Customer search

Advertising is a powerful tool to attract the target audience and the consumer stratum of society. In the arsenal of modern advertising agencies, there are many proven methods and ways to make a product recognizable in markets or store shelves. You need to understand that every buyer, wholesaler or retail consumer is important to the business. There is a golden rule, the more the final product is bought by consumers, the faster the cost recovery goes and the period of net income begins.

Searching for clients is an urgent problem not only for a start-up enterprise, but also for large corporations. The main task is the selection of a market niche and its gradual occupation. The most optimal option is to orient the final product towards the middle class consumer. This makes it possible to create the necessary conditions for the formation of a persistent consumer mass, expressed by representatives of the middle class.

Required equipment

Poultry raising is a process that requires the use of various techniques. In industrial poultry breeding, the following maintenance methods are used:

The choice of materials for the construction or renovation of premises is an important decision for an entrepreneur. It is necessary to use materials that are durable, but have little market value. In most cases, start-up entrepreneurs use wood as the main material for building poultry houses.

Costs and Profits

Profit is the main factor in the calculation for any business. Calculate the potential profit from raising hens.

Initial data:

Production of meat products:

Laying hens are considered to be one of the most profitable branches of agriculture. Chickens begin to lay eggs at the age of 5 months, so the business will be profitable almost immediately after opening. If the activity provided income all year round, it is important to correctly draw up a business plan for raising laying hens.

Enterprise start

It is much easier to equip a farm outside the city, where there will be a place for organizing a chicken coop and an adjacent area for walking birds. Although you can organize a room for a chicken coop in a small area. Therefore, the first point of the business plan is the search for territory.

Every businessman is obliged to contact the tax office and formalize his activities. Indeed, in order to sell the product of their activities, permits, veterinary certificates and quality certificates are needed. It will be easier for an individual entrepreneur to sell his product than a private farmer.

It is also necessary to decide on the method of breeding poultry. There are only two of them:

  • It is possible to raise chickens in separate cages, but this is expensive for an entrepreneur and negatively affects the quality of eggs and meat.
  • The outdoor method involves giving complete freedom to chickens, which has a beneficial effect on the health of the bird and on the quality of the final product.

The business plan, or, more precisely, the financial calculation, depends on the method of raising laying hens. It is possible to minimize costs if you equip bird feeders and drinkers with your own hands.

Organization of the premises

What the birds need in the first place is warmth and lighting, proper balanced nutrition.

The chicken house can be bought, rented or built with your own hands. The main thing is that it is insulated. To keep 100 heads of poultry, 50 square meters will be enough. m. area. Accordingly, if you draw up a business plan for a poultry farm for 200 chickens, then the area for their accommodation should be at least 100 sq. m.

What you need to know about keeping laying hens:

If now you have a goal to get a loan or attract investments, then one of the best solutions would be to use a ready-made business plan for raising broiler chickens for meat.

Poultry meat is an excellent alternative to traditional beef and pork, as it is leaner, contains a lot of protein and is much cheaper. To understand how to make money on this, consider an example of a business plan for breeding broilers for meat. At the moment, the number of large enterprises in this industry can be counted on one hand and it is difficult to find similar products in large grocery stores.

Thus, this is a great business opportunity, because broiler chickens are omnivorous and gain weight two or more times that of traditional poultry. Successful operation in the industry requires investment in the enterprise, attracted by the business plan of the broiler rearing company, which will be discussed in this article.

Business plan for breeding broilers for meat as a method of designing commercial activities

In order to correctly calculate the key parameters of the business, it is required to collect and analyze significant amounts of data, on the basis of which the company's development strategy is formulated and an action plan is drawn up that will allow achieving the goals of this strategy. To combine these design steps, we use the company's broiler meat business plan.

It will combine knowledge of the subject area, entrepreneurial ability and describe the procedure for implementing the project. At the same time, each section is supported by the corresponding figures and calculations, on the basis of which, at the end of the project, a conclusion is made about its financial viability.

An example of a business plan for breeding and raising broiler chickens for meat


Table of Contents


The specifics of the poultry business

Our enterprise will be engaged in breeding broiler chickens for the purpose of further and sale as meat products. The main consumers are connoisseurs of high-quality and healthy food, ready to pay extra for the best product.

Breeding chickens is not only an opportunity to always have fresh eggs and meat on hand, but also a way to earn money. Already at the age of five months, the laying hen begins to produce eggs. A broiler can be slaughtered for meat after two months from birth. At the same time, you can breed birds not only on special farms, but also in your own yard.

Business plan for chicken breeding

Feasibility of the idea

Organizational plan

Anyone planning to start their own business starts by developing a business plan. With its help, they not only calculate the planned costs and profits, but also analyze possible force majeure in the course of organizing a business. You need to start planning with the main points. These include the method of breeding birds, the choice of the breed, the calculation of initial costs, the organization of keeping chickens, the calculation of the profitability of the enterprise, and so on.

There are chickens

Depending on the target raw material, chickens are:

  • Layers are raised to obtain eggs. Egg production of some breeds reaches 300 - 350 eggs per year. Such chickens are suitable for meat production, but have a low weight compared to meat breeds.
  • Meat - bred for the purpose of obtaining meat. For example, broilers are ready to slaughter at two months of age. Their live weight can reach 7 kg. At five months old, when the hens make their first clutch of eggs, the broiler begins to die of obesity in the heart.
  • Meat - a versatile breed of chickens, which is most often bred at home. The average weight of the bird is 2.5 - 3 kg, and the egg production is 200 eggs per year.

Keeping chickens on the farm

There are two ways to organize a chicken farm:

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