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Existing systems require changes over time, no matter what it concerns: technologies, information processes, etc. This can be achieved subject to a fundamental adjustment in quality in the production of products or the provision of services. This is the goal that business projects pursue. An example of any work begins with a clear statement of objectives and an understanding of the methods for achieving them. In this article, we will consider what components are included in business projects. Examples of structures of work components will also be given below.

General information

Various consumer structures are being developed on the basis of consumer surveys. Their goal is to meet the needs of different user groups. Before starting development and implementation, a business plan for an innovative project is drawn up. An example of such work is the modern communication system. It is developed not only in accordance with the results of surveys, but also on the basis of scientific research, and includes various elements. In general, innovative projects can be roughly divided into several types. The program of action can be scientific, technical, research or organizational. In the latter case, business projects are an example of programs that have, in addition to the main, and an additional direction associated with a thorough study of the subject. A specific object is taken as a base: an enterprise, region, city, etc. Also, the work may relate to a product or new service, the method of production management or the conditions for the use of new raw materials. Such business projects (for example - "Creation of a collection agency") should assume, first of all, the demand and payback of the future enterprise.

Business plan of an investment project - an example of a structure Main tasks

Any development begins with the creation of an action program. In its structure, it is necessary to be able to prove that the contribution is most appropriate to a given product. It is also important to calculate the payback period of a future product, enterprise or service, profitability, as well as profitability. Within the framework of the program, it is necessary to consistently describe the steps of the investment of the innovative project and its financial capabilities. When registering an enterprise, you need to keep in mind that you may need to draw up contracts, take patents for the use of some products. For advertising purposes it is necessary to organize the release of price lists. On the basis of this material, negotiations are held with investors in order to obtain investments for the implementation of an innovative project.

Draft business plan - an example of its financial part

Here all costs for the release of a new product are calculated to the smallest details and their necessity is justified. The analysis of the market for the demand for this product by consumers is carried out. Possible financial risks and ways to eliminate them are calculated, as well as preventive measures for their recurrence. Based on all the calculations performed, the amount of the initial capital is displayed. The investor will only agree to invest his resources in the project if materials are provided to prove the value of this product in real life. In other words, if there is a benefit from the provided innovative project, and it is clear what exactly it consists of. The investor must be sure that the funds invested in this product or service will bring more noticeable income than when investing them in another business or with interest on deposit. For greater clarity, a presentation of the business project is carried out. An example of such a way of illustrating an entrepreneur's idea can be a video, charts of the proposed development, diagrams, links to similar enterprises that are successfully operating on the market.


This is evidence of the actual sales of the product and its demand in the market, indicated as concretely and clearly as possible to provide the most complete picture:

  • motivation for purchasing a product (high quality);
  • a specific target market (an average consumer, for example);
  • high sales volume (large percentage of respondents agree to buy it);
  • constant influx of buyers (accumulation of institutions);
  • analysis of opportunities to reduce the price of a product (due to low cost);
  • evaluation market opportunities of competitors (any difference in similar products, for example, price, packaging).


A number of points are important in this section. Namely:

Chapter 1. Business plan the basis for creating an enterprise

1. ... Entrepreneurship as a type of activity

1. ... Business Planning Basics

Chapter 2. Business plan at the enterprise

2. ... Characteristics of the enterprise

2. ... Description of products and services

2. ... Marketing plan, organizational plan

Every entrepreneur, starting his activity, must clearly understand the need for the future in financial, material, labor and intellectual resources, sources of their receipt, and also be able to clearly calculate the efficiency of using resources in the process of the firm's work.

In a market economy, entrepreneurs cannot achieve sustainable success if they do not clearly and effectively plan their activities, constantly collect and accumulate information both on the state of target markets, the position of competitors in them, and on their own prospects and opportunities ...

From the above, we can conclude. That business planning is necessary for every enterprise, which is the whole relevance of this topic.

Entrepreneurship - First Steps:

1. Business plan for growing potatoes. 2

2. Business plan for growing greens, vegetables for sale. 6

3. Business plan for breeding bees. 10

4. Business plan "Holiday House". 14

5. Business plan "Paid fishing". 18

6. Business plan for organizing the rental of children's clothes .. 22

7. Business plan for teaching adults to work on a computer. 27

8. Business plan for installing free software. 28

9. Business plan for the manufacture of original furniture .. 29

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