Business plan: Diet meals delivered to your home

A healthy lifestyle has become more and more popular in recent years. People are more actively involved in sports, monitor their diet.

Many entrepreneurs are skeptical about the healthy food business. consider it unprofitable. But taking into account the current trend of growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, we can assume that there will always be a buyer for this type of service. The main thing is to correctly draw up a business plan for a healthy food cafe. It is quite possible that at the very beginning of the project there will be no large income. But over time, the popularity of the cafe is guaranteed to grow. Moreover, this segment of the public catering market is still far from saturation. Even in large cities, the number of fast food cafes is still measured in units.

Healthy Food Cafe Business Plan Key Steps

Demand analysis and monitoring Target audience identification

There are a lot of adherents of healthy eating today, and there are a lot of different kinds of "alternative nutrition" systems - vegetarianism, raw food diet, "eco-food". Adherents of any of these methods know that today it is still difficult to find in a sufficient number of cafes and shops of this type.

Such establishments already use their own special slang of adherents of proper nutrition. Sometimes it is even allowed to "cheat" - to eat "the wrong food". Coffee, soda and cakes are marked with special stars on the menu.

All potential customers of a healthy food cafe can be roughly divided into several types.

These are mainly people with middle and high income levels, including entrepreneurs. Their interest in this business is largely due to the fact that leading a healthy lifestyle is considered a fashionable trend today. But this is not the cheapest pleasure either. Healthy food cannot have a low price, unlike surrogates and semi-finished products.

Proper nutrition in social networks is usually called "PP" for short. On many accounts, the phrase "I'm on" PP "is found. This means, in particular, that a person does not eat fried, salty, starchy foods, sweet foods.

According to many professional athletes, they often have a problem with extra pounds. In such a situation, it is difficult to be selective, it is very difficult to find a suitable dish that would contain everything that a person needs during the day. And this makes the process very difficult, because it takes about 5-6 meals a day. And in such a situation, it is the cafe of proper nutrition that very successfully comes to the rescue. Moreover, its main advantage is not only and not so much in the menu as in additional services. The cafe staff will help you create a meal plan based on your goals and training intensity.

How to open a healthy food cafe

Cozy catering establishments attract visitors at any time. However, without detailed planning and a business plan for the cafe, projects can be risky. Beginning entrepreneurs should first direct their efforts to the formation of strategic planning for catering and focus on a ready-made business plan for a cafe with calculations.

Download a ready-made business plan Cafe

To determine the approximate costs of opening a new establishment, you should first draw up a business plan for a fast food cafe with calculations. Valid data vary depending on the nature of the proposed job, whether it be a family or youth establishment, class of service. The business plan below contains the main provisions and recommendations on how to organize the opening of a cafe from scratch.

Download a sample cafe business plan

Sample Cafe Business Plan

Before registering even a small cafe, you will need to pay attention to a number of nuances. You should draw up a marketing plan, analyze the current market situation.

It is worth understanding what audience the institution will be designed for. The business plan of a small cafe for family visitors and the business idea for a cafe-restaurant require different approaches to solving problems.

Relevance of the idea, market analysis with the assessment of competitors

Opening a cafe requires a preliminary analysis involving:

  • Location. Renting premises in crowded areas in the city center is not cheap, which is reflected in the price level and the number of visitors.
  • Work time. The success of the establishment depends on the demand. When offering business lunches in business districts, expect more profit than opening establishments that start in the evening.
  • There are competitive venues nearby. The variety of food service outlets will not provide a quick payback, the expected level of income.
  • A social group of visitors that you need to focus on when drawing up a business plan for a small cafe or other institution. Conventional categories of visitors: families with children, students and adolescents, middle class, elderly couples.
  • Development of a strategic plan for the overall concept of the direction of the institution. Ideas on topics are recommended to be thought out in advance. Don't rely on solving problems on a rolling basis. A favorable impression is made by an institution where the interior, staff clothing and even advertising signs are designed in the same style.

Example with calculations, risk analysis

Opening even a small cafe is a rather expensive undertaking that requires significant investment. Whether the institution will pay off and how soon it will happen depends on the attendance. The calculation of the business consists in the need to draw up, analyze an approximate plan of expenses and possible profit. In addition to the one-time expenses for the repair of the hall and the purchase of equipment, it is necessary to take into account the permanent ones - rent of premises, purchase of food, staff salaries, and deductions to the budget.

Table of indicative list of costs

Draw up a guaranteed successful business plan for a healthy food cafe. Calculate costs and payback periods. Menu planning.

Beginning businessmen, choosing a niche for their own business, often prefer fast food service. Fast food is becoming more and more popular, and there will always be a need for tasty and inexpensive food. To implement the idea, an entrepreneur will need a business plan for a fast food cafe, because without a theoretical base, market and competitor analysis, as well as financial calculations, it is impossible to launch any business.

Business idea description

A fast food cafe or simply "Bistro" is a budget catering establishment. The main criterion is inexpensive production and fast service.

Goal: to open a fast food cafe with minimal investment and quick payback.

Target audience: students, office workers and the rest of the population in the area where the cafe is located. The age of visitors is 17-45 years old.

The principle of operation is self-service or a distribution line.

Advantages and disadvantages of fast food cafes

  • demand for the business;
  • quick payback;
  • low investment at the start;
  • the possibility of expanding the business.

  • competition ;
  • difficulties with the choice of premises and location;
  • difficulties in paperwork.

Preparation will cause significant problems if you ignore the legal requirements of regulatory authorities. In other cases, this is a standard procedure, characterized by the preparation of the premises and bringing it to a standard form.

Competition in the public catering sector is high, but at the same time the demand for the service is rather big, therefore, with a well-drawn up business plan and mandatory preliminary calculations, a quick payback is guaranteed.

Basic principles of work

A fast food cafe can work in the "Bistro" format or be focused on takeout food with a minimum number of seats. The premises and location are chosen depending on the chosen concept.

Starting capital - 155 thousand rubles. profit per month - 80 thousand rubles. payback rock - 2 months

We live in an age of stress, poor quality food and a sedentary lifestyle. More and more people are overweight. They try to get rid of extra pounds on their own, but, often, these attempts do not bring the desired results.

Daily home delivery of diet food can help them in the battle for shape and health. These are specially formulated diet food and companies that specialize in the preparation and delivery of delicious, low-calorie meals are in increasing demand lately. It turns out that this is a great new business idea for private entrepreneurship.

The subscription diet has until recently been the preserve of businessmen, celebrities and athletes. The main reason for this was the high cost of this service and territorial limitations. Today, this approach covers more and more people and proportionally the number of companies offering this type of service is growing. What is wholesome food by targeted delivery?

This is a diet specially designed for each customer, taking into account the individual characteristics of each organism. Each meal is packed in a separate sealed container. Every morning, the daily ration is delivered to the address specified in the contract. Meals are usually designed by professional nutritionists and prepared by qualified chefs.

Business location

A company opened in a large city has the greatest chances of success. Market research is essential before starting a diet food business. The easiest way is to type in an Internet search engine the query: "Diet food delivered to your home in the city of N". If it turns out that there are no such companies in your city, the green light is open for you to start this mouth-watering business.

A company engaged in the preparation and delivery of diet food needs a room of 80-100 square meters, a large, good oven, kitchen equipment and, of course, a refrigerator. If at the initial stage you do not have sufficient capital, you can use the kitchen of a cafe or restaurant on a sublease basis. You also need a car for your business. It is better to buy a refrigerated car for better food safety.

Before taking the steps to find a room, purchase equipment, and handle formalities, you need to develop several dietary options. The main goal of such a diet is to lose weight (low calorie diet of 1000 to 1500 calories). In addition to a weight loss diet, you should consider healthy diets such as Mediterranean, vegetarian and low gluten foods.

You also need to think about people with diseases that, a priori, imply only dietary food. These are diabetes, atherosclerosis, osteoporosis. And of course, one cannot but take into account the needs of expectant and nursing mothers, elderly people, athletes and those who prefer to eat organic food. You should also be prepared to accommodate the individual wishes of your customers regarding their taste preferences.

Prospective Customers

In 2021-2021, residents of Russia preferred semi-finished products from the store. Since 2021, the priorities have changed. Increasingly, Russians are turning to the food delivery service. After 7 years, the business idea of ​​organizing a delivery service remains relevant and popular. Depending on the chosen direction, you will need a business plan for delivering food to your home, office lunches, groceries or proper nutrition.

Orders are made by calling or by filling out a form on the company's website. Provides for the creation of a website and (or) application with the ability to order online for the convenience of customers

The food production and delivery business plan includes an assortment based on the level of financial security of potential customers in a particular city. For example, among residents of the Moscow region with an income of less than 20,000 rubles per family, only 19% use delivery services. With an income above 100,000 rubles for a family - 59%.

The food delivery business plan contains an analysis of the target audience of the project. This includes clients:

  • not having time to prepare meals;
  • preferring food from restaurants;
  • having sufficient financial resources;
  • planning to hold a solemn event.

Download a ready-made food delivery business plan

A businessman prepares a detailed calculation of the business. He has the right to use a franchise or download a food delivery business plan for free. The last option contains an analysis of the necessary indicators (risks, errors, payback), includes recommendations for the selection of premises.

Sample Food Delivery Business Plan

In addition to standard questions, an example of a business plan for the delivery of groceries and ready meals contains an analysis of the main trends in the development of a market segment. These include:

  • Improving the ordering procedure. It consists in offering the client different ways to contact the delivery service (website, social networks, instant messengers).
  • Reduced delivery time. In pursuit of a client, companies open more points in different parts of the city. Thus, the time from the moment of ordering to its issuance to the buyer is reduced. Previously, it was 60 minutes. Today - 30-40 minutes.

Business can be opened in the format:

  • home-made ready meals delivery. Chefs and sushi are selected. Contracts for the supply of raw materials are concluded. A room is being selected. Permits are being processed;
  • food delivery from restaurants. Project opening costs are lower (5-7 employees required).

We will consider the first draft of a homemade food delivery business plan.

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