Business plan anti-cafe

To open your anti-cafe, you will have enough start-up capital in the amount of 343 thousand rubles, which can be recouped after six months of work. The net profit of the anti-cafe will be 133 thousand rubles.

Summary of the Antikafe project

The goal of the project is to open an anti-cafe in a city with a population of over 1 million people. The business idea is based on the income of the establishment by paying for the time spent by visitors, which is 2 rubles / minute. Antikafe assumes the provision of a platform for entertainment, leisure activities, social, entertainment and educational projects.

Advantages of the anticafe project:

originality, extensive use of space;

relatively low personnel costs;

mutually beneficial cooperation with delivery services, business coaches, musicians, etc.

social orientation of the project, interested in organizing cultural leisure.

The initial investment for opening aktikafe is 343,000 rubles. The payback period for anti-cafe is 6 months. Net profit on reaching the planned volumes - 133 thousand rubles.

Industry and company description

Antikafe is an increasingly popular format of public institutions designed for friendly, business or creative meetings, master classes or an exciting vacation with a company. For the first time, the idea to open an anti-cafe came from the writer Ivan Mitin. The first establishment was opened with a payment system "how much you can or do not mind", drinks and treats were provided as a bonus. A year later, in 2021, the Ziferblat time-cafe was opened in Moscow, and guests paid a ruble per minute to visit the restaurant.

Antikafe business idea concept

The idea of ​​the anti-cafe format is to create free space for visitors, which can be used for work, educational, entertainment and creative purposes. Guests have the opportunity to freely move around the cafe, make tea, coffee and taste treats, participate in master classes, trainings, poetry evenings, play consoles. Payment is charged for time only.

Main features and differences from classic cafes

A classic cafe belongs to catering establishments, where the organization's income is formed from the cost of ordered dishes.

Antikafe implies a more interesting approach to making a profit:

the main source of income is the time spent by the client in the establishment. The average price in Russia has settled at the level of 1-3 rubles per minute;

Buy anti-cafe business plan

tea, coffee, candy, cookies are provided as a free treat;

various techniques are used to increase the length of stay: free access to a small library, a small cinema hall, for freelancers - a full-fledged workplace with a PC, access to office equipment, the Internet, etc.

Determining the type and size of anti-cafe

Now young people strive to realize themselves, do not want to work in an office, but start their own business. In the article, we will describe in detail an anti-cafe business plan that will help you easily take the first confident steps towards achieving your goal.


What is anti-cafe

Antikafe, known abroad as "time cafe", is an institution originally intended for meetings with loved ones, business partners in a relaxed atmosphere, where no one will interfere with the discussion of certain topics. In many states, anti-cafes have existed for a long time and have managed to prove their relevance among a huge audience. In our country, establishments of this nature are still extremely rare, but it is possible that soon everything will change radically.

If we compare the anti-cafe with an ordinary cafe, it turns out that the former lacks waiters and loud music. The establishments do not offer exquisite dishes at huge prices. The only items on the menu are free tea, coffee and biscuits. If this is not enough, then you can bring food with you from nearby establishments or from home.

A fair question that will arise from many readers, what makes anti-cafe? It turns out that you have to pay for your stay in it. True, the amount will be small. It will include the use of everything that is available. These are board games, consoles, televisions and much more. Gambling, alcohol and cigarettes are prohibited in the institution.

Target audience

Antikafe is an institution that will be potentially interesting to everyone. More precisely, schoolchildren, students, businessmen, freelancers and even retirees who do not know how to spend a lot of free time. In anti-cafe it is not necessary to communicate with someone or play a board game. There is Wi-Fi and various drinks, which will allow you to while away a few hours, waiting for your acquaintance, your soul mate or even your plane flight.

Pricing Policy

The institution is designed for visitors of any social level. Anyone can come with a small amount on hand. The cost of one hour spent in a cafe varies from 90 to 150 rubles. As mentioned above, drinks and cookies are free of charge. The inclusion of additional services is possible. Let's say in an anti-cafe you can organize a small kitchen and sell ordinary dishes or even a candy store. The latter will definitely interest the youngest visitors.

Antikafe is an institution that will be especially popular in late autumn, winter and early spring. It is at that moment when it is cold outside and precipitation often falls. In the summer, the number of visitors will decrease. Indeed, at such a time of the year, you want to relax on the beach or in nature. Discounts should be provided for frequent visitors or large companies. This will help in the competition if anti-cafes also open nearby.

Development of the concept and business plan for anti-cafe

Antikafe is a relatively new type of leisure activity. For a per-minute payment, visitors are provided with comfortable rooms where they can calmly work, play board games, and hold a meeting in an informal atmosphere. Tea, coffee, cookies are free, but visitors will not find any other food here. Such places are also called "time cafes". What do you need to know to open an anti-cafe from scratch and start making money? We draw up a business plan for a time cafe.

Description of business for opening anti-cafe

The demand for such establishments is quite high in cities with a population of more than 500 thousand people. In small towns, such anti-cafes risk becoming unprofitable (attendance is low, the average salary of the population is also lower than in cities with a population of over one million, and a visit to an ordinary cafe may be cheaper).

Your goal is to attract as many clients as possible. Make your institution so that a person is more comfortable in it than at home, so that after a hard day's work he will come to you. You have bean bags, quizzes, and in the next room you can watch a movie in good company or learn to play the cello. This is cultural leisure without food and alcohol for little money. In other words, in anti-cafe you can relax, get to know each other, get to a master class and much more.

Description of the range of services

Antikafe is not just a place where you can pass the time and have free tea or coffee, but a place where you want to return. Here you can relax or, conversely, shake yourself up - play board games, crocodile, mafia, sing with a guitar, get acquainted, communicate ... The range of services depends on the policy of the institution, and often only on the imagination of administrators and the owner of the anti-cafe.

Anti-cafe varieties

You don't have to dwell on one thing. Antikafe should become a place where everyone will feel comfortable - both noisy companies and singles.

Target audience

  • Silence lovers and freelancers. These are people of different ages who want to work or just pass the time alone, so that they are not pestered with conversations and activity is not imposed on them. They came to read a book, write an essay, etc. At home, they are uncomfortable, in an ordinary cafe - too noisy and expensive, in the library - a hard chair and haughty looks from aunt with glasses.
  • Lovers of group activities. Mostly young people. They came to play board games, the mafia, laugh, communicate, get to know each other, joke.
  • Lovers of learning everything. On Tuesdays they come to master classes on weaving baubles, on Thursdays - for Hebrew courses, on Saturdays - they dance bochatu.
  • Already formed commands. These are people working in the same company, they came to corporate training, brainstorming, etc. They want to hang out in a separate room, they don't need new friends.

All these people care about their health, and anti-cafe does not smoke or drink alcohol. They came to have a good time, not to eat.

Today we will consider a detailed business plan for an anti-cafe or how to open a time cafe: goals, relevance, target audience, choice of premises, financial plan and profitability.

Capital investments: 532,000 rubles

Average monthly revenue: 220,500 rubles per month

Net profit: 62,500 rubles per month

Payback: 9 months


The essence of the project: the opening of an anti-cafe (time-cafe) - a social institution designed for pleasant pastime, creative meetings, conversations in a comfortable atmosphere for visitors, the possibility of acquiring new knowledge, sharing experience, exhibitions of one's own work, holding presentations, which also serves as a platform (office) for novice businessmen. The difference between an anti-cafe and a cafe is that this institution is not for eating, although you can drink tea or coffee here, and enjoy light desserts, chocolate, cookies - everything that is usually served with hot drinks. Visitors can also prepare their own meals using the ingredients they bring with them. Alcoholic drinks and smoking are prohibited in the anti-cafe.

The main profit is the payment for the time spent in the anti-cafe, estimated by the minute. An additional option is a monthly subscription fee. Payment for renting a place for holding mass events.

Services provided: entertainment activities; trainings, lectures, master classes conducted by invited trainers, coaches, teachers; rental of entertainment and educational equipment, coworking - providing a workplace for freelancers, artists, writers, journalists for interviews, and other people of creative professions, free Wi-Fi.

Model: large room with several meeting rooms, kitchen, toilets.

Working hours: from 11:00 to 24:00 - weekdays, from 11:00 to 2:00 - on weekends.

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