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The main thing about the business plan of a lingerie store in the year

Opening of a lingerie store and its assortment

Low start-up costs and high profitability are what an aspiring entrepreneur needs, and this is one of the reasons the underwear business looks so attractive. There are many success factors in this business: this also applies to the successful location of the store, and its design, the professionalism of the sellers. But it all starts with the formation of the assortment of goods that you will offer customers in your store.

If you want to achieve a high return on your lingerie store, you have to take care of what and how you sell. The peculiarities of the lingerie market are such that trading in the same type of product is unlikely to bring you success. The highest demand is observed in those stores where various brands are sold. An improperly selected assortment often leads to a large amount of stale goods, which for a long time have not been in demand by anyone. To prevent this from happening, you need to carefully study consumer demand.

There must be some kind of mystery in a woman ...

So, you are determined to open your own business - a lingerie store or lingerie department in a department store, shopping center. Regardless of the scale of trade, the assortment of goods for a start should be very wide. Do not seek to purchase many sets of the same type. After you open a lingerie store from scratch and start trading, you will quickly be able to understand which product is in demand and which is not. In accordance with this, it will be easy for you to correct the assortment.

The volume of the lingerie market is growing every year, but there are still a lot of women dissatisfied with the assortment of goods in stores. Someone is outraged by the lack of variety of underwear under the neckline, someone does not like the low quality of the product. The problem is that when planning to open a lingerie store, entrepreneurs often rely on a cheap product. Like, I'll spin a little, then I'll start buying more expensive underwear. But, as a rule, such a calculation is not justified. After making sure that the quality of the products sold in your store does not meet expectations, most buyers will never cross the threshold of your store again.

When planning to open a retail outlet with underwear, it is best to focus on the models of the middle price segment. Expensive models are required a little, they only give your store a certain image, being exhibited with a special chic. But the main profit will be made by underwear that is affordable for most buyers. A business project like lingerie trade is unthinkable without using a professional example of a business plan for opening a lingerie store with ready-made calculations. With its help, you will be able to close knowledge gaps and calculate the likely risks. After studying this document, you can easily draw up a formula for the return on costs of setting up a lingerie store and will be able to draw the right conclusions.

Tips for organizing a lingerie store

According to the analysis of the retail lingerie market, sales of this product are growing, and therefore the number of entrepreneurs willing to open a lingerie store is also increasing. But, having an active desire to join the number of successful businessmen, not all of them achieve what they want. The reason is trivial - a huge number of mistakes that inexperienced entrepreneurs make even at the stage of forming their business.

Feedback on the business plan of a women's clothing store

We managed to get a loan in the amount of 25 million rubles and open a women's clothing store. I was sincerely pleased with the professional approach to the issue, clear and impeccable fulfillment of all the requirements of the bank.

Feedback on a jewelry store business plan

An informal approach to work, understanding all the intricacies of business processes. As a result, we received a business plan, which passed the expertise of investors from the first time, and we were able to receive financing for 150 million rubles.

Director of a chain of jewelry stores

Feedback on the business plan of clothing stores

It was convenient to work with your company - you organized everything competently. I liked the professionalism and detail with which you analyzed our project.

The sale of underwear is a demanded direction of activity. A business plan for a lingerie store includes a system of activities that need to be implemented to launch a project, as well as a budget calculation for each stage and indicators of activity and efficiency.

This document assumes that the store will distribute lingerie, hosiery and homewear. The object is designed for buyers of budget and medium price ranges.

Contents of the lingerie store business plan:

What is a business plan for?

A person who sews well can freely get a good income from this occupation. One of the most profitable and affordable types of business is sewing bed linen. Such a product is in great demand, so novice entrepreneurs choose this line of business. How to start a bedding business?

Why bedding

It can be noted that the business of making bed linen at home is a profitable business. It has a high profitability and a short payback period. This applies both to tailoring in general and to the production of bed linen in particular. This applies to the common home business. It is best for an entrepreneur to offer bed linen that is in demand, and the competition in this case remains low. These criteria include the manufacture of bedding.

Its production is not particularly difficult. Sewing is carried out according to known parameters. According to statistics, this consumer niche is filled only by 70%. At the same time, 75% of consumers prefer domestic products. This is followed by Chinese and Turkish linens. Italian products are of higher quality and cost, so not everyone can afford them.

At the same time, bed linen is a product that no house can do without. It is clear that products do not belong to essential goods, but with the right organization they can bring a good income.


Small manufacturing can offer the following products to its customers:

  • bedding;
  • pillows, throws and bedspreads;
  • blankets and mattress toppers;
  • sets for children ;
  • datasets.

Which direction to choose should be decided independently. The entire range of products can be produced, but in minimal quantities. The most profitable business idea for bed linen is the sewing of children's sets. However, there is a significant level of competition in this segment.

Nowadays bedding sets are especially popular. If we organize the production of such products, then the enterprise will develop rapidly.

Any own business acts as a profitable entrepreneurial project in theory. Every novice businessman runs the risk of facing the issue of choosing an industry for activity. One of the promising, profitable and also interesting directions is the sale of lingerie. This product is in constant demand and is required at any time of the year. We'll talk about how to develop a business plan for opening a lingerie store below.

Opening a lingerie store: what you need to know at the initial stage

Any representative of the fair sex is very sensitive to her appearance. Clothing is one of the key tools for decorating it. High-quality, attractive outfits made from reliable, practical and safe fabrics for women are almost the same as a favorite car for a man. Shopping has long turned from a necessity into a hobby, and for some even a cure for depression.

This is why opening a lingerie store is a very interesting idea for your own business. Despite the fact that there are quite a few such establishments on the market, the competition in the field is low. The fact is that not all offered underwear meets the level of quality, external parameters, as well as other characteristics that women expect.

Quality underwear will always be in demand. Let's try to figure out in more detail whether it is profitable to open this type of store. The most common myth about such an entrepreneurial project is that it is a business exclusively for girls and women. Many people think that male entrepreneurs and lingerie sales are completely incompatible things. However, it is important not only to understand the underwear itself, but also in organizational matters, so not only a girl can successfully supervise the store.

Let's immediately outline the objective advantages that a business in the field of selling underwear will have:

  • the possibility of high cheat on the cost of one unit of goods from 100%;
  • a high level of demand, which does not depend on the season;
  • unlike any other type of clothing, lingerie is not subject to changes in fashion trends. So, even underwear, which was in demand in the last century, with a competent marketing approach, can be put up for sale as retro sets;
  • no need to purchase expensive equipment;
  • no need to rent a large trade area;
  • as a consequence of the two previous points - no need for a high investment load at the start.

Does this business have obvious weaknesses? Yes, there is, as we said, a high level of competition. You run a high risk by purchasing a low-quality product, so work with suppliers should be carried out continuously. Also, remember that good quality lingerie is expensive. This can lead to a decrease in customer traffic - not all women are ready to spend significant amounts of money on lingerie during a crisis.

Analysis of the market and competitors among those who trade in lingerie

Today the Russian market is demonstrating a rather difficult situation in terms of the economy due to the protracted crisis. This situation, in one way or another, affects all segments of the business, except for the grocery sector.

Has the economic crisis affected the underwear trade segment? Clothing acts as one of those industries that hold onto the market pretty well. But, 2021 was a very difficult year for the entire Russian economy. Most of the stores in the lingerie segment have closed due to low profit margins and still have not recovered. What follows from this, and why is it worth opening a lingerie store at the moment?

  • The high level of competition, which we talked about above, has significantly decreased. This is especially true for small towns with a population of less than one million people.
  • By entering the market now, before the major players have regained their positions, you can immediately cover a large segment of it.
  • The main advantage is that you can use high prices without resorting to dumping policies, building the organization's pricing policy based on projected profits.

In today's market, we see a situation where obviously negative factors can be turned to our advantage. However, do not forget about the possible influence of competitors. The main rivals for your store will be large chains, as well as branded outlets. Their main advantage is the ability to offer customers an affordable price, as well as work in the network.

Women are willing to save on food, but not on their clothes. Therefore, a business plan for a lingerie store deserves special attention, because with the right approach, it will become a very successful activity.

About the relevance of business

If outerwear should correspond to the time of day and the situation, then the underwear is chosen solely according to the mood. Moreover, this is the product that women buy often and a lot.

According to experts, a beautiful set is able to completely change the fair sex, adding to her self-confidence and special charm.

This is probably why women dream of mountains of lace panties and bras, forgetting about saving in the shopping process.

So, what will it take to open a lingerie store and how much will such a business cost?


In this case, it is not necessary to have hundreds of square meters to demonstrate the available goods. A few models from each class are enough, everything else can be stored in the warehouse.

Based on this, we can confidently say: 20 square meters will be enough, but better than 30 (retail space). Plus a warehouse and a bathroom - in total you need a room of 40m² (5 bathroom and 5 warehouse). A small warehouse will suffice.

It is desirable that the outlet is in a crowded place, the best option would be a shopping center. Rent on average will cost 15-18 thousand rubles.

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