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The main thing about the business plan of bus excursions in the year

Opening of bus excursions: route development

What do you need to open an excursion business? For starters, one bus, an experienced guide and a competent route, laid along the most striking sights of your region. This business is good because there is practically no competition in it. A significant advantage is the absence of the need for significant initial investments. You don't even need to buy a bus, at first it is quite possible to rent it. In the future, if the business develops, you can think about increasing the number of routes, and, accordingly, expanding the vehicle fleet.

But what must be present is love for what you do and the desire to provide quality services. You should start by developing interesting excursion routes. If you have the necessary local history skills, then you can completely cope with this task on your own. Otherwise, it is recommended to hire an experienced specialist who knows everything about local attractions that can attract the attention of not only visitors to the city, but also its indigenous inhabitants.

Formation of sightseeing tours is the most important task in such a business. Routes should not be hackneyed and boring, and at the same time, they should attract the attention of tourists. The peculiarity of the excursion business is that people of all ages, with different interests and outlooks on life, go on excursions. It is rather difficult to interest each of them, and the result of the event depends on how well you cope with this task. You can take examples of the best excursion sites and see how the organization of work in other firms is structured.

Having formed excursion tours, it's time to think about how and where to sell them. As practice shows, the most profitable option is to create your own website, albeit a small one, with which you can actively search for clients, attracting them with stories about your tours. Another way is to cooperate with schools, organizations, as well as travel agencies, which may require a tour bus service from time to time.

Organization of transportation for excursions is a business that does not require large expenses, but it needs great attention. If you let things take their course, do not advertise your company - the business will quickly fall into decay. Services need to be promoted, and how to do it competently is described in detail in the professional bus excursion business plan. With its help, you can easily figure out even the most difficult issues, define business prospects and correctly prioritize.

A ready-made business plan for bus tours from scratch with examples of opening calculations

A carefully drawn up business plan for bus excursions will allow you to feel the prospects of this direction. Tourism is a great hobby, the passion of millions. Many people want to learn more about countries and cities, but not everyone has enough money for expensive travel by plane, train, car. And the democratic way of traveling by bus is within the power of almost all interested tourists. So, it is in your power to commission your own vehicle fleet, develop routes, hire guides who will be able to conduct an excursion on buses.

This document on organizing bus tours contains strictly structured sections where you can get the information you need. This is a lucrative business as bus tours are popular with tourists. Due to the mobility of movement, it is possible to visit several places in a short time and see many attractions. At the moment, bus tours are more popular in the central part of Russia, but it is in your power to radically change this state of affairs.

Administrator "over a year ago

"Author's tours" is a very fashionable and popular direction these days. People turn less and less to travel agencies, preferring to travel on their own, or looking for tours of interest. But despite the increased interest, this market niche is relatively vacant.

This business is not for everyone. You must understand that this is work with people, you must love people, and be able to interact with them, be quite sociable, and be 100% included. You should also love travel, long-distance travel, be erudite in your topic, have a positive attitude. Tours that I do: ski tours to Sheregesh, active tours to Gorny Altai, yoga tours to Gorny Altai, health tours to the lake. Spring.

How the idea came about

It all started with my first visit to Sheregesh, where, after living for three days and getting my first snowboarding skills, I realized that I really wanted to develop my tourism business here. After analyzing the market, I found out that I have 2 competing companies, these are young active guys who have been on the market for several years and have succeeded well in this business. But 2 is not 20, and I decided to act.

After getting acquainted with the competitors, I immediately told them about my intentions (competition should be healthy), it turned out that they are focused on young people, their main audience is students, older people rarely travel with them, because they are not entirely comfortable with the youth get-together, and they basically do not take families with children. I decided to occupy a free niche and made a portrait of my potential client: men, women, age 25-50, married couples with children, the level of income is average, slightly above average.

Based on this, I have developed a program targeted at my client audience. Having made 6 tours, we closed the ski season with a massive descent in swimsuits at the famous festival "Grelka Fest", and I realized that I want to work in this direction in the summer, since the topic of author's tours is very interesting to me and makes a profit, so yoga tours appeared and active tours to Gorny Altai, health tours on about. straight.

Since I did not have large investments, I minimized costs, but a small start-up capital was still required for advertising.

Creation of an author's tour in stages

1. First of all, you must decide on the place where you will take the tour, it must be some kind of promoted tourist object (ski resort, seaside, lake, spring, mountainous region, etc. ...), geographically convenient for you.

2. It is necessary to decide on housing: a hotel complex, a tourist center, a hotel, a chalet, a cottage. It is better to work with regular partners, so you can count on an agency fee, but it is better to find 2-3 partners for insurance.

3. Transfer. You need to find a transport company, again one and on an ongoing basis, if you want to have an agency fee, preferably with a large bus fleet, buses should be comfortable, equipped with everything necessary for passenger transportation (seat belts, air conditioning, luggage compartment, or a trailer, an additional bonus there will be a TV set for passengers on the bus, collect an interesting video selection of films on disks or other electronic media). You should think in advance about the route of the trip, stops with toilets, cafes for lunch. Determine your place at the beginning of the cabin, or next to the driver, so that you can control the entire cabin and check passengers according to the list after each stop, excluding the possibility of forgetting someone.

Excursions are an integral part of travel, especially if it is tourism within the country. With the help of guides, tourists learn interesting facts about historical places and famous people, visit unique institutions, including museums, exhibitions, restaurants, and more. A well-planned excursion will not only help you to spend your time interestingly and usefully, but will also leave you unforgettable memories for many years. In connection with the growth of tourism within the country, in different cities there are agencies that offer excursions to various directions, for example, historical or entertainment, and the entrepreneurs themselves who start working in this niche are constantly adding new locations and new formats, which is gradually developing tourism in our country.

In this article, we will look at a business plan for building a tour bureau in your city and describe the main steps that you will need to go through to launch it.

First, you should be interested in the historical past of your region, learn new facts not only from books, but also communicate with the old residents of your region. An integrated approach to writing a historical excursion script will help to dilute historical events with interesting stories, about a particular event or person.

Secondly, this is the entertainment part of the event. This can be visits to themed cafes or restaurants, parks or attractions. Each region has its own special places to visit.

Third, there are organizational issues. Comfortable and clean bus, drinks for customers, good equipment for excursions. This approach will help to leave only the best impressions about your company, and many clients will recommend your services to their acquaintances and friends.

If you want to open a business on excursions in some original format, then you can try to organize tasting tours, for example, to wineries or local breweries, another option is excursions for lovers with a photo session or for children tours with fascinating stories and sweet food. As you can see, there is room for development, the main thing is the desire and implementation of what was conceived in practice.


In order to work legally, you will need to complete all the necessary documents.

  • open IP.
  • indicate OKVED for activity. For Russia it is code 79. For Ukraine it is 79.
  • conclude a lease agreement for the premises.
  • draw up employment contracts for cooperation with carriers and guides.

This is basic documentation. In order to be 100% sure of the correct execution of all permits, it is advisable to contact an experienced lawyer in your city.

Love for travel around the world or the expanses of their country is in people's blood. We are always eager to see and learn something new, and if facts and figures about the city are presented in an unusual format, then even more so. That is why the business plan of the tour desk will not lose its relevance. Read why it is worth implementing such a project, what material and human resources will be required and how much you can earn.

Project Summary

The project involves the provision of cultural leisure for guests and residents of the city through the organization of excursions to the sights and historical sites of the city, the organization of participation in cultural events, tours, thematic quests. The company will organize tours from the moment of meeting guests to their departure: receiving tourists, showing cultural, architectural and natural attractions, preparing the necessary documentation, organizing tourist's leisure time. In addition, hiking trails of various thematic focus and formats will be developed: walks, quests, bike rides, horseback riding.

Goals of the excursion business: making a profit, meeting the request of potential consumers, city guests, excursion services for tourists, providing services for organizing and conducting excursions, accompanying services. Currently, the initiators of the project are working to improve the qualifications of future personnel, passing courses on the work of guides.

The initial investment in the project will amount to 342 thousand rubles, funds will be required to decorate the rented premises, furniture, create a website and conduct an advertising campaign. In a bad season, the project will bring a monthly profit of 27.68 thousand rubles, in a season - 129.68 thousand rubles. The profitability of the project will be 30%, the payback period will be 4 months.

To implement a project, an entrepreneur needs to register as an individual entrepreneur. This format is the simplest in terms of reporting and is optimal for working with individual clients and small groups. It is supposed to choose a simplified taxation system, 6%. To carry out activities for conducting excursions, you do not need to obtain a special license, but you need to prepare an agreement for the provision of services, job descriptions for employees, employment contracts for hiring.

  • Market research, demand, competition.
  • Collection of documents, business registration.
  • Development of routes, unusual walks, programs for children and families.
  • Search for office space, registration of lease.
  • Renovation of premises, purchase of furniture.
  • Advertising campaign.
  • Search and recruitment of personnel, training.

Market Analysis

The unstable situation in the world, the growth of the exchange rate and the economic crisis have forced many to abandon travel abroad and give preference to domestic tourism. In the last couple of years, interest in the historical and natural sights of Russia has been actively growing, more and more people are turning to professional guides to gain knowledge and impressions about the city. Only they can tell reliable facts about the place where they live, share interesting stories and signs, show natural and cultural attractions.

When planning a business project in the field of excursions, you should evaluate the possibilities of the city and the region: are there enough monuments of history, culture, nature, bright places for laying tourist routes. The development of unique routes, new formats of excursions, and visits to unusual places will help to stand out among competitors. It should be borne in mind that in recent years, city tours with a specific direction have been popular: gastronomic tours, ecological trails, extreme sports hiking, horseback riding with a city tour, individual walks for couples, families, children.

There are quite a lot of competitors in the field of excursions, since the market has been formed for quite some time, so it is worthwhile to study the current proposals and develop original routes and excursions to uncovered places, to attract an unaffected audience.

The advantages of this excursion bureau: a wide range of tours, including walking, cycling, horseback riding, scooter, affordable price, the ability to adjust the route, work with individual clients and small groups, active movement during excursions.

The project is subject to seasonality: the greatest demand for services is expected from April to September. A decline is expected in cold weather, but his company will compensate by organizing New Year and Christmas excursions, tours and programs. A tour bureau may face several risks: the appearance on the market of a new competitor of a similar level with limited market capacity, deterioration of the general economic situation and a decrease in the population's ability to pay, failure to fulfill the sales plan.

If you love your city and know everything about it, and there are many interesting places with history and unusual sights in the district, then starting an excursion business is a promising option. Competition in this area is insignificant or absent at all (with the exception of capital cities with a population of one million and resort areas). With competent work, the project pays off in a matter of months, and after that it brings confident profits all year round.

Who is the idea for

Many tourists want to know something interesting about the city they came to and its surroundings. Be sure that there are many people who want to go on an excursion with a fascinating route among the local population. If you add quest fragments to the simple narration about the places you are viewing or completely turn the excursion into an exciting game, the proposal will become original, attract local youth and glorify the whole district.

Develop multiple routes for different target audiences. It will be interesting for children to go to a “tasty” factory, visit a forest with a fabulous past, take part in a joke of a funny animator or learn about the life of great writers and poets in a playful way.

Think of a tour for lovers - beautiful secluded spots, photo shoots and light treats. Elderly people will be pleased to feel nostalgic, to hear about the history of city squares and monuments to the music of childhood. There are a lot of options to interest customers.

You can go beyond excursions only in your city. You can organize excursion trips to neighboring cities or in the region, if there is something to see. In this case, you need to provide transportation, lunch for clients.

We are planning to open an excursion business

At first glance, it may seem that there is enough knowledge and oratory skills to conduct excursions. But no, there is a lot of creative work ahead, a number of purchases, a lot of negotiations and reflections, an advertising campaign and planning of each day taking into account the weather and force majeure.


Opening a tour desk does not require a special license or permit. You need to register the activity with the tax office as an individual entrepreneur or LLC. Necessary contracts with museums or individuals, food points.

Where to look for inspiration

A business should start building on 3-5 excursion routes, and only later add additional targeted trips for specific groups or ages. You can spy on unusual places on social networks, public pages about the city, and the local history museum. If you do not have special education and experience, it is better to take a guide's courses (they will cost 10-30 thousand rubles).

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