Business development plan of the enterprise

Questions covered in the article:

  • Why make business plans
  • For whom business plans are drawn up
  • How to draw up a business plan
  • What sections does a business plan consist of?
  • What mistakes in a business plan can lead to

Quite often, new entrepreneurs face a difficult question: how to draw up a business plan? This is really not easy to do, since in addition to understanding the essence of the chosen field of activity, a businessman is required to know all its components. Such work is within the power of people with a certain knowledge base. Otherwise, you will have to start by studying the theoretical foundations.

Purpose and purpose of the business plan

A business plan should be drawn up for all entrepreneurial projects. This is an instruction document in which the actions are scheduled to solve the tasks aimed at obtaining maximum profit. In addition, the business plan specifies the methods and techniques that the entrepreneur plans to implement.

The presence of a business plan at the stage of the formation of entrepreneurial activity contributes to the design of the idea, the choice of methods for its implementation and the determination of the amount of investment. Before thinking about how to draw up a business plan, it is worth understanding its fundamental purpose, which is to describe in detail all stages of the project, including the estimated costs, identify the advantages and disadvantages of the project, its components and risks, and determine when the business will start to make a profit.

Please note that a business development strategy is an important stage of work, which is implemented even by large companies with many years of experience. As a rule, they have planning departments, whose specialists develop a strategy for maintaining, developing and promoting an existing business.

A business plan is a kind of rehearsal for an entrepreneur. The process of compiling it involves playing various options and situations that may arise during work. Please note that in this case, identifying weaknesses and choosing methods to eliminate them do not entail any material costs.

The business plan solves the following tasks:

  • defining the direction of activity and sales markets;
  • goal-setting of the company's activities, defining strategy, tactics and material base (including start-up capital);
  • the distribution of job responsibilities between the employees of the company;
  • the definition of quality and other characteristics of the company's products;
  • the calculation of the costs of production costs and the sale of finished products;
  • the establishment correspondence between performance and remuneration;
  • evaluating the effectiveness of marketing actions (including the market situation and advertising campaigns);
  • conducting analytics: comparative characteristics of actual and required resources;
  • predicting the difficulties that an enterprise may face and developing ways to eliminate them;
  • evaluating the possible profitability of both the enterprise as a whole and individual projects.

The period for which you can draw up a business plan for a company can be different - a year, three, five years. More recently, detailed business planning for 3 or even 5 years has been practiced. Naturally, a company that is just starting its activities must clearly understand all possible risks, detail tasks and prospects. But this is necessary only for the first year of operation, and then the business plan can be slightly simplified as follows: for the second year, indicate only quarterly indicators, and for the third - annual. Today, not only the economic situation is mobile, but also the market, therefore the plan drawn up 3, and even more so 5 years ago, is unlikely to be relevant. Thus, an annual business plan is the best solution to this problem. The main thing is that it should be drawn up before the enterprise starts functioning, and not in the process of work. With this approach, the business plan will be really useful and will help the aspiring entrepreneur to establish their activities.

Counter-arguments and destruction of myths about the development of a business plan for a project

How to draw up a business plan and what to look for when developing

Nesterov A. Business plan for the development of the enterprise // Encyclopedia of the Nesterovs

The purpose of this business development plan for the company is to increase the company's profit.

Features of the business development plan of the enterprise

The implementation of business plans for the development of the enterprise through modernization, equipment renewal, the introduction of new technologies, technological lines allows the management of enterprises to productively influence economic and economic activities, as well as increase the level of competitiveness of the enterprise's products. The task of developing a business plan for the development of an enterprise is to use the existing capabilities of the enterprise for its qualitative growth, increasing profits through the implementation of a specific project.

The main problem of this type of business plans: based on the general concept of enterprise development and specifying a certain direction of development, the business development plan of the enterprise should contain detailed economic, marketing, production, financial and organizational aspects related to its implementation. Since the business plan for the development of an enterprise covers only a specific project, the starting point should be the identification of key areas in the activities of the enterprise and target markets, existing or promising, that can be used to achieve the goals of the enterprise.

The business development plan of an enterprise is a specially structured document that includes all the main aspects of the future development of the enterprise, taking into account the realities of the target market of the enterprise, its marketing capabilities, financial, production and organizational factors that can to influence the enterprise. Accordingly, the business plan allows you to form a specific action plan for the implementation of the enterprise development project, taking into account the opportunities available to it and the availability of promising options for the implementation of such a project.

Project Summary

JSC "Confectioner" is located in Ivanovo.

The main activity is the production and sale of confectionery and beverages. The assortment includes more than 60 product names.

Two business units are successfully operating as part of Konditer JSC:

  • workshops for the manufacture of products,
  • a wholesale warehouse.

The article tells you how to properly draw up a business plan for a company

From this material you will learn:

  • Tasks of the Sales Development Plan
  • Describing the Ideal Sales Development Plan
  • Starting the Development of the Sales Development Plan
  • Selecting the goals of the development plan for the sales department
  • The structure of the sales department in the development plan of the division
  • The financial component of the development plan for the sales department
  • The development plan for the sales department: writing example
  • The nuances of implementing a sales development plan

The Sales Development Plan is a detailed instruction describing all the factors of growth of your company by modernizing the division directly involved in the sale of products. The development of a plan begins with the choice of goals, the structure of the department, a description of the costs. The process ends with the implementation of the finished project.

It is important to understand that a plan is not a formal document. This is your strategic advantage and the main tool for increasing your profits. Therefore, before starting to develop a plan, it is necessary to carefully analyze and describe all the business processes of the department. However, read about everything in more detail in our material.

Tasks of the Sales Department Development Plan

According to marketers, effective sales are possible only if they are sufficiently manageable and predictable.

A business owner must clearly understand what awaits his firm in the near (and not so) future. In this case, he will be able to competently build a strategy for the development of his organization and achieve the set business goals.

One of the tools that enable a company to thrive is a sales development plan. It is a document that describes in detail all stages of the formation and growth of an organization. Companies that clearly fulfill all the tasks of the plan, as a rule, begin to progress quickly.

All company employees understand exactly how they need to act and what goals should be achieved as a result.

We draw your attention to the fact that the development plan of the sales department and the sales plan are two separate documents. Do not confuse them.

  • The sales plan is formed in order to determine the sales volumes in specific time periods.
  • The development plan of the sales department consolidates information about the further actions of the company, based on the specifics of its activities, goals and management methods.

In other words, the development plan of the sales department is a kind of guide for the future work of the company. If the company's management did not attend to the creation of such a document, then this omission has the following consequences:

The task of effective management of the company's sales department is constant monitoring and planning. The ability to create development plans and motivate employees to fulfill them is at the heart of the company's prosperity.

Sales development plan - what is it and why is it needed?

To develop a sales development plan for a division of a company means to describe the methods, principles and tactics of achieving the goals, separated from the general strategy of the company. The implementation of the document simplifies the audit, has an increase in profits and the formation of a positive reputation in the market. The secret to effective sales lies in the ability to manage and predict.

Development tactics are an important employee management lever that guides and motivates both newcomers and leaders.

The absence of a document in the company leads to inevitable problems:

  • Lack of motivation among employees. In the absence of a development project, employees do not see goals in front of themselves, and therefore do not feel the results of personal labor.
  • Department leaders are not aware of the company's current goals. Employees cannot work simultaneously to increase all indicators: expanding the customer base, increasing profits or sales. A sales development plan describes specific tasks and how to accomplish them.
  • Regular loss of clients and profits due to the lack of formalized tactics for concluding a deal.

Any of these issues negatively impact your bottom line. If management is regularly confronted with such circumstances, it is necessary to start developing a plan today.

Sales territory development plan - development example

At the first stage of document creation, an audit of the previously formed system is carried out.

The following four points will be useful in the future:

Many businessmen say that business strategy is not needed in Russia. But is it really effective to live for today and not have plans for the future?

Imagine that today you have an income of 1,000,000 rubles. a month, and tomorrow BOOM, and your locomotive product was taken out of production. What then? Let's figure it out.

Many people write about the strategy, but on the Internet there is no clear understanding of why it is needed, what happens, how to draw it up on your own.

First, let's figure out what this term is. And for reference, the term business strategy entered management theory back in the 60s of the last century and cannot come out in any way.

Business strategy is a general long-term plan for the development of an enterprise, based on the company's mission.

It is interesting that in the USSR, where there was not only sex, but also business, similar developments were used with might and main, only it was then called “strategic planning”.

But the truth looked less aggressive than it is now, and here's the proof.

why do you need a business strategy

Why does a company need a business strategy? To answer this question, I first came up with a comparison of the business with a sailing ship that went out into a stormy sea without a compass, a map, under the guidance of a captain who does not know where to sail.

But, unfortunately, modern realities are such that a serious company that does not have a business strategy, I would like to compare not with a handsome battleship, but with a homeless person (sorry for the comparison) who is only concerned with finding food and lives one day.

Many entrepreneurs say that it makes no sense to engage in strategic planning in Russia.

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