Burger business plan: a growing trend

The American business format is now very popular in almost all cities and is considered quite profitable.

The food offered in these establishments is always hearty and tasty, and the cost of lunch is much lower than in other places.

Market and Competitor Analysis

It is also worth finding out if there are similar enterprises near your establishment, as well as study their menus, prices, customer flow. Thanks to such an analysis, it is possible to identify shortcomings and prevent them in their own business.

If you think the competition is very strong, then you should think about changing the location of the burger. If you think that you can fully cope with the onslaught of competitors, then you should offer your customers something new that is not served in the nearest cafes.

This can be vegetarian burgers or puff burgers.

So, when analyzing the market and competitors, it is worth sticking to two positions:

  • If an institution opens in a big city, then the institution should be located in the center of a metropolis, not far from company offices and business centers. The clients will be office workers and representatives of business youth. It is better not to locate establishments on the outskirts of the city and in sleeping areas, as this will reduce traffic.
  • If a burger shop is planned to open in a small town, then the indicators here will be different. Surely, the main clients will be children and their parents, schoolchildren and students. Therefore, it is advisable to think about such a service as organizing holidays. The main demand is for winter holidays and holidays, so it is worth taking care of an elegant design that will attract children's attention.

Facility format options

Burger can be organized in two formats:

This burger business plan with calculations reflects as accurately as possible the costs of an entrepreneur to open this establishment, as well as his possible profit. The cost and income figures presented in the business plan are current as of early 2021.

Fast food restaurants came to us from the West and quickly gained immense popularity in Russia. At the beginning of the nineties of the last century, the first McDonald's began to open in large cities of our homeland, queues at which sometimes reached several hundred people.

There are many varieties of fast food restaurants that serve delicious and nutritious food. Oddly enough, despite the rather high competition, most of them are quite profitable and bring their owners a good income. Nevertheless, if an entrepreneur decides to open a new fast-food establishment, he needs to be creative in his organization, otherwise clients will choose more “advanced” competitors.

One of the know-how in the field of fast food can be called burgers - establishments in which the emphasis is on serving a variety of variations of hamburgers and their derivatives. So far, these establishments can be found exclusively in large cities of Russia, and relatively small regional and district centers remain deprived of the new trend in fast food.

Accordingly, due to their novelty and narrow prevalence, burgers will quickly find their client in small towns of the Russian Federation. So experienced entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs looking to start a burger should be puzzled by the "provincial" question. Below is an example of a burger business plan, the organization of which is planned in a small Russian city. The approximate amount of investment in the opening of this institution is about 3.5 million rubles. Organization form - individual entrepreneur. Approximate working hours - from 10:00 to 22:00.

Burger assortment

Despite its name, a burger shop can offer its customers not only hamburgers and cheeseburgers, but also a wider range of "fast" food. Although, of course, burgers according to branded recipes should be the basis of the menu. So, the client, having come to the burger, must choose from the following sample menu:

  • Signature hamburgers (at least five types with three types of meat and sauces to choose from).
  • Chicken rolls, grill rolls and pizza rolls with mushrooms, beef and chicken.
  • Hot dogs with different types of sausages and types of fillers: bacon, cheese.
  • Viennese, Slavic and gourmet sausages - four per serving with a choice of sauces.
  • Breaded and deep-fried chicken wings, a la KFC.
  • Tender chicken fillet nuggets, five in one serving.
  • Squid rings deep-fried and seasoned with spices.
  • Deep-fried onion rings.
  • French fries and country-style potatoes ("pellets").
  • Various types of carbonated drinks and iced teas.
  • Beer on tap and in containers (preferably in aluminum cans).
  • A wide selection of coffees from cappuccino and latte to mocha and americano.
  • Nice aromatic tea bags.

In addition to the aforementioned gastronomic positions, in the future it is possible to compose a special children's menu, including milkshakes and ice cream.

Brief Burger Marketing Plan

In order for customers to find out about the “coolness” of the burger as soon as possible and want to visit it by all means, the entrepreneur should adhere to the following marketing plan:

Fast food is a delicious, satisfying and affordable way to grab a bite. It is especially popular among students, office workers and simply lovers of cheap and tasty food.

Food is a basic human need, so there will always be a demand for it. You can create a signature burger and open a burger afterwards. Another option is to ignore the first point and go straight to the second. Now we'll show you how to open a burger shop from scratch.

Burger cost

In terms of costs, this type of institution is very different. For example, a regular catering on wheels will cost you 300,000 rubles. A full-fledged business with a separate room and design - up to 3,000,000. The price depends on the location, rent and correct market analysis.

Approximate Burger Business Plan with Cost:

  • Rent with an area of ​​50 m2 - from 50,000 rubles;
  • Opening an individual entrepreneur, documentation - 50,000 rubles;
  • Force majeure - 250,000 rubles;
  • Arrangement of the place, design - 300,000 rubles;
  • Advertising - 100 rubles;
  • Products for initial sale - 250,000 rubles; <
  • Equipment - 1,000,000 rubles.

Bottom line: slightly more than 2,000,000 rubles.

Please note that in a big city, the promotion of catering will be long and costly due to the business giants McDonald's and Burger King. Think over the stages of promotion so that they do not interfere with getting your own regular customers. You can think about opening a franchise.

Success stories

Opening a fast food restaurant is within the power of everyone, but there is a lot of competition in this area. The original design, the way of service, specialties - in war, as they say, all is fair. Let's take a look at how to open a burger shop, guided by the stories of two business titans:

  • McDonald's. It all started with the McDonald brothers, who were the first to come up with the concept of fast food. They opened a diner where each worker performed a task. The self-service method helped to save money and make burgers cheaper and more affordable. Then the brothers were replaced by Ray Kroc and made McDonald's the way they know him now.
  • Burger King. This establishment has changed three owners. The success of the company brought the latter, although initially the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.

Fast food establishments are very popular. Aspiring entrepreneurs often consider opening a burger. But they immediately have the main question of how to draw up the right business plan. It's not difficult if you read the information you need.

Relevance of this business

This type of activity is recognized as profitable, so the opening of diners does not stop. In large cities, competition is high. Everyone wants to create a unique burger that will taste delicious to consumers.

Conduct a market environment study. Identify the main competitors. Select suppliers. Check out all the details first.

In cities with a smaller population, there are fewer establishments of this type, and in settlements there are no burgers at all. Therefore, create your brilliant idea and launch it to the masses.

Stages of organization

First, you need to resolve the issue with the documentary part. You need to obtain a permit to engage in entrepreneurial activity.

You have to develop a basic idea that will reflect the institution. Define the style of the burger, based on this information, draw up a design project. Seek professional help.

You need to find a room that you will rent. The area must be at least 100 square meters: 30 square meters. meters to the kitchen, toilet, utility room, 70 sq. meters per hall.

Catering organizations attract the attention of firefighters and sanitary and hygienic services. To avoid losses in the form of fines, you need to comply with the norms established by the relevant authorities, which are prescribed in SNiP 2. 8. 2 - 89.

Further search for employees. Approach the selection of personnel responsibly. Choose boys and girls who are inclined to long-term fruitful cooperation. All must have medical books. You need to recruit about 8 employees:

The creation of a franchise business is now in demand. That is, you open a business under an existing brand. You pay a certain amount and the design, documentation issues are taken over by the popular organization that you have chosen.

More and more entrepreneurs are interested in the question of how to open a burger. In the modern world, the restaurant business has won the interest of many talented people.

Business specifics in Russia

The catering industry is the most popular in the small business segment. It is so established that the foreign format comes initially to large cities such as Moscow and St. Petersburg. And if this business has gained popularity in the capitals, then it moves through the regional cities. And if everything is successful there, it applies to smaller settlements.

Most restaurateurs point to a growing demand for burgers - a bun with a cutlet inside, seasoned with various sauces. And this is not an analogue of sandwiches sold in McDonald's and KFS, but a completely different product. So, for example, in Yekaterinburg, original burgers are in great demand, this city often creates new formats in different areas.

Not so long ago, two new establishments were opened in Yekaterinburg: "EMBURGer" and "Fire". Burgers familiar to many cost from 300 to 600 rubles, but the popularity of these establishments is growing every day.

Some restaurateurs think it's time for a bun with a cutlet inside. There are many cities that still do not have a single restaurant that sells burgers. Experts consider it real to open a burger, because people love simple fast food.

The intricacies of the mono concept

Analysts and experts say that to open a burger, you need to have an amount of 5 to 9 million rubles. But you can reduce costs by purchasing used equipment. Quite a lot of institutions have recently closed, so the equipment and the building itself can be purchased at a discount.

In this case, the invested funds should return in about 2 years.

Burger products are used very economically. There are no write-offs, since the same products are used in salads and burgers. The most difficult thing is to create such a burger, for which visitors will not be sorry to pay 250-600 rubles. A good, tasty burger is not born right away, it takes a lot of time and effort. Fry minced meat, taste, fry and try again until the ideal version of a juicy burger is born, which guests of the establishment will like.

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