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Here we will consider an article on how to open a bar, what is needed for this, how much the case costs, as well as a ready-made example of a business plan for opening it.

As we already know from many different practices, a bar is a place where people of all ages can relax and enjoy it. And it doesn't matter at what material level the visitors to the bars are, because this type of recreation is available to everyone. More than half of the country's population belongs to the category of people who do not have a very high level of income. After weighing all this, it's safe to say that a bar is the perfect idea for starting your own business. It doesn't matter if it is small or large.

Choosing a bar concept

Before you start planning your bar, you still need to decide on the concept of your future business. In the modern world, varieties of such establishments are divided into a sushi bar, beer hall, sports bar or karaoke bar. It all depends only on you, on how you would like to see your establishment. If your choice tends to a sushi bar or a pub, then you can place them in absolutely any area of ​​the city. People love famous and very popular walking establishments. If you prefer a sports bar, then it would be best to place it in the most populated area of ​​the city, because various sports events, such as football, are broadcasted mainly in the evening, so it will be easier for people to get home if the bar is located nearby with their home.

Business plan

So, consider a free ready-made example of a bar business plan that will help you open this establishment.

Plan Overview

This business plan is an entertainment establishment that is designed for one of the widest circles of visitors, this is the middle class and below. This type of concept will allow you to very quickly attract the maximum number of visitors to your establishment.

Description of your business

A new mixed-style bar, karaoke and beer bar are expected to open. The capacity of the institution is up to 50 seats. This institution is designed for people of the middle and lower classes. Customer service - bartender + waiters.

Description of the services you provide

Services of organized recreation in the institution are provided by the bar, thanks to the system of waiters and a professional bartender, services of preparation and beautiful serving of food or various drinks are provided. Operating mode 18.0 to 6.0

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The main thing about the bar's business plan in the year

Bar Opening: Tips for Beginners

The restaurant business is available to a few novice businessmen, since it requires a very solid initial capital. But if there is a great desire to open your own establishment in this sector of the market, and there is at least 100-150 thousand dollars, then you can take the risk, but it is best to start with the bar business. The potential risks when opening a bar are much lower than when setting up a restaurant.

Meanwhile, the popularity of bars and their place in the restaurant business makes them particularly attractive to entrepreneurs. But, having decided to invest in this business, many realize that choosing the format of an establishment is one of the most difficult tasks. Indeed, today you will not surprise anyone with an ordinary bar, where you will be offered several dozen types of alcoholic cocktails.

In pursuit of a healthy lifestyle, the population has developed new addictions. This makes it quite cost-effective to open an oxygen bar or a freshly squeezed juice bar. When planning to open a hookah bar or karaoke bar, entrepreneurs are trying to interest a completely different category of the population. Which of these types of bar will be beneficial for you, you can decide after studying the level of competition and analyzing supply and demand in a particular area.

Aligning with a healthy lifestyle

When planning to organize his own bar, a businessman first of all thinks about its location. The choice of premises directly depends on the format. If you decide to opt for a small standard establishment, then the first floor of a non-residential building is ideal for this. For a bar with a large number of halls, it would be more expedient to rent a detached building.

If you decide to start with such a business as an oxygen bar, then it should be arranged in a walkable place. It is very beneficial to open an oxygen bar in a shopping mall, office building, pool or fitness center. The list of bar equipment for a health club, in the image of which an oxygen bar appears to customers, is quite small. The area of ​​such a bar can be limited to 5-7 sq. meters, which allows you to significantly save on rent.

When you open your oxygen bar, take care of what you need for your oxygen business in advance. This business is beneficial in that an entrepreneur does not need any certificates to start. Initial costs - 15-20 thousand dollars. The success of the venture largely depends on whether you can find an experienced oxygenjay - a person who is engaged in the preparation of oxygen cocktails based on natural juices.

There are many different options for creating your own bar, for example, you may be interested in such an idea as a bar on wheels, the profitability of this type of business with a successful promotion is also very high. If you are in doubt about your choice, carefully analyze all the options again with the help of a beer bar business plan. This document will help you calculate the costs of opening a bar in a shopping center and a detached building; it will become a real step-by-step guide that will help you foresee all possible risks.

Brief Investment Memorandum

Compliance with standards and a special atmosphere are important for success in this business, which cannot be created by any forces in your own kitchen or in any other institution. Setting up a bar and selling beer and snacks isn't enough to create a good bar that people want to come to as often as possible.

To open your own bar, first you need to define your target audience and understand what they will like. And then - to find a "chip" that will distinguish the institution from a host of competitors. Following this, you can begin work on equipping your cozy bar.

Of course, it can take a lot of effort and money to create your own unique place. It is all the more important to properly weigh everything, count all the pros and cons and with a clear conscience take up the implementation of your project. Do you want to get not only moral satisfaction from the bar business, but also income?

Initial investment amount - 3,480,000 rubles

Break-even point (months) - 7 months

Payback period (months) - 11 months

Average monthly profit - 460,000 rubles

Description of business, product or service

The concept of the institution in question is the creation of a large, fashionable, youthful space in a bar interior, with restaurant service and affordable prices. The target audience is youth. They are young, they are from 18 to 28 years old, they are guys and girls, as a rule, students and managers. They are often not tied by family ties, they are not burdened with large loans, such as a mortgage or a car loan. They always have a lot of free time and they want to spend it in communication with each other. The youth is divided approximately equally 50% of the boys and 50% of the girls.

This is a large bar with a large area with seating for 200-250 guests and uses interior solutions aimed at a youth audience.

In recent years, Russia has changed many laws regulating the distribution and consumption of alcohol. The ban on the sale of strong drinks after 22. 0 and the restriction of street trading play into the hands of entrepreneurs who want to open a beer bar. This is due to the fact that a potential consumer, in order to avoid problems with the law, would rather choose a cozy pub than a shop in the park. Before opening an establishment, it is necessary to draw up a detailed business plan for the bar.

Required documents: what do you need to open a bar?

The legal side of the issue is quite extensive. To avoid problems with SES, tax and fire service, it is necessary to draw up a number of mandatory papers. Here are the documents you need to open a bar:

  • Certificate of registration to engage in activities as an LLC or individual entrepreneur;
  • License for the sale of alcohol;
  • Permission from SES and fire service ;
  • Certificate of registration with the tax office;
  • Agreement on the lease or acquisition of property.

This is a list of the main documentation. Additional papers may be required depending on the choice of the concept of the establishment.

How to open your bar: choose a format

The most expensive, but also the most profitable, will be a beer restaurant. This type differs from a classic establishment with an extended drinks list. Craft and bottled beers from other countries are added to the standard bar menu, and a full range of snacks is added to the kitchen range. The main target audience is connoisseurs of the taste of foamy and beautiful presentation of dishes. As a rule, these are representatives of the middle class who are ready to pay for quality service.

The price tag in the brasserie corresponds to the level of service

You can open a small pub, the atmosphere of which will immerse guests in the culture of the chosen country. It can be Belgium, Czech Republic, England, Austria, Germany or another country where beer is a part of the culture.

When choosing this format, it is important to understand that adding a country to the name of a pub does not make it truly foreign. The main concept is that in addition to the interior of the institution, designed in the same style, it is necessary to draw up a menu and a bar list in accordance with the folk culture. If we are talking about a German pub, then this is certainly Bavarian sausages and beer of different categories: from Einfachbier to Pils.

Recreating the atmosphere of a particular country will attract not only connoisseurs, but also guests interested in foreign culture

The simplest format, which does not require large expenses for maintenance and opening, is a standard beer bar. It caters to visitors from all walks of life and is considered to be reasonably free from conceptual constraints. Indoors, you can install a large screen and turn it on during broadcasts of sports events, you can hold concerts, theme parties and brewing master classes. The menu can be as simple as snacks, snacks and pizza.

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Sample business plan for a bar

This document is a demo version of the bar's business plan:

Below are selected excerpts from the full document:

General description of the project

This business plan has been developed with the aim of obtaining investments for the opening of a bar in the Nevsky district of St. Petersburg at st. Kollontai, XX. The business plan can be sent to banks, investment funds and private investors.

The bar will be open in the immediate vicinity of the Bolshevikov Prospect metro station, next to the Ice Palace and at one of the busiest crossroads in St. Petersburg. Thus, we can say that with competent advertising support, the bar has a huge target audience.

The investigated bar will have an emphasis on beer, low alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks. In total, the bar will have XX seats. The bar diagram is shown below.

The bar will consist of the following premises:

Service Delivery Process:

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