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The main thing about the business plan of the bakery in the year

Setting up a bakery: a tough choice

The relevance of opening a bakery in our time is still high, despite the high competition. The production of bakery products is an industry where the chances of success are equal both for large enterprises that have mastered mass production and for small private bakeries that profit from any delights in their assortment.

Large bakeries produce mostly inexpensive products for the mass consumer. Mini-bakeries are understandably unable to compete with the monsters of the bakery business. But they have their own niche, which is being mastered very successfully. The organization of production at small bakeries is built in such a way that the main emphasis is placed on the possibility of producing elite bakery products, and always with fervor, with heat.

Only after considering the specifics of opening each type of bakery, a businessman will be able to make the right choice, depending on the level of competition in the region and the financial capabilities of the entrepreneur. An analysis of competitors, owners of bakeries located nearby, will allow us to assess our own strengths and prospects for further development.

What indicators determine the profitability and profitability of a bakery - this question worries all, without exception, businessmen who have decided to occupy this niche. And at the same time, we have to solve another problem: which bakery to open, what is needed to make the right choice? It is not easy to make the right decision, the differences in bakeries of different types are mass - type of production cycle, production volumes, distribution channels.

One of the most common options is a full-cycle enterprise. In such a bakery, there are more specialists and workers, since bread is made here from scratch - first the dough is started, then baked goods are baked. The organization of jobs in a bakery of an incomplete production cycle is completely different, because at this enterprise they only bake bread, and buy frozen dough. In addition, there are bakery formats such as bakery-cafe or bakery-shop. Most often, these establishments include bakeries of an incomplete production cycle.

How to start a business, how to choose the right bakery format? First of all, it is necessary to calculate what equipment costs will be needed in either case, and whether this business will be profitable given the level of competition. Depending on the final choice, a suitable premises for a bakery is sought. Renting a place for a bakery will be successful if there are no similar industries nearby. For example, you should not open a cafe-bakery with donuts if there is a similar establishment 30 meters away.

In the process of starting a business, an entrepreneur has a lot of questions, for example, what determines the amount of tax on an enterprise such as a bakery, how an accountant should correctly analyze the payroll at a bakery, what is the difference between organizing accounting in a bakery. production cycle from a cafe-bakery? And if a businessman does not want to make a mistake, he will definitely use a competent business plan, which tells in detail how to open a bakery, bakery. With this document, the entrepreneur will be able to figure out what type of activity a household bakery falls under when paying tax. A professional example of a business plan for opening a bakery from scratch with ready-made calculations is a step-by-step instruction, a guide to action, which describes in detail how to build a turnkey bakery.

Opening a bakery: a course for survival

Bread and bakery products are one of the most demanded products in Russia. The annual expenses for them exceed 800 billion rubles. And if earlier the population preferred factory products, now the demand for bakery products is increasing. Because it is important for people to know how and from what they prepare what they eat. Therefore, a mini-bakery is a demanded business project.

Mini-bakery project idea description

A mini bakery is a business that makes and sells bakery products. The bakery prepares bread and bakery products according to unique recipes.

Such a company is designed to be located in residential areas of a large city in order to provide local residents with bread. To attract more customers, the bakery's product range is divided into three categories - classic and confectionery, dietary bread and French pastries.

The advantage of a small bakery is that people have confidence in their own production of bread and the ability to observe the production process.

And the organization of an enterprise requires minimal costs.

Demand analysis for mini-bakery products

According to social surveys among the population, 74% of the population of Russia eat baked goods every day, and only 4% do not eat them at all. Therefore, bakery products are the product that is in great demand. But now the demand of the population is shifting from commonplace bread to baked goods that are good for health. Therefore, a mini-bakery needs to form its offer in accordance with these requests.

Competition Assessment

There is competition in this niche, but it has not yet been filled, so with the right approach to organizing work in a bakery, there will be no problems with finding customers. In order to open an institution that will stand out favorably against the background of competitors, you need:

produce quality products from good raw materials, and everyone can get product quality certificates;

all products should be sold at the average market price, the cost of bakery products should not significantly exceed the cost of analogues in other bakeries and stores, and if it does, then there should be an explanation that will satisfy customers;

Buy a mini bakery business plan

Business Description

Business essence: the sale of beverages, bakery and confectionery products with production on site. Baking cakes - to order.

Clients: customers aged 12 to 55 - locals, passers-by, employees of neighboring business centers, students, families with children.

Reason to come in: take a snack for lunch, come after work for bread, order a cake for a holiday.

Economy: average bill - 180 ₽. Ordering a cake - 1500 ₽ per kg. The business is designed for a large flow of buyers: 150-200 people a day. With such a demand, it will pay off in three years, then the annual profit will be about 2.5 million rubles.

So that you have not an abstract, but a real picture, we have calculated prices for a launch in Moscow. We are Tinkoff Business and the SME Corporation, which supports small and medium-sized businesses from the state.

To start, you need to study the laws and understand the premises, employees and purchases.

Law and documents

Register an individual entrepreneur with the tax office. To do this, you need a passport, an application and 800 rubles to pay the state duty.

When registering, you must indicate OKVED 10. 1 "Production of bread and flour confectionery, cakes and pastries of short storage." Additional code - 47. 4 "Retail trade in bread and bakery products and confectionery in specialized stores." Using these codes, the state will understand what your business is doing.

Starting a small scale production like a bakery is a great business idea. The first thing you have to do is find a ready-made business plan for a mini-bakery or create your own business plan for opening a bakery from scratch. In order to open this business, it will not be very expensive at the initial stage. Of course, the range of goods produced by such a bakery is small. Sometimes it would be better to open a pastry shop, where the assortment will be ten times wider, but this will require a lot of money.

Key project indicators:

Project cost - 3,600,000 rubles.

Average monthly earnings –1,200,000 rubles.

Let's list the most important documents for starting a business:

Before you start baking bakery products, you need to study well the SES standards for this business. Moreover, you cannot do without a certificate from the SES for sending your products to the retail network. Only after the examination of the premises of the bakery enterprise by Rospotrebnadzor has been carried out, when both certificates are received, can we get down to business. According to Russian law, these documents must be issued by state services free of charge.

Premises for the bakery, organizational moment

In the organizational plan for opening a bakery, the main point should be the choice of a room for installing equipment. The easiest option is to rent a room with an area of ​​at least 50 sq. meters. It is this area that is needed in order to place a set of mini-bakery equipment. A large area will predetermine a significant rent, and even a minimal set of equipment will not be able to accommodate on a smaller area.

The range of products will directly depend on the equipment that will be installed at the enterprise. The scale of a mini-bakery usually involves the production of bakery products up to 50 kilograms per hour. For a work shift - 400 kg, but the monthly output at such a productivity will be up to 8 tons of bakery products. If we organize work in two shifts, then this volume will double.

The main requirements of the SES to the premises of the bakery:

Constant demand and sales growth are considered the key to business success. The production of bakery products is suitable for these requirements. Therefore, the bakery as a business is a profitable field of activity. The products on sale are in demand every day. Moreover, you can produce not only bread, but also buns, pies, sweets. An example of a bakers business plan is presented in the article.


Like any business, a mini-bakery must be registered. To do this, you need to choose the form - LLC or IE. If the second option is chosen, then the code of the type of activity is indicated in the application. In this case, you can sell products at the place of their baking.

If the goods will be sold elsewhere, then the retail codes must be indicated. The main activity is to choose production. When solely owning a bakery as a business, it is necessary to choose an individual entrepreneur, and if there are several owners, then an OO.

When registration is completed, you should decide on the type of taxation. The UTII regime is considered a suitable option, but it refers only to the types of work approved by the laws of the regions of the Russian Federation, and is introduced with the help of municipalities. In other cases, the STS of 6% or 15% is suitable, which is used for enterprises with an income of no more than 60 million rubles per year. After registration is completed, an application for transfer to taxation with a simplified system is submitted.


In an LLC, it is important to distribute the shares of all founders in the authorized capital. Registration of this form is more complicated. For this, the tax authorities need to prepare the following:

  • of the Charter.
  • Agreement of establishment.
  • State registration applications.
  • Founders meeting minutes.

Opening of a current account and formation of authorized capital will be required. Registration authorities usually require documents for the registered office of the company. The state duty for registration of an LLC is 4,000 rubles. The registration procedure usually takes 1 month.

To open an individual entrepreneur, you must fill out an application in the form of Р21001, pay a state fee (800 rubles), provide a photocopy of your passport. When the certificate of registration is received, the business is officially registered.

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