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Organization of an auto parts store - we study demand

The number of cars on Russian roads is growing every day, and all this expensive equipment from time to time needs repair and replacement of auto parts. In this situation, the business of selling auto parts seems like a real gold mine to entrepreneurs. It is likely that tremendous success awaits you along the way, but in order to achieve this, it is important, first of all, to unmistakably occupy your niche.

What is required for this? First of all, competently study the relevant market. Auto parts as a type of business are attracting many aspiring entrepreneurs. But it is not enough to want to open an auto parts store, you still need to be able to develop it and stay afloat in difficult times. And for this it is necessary to take the first steps in the right direction.

The organization of an auto parts store should begin with a thorough analysis of the existing market for the sale of spare parts and study of competitors and their opportunities. For example, you should not get hung up on the sale of auto parts for foreign cars, if everyone around sells only them. It is likely that there is a shortage of spare parts for domestic cars in the market of your region, and you will be able to occupy your niche by selling them.

A business like the parts trade requires a thorough analysis of the competition in this market. This can be done in several ways. The cheapest is to temporarily get a job as a seller in one of the largest auto parts store in your region. Another option that requires a lot of time is an independent study of the number of cars in your region, a comparison of the ratio of foreign cars and domestic cars, at the same time determining how the existing stores selling spare parts correspond to the demand of the population. And the simplest, but at the same time expensive method is to order a professional analysis of the situation from specialists.

Having studied the main types of needs of car owners, as well as the means of meeting them by selling the necessary goods in a spare parts store, we can count on a gradual increase in clientele. Certain prospects in this direction are represented by such a business as the manufacture of auto parts to order. In this case, you get the opportunity to work clearly for the needs of the consumer.

By opening your own business - the production of spare parts, you will be able to minimize the number of unnecessary parts in your own warehouse. True, investments in business will grow significantly due to this. How to make money in a business by making auto parts to order is the easiest way to figure it out by studying a competent example of a business plan for opening an auto parts store with ready-made calculations. This document describes all the features of doing business with auto parts, which will allow you to anticipate possible difficulties and find ways to avoid them.

Opening an auto parts store: business nuances

As there are more and more cars on the streets, the auto parts market is gaining momentum. Components for both domestic cars and foreign cars are in demand. As a result, the auto parts trade can become a highly profitable business.

Infographic: Auto Parts Store Business Plan

General description of the business of opening a spare parts store

The number of auto parts stores is growing along with the number of cars in the country. One family may have several cars that need to be serviced. The store will present a wide range of auto parts for Russian and foreign cars. If a part is out of stock, it can be ordered. In addition, the store will sell oils and other related products. The assortment will be presented as follows:

  • Oils and filters.
  • Consumables.
  • Wheels and tires.
  • Spare parts and accessories.

Sales Market Analysis

The lion's share of store buyers (over 90%) are individuals, 10% are individual entrepreneurs and legal entities who buy spare parts and make repairs on their own. Taxi companies, convoys, etc. can also become customers. The success of the trade depends on the presence of regular customers, therefore it is necessary for clients to periodically arrange promotions, offer bonuses, and get discount cards.

Official dealers will compete with the store. To minimize losses in the future, you can bet on online trading - creating an online store. You can also envisage remote orders in an offline store, delivery.

Risk Factors

Automobile markets, where the goods are traditionally sold at lower prices, can compete with the auto parts store. Supply disruptions are also a risk factor. A delay in receiving the goods can expose the shelves and lead to a shortage of goods, therefore, the selection of contractors must be given due attention, cooperate with trusted organizations or individual entrepreneurs.

Low revenues may also add up due to low demand. This will happen if the brands of cars common in the region were incorrectly identified (therefore, the wrong product was purchased). Market analysis needs to be done carefully.

There are also reputational risks of the store. It is no secret that sellers can be dishonest with buyers, presenting counterfeit goods as original spare parts. If the store owner values ​​an honest name, such attempts must be stopped.

Step-by-step plan for opening a spare parts store

Analyzing the modern sales market and thinking about where to invest money, you can turn your attention to the auto parts business. This project can be successful and bring a good profit if the marketing and financial plan is correctly drawn up. In this article, we will provide a detailed business plan for auto parts, which will show the level of costs for opening, calculation of profitability and payback period.

The relevance of the idea determines the economic crisis, which forced many Russian citizens to repair and repair cars, instead of buying new vehicles.

Auto parts store business plan

Relevance of business idea

The unstable economic situation not only did not affect this type of business, but also largely contributed to its development. Due to the sharply increased exchange rate, many Russians were forced to postpone the decision to buy a new car. Instead, people are more likely to order auto parts for car repairs.

This example of a business plan will help to correctly calculate the costs at the stage of launching a project, form an assortment of goods, choose the appropriate tax system and select personnel.

Pros and cons of a business idea

Taking this plan as a basis, you can easily implement your own business and open an auto parts store for domestic and foreign cars. To implement the idea, a small room of 40-50 square meters will be enough. It is advisable to locate the store next to a large auto repair shop, service station, car wash, etc. This will ensure the flow of customers

Pros and cons of a business idea

Having decided to open an auto parts store, it is important to analyze the pros and cons of this project in order to correctly assess the risks and opportunities for business development.

  • High demand. Today, many citizens prefer to repair cars, respectively, the demand for parts for domestic cars or foreign cars is growing.
  • Regular customers. Despite the high competition, the efficiency of order fulfillment and quality will help to create a base of regular customers.
  • High profitability. With a well-built marketing strategy and a professional staff of employees, you can quickly reach payback and good profitability.

The sale of spare parts is a highly competitive business. But at the same time, the demand for this product is growing every year, which allows many sellers to work in this segment without problems and get good profits. In this article, we will discuss how to write a ready-made business plan for an auto parts store and what to consider first.

What is the reason for the growth of buyers in this industry? Firstly, this is, of course, with the growth of consumer abilities of the population of our country, secondly, this is the availability of inexpensive car models on the market, and thirdly, these are tempting lending conditions from various banks. All this has led to the fact that the number of cars is growing every year, and given that each car owner spends about $ 700 - $ 1000 on its maintenance (excluding the purchase of fuel), we can safely speak about the presence of customers with money in this niche.

Business building format

As you've probably already seen, there are several formats for building a business in the auto parts trade, let's look at the main ones:

  • narrow focus shop. For example, the sale of car tires, or car chemicals.
  • sale of spare parts only for domestic cars, or work for imported cars.
  • targeting a specific brand, for example BMW or VAZ.
  • generic type of auto parts store.

Considering the statistics that the purchase of parts for domestic cars in our country is carried out by about 58% of motorists, and imported by 48%, it can be concluded that the most profitable is the universal scheme of the outlet. This way you can reach the largest audience of your clients.

Finding a room

After you register as a private entrepreneur, you will need to find a place to trade. Some great options are:

  • shopping areas near markets;
  • premises near gas stations and service stations;
  • near radio markets.

The area of ​​the premises must be at least 20 sq. ... It should be repaired, and the space itself should be divided into zones: a sales area, a warehouse, and a bathroom.

When choosing a place, be sure to evaluate the competitors that are nearby and see how you outplay them: product range, price or service level.


In order to present all the goods you need:

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Sale of auto parts is a demanded line of business. A business plan for an auto parts store describes the path that will need to be taken to start a business, as well as calculations of financial and investment performance indicators.

This document assumes that the sale of auto parts will take place through all possible channels: directly in the store, in the online store, to order, etc. The object is specialized in the sale of spare parts for foreign cars of any model year.

Payback - about 1.5 years.

Content of the auto parts store business plan:

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