Animal beauty salon with calculations

The beauty industry is a lucrative industry. And not only people need beauty, but also their pets, and therefore the grooming business can also bring a stable income. How do you start it?

Initial investment - 150,000 rubles.

Market saturation - medium.

Difficulty starting a business - 5/10.

Is it real to earn money through grooming?

And then it turned out that pets also need professional care: hair cutting, trimming, taking care of claws, teeth, ears and other procedures. Of course, you can trim the claws of the dog and wash the coat at home on your own, but the result is not always satisfactory. In addition, after such "leaving" you have to clean up the wool and dirt in the apartment for a long time, and some people simply cannot stand the specific smell of wet wool. But individual procedures (for example, cleaning tartar) at home still cannot be performed.

And there is also a special category of animal lovers - breeders of cats and dogs of different breeds (they call themselves "breeders" or owners of kennels). Before the exhibition, they contact the grooming studio so that the appearance of their pets is brought to an ideal condition, since it depends on which prize their pet will take (and the more victories and titles a pedigree animal has, the more expensive it will be possible to sell the offspring). You will be surprised to learn how much grooming costs: the owners of nurseries are ready to pay up to 30,000 rubles for the preparation of one animal for the exhibition.

The list of his services includes:

  • grooming animals;
  • grooming (washing with special products, masks, styling);
  • combing out and untangling tangles;
  • claw trimming, manicure;
  • ear, nose, eye, anal gland cleaning;
  • tartar removal;
  • exhibition preparation; <
  • selection of hair care products;
  • selection of accessories;
  • massage;
  • creative haircut and dyeing.

As you can see, grooming is in demand and profitable. Now let's figure out how to open a dog and cat grooming salon from scratch.

Grooming salon: choosing a model of work

Today, profiled beauty salons expand the range of services they offer. Increasingly, you can see various themed salons, for example, spa salons, animal grooming salons, etc. It is about the organization of a salon for serving our smaller brothers and will be discussed. To open such an enterprise there is a prerequisite for a beginner - he must love animals. There is no place for any compromises here, since an entrepreneur, who does not tolerate animals, will not be able to personally visit his salon, to control its work at the initial stage.

Then everything goes the standard way, as in any other business: selection of premises, drawing up a business plan, registration of an enterprise.

Writing a resume

Animal beauty salon provides pet care services at the European level. The short list of services includes grooming and washing the pet, caring for nails and ears, preparing for the next exhibition and daily grooming. In the salon, all animals will be surrounded by warmth and attention. The owner can personally attend the procedures, which has a calming effect on the animal. Polite staff and comfortable conditions create an atmosphere of home comfort in the salon. For animals, high-quality cosmetics are used that do not irritate the sensitive skin of pets. It gives their coat a natural sheen of health. A well-groomed animal will delight not only the owners, but also everyone around. The task of such a profiled salon is to provide a wide range of pet care services. After a haircut, many clients will get rid of annoying hair in the apartment during pet shedding, which will be possible thanks to high-quality cosmetics and proper care.

This salon will provide the following services for pets:

  • Grooming dogs or cats;
  • Trimming;
  • Creating edging;
  • Good washing;
  • Ear and eye treatments;
  • Trimming nails;
  • Combing tangled tangles;
  • Manicure;
  • Shaving decorative patterns on animal fur;
  • Atelier for animals;
  • Sale of clothes for dogs;
  • Removal of tartar and plaque;
  • Teeth cleaning and eye;
  • Consultation and examination by a veterinarian.

The choice of a niche is justified by the fact that there are no such establishments in the city yet, so it should be assumed that the level of competition here will be minimal.

Relevance of the chosen niche

Until recently, the opening of salons for animals was considered a hopeless business. But now there are entrepreneurs who earn decent money from this. This means that people have begun to pay more attention to their appearance and the appearance of their pets. Before the exhibition, the owners always take their pet to such an establishment.

To give a pet a presentable look, professionals spend up to 6 hours serving one pet. The quality of such services in the salon will be significantly higher. But the cost will also be more expensive. The owner, who truly loves his pet, is ready to spend a decent amount on his appearance. If you decide to specialize your salon on pets, then we proceed to register a new case.

A grooming salon can be a profitable option for those looking to start a business in the pet service industry. Grooming includes a set of procedures aimed at cleaning the animal and giving it a beautiful appearance. Grooming can be done as a full-time job or as a part-time job.

If you decide to open a grooming salon, you must first take grooming courses. Most of these courses are held in the premises of veterinary clinics. During the training, you will see the work of a groomer with different breeds of dogs, what you need to start a business and, most importantly, try yourself as a groomer. A professional groomer must have a sense of style, fantasy, love animals.

Step-by-step plan for opening a grooming salon

The step-by-step plan includes the following items:

Market analysis, business plan preparation.

Calculation of expenses and income.

Let's analyze the main points of the plan in more detail.

Grooming salon services

Main list of services:

  • grooming animals;
  • grooming animals;
  • washing wool using professional products;
  • manicure; <
  • cleaning ears, eyes and nose.

Additionally, the salon can provide services:

  • tattoo ;
  • creative haircuts;
  • massage;
  • animal decoration for exhibitions;
  • home visit;
  • massage;
  • sale of related products;
  • veterinarian services.

Registration of grooming salon

Beauty salon for animals: choice of premises + documents for opening a salon + list of equipment + ways to promote a business + calculation of expenses and income.

What does it take to open a pet beauty salon? First of all, love animals!

This is the case when compromises are not appropriate: a businessman who does not like cats and dogs - or at least one of them - will not stand even periodic visits to his own salon for control purposes. Not to mention the fact that at first any startup should be monitored constantly.

What else? Further - as in any business.

You need to decide on the premises, collect documents, register, look after the equipment, buy tools and find the first client.

So, what does a rough business plan for an animal beauty salon look like?

Choosing a room suitable for an animal beauty salon

Practice shows that a beauty salon for animals needs no less space than a standard "human" one. You need to search for an area of ​​50 meters or more.

The fundamental difference from the salon for people is that animals should be sheared, dyed, and so on in isolated rooms, since they may react inadequately to each other.

Although it can be different with people.

Thus, an animal beauty salon should have:

  • at least one isolated room for beauty procedures;
  • a small office for storing personal belongings and a package of documents;
  • 2 bathrooms ( for staff and for washing animals);
  • a place for a washing machine;
  • a room for waiting owners with pets.

Everything is standard in the "waiting room": a table, a couch, a hanger, TV on request.

Many people treat their pets like family members and want to always see them well-groomed, for this they are ready to part with a substantial amount. After all, not in every case, the necessary procedures requiring a certain skill and experience are permissible to be performed independently at home. To this end, owners often turn to professionals who, in turn, will need to open a beauty salon for animals to provide such services at the highest level.

Description of the business project and its relevance

Not so long ago, the organization of such a project was considered a pointless exercise. Currently, the owners of beauty salons for pets are earning good money, which is due to the desire of the population to give their pets an attractive appearance, as well as the opportunity to pay for it. Many ornamental animals require systematic specialist care in order to maintain their proper appearance.

In addition, the owners of animals must visit such establishments with them before exhibitions, for preparation for which professionals spend 5-6 hours on various procedures. In the salon for animals, a specialist with experience will be able to find an approach to each four-legged client, to make a high-quality haircut for him or to style his wool beautifully.

It is recommended to open a salon for the provision of grooming services in cities with a population exceeding 1 million people. Otherwise, such a project may not bring the desired result and become unprofitable based on a number of factors:

  • The existence of direct competitors that are popular with the consumer.
  • The presence of a large number of individuals providing similar services at home.
  • Grooming services are offered by veterinary institutions.

In addition to the low number, the relevance of the project is influenced by the economic situation in a particular region.

List of beauty services for animals

Grooming includes many types of hygiene procedures for caring for pets:

  • combing and trimming wool;
  • bathing;
  • dyeing;
  • glands treatment;
  • clipping nails;
  • cleaning nose, teeth and ears.

These operations can be carried out both one-time and be part of a range of services regularly provided to pet owners. In addition to them, customers are offered additional services: nail varnish painting, massage and all kinds of decorations.

It is also profitable for the pet salon to trade in various accessories and toys for pets. A wealthy owner will definitely purchase something for his pet, even if the price is higher than in the store, especially when this product is in front of his eyes.

Market Analysis: Competition and Risk Assessment

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