An organizational plan in a business plan - how not to burn out at the beginning

A prerequisite for the success of economic activity is its implementation in accordance with the developed plan. It allows you to predict the situation and easily navigate the implementation of the entrepreneurial strategy, and, if necessary, correct it. What is an enterprise production plan, what is it formed from and how to draw it up?

General information

A document that displays information about the organization of the subject's activities and about its control at all stages of the company's functioning is called a production plan.

It contains the basic working positions of the organization, which must be guided by in order to achieve the set goal. The planning elements displayed in the documentation allow you to ensure effective control of the work of all structural divisions of the company, determine the amount of costs incurred and compare them with the planned and real indicators of profitability.

Depending on the scale of the company's functioning, the plan of its activities can be drawn up for the entire enterprise as a whole or broken down by its structural divisions. The document is developed at each enterprise by independently responsible specialists under the supervision of management. Due to the specifics of the work of each business entity, it is impossible to find a ready-made plan template in any sources. However, in practice, there are generally accepted algorithms for compiling documentation, the use of which greatly simplifies the procedure.

The validity of the plan developed and approved by the management is not regulated by a specific date, since it requires constant adjustment at the slightest change in the functioning of the company. It can be classified as a permanent regulation of the enterprise, which is notable for its relevance at the time of consideration, for which the responsible persons are responsible. In it, a business representative must cover the entire range of activities necessary to ensure activities, including the organization of the production process, the implementation of labor results, as well as the human resources, machinery and equipment required for this.

A competently executed document will make it possible to effectively predict activities and assess their prospects. It should cover all aspects of the company's functioning in terms of volume and quality assessment. The entrepreneur and the person interested in his activities must find in the documentation answers to all possible questions related to the work of the subject.

Purpose of compilation

The production plan in the business plan, an example of which can be found in the resources of the worldwide network, is drawn up with the aim of efficient organization of workers' labor, as well as rational use of resources, operation of equipment, which will ensure maximum work productivity. Its purpose is planning:

  • profit ;
  • the ratio of expenses and income;
  • the number of units of products or services rendered to generate profit in a certain amount;
  • financial performance;
  • raw material costs.

From the content of the document it becomes clear how product quality control is carried out, what requirements are imposed on it, and where they are regulated. A business representative, drawing up a document, lays down in it the procedure for optimizing the process, controlling its capacity and using labor resources, as well as evaluating the effectiveness of the sales service.

Types of production plans

We are continuing with the preparation of a business plan. The next step is perhaps the most important part - the marketing plan in the business plan. I mean not only the real topic, but also an equally important sales strategy, which we will talk about a little later.

Now our attention should be focused on marketing strategy as one of the most important points of a business plan. Whether it's manufacturing, retail or wholesale business, services or internet business, a marketing strategy should be included in a comprehensive business plan.

About the marketing plan in the business plan

Brief Introduction to Marketing Plan

As with any section of our business plan, before you begin to detail your marketing strategy, you need to give a quick rundown of what will be included in the subsections of this topic.

What a marketing plan should include in a business plan

Our goal is to create a strategy to meet all of the business objectives outlined in the Content and Summary section. To put it simply, we must provide an action plan to achieve business goals. This is how it might look:

Marketing Objectives

This is where you need to answer why you need marketing in business, that is, what exactly do you expect from marketing. Your job is to translate business goals into marketing goals. For example, if your business goal is to increase profits by 25%, the marketing goals would be:

  • Increase the entrance to the sales funnel;
  • Increase and maintain customer flow into the sales funnel;
  • Increase the speed of converting potential customers into buyers;
  • Strengthen the brand.

Target audience

Give a brief description of the target audience (TA) of your business, since many of the elements of the marketing strategy will be based on the target market and the target audience. You already have a market and industry analysis with specific market segments in numbers. Here, just indicate in which segment your target audience is and, if necessary, specify it. For example:

Continuing the series of articles on the business plan (hereinafter BP), let's talk about the organizational plan. It develops a phased implementation of the idea, the structure of the enterprise, its personnel policy, management methods.

Organizational plan structure

This section should contain paragraphs about:

  • form of ownership with justification;
  • staff structure;
  • forms, functions, tasks of departments;
  • coordination , accounting, control over the work of personnel;
  • the circle of responsibility of each department and head;
  • the costs associated with starting a business;
  • the legal security of the investment project;
  • BP implementation schedule.
  • wages, bonuses and other incentives.

In this section, the staff and personnel policy are planned. It is necessary to present management systems for production, supply, sales, and provide economic justifications.

You can disclose information about attracting advisers, outline a plan for social development and motivational activities.

When drawing up, indicate clear numbers, the necessary qualifications or work experience, justify the work schedule. The team to implement BP is the key to success. Investors don't invest in ideas, but in knowledge and experience.

According to statistics, 98% of business failures are associated with management. In order not to miss important points, develop an organizational plan according to the scheme.

Forms of business organization in the plan

This paragraph is intended to justify the choice of ownership. There are three types of legal entities in Russia:

  • individual entrepreneurship;
  • limited liability company, joint stock company;
  • corporation.

Sole proprietorship is the most common form, since the procedure for registering an individual entrepreneur is simple, you can get tax holidays, and the tax rate is low.

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