An example of drawing up a business plan for a massage parlor

Among the main advantages of a business are:

  • a small amount of start-up capital;
  • quick payback;
  • no need to obtain a license to operate in the Ministry of Health (the only exception is manual therapy) ...

Market and Competition Analysis

The next important point that you must pay attention to when drawing up a business plan is the definition of the target audience. It is directly influenced by the specialization of the masseurs employed and the chosen type of massage, which can be:

  • medical ;
  • children ;
  • sports ;
  • relaxing.

If we talk about competition, then it is rather low: the number of people willing to use this traditional service significantly exceeds the number of really qualified specialists.

You can watch an interesting interview with the owner of such a business in the following video:

Production plan

Statistics show that 30% of clients come in according to medical indications, and 70% - for the purpose of relaxation and caring for their own body. Consequently, the premises should be located in a residential area, and in one where elite new buildings prevail.

The establishment must include at least 3 rooms:

  • the office itself with an area of ​​at least 8 sq. m., provided that one masseur works;
  • reception;
  • reception room.

More and more people are beginning to pay a lot of attention to their health. Therefore, opening a massage parlor will be a profitable business. Although initial capital is needed, it is small and pays off quickly. How to open a massage parlor is described in the article.

Business Benefits

Massage services are provided in different institutions that specialize in beauty and health. They are performed in fitness clubs, beauty salons, and health centers. To work, you need a little capital to acquire everything you need. The project pays for itself in a short time (from 2 to 6 months), which does not happen in every business.


What documents are needed to open a massage parlor? A license is issued at the Ministry of Health. You can invite to work not only specialists from our country, but also from others. For example, Thai massage. When permission is received, registration and registration of invited foreign persons is required.

How to open a massage document without a license? It is only needed for medical massage and manual therapy. In other cases, if you perform Thai, relaxing, cosmetic and other massages, this document is not required. The permit has no expiration date, it is unlimited. A license fee and duty are paid for it.

Activities without a license are considered less expensive, but there will be fewer clients as the list of services decreases. The object must be registered before opening. The documents must be submitted to the tax office, after which taxes for entrepreneurial work are paid.

Permits from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and Fire Supervision are also required. If the office is opened by one person, then the individual entrepreneur is registered. When hiring employees, it is advisable to register a legal entity. It is not easy to obtain documents for doing business. For example, to obtain a permit from the fire department, you need to go through 3 stages:

  • Requirements are being investigated and fulfilled.
  • Then the premises are examined. Its compliance with fire safety is being checked.
  • Provides a conclusion. Documents are attached to it and an application for permission is submitted.


What do you need to open a massage parlor? For the convenience of customers, the salon should be close to their home. It is better to open an institution in a residential area, preferably in an elite one. It is important that the site is easily accessible.

Reviews of the massage parlor business plan ()

The main thing about the business plan of a massage salon in the year

Organization of a massage parlor: choice of concept

When planning to open a massage parlor or salon, an entrepreneur needs to make an important choice: to determine which category of the population to target. The location of the salon largely depends on this. If a businessman plans to focus on therapeutic massage, then when looking for a room it is best to pay attention to the proximity to medical or sports facilities. The usual relaxing massage assumes that the clients of the salon will be mostly casual people, and the most profitable would be to rent a massage room in buildings with high traffic.

Given the rather serious competition in this type of business, an entrepreneur needs to think about the concept of his future salon, especially if his main service is not therapeutic, but relaxing massage. In the first case, it is a vital necessity, in the second - only the opportunity to enjoy the procedure. And the scope for imagination is especially wide here.

For example, opening a Thai massage parlor will attract more visitors. An Asian woman in a massage therapist's office will be perceived as a kind of exotic, which may interest new clients, especially males.

Choosing the right concept is becoming one of the most difficult challenges for entrepreneurs who decide to open a massage business. The desire to embrace everything at once has a special appeal, but at the same time it is difficult to fulfill. It is advisable to focus on one, the brightest idea, thanks to which your salon will enjoy success. To do this, you should study the demand of potential customers and analyze the methods of work of the nearest competitors. You should not offer the visitor the same services that he can get in the next salon. Try to stand out, find your "chip", because it is this factor that will guarantee that you will be able to interest people.

If you intend to work for a female audience, try opening your own salon, whose services include anti-cellulite massage. Those planning to open a medical hydromassage room will need to buy special equipment, which will require significant costs. But if you organize the process correctly, things will go well. You will need an even greater initial investment if you are thinking of opening a massage and beauty salon with a wide range of additional services.

But do not forget that no matter what format of the institution you prefer, you cannot do without a professional example of a business plan for opening a massage parlor with ready-made calculations. Guided by this document, you will be able to foresee the likely risks and find ways to solve any problems.

Opening a massage parlor: vending business

Massage services are always in demand, because these, at first glance, simple manipulations hide the secrets of our well-being. A business like massage has the most favorable prospects, even if the entrepreneur himself has no experience in this area. All that is needed at first is to invest in vending machines - special massage chairs.

Massage vending is a great alternative to traditional types of massage, which attracts businessmen due to the opportunity to start a business with minimal costs and problems. There is no need for expensive rent of a special room - this means that significant sums will be saved every month.

A healthy lifestyle and sports allow us to preserve beauty and youth. Massage is widely used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes - for diseases of the spine, in rehabilitation therapy after injuries, in a sports complex, for a general strengthening effect. In cosmetology, manual therapy is used for losing weight, restoring the elasticity of muscles and skin, rejuvenation, and more. R.

A massage parlor business plan is required to open a private office for practicing massage therapists or individual entrepreneurs. The development of such a business in Moscow is promising; expansion is possible in the future. Before you open a massage parlor, you need to make all the economic calculations and think over the basic concept.

Summary of our project

In this project, a business plan for a massage parlor will be considered with the acquisition of an apartment on the ground floor in a residential area and its conversion into an office. The organizational and legal form in the first year will be the registration of an individual entrepreneur, then, upon expansion, the organization of a collective enterprise is possible.

When renting premises for a salon, the payback period will be no more than 12 months.

Marketing Strategy

Massage market overview

Massage services in the capital are a promising area, since there are many working and earning people in Moscow who have very little time, but have the means and the need to periodically improve their health.

There are many areas of work of massage salons - by type of massage, by the range of services provided, by price level (budget, medium or elite). Choosing your optimal segment, you need to study the closest competitors in this niche, their pricing policy and level of services.

When studying the competitive environment, one should remember that massage services are provided not only by specialized rooms, but also by many sports clubs, baths and saunas, and recreation centers.

Basic concept and target group definition

In 2021, the market for paid medical services in the Russian Federation amounted to about 610 billion rubles. Of these, about 17% were massage. The service is popular among women and men aged 20-40. To take into account the risks and calculate the approximate amount of income, at the 1st stage of the work, you will need to draw up a business plan for a massage parlor.

Brief analysis of the market and target audience

Massage is classified as a medical service. The sector is growing steadily. In 2021, the market for paid medical services amounted to about 590 billion rubles. In 2021, the indicator increased to 610 billion rubles. The share of the shadow segment is decreasing.

The industry is very competitive. Private clinics and paid departments of medical state institutions have the same target audience. The segment is growing due to low-quality free services for compulsory medical insurance. However, the population's ability to pay is decreasing, and this can lead to an outflow of clients in the radiation medicine segment.

More than 70% of visitors are women. Men visit massage parlors less often. The age of visitors is about 20-40 years old.

The massage parlor is visited by wealthy clients who prefer cosmetic procedures, and people who are shown this as a therapy against diseases. The industry has large beauty centers and small massage parlors. Medical organizations compete with them. The struggle is aimed at maintaining a position as organizations strive to form their own customer base.

Description of massage services

When making a business plan for a massage room, an entrepreneur must determine what services the organization will provide. At the first stage, their list may be small. It is recommended to provide clients with the following types of massage:

  • anti-cellulite ;
  • sports ;
  • general ;
  • prophylactic ;
  • individual parts of the body.

Over time, the list can be replenished. Reception is by appointment. The client must first call or book a visit on the organization's website. The administrator deals with the interaction with visitors.

Work with the client is carried out individually. First, a preliminary consultation is carried out to identify needs. Then the ways of their satisfaction are determined.

Massage requires the use of oil, so you will need to find a reliable supplier. The oils must have a quality certificate.

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