An example of a business plan for the production of cars

We present to your attention the project "Automobile assembly plant (car production)".

The business plan is developed based on the actual data of the operating enterprise.

Highly qualified employees with experience in the industry took part in the creation of the project.

The business plan complies with international and Russian standards (UNIDO, TACIS, EBRD, RF Ministry of Economic Development, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Construction, Ministry of Agriculture) and will adequately represent your project in Russian and international banks, as well as government agencies at all levels.

If necessary, the specialists of our company will make adjustments to the financial calculations and the descriptive part of the project in a short time in order to ensure full compliance of the business plan with your parameters.

The project is provided in the format of working files, in which you can independently or by qualified employees make changes: the financial model (based on Excel) and the Word file (Powerpoint).

Main project parameters:

Quantitative indicators: Assembly volume - 1000 pieces; area - 3 thousand sq. ...

  • in dollars 3,112,442
  • in euros 2,452,731
  • in rubles 83,773,926

Payback period, years: 2.0

Basic document parameters

Although there is a lot of competition in this market sector, the auto parts business continues to be profitable. Moreover, according to experts, this business shows an annual growth of more than 10%. There is a simple and reasonable explanation for this - the large age of cars. According to government agencies, more than 60% of the car park of domestic manufacturers is occupied by cars older than 5 years and with mileage exceeding the warranty. Every fifth car in the country is a foreign car. Among these cars, the situation is even more deplorable, 75% of the fleet are old cars with high mileage.

Thus, opening a store with auto parts will be fully justified. An approximate business plan for creating an auto parts store will be discussed in this article, and an economic assessment will be given for such an enterprise.

Open an auto parts store - business features

Before considering the calculations of a business plan for an auto parts store, mention should be made of the social, economic, political effects that will be achieved during the implementation of the project.

  • A new business entity will be created.
  • Three new job openings will appear.
  • Taxes to the local municipal budget are expected in the amount of up to 20 thousand rubles per month.
  • The expected net profit is over 1 million rubles per year.

A characteristic feature of this business is that an entrepreneur must have certain knowledge of technology, understand cars, study the market for auto parts, oils and various paraphernalia for a motorist. Or, at the very least, choose employees wisely and effectively. We need a person who can organize a competent selection of the range of spare parts for the future store, otherwise this whole idea will be doomed to failure.

The business of selling auto parts is impossible without the organization of competent work with suppliers. This is due to the fact that the main part of the profit the company will receive from parts, materials and other goods delivered to order. Finding good suppliers is the main task of an entrepreneur. Many large dealers have wholesale sites.

Business plan for auto parts store

How to correctly write a business plan for an auto parts store? Below is a sample business plan for setting up an auto parts store. You may find it useful.

Auto Parts Business Project Description

Sale of spare parts and parts, various consumables designed for the widest range of automotive products, without specialization by brands and brands. To create a store, an amount of about 1,500,000 rubles will be required. Payback of the project - from one year.

To attract investors, every novice businessman has to draw up a business plan for a car service from scratch.

In the brief description of the project, it is necessary to define car maintenance services as a promising business.

Most of the owners of foreign cars undergo maintenance and repair of the car in private workshops, and not at an authorized dealer. The reason is the inflated price of services in service centers.

Important! The future owner, when writing his own project, needs to study the market conditions, determine the target audience.

When planning a workshop, special attention should be paid to the financial part with calculations to minimize risks.

Project Summary

This section is compiled after a thorough study of all the intricacies of starting a business. When writing your resume, draw on information from the previous sections. In general terms, a description of the purpose of the project, the types of services provided should be given.

The entrepreneur must determine the amount of financial investments (one-time, monthly expenses). Calculate the main economic indicators - the break-even point and the indicator of business profitability.

Business Registration

When writing this section, special attention should be paid to the business registration process. An up-to-date list of required documents can be obtained from the registration authorities. As a rule, the procedure for opening a car service is as follows:

  • Register as an individual entrepreneur or LLC with the tax authorities.
  • Determine the OKVED code for conducting business. The following codes are valid: 50., 50., 52., 50. 0..
  • Select a taxation system (simplified taxation system is recommended).
  • Obtain permission to conduct activities in the fire service.
  • Conclusion of contracts:

garbage collection and rental of containers for solid household waste;

utilities: heating, water supply, electricity;

Car rental is absolutely normal for foreigners who prefer to travel a lot. They take a car and drive within or outside the country.

In Russia, this area is not yet so strongly developed. However, this is what allows a potential entrepreneur to occupy a niche and start earning.

This article will focus on car rental in the Russian Federation.

Infographic: Car Rental Business Plan

Business Description, Concept Basis

Car rental is quite a profitable business if you know what and how to do. You should start with a small park where you can place a couple of cars.

An office and a larger fleet of vehicles (10-30 cars) will gradually appear, which will allow access to the city and then to the federal level.

Strengths and weaknesses of the project

Let's consider the pros and cons of the future project of driving a rented car.

Rental rates

Each car in the fleet has its own daily cost:

This car dealership business plan will be useful for entrepreneurs who decide to sell cars. It can be used when negotiating with project lenders, with representatives of administrative authorities when obtaining permits for opening a car dealership and carrying out various approvals.

The example under consideration contains an algorithm for the founder's actions to create a modern auto center, open a store of auto parts and accessories with it, which will play a significant role in the financial success of the enterprise.

General characteristics of the project

The business plan of a car dealership with calculations, presented to your attention, contains the necessary feasibility studies for creating a car dealership with a financial turnover of 2 years. The implementation of this project pursues the solution of the following tasks:

  • Creation of a socially significant trade object.
  • Meeting the demand of the population for high-quality services for the sale of cars and auto parts.
  • Taking profit.
  • Replenishment of the budget with tax revenues from the company's profits.

The project is financed with a bank loan in the amount of 4,600,000 rubles at 17.5% per annum. During the investment period (2 years), the bank will receive a profit in the amount of 319,010 rubles. Loan interest payments and return of its amount begin directly from the first month of the car dealership. This condition, adopted in the business plan, makes it possible to simplify the calculation and management of financial flows.

The calculations presented in the plan prove that the break-even point of operation of the enterprise will come no later than the fourth month after the start of the business. At the same time, the company's profit at this stage will amount to 2,118,152 rubles.

After payment of interest on the loan and full repayment of borrowed funds, the profit of the enterprise will increase to 5,700,662 rubles.

The volume of monthly costs for the project is 1,059,337.75 rubles.

Thus, the final gross profit of the project is 62,109,563 rubles.

Within the framework of this project, it is planned to carry out the following activities:

Opening a car dealership will require high dedication and physical exertion from the founder. Investments in the project, the cost of purchasing cars and equipment for equipping the facility are associated with high responsibility of the person organizing the work on the implementation of this business idea.

Market Analysis

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