An example of a business plan for a private kindergarten

How to open a children's center from scratch - you can't get away from this idea if you have experience, an entrepreneurial spirit and a willingness to work for yourself. Until recently, children were taught and brought up in state institutions of a general developmental type. Nurseries and kindergartens were the privilege of the municipal authorities. Private business in the field of education was not supported by the state. Courageous and enterprising people did not always know where to start or how to draw up a business plan for the children's center.

Current parents are so interested in getting a quality education for their children that they are ready to invest their efforts and resources for the future of their children. There are those who are inspired by a clear example of a children's center business plan to organize a children's club.

Download a ready-made business plan for the children's center

If you want to open an entertainment center for children on your own, you should outline the tasks and purpose of the enterprise. Accept the chosen project as support for creativity and business. Plan upcoming activities.

Download the children's business plan for the children's development center.

You can take a sample, adjust the stages at your discretion. It's up to you whether to draw up a strategic plan yourself or use a ready-made example.

An example of a business plan for a children's center

There are 3 models of children's clubs: depending on the organization of developmental classes and management style. This could be a business plan for an early childhood development center or a business plan for a theater studio. Consider a family club too. The business plan will serve as the basis for determining the scope of your own ideas.

Think what is more interesting for you. Choose what you like and work out the opening plan point by point.

The opening of a child development center with a set of various courses is actually much larger than a standard developmental complex. If we focus on developmental classes for 3-year-olds, then there is no need to waste energy on creating another business and courses.

Relevance of the idea and market analysis with the assessment of competitors

The idea of ​​disciplining disorganized and kindergarten children combines several parenting goals:

  • being outside the home;
  • interacting with children;
  • learning to communicate with other adults;
  • learning self-development skills;
  • the child's individual development in reading, mathematics, the world around them, and more;
  • a positive experience for parents in raising children.

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Therefore, if you want to work in the field of education, you have start-up capital and you are competent in this matter, but do not know how to develop a business plan correctly, then this article is for you.

What is a business plan

Before talking about what a business plan is for an educational institution, you need to understand what a business plan is in general understanding, what constituent parts should be present in this document, and what are the rules for drafting such documents there are both in theory and practice.

These are basic elements that should always be present in a business plan. At the same time, not everyone understands, but there are various types of such a financial document. For example, the plan for an external and internal user will be completely different, both in terms of detail and in the format of information presentation.

In addition, a business plan can be developed for an enterprise that is already actively operating, but wants to change something in its activities, or for a completely new direction.

Business plan of the educational institution

Opening an institution without a clearly developed strategy is difficult, therefore, in this area, the development of a business plan should be one of the main positions at the planning stage.

Which sections should the business plan of the educational institution consist of:

  • Summary ;
  • Descriptive part of the range of services that the organization will provide;
  • The potential of the company, that is, those areas of activity, within which it will be possible to develop business in the future;
  • Description of the market where the services will be presented. Potential contingent consuming these services;
  • Section for analysis and study of competition;
  • Investment capital;
  • Organizational structure of the educational institution;
  • Financial plan;
  • Risks that may arise in the course of activities.

These are the basic elements of the strategic plan. They can be enlarged, divided, generalized. The name can also be completely different. The main thing is that the essence of these positions is presented in the document.

In what area to develop a business plan for an educational institution

And then let's try to talk about those niches in which you can open a decent profitable establishment:

Dear visitors of the site, below is an example of a business plan for a private kindergarten with economic calculations, which you can safely use to draw up your own version. The sample is easily adaptable to any city, has a file with calculations, in which you can enter your own data and get the results for your situation. Calculations are prepared in Excel format, which allows you to correct them taking into account the realities of your business.

If you have any questions about this business plan or about drawing up business plans in general, you can always ask them by mail, below in the comments or in our VKontakte group.


Purpose: "opening a private kindergarten in a residential area of ​​the city of Tambov"

Objectives: "making a profit from the provision of services for the maintenance of children in a private kindergarten"

Project initiator

The initiator of the project is a former kindergarten teacher with over 20 years of experience working with children.

Investment costs

In order to open the kindergarten, it is planned to renovate the premises, which will be received on a long-term lease, as well as purchase furniture, toys, kitchen equipment and educational materials. The total investment will amount to about 610 thousand rubles.

Project funding

Opening a general education private school is a promising investment. However, this idea requires good planning. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with an example of a private school business plan with calculations.

Summary of Private School Business Plan

It is planned to open a private general education school.

Format of educational institution:

  • primary education (grades 1 to 4);
  • secondary education (grades 5 to 11);
  • foreign language courses and mathematics;
  • a circle for preschool children (5-7 years old);
  • lessons in dance and music;
  • preparatory courses for the Unified State Exam and the OGE.

The main goal is an individual approach to each student and the development of abilities and talents.

The advantage of starting a business is having your own three-story building in a residential area of ​​the city. Thus, the funds needed to rent the building will be used to equip school classes and purchase new equipment. There are public transport stops near the school.

According to calculations, 10 562 000 rubles will be required to open a private educational institution. The payback period will be 3 years.

Market Watch

According to the data collected by the marketing company, competition in this area is low, which is an important advantage.

Business plans for children's goods and services for children for the year

Make money in a crisis by opening a children's business

To get income from the sale of goods, services and entertainment, you can start a children's business. A business on children's goods and services is an activity that requires some investment, however, depending on the chosen niche, a business can be opened without capital investments. For example, a business will not require investments in the creation of toys based on children's drawings, and if it is printing on T-shirts, mugs and covers for an iPhone, then you cannot do without investments. If you know how to do needlework, then you can try to offer hand-made wigwams for children.

To start, you must first decide: it will be a business in the educational field of activity, or the production of a line of products for children of the same or different ages.

Toys based on children's drawings

Printing on iPhone based on the client's son or daughter's drawing

The idea of ​​creating a mobile application - a baby's nutrition calendar and the introduction of complementary foods - will also require investment and the development of a detailed business plan. This will save many mothers the need to keep a baby's “nutrition diary” by hand. Children and their parents are becoming more and more demanding in their choice, but more often the parent is not able to refuse his child.

In the new economic conditions, providing customers with the opportunity to save money has proven itself well: it can be a commission store for children's goods or the creation of a VKontakte group for exchange or donation. This category of the population always needs the most advanced innovations that would make life easier for parents and caring for children, especially very young ones.

A unique and unconventional approach is important. At the same time, it is necessary to clearly imagine the goals and methods of their achievement - that is, you need to draw up a detailed business plan. Without it, setting up an individual entrepreneur or participating in crowdfunding is too risky and unprofitable.

In order to draw up your own individual business plan yourself, you need to study the samples of business plans dedicated to the chosen direction. This can be both the production of goods for children and adolescents, and the provision of services or a large-scale business for the organization of an entertainment center - there are a huge number of examples on the network.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the right of the final choice of the proposal in this segment of entrepreneurial activity lies mainly with the parents - they pay for it and have the right to critically approach the selection procedure.

At the same time, one should not lose sight of fashion and technology that take into account the characteristics of each age group of children.

We have already said that a business is designed to solve any client's problem, and it is possible if a startup knows about such a problem from personal experience.

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