An example of a business plan for a cosmetics store

Opening a cosmetic store is a relevant and quite popular idea, which finds its realization among middle-class entrepreneurs. This is due to several factors.

First of all, people care about their appearance, and when certain problems arise (wrinkles, age spots, peeling of the skin and other troubles), they choose cosmetics that help them solve these problems. In addition, a cosmetic store is simply impossible without a perfumery department, and perfume has always been an excellent gift for any occasion.

So today we'll talk about how to open a cosmetics and perfumery store. Let's take a closer look at all the stages of creating such a business.


Before taking any steps towards achieving the goal, you should register with the Tax Office. It will be quite enough to register as an individual entrepreneur (IE). This will require the following package of documents:

For the perfumery and cosmetic business, you should choose a simplified taxation system (simplified taxation system) or UTII.

In addition, to start a store, you will need a permit from SES and fire supervision. It is imperative to prepare a lease agreement or property documents, a sanitary passport for the premises and, finally, an act from the BTI confirming the commissioning of the premises. You should purchase a cash register, which must be registered with the same Tax Office.

When all the documentation is in hand, you can start to act.

Business plan for a cosmetics and perfumery store

Any entrepreneur knows very well that in order to achieve financial success, you should have a well-developed list of actions that detail each subsequent step. We will also do this. We will draw up a business plan for a cosmetics and perfumery store.

Choosing a product

If we talk about the sale of cosmetics, the first thing that comes to mind is that it is quite profitable, since every woman buys something from cosmetics for herself almost every month, and do not forget about gifts from men. But there is another side of this business - competition. The presence in large cities of large cosmetic stores, with huge advertising budgets, sales programs and other things, significantly complicates the start in this business for a novice businessman. In this article, we will talk about how to properly leave a cosmetics store business plan and not burn out. We will discuss all the main points of this direction.

POS format

If you want to start a cosmetics sales business in a small town, then you have every chance of success, you need to make your store a little better than your competitors and offer people a more convenient service and customers will definitely choose exactly you. But in big cities, it is almost impossible for a small entrepreneur to outstrip large retail chains, which is why we recommend choosing a narrow specialization and only in this case you will get your customers.

  • natural cosmetics without chemicals. Yes, the cost of such products is higher than that of conventional cosmetics, but in recent years there has been a trend towards a healthy lifestyle and more and more people are moving towards a healthy diet and the use of cosmetics based on natural elements. In big cities, a very promising direction, especially for this niche, you can launch an online cosmetics store, which will increase sales.
  • cosmetics for children. There are a huge number of different creams, shampoos and other cosmetics for children on the market. Open a specialized store and carry high-quality goods, customers will be anyway. In this direction, the main thing is correct advertising.
  • sale of a specific group of products. For example, perfume or nail polish. At the same time, you should have the largest possible assortment of these particular products.

If you are going to run in a small town, then you need to put all groups of goods and make a one-stop cosmetics store.

Location and premises

Choosing a place for trading will also need to tinker with. Freestanding stores, almost a failure solution for a novice businessman. To attract buyers, you will just need huge investments in advertising, which at first, as practice shows, do not exist.

The best solution would be to rent a small retail space in a promoted shopping center. Yes, you will pay more for the rent, but you will immediately get buyers and sales.

When drawing up a business plan for a cosmetic store, we recommend that you take this factor into account and, first of all, look for premises in shopping centers.

The area of ​​the premises should be from 20 sq. ... and more. Often, a standard retail outlet of this type has a size of 30-50 sq. ...

On the plus side, it is also worth adding that when renting in a shopping center, you will not need to invest in renovating the premises, which is also important.

Equipment for a cosmetics store

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The Internet today is not only megatons of useful information, but also an opportunity to start a profitable business with a small investment, sell around the clock and work around the world. But investing funds requires obligatory economic calculations and market analysis, therefore, in order to start selling cosmetics over the Internet, it is necessary to first calculate a business plan for an online cosmetics store.

The target audience of such commercial activities are mainly women and this must be taken into account when developing the general concept of the project and when promoting it.

Project Summary

This article presents a business plan for an online cosmetics and perfumery store aimed at the middle price segment, target audience - women over 40. The basic concept assumes a calm stylish design, user-friendly interface, clearly divided product groups. The main advantage will be a very wide range of anti-aging products and the ability to receive online advice from a professional cosmetologist. The investment amount will be 35-65,000 rubles, the payback period is 3-4 months.


Starting any project requires an understanding of your business environment and strategic planning. It is necessary to produce or supply those goods that will be sold, and not sell what has already been purchased, without first examining whether the consumer needs it.

Market Analysis

Market research for an online store includes an analysis of competitors, a study of potential consumers, the main legislative norms governing activities, etc.

Reviews for the business plan of a cosmetics and perfumery store ()

The main thing about the business plan of a cosmetics and perfumery store in the year

Cosmetics and perfumery store opening

Cosmetics and perfumes are a commodity that no woman can do without. But this is not the only reason why entrepreneurs decide to open a professional cosmetics and perfumery store from scratch. Another advantage of this type of business is not too high a threshold for entering it. In order to open a perfume business - a boutique or a shop - 50 thousand dollars is enough. At the same time, the profitability in this type of business can be called quite decent, since it rarely drops below 25%.

It is impossible to do perfume business and not understand anything about its intricacies. If only because without the necessary knowledge it is difficult to determine the assortment of the outlet. Trading everything in a row is a very risky option. Firstly, because it requires a huge investment at a time. Secondly, this approach makes it difficult to determine the target audience of your store. All cosmetics that are produced in our country and abroad are divided into certain groups and types. And when choosing what to trade, an entrepreneur needs to focus on many factors.

The abundance of cosmetics and perfumery products makes it difficult to choose not only for buyers of fragrant products, but also for entrepreneurs who have planned to open a perfumery and cosmetic store. As you know, all cosmetics are divided into certain groups: professional, pharmaceutical, selective and mass-market cosmetics. What product will be in demand in a particular store - the businessman himself has to decide.

Your own business - opening a cosmetics department - will be profitable only if you are able to accurately compose the assortment of the outlet. So, for example, a business on branded, professional cosmetics will be expedient only in large cities. Conversely, the creation of a retail outlet, in which the main assortment is made up of inexpensive cosmetics and perfumes, in an area where people with high incomes live, most likely, will not bring the expected profit. The marketing strategy of the company depends on the choice of the assortment list. Entrepreneurs who plan to open their own body cosmetics store need to target a specific audience of buyers, which must be taken into account when promoting a retail outlet.

A qualitative example of a business plan for opening a cosmetics and perfumery store with ready-made calculations will help novice and experienced entrepreneurs to understand the basics of organizing and managing production in a perfumery and cosmetic store. Searching for answers to your questions about opening a cosmetics store in various forums is not the best way out. Only professional recommendations will allow you to avoid possible mistakes, find out what it takes to open a shop of draft perfumery and how to get around the competition without losing money invested in this business.

Organization of a cosmetics and perfumery store

The perfumery market in Russia is growing at a rapid pace, which gives confidence to entrepreneurs who are going to open their own business - a cosmetics store. This market sector develops according to its own laws, which cannot be ignored. Otherwise, you cannot count on success in business. For example, how not to take into account the fact that opening a cosmetics outlet has a clear seasonal dependence. It is most beneficial to open a store on the eve of the holidays - on the eve of the new year, March 8, February 23. Traditionally, cosmetics and perfumes are considered one of the most popular gifts.

The opening of a perfumery and cosmetic business involves two main options for the development of events for an entrepreneur: acting as a distributor of a well-known network of perfumery stores, or free floating, when a businessman is engaged in the independent sale of perfume and cosmetic products. The "gray" market is devoid of the advantages typical for a distribution network, at the same time, this path has certain advantages that attract many entrepreneurs.

In the last 5-7 years, trading through online stores has increased its turnover due to the huge demand. Online stores are developing very seriously. And cosmetics stores are always in demand both offline and online, especially if there is a wide selection of brands, high quality and affordable prices. But there is also strong competition in this market. Taking up this business idea, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for an online cosmetics store, an example of opening which we offer in this article along with an analysis and calculations of profitability.

Project Summary

You can open an Internet resource from any city, even a village. It is important to develop an advertising campaign that will act on the desired geographic area, fill your warehouse with goods in this area for prompt delivery and conclude contracts with suppliers. We are planning to open an online cosmetics store for women and men. Target audience - women from 25 to 45 years old, men from 30 to 50 years old with an average income. Geographic coverage - Rostov-on-Don and Rostov region. The shop is open 24/7. From 09:00 to 20:00 orders will be accepted by phone, placing an application on the Internet is possible at any time.

The following product categories will be presented in the store:

  • Everything for face care.
  • Body care.
  • Everything for makeup.
  • Nail care.
  • SPA procedures.
  • Everything for men.

For competent planning and business organization, we draw up a business plan for an online cosmetics store with calculations, where we take into account costs, potential profit, calculate the profitability and return on investment.

Registration and registration

When choosing the form of registration of an entrepreneur, we will focus on the individual entrepreneur, i.e. we will conduct our own bookkeeping, and there are no co-founders. We will go through the following standard steps:

  • Submission of an application for the issuance of an individual entrepreneur certificate to the tax service.
  • Application to change the taxation system to the simplified tax system “income minus expenses”.
  • Selecting the OKVED code - 47.5 and 47. 1.
  • Payment of the state duty receipt of 800 rubles.
  • Provision of copies of passport data and lease agreement for the warehouse.
  • Permission from SES.
  • Permission from the fire department.

Registration costs will be about 10 thousand rubles.

Rent of premises and equipment

Despite the fact that the store will work online, the entrepreneur will need a room in which the following functional areas will be located:

  • Office (it may be at home).
  • Item warehouse.
  • Premises for ordering and delivery service.

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