Agritourism business plan examples

Profitable business in the countryside is a rather difficult question. And if there is no developed transport infrastructure, then it is practically insoluble. It is impossible to sell the same products grown on the ground, since they cannot be delivered to the consumer. Rural tourism is a different matter! This idea is interesting in every way. Let's take a closer look.

What is the meaning of the idea for a vacationer

What is rural tourism? This expression refers to a certain type of recreation for residents of megacities, during which they take part in agricultural work. That is, the townspeople go to the village in order to breathe air, eat fresh natural products, and at the same time try to live a completely different life - rural. I must say that this idea, on the one hand, is simple, since many people buy for this particular summer residence, on the other hand, it expands the possibilities of "vacationers".

It means that rural tourism is not just a trip to a suburban area, but an opportunity to visit other countries, get acquainted with the way of life and way of life of other peoples. This one differs from any other type of recreation by the opportunity to fully immerse oneself in that way of life, which is inaccessible for a city dweller, to feel like a full resident of the village.

Benefits to the Host

Here I must say that the idea gives the villagers literally unlimited opportunities! Developing your own business in the countryside is not easy. Not because there is not enough hard work or resources. Rather, due to the lack of a consumer. For a successful business, you need a constant influx of people who want to buy its result, otherwise the idea will not pay off.

Thus, rural tourism is becoming a "lifesaver" for those who are actively building their own business. But that is not all! Who will give up extra working hands! This can only be understood by a peasant who has a lot of things to do and time to spare. And if these "hands" also pay for their living ... Such a rural business becomes not only profitable, but also enjoyable! The peasant (owner) receives such benefits: profit from a tourist, help with the farm, an influx of new communication and information. This is a great example of a business idea from scratch in the countryside.

A bit of history

Rural tourism was born in Europe. This was due to the desire of people with small means to relax in nature. At the same time, they wanted to get all the "charms" of expensive hotels, together with the pleasure of feeling like the "owner" of the land plot.

To meet the demand, people began to offer accommodation with villagers' families for a moderate fee. I liked the service. Among the clients now are not only families with a small income, but also young people, especially students, people striving for solitude and a natural life. The demand for recreation in the countryside has not been falling for many years, bringing in up to twenty percent of the gross tourism income in some European countries.

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Content of the Agritourism Business Plan:

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Agritourism or rural tourism has been developing in Russia for several years, but due to its specificity it is not a market leader. This area of ​​recreation involves visiting estates and agricultural farms, observing their life, outdoor activities, horseback riding, participation in folk festivals. Sometimes such trips are accompanied by the opportunity to work in the field, garden or take care of animals. Is this kind of tourism in demand in Russia, how to organize the reception of guests in the village and what directions are popular now.

Agritourism concept

Village tourism is a relatively new area of ​​the tourism sector, involving visiting estates, villages, farms, observing their life and even participating in agricultural work. Potential tourists here are residents of large cities, for which rural life is as exotic as the seaside and safari in Africa.

Does agritourism in Russia have any prospects at the moment remains a controversial issue. The life and work schedule of many of our compatriots allows only 1 tourist trip a year, which most people prefer to spend by the sea. Many have summer cottages and vegetable gardens, so they are not interested in spending their holidays in the countryside. There is a demand for ecological tourism only among very wealthy people and only on condition of a high level of service.

There is no definite concept of agritourism. Rural tourism combines several different types of recreation at once:

  • accommodation on private farms and estates;
  • gastronomic tours with tasting dishes from organic products;
  • participation in agricultural work;
  • ethnic tours - acquaintance with the history and culture of the area;
  • hiking in the forest, picking mushrooms and berries, hunting, fishing;
  • horseback riding.

However, all types of rural recreation are usually combined within the framework of one manor or farm - this way you can attract more guests.

How to start a rural tourism business

Setting up such a business is very difficult. An entrepreneur will have to take into account many factors: from the organization of a convenient access road to an interesting visit program. To make money in this way, you should not rely solely on the Russian audience. The demand will be too small. You need to focus on tourists from Europe, and therefore provide an appropriate level of comfort, safety and language.

Development of rural tourism is impossible without promotion among a foreign audience. It is the Europeans and, possibly, the Chinese who will "make the cashier."

Consider a sample rural tourism project. Suppose an entrepreneur owns a land plot and a nice house in the countryside. The area of ​​the plot must be at least 500 sq. ... Guests can be accommodated in the house, provided that it is spacious and comfortable enough. Another solution is the construction of a hotel or guest houses. Next, you need to provide a road for guests. Businessmen from Central and South Russia will have an advantage - getting here is easier.

The next step involves planning and organizing entertainment for guests. Will they oversee and participate in agricultural work? Will they go to the forest, camping, fishing or hunting? Horse riding? Will they get acquainted with the history of the region, visit neighboring villages, communicate with residents? The organizer must decide all this in advance by creating several visiting programs.

Rural Tourism Association on agritourism. u shares useful tips and news. If you are looking for a realized agritourism business plan with examples, the archive of this portal is worth exploring.

The development of megalopolises, the popularity of a healthy lifestyle and tourism have spawned the spread of a new tourist destination - rural tourism. This direction has long been popular in Europe, but in Russia it has been developing only in the last decade. High demand for this service has started to emerge in the past few years. Rural tourism is a great business idea. A rural tourism business plan will help an entrepreneur explore a niche and start a business.

Business Description and Benefits

Agritourism (rural tourism) is a young direction in the tourism business, focused on visiting cultural, historical and natural landscape places.

The duration of the tour varies from one-day mini-trips to extended stays in the countryside.

The benefits of this business:

  • Low competition. This segment of the tourism business is just developing in Russia, the market has not yet been developed.
  • Low entry threshold. You don't need to buy a lot of expensive equipment. At the initial stage, you can even do without an office.
  • Minimal risks. The entrepreneur risks only the time spent on the implementation of the idea and small investments.
  • High profitability. Agritourism, like tourism in general, brings good income for companies, because the main task of the company is to organize a tour. When all processes are streamlined and automated, it does not require much effort.
  • Opportunity to expand the business and the range of services provided. For example, you can not only organize tours, but also sell inventory, clothing and other travel accessories.
  • Possibility to open such a business anywhere in Russia. Each region has its own characteristics that are interesting to tourists.
  • Growing demand for the service.
  • Fast payback.


There are the following subspecies of such tourism:

  • Agritourism. Tourists live on farms during the harvest season. Their food is what they collect from the earth and prepare themselves. Usually, the purchase of ready-made products and even individual ingredients in stores is excluded.
  • Village life. Tourists just live in the village for a while. There is a demand for this direction all year round.
  • Community ecotourism. Visiting one or several villages, a short stay in them. The emphasis is on communicating with local residents, studying their living conditions and traditions.
  • Ethnographic tourism. Russia is a multinational country. In each region there are villages, the inhabitants of which represent separate ethnographic groups - Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish, Kyrgyz and other villages. Their inhabitants honor their traditions and live as in their homeland. The architecture, layout and general appearance of such villages differs from traditional Russian ones. Tourists like to visit such places and learn from their examples the rituals and traditions of other nations.

How to start a rural tourism business

Agritourism Business Plan

With the development of industrial society, people are increasingly beginning to appreciate all the delights of natural recreation. The fast-paced daily life, the constant bustle of noisy megacities lead to the fact that people are happy to give preference to trips to the countryside for the purpose of a weekend getaway. That is why we offer you a business related to agritourism.

The essence of agritourism is to provide people with a country holiday, which includes all the delights of a natural and rural nature. The opinion that a comfortable stay can only be obtained within the city has long lost its relevance. This type of recreation is becoming more and more popular among tourists and citizens.

The specificity of such a business is that location will be the fundamental factor of your business. It should be as less civilized as possible, ideally there should be a forest and a river nearby. Do not miss the moment that this vacation should be primarily environmentally friendly (that is, a village in the city center is clearly not suitable).

The advantage of an ecotourism project is its simplicity, it can be organized by an ordinary villager, because it does not require special investment. In addition, this business will be suitable for aspiring entrepreneurs who have no experience behind them.

This business must be registered as an individual entrepreneur, because there is no need for a license, as well as registration of an organizational and legal form (legal entity). A clear advantage will be the ability to use a simplified taxation system.

According to statistics, the return on business comes within 2-3 months due to the minimum costs of opening such a project. The profitability can reach 45%, which is a very good result.

In order for your business to become successful as quickly as possible, make a preliminary business plan. You can find such examples below.

Organizational stages of the project - a business plan has been developed for the project of creating an enterprise for organizing recreation in the village (agritourism). The essence of the business and the nature of the activities of such an organization are presented. Contains tips from an experienced American entrepreneur that will help you effectively conduct business in this direction. Sequential stages of business organization have been developed. The key features that need to be paid attention to when implementing such a project are described. The analysis of the market capacity, as well as the main consumer segment, the saturation of the market with competing firms has been carried out

Trends and ways to improve activities - contains a business plan for the organization of the company "Krolova Khata". A list of constraining factors for the development of such a business in our country is presented. A complete economic analysis of the environment for various groups of factors has been carried out. Prospective directions of the agro-estates development have been worked out. The forms and types of tourism that can be used in rural areas are presented. Options for organizing recreation and entertainment in rural areas have also been developed. The foreign experience in the development of such a project has been analyzed; it is planned to use this example to organize the activities of our enterprise.

The main direction of development, its essence and characteristics - a project for the development of agritourism in our country has been developed. The detailed nature of the activity functioning in this direction is described. All stages of the creation of an agritourism enterprise have been developed sequentially. Examples of successful companies in this area are presented, as well as factors that need to be paid special attention to. Provides advice from ordinary people living in rural areas who have been able to establish their own business based on agritourism. A basic effective concept of the project has been developed, which must be followed at all times.

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