Agency business plan for organizing and holding holidays

Business plan

Goldstein LLC. Volgograd, st. Kalinina 13 Business Center "Mercury" office 55

Maksimov Alexander Nikolaevich

"Party Organization"

Official name: "Fiesta"

Executor: Knyazev Evgeniy Albertovich, 34-22-22

Field of activity: Leisure activities

Project start date: 25.4013

Project duration: 1 year

The period of time until the date on which the initial data are valid: 6 months.

Date of compilation: 01.3.013


Business plan for organizing holidays, ready

Friends, the sample business plan that you can download for free at the end of this article is not working. It was created for informational purposes only. A real and successful entrepreneur based on his experience will tell you in this article how to create your real, working business plan with minimal costs:

An entrepreneur from the Rostov region, Evgeny Degtyarev, who is the founder and owner of an agency for organizing holidays, tells. Evgeniy has created an absolutely stable and prosperous business, which is based on 22 m² of office, 8 m² of warehouse, two cars and 6 six employees.

Business plan for organizing events

An introduction or it all starts with an idea!

The reason for the idea of ​​opening an agency for organizing events was the complete absence of professionals in this segment, to whom I was fortunate enough to contact several times.

It turned out that not only I, but many of my friends and colleagues think so. It was then that I realized - this is my chance! After that, the brain tuned in to the right wave of thinking, sorting through all the knowledge about business in memory.

The beginning is half the battle

I was always guided by this proverb when I started doing large-scale and serious business. This time, too, was no exception. I immediately remembered the days of studying at a technical school and classes in commercial activities.

Namely, the words of the teacher Oksana Vladimirovna: “It all starts with a good business plan, because this is a map without which the ship will run aground or sink”. I was not worried about the start-up capital, as there were some savings, plus you can always borrow.

In general, the main thing is a good PSU that will answer such questions:

Peculiarities of organizing holidays in the Russian Federation

The modern market for the provision of services for organizing holidays and celebrations is full of original and branded proposals. Despite this, it is possible to gain a foothold in a niche if you write a business plan correctly and strictly follow it.

When choosing a direction of development, you should focus on competitive offers - perhaps there is an unfilled area where you can form an attractive offer.

Project objectives and goals

The creation of an agency for organizing festive events sets itself several tasks:

  • to form a company with high profitability;
  • to meet the needs of clients who wish to receive a holiday organized on a professional level;
  • to reach a stable income.

Business Profile

Organization of solemn and festive events by the event agency should be carried out at a professional level. We are talking about meeting the needs of participants in weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, matinees, corporate parties and other memorable events.

When creating a business plan for a company for organizing holidays, one should take into account the main activities of such an enterprise, without which it will be difficult to stay on the market and bypass competitors. Among them:

  • organization of weddings, birthdays, anniversaries;
  • corporate events, including outdoor recreation, excursions, trips;
  • team trainings;
  • organizing events on calendar holidays;
  • conducting seminars, presentations;
  • children's parties.

If you can cover several areas at once, then this will be a significant advantage and will allow you to attract more customers. It should also be borne in mind that customers want to receive a turnkey service, participating in the organization of the celebration at a minimum. Therefore, it is necessary to think over the smallest details, take into account force majeure.

Such an enterprise is registered in the form of an individual entrepreneur (individual entrepreneurship) or LLC (limited liability company). When registering a business, you must indicate the main OKVED code - 90. 1, as well as several additional ones: 90. 3, 59. 1 and 59. 2. It is not required to obtain additional permits and licenses for such activities.

Pros and cons of a business idea

Holidays are loved by both children and adults. In a person's life, there are many reasons for such events - personal, social, corporate, individual. Some people prefer to celebrate at home, without much chic. But most of the heroes of the occasion choose a holiday "in grand style" so that the event will bring a lot of positive emotions and be remembered for a long time. Not everyone has a desire to organize a celebration. It is easier to involve a professional in this and contact a special agency, which are not enough in some localities. If you are a creative and active person, then there is a reason to pay attention to this entrepreneurial niche and draw up a business plan for an agency for organizing holidays. Our example will allow you to navigate in the stages of the project and the points that should fill the business plan of the agency for organizing the holidays with calculations.


The specifics and scale of a holiday agency depends on the personal preferences of a novice entrepreneur. You can choose a narrow specialization for holding only small celebrations, for example, children's matinees, birthdays (at home or in a children's center). It is more efficient to start with a more detailed list of services, so as not to be left out of this world. If in the village each agency offers activities for children as one of many and has experience, then the customer will not hesitate to choose. Parents do not want to disappoint their children and will choose a company by recommendation. The broad potential of a novice leisure organizer will increase the base of potential customers, from which the first customers may appear.

You can start in the field of organizing holidays with private ads, without having a separate office and discussing the concept with the customer at home or in a cafe. But this will not allow attracting the attention of reputable customers, because the environment will not be able to inspire confidence in the success of the transaction.

The business plan is focused on opening an office in which the main staff of employees will work, part of the props and equipment for demonstrating specific proposals for the event scenario will be stored.

Project characteristics

Type of activity: provision of entertainment services; organization of events of various types and scales.

OKVED: 90 "Creative activities in the field of art and the organization of entertainment events."

Location of the object: an office in the central part of the settlement will be rented. A room with an area of ​​30 sq. m. The space is supposed to be divided into a manager's office and an area for receiving clients, discussing the project of the event. The office is located on the 1st floor of a residential building. Has access to the roadway, which will provide additional advertising to the agency. Renovation and selection of a design concept is required so that the client, upon entering, is captivated by the creativity of the holiday studio.

Weekdays: 09:00 to 19:00.

Everyone, big and small, love the holidays. But, unfortunately, not everyone knows how to conduct them. Very often, fun turns into a banal feast, with the sole purpose of eating and drinking.

In order for them to be interesting and to remain in memory for a long time, you need a little talent and ability to properly organize all stages of the celebration. There are many nuances here. Corporate events, birthdays, weddings are completely different events and cannot follow the same scenarios. Realizing this, more and more people are trying to turn to specialists in this, albeit fun, but very difficult and responsible business. Therefore, private enterprises appear, for which the organization of holidays is the main occupation.

General inquiries

And it's not bad at all for the owners of an agency if it's one in a residential neighborhood. Then all comers line up and wait for a free day, arranging their celebrations for it. But this is not so everywhere. Today this business is already quite competitive. Therefore, before starting it, you need to weigh the pros and cons, calculate your intellectual and financial capabilities. A business plan will help with this.

When compiling it, you need to solve several important questions for yourself:

1. Study of the demand for this type of service, as well as the presence of competing firms. It is now quite easy to obtain such information. To do this, you need to go over the Internet, talk with friends and neighbors. And if the niche is not completely filled, there is still a demand for such services and there is an opportunity to be realized in the holiday business, then it is worth further working on the question of how to open an agency for organizing holidays.

2. It is necessary to accurately and clearly represent the pricing policy so that the services are in demand and are fairly paid for.

3. Having studied the level of development of this business in your region well enough, it is important to correctly establish a set of services that will be performed by the agency for organizing holidays.

4. One of the main tasks is to find companies and organizations that will cooperate with the agency.

5. Determination of location.

All of the above points should be considered responsibly in a business plan, the competent preparation of which will contribute to the successful opening of a private business.

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