A ready-made example of a flower shop business plan with calculations

In our difficult time, many dream of their own business, which will provide, albeit a small, but stable income. Opening a flower shop can be not only a lucrative business, but also an enjoyable hobby.

At the beginning, let it be just a small kiosk or pavilion, and when things go well, then you can think about expanding. But do not rush to grab the first idea you like, you need to carefully weigh everything by drawing up a competent business plan for a flower shop.

The intricacies of the flower business

As a rule, a flower shop is a women's business as it arises from a hobby. However, there are also representatives of the stronger sex who are not averse to making some money on the love of beauty. And in this case, we can safely say that money smells, and it is very, very pleasant.

When starting a flower business, the first thing to decide on is the type of shop. Whether it will be a huge flower shop in the city center or a small tent on the outskirts, everyone's personal business. It all depends on financial capabilities, but it would be more expedient to start small, having previously studied the market. It is also a great opportunity to gain invaluable experience.

Since flowers are perishable goods, business can create some difficulties that must be taken into account without fail when drawing up a business plan for a flower shop with calculations.

So, when opening a flower outlet, it is worth exploring the types of services that similar stores in a particular area offer today. You definitely need to come up with something unique and different from the standard set of ideas. Since no solemn event is complete without flowers, and some events involve a wholesale purchase, you should develop your own system of discounts, for example, sell a specific type of flowers at a discount on a specific day of the week or adjust the price depending on the holiday or type of celebration.

Only when all the basic subtleties of the flower business are taken into account, you can start developing a detailed business plan for a flower shop. Even the nuance that most of the purchased products are imported obliges the store owner to familiarize himself with the customs code.

How do I open a flower shop? Business plan with preliminary calculations

A business plan is a document in which all the details of opening your own should be clearly and thoroughly thought out, calculated and described, such as:

  • Description and list of services that the store will offer.
  • Organizational issues.
  • Registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC, registration with all regulatory authorities, registration of a license and other necessary documents.
  • Premises preparation - rent, repair, decoration.
  • Execution of contracts with suppliers.
  • Search for personnel.
  • Advertising campaign.

Do you want to open a flower shop, think where to start? To open and establish a flower business, it is imperative to draw up or purchase a business plan for a flower shop. The flower business in Russia has one peculiarity - a significant preponderance of imported products. Most of the domestic products, as a rule, come from the south of Russia, a smaller share from private farms.

For the installation of points of sale of flowers, the best places have recommended themselves: metro, crossings, large transport interchanges and shopping centers. In the latter, rent is higher, but it is easier to organize trade. In Russia, the flower business has become popular thanks to a relatively simple organization, a fairly quick start of work, relevant products, the lack of special licenses, and constant demand.

We studied the situation on the flower market and developed an approximate business plan for a flower shop with calculations.

1. We register a business with the tax office.

2. We find the area for the store. We obtain permission to place non-stationary objects. We issue a compulsory trade license.

  • Shelving ;
  • Refrigerator;
  • Computer;
  • Floristic desktops;
  • Cash register;
  • Vases, buckets, tools.

We recommend using the following organization methods to promote sales:

- Create a wide variety of products, including exotic species and new varieties of classics;

- Discounts for regular customers (issuing discount cards) - up to 7%;

- Free consultations of a florist for buyers on the care and cultivation of different types of flowers;

- It is necessary that the products are of high quality, have branded packaging;

- All kinds of advertising: leaflets, business cards to regular customers, promotions.

How to draw up a flower shop business plan correctly? Below we provide step-by-step instructions for opening a salon with calculations and business nuances.

Project Summary

An example of a short project description:

  • Activity: selling flowers and related products.
  • Location: in the city center near a shopping center or metro station.
  • Area: 30 square meters.
  • Form of ownership: lease.
  • Schedule: 10: 00-22: 00, seven days a week.

Business Organization

To open a project from scratch, we register a business as an LLC or individual entrepreneur. The required OKVED codes: 2. 8. 2 - "Retail trade in flowers and other plants, seeds and fertilizers" (main activity), 74. 2 - "Packaging", 74. 7. - "Design activities" (if provided services of registration of events and premises), 64. 2 - "Courier activities, except for the activities of the national mail" (for organizing the delivery of orders).

Required documents for a flower shop

Marketing Plan

The flower shop business plan necessarily includes a marketing strategy through advertising.

Promotion Methods

The first point is outdoor advertising. Looking for an attractive sign, billboard and signpost nearby. If there are windows, make them flowerpots with the best bouquets.

We suggest considering a flower shop business plan, exploring where to start the calculations and how to check if this area will be profitable in your city. The industry is actively growing all over the world, this is a promising business, although the competition is also at a high level. The reason is that their number in most cities does not cope with demand, so the possibility of a new outlet opening up. The main thing is to think over everything and correctly implement it in order to separate from other similar institutions.

Industry Description

We all understand that bouquets are one of the main attributes of any holiday, without it it is hard to imagine the beginning relationship in a couple, birthdays and even sad occasions. Many people strive to decorate the banquet hall with fresh flowers. Therefore, such salons almost always find their customers outside the season and economic conditions in the country.

Market Analysis

Over the past few years, this market has shown stable dynamic growth, as evidenced by statistics. Every year the sizes become more and more in kind, and in monetary terms it is even more noticeable. Analysts say there is more capacity ahead.

As a result, the flower shop can be regarded as one of the most promising ready-made ideas, although there is still a risk. Its profitability is also constantly growing, as well as the average.

Business Solutions

The main threats lie in the pronounced seasonality and the likelihood that the entrepreneur will incorrectly plan the volumes for sale. Most of the sales fall on the "holiday" months - February to March, significant days in May, September and December. Summer, on the other hand, is considered a “dead” season, when revenue is steadily falling due to insufficient sales.

Dynamics of sales of flower products by months

Another difficulty is related to the fact that keeping the bouquets for a long time won't work. The maximum term is a week. Then you can make baskets out of them, but this will extend the life time by only a couple of days. Therefore, if you buy more than you can sell, you can get losses instead of profits. But there is also such a nuance - sellers often include this probability in the price, so the flowers are not cheap.

Investment volume

We will help you understand business models, OKVED and taxes, the size of investments and typical mistakes of start-up entrepreneurs.

A florist can be self-employed, or he can start his own business: a flower shop, a florist workshop or a home business.

We tell you what you may need to open a flower business:

  • which work model to choose;
  • how to register a business;
  • where to look for clients;
  • and we will also share case studies of current entrepreneurs.

Freelance writer, writes on various topics, more often about crop production and technologies in agriculture.

Flower Business Models


The right to run your own business under the brand of an already well-known company. You start your business from scratch, but with certain knowledge, experience, support. This service is not free: you need to pay a lump-sum (entrance) fee and royalties.

E dino-time, it is brought in by the franchisee (buyer of the franchise) upon signing the contract. This includes the transfer of the right to use the trademark, a detailed description of the business model. Sometimes the cost of training the partner and his employees is included.

Monthly company payments for ongoing support, updating standards, adapting marketing materials.

You can estimate the amount of investment using the example of Asiyat Talganova from Kislovodsk, who opened a flower business on a franchise and told how much it costs:

  • lump-sum payment - 250,000 rubles;
  • purchase of furniture and a refrigerator - 120,000 rubles;
  • sign - 38,000 rubles; <
  • rent of premises with an area of ​​25 square meters - 30,000 rubles per month;
  • royalties - 3% of turnover;
  • salary for sellers - 45,000 rubles;
  • advertising on Instagram - 5,000 rubles;
  • purchase of a batch of flowers - 50,000 rubles.

For example, the flower workshop "Mister Florister" conducts master classes for children, decorates weddings and sells flowers. Under the terms of the franchise, the population in the city must be at least 5,000 people, and the area of ​​the store must be 25-50 square meters. To open a store, the franchisee must pay a lump-sum fee of 200,000 rubles. Royalty is 0%.

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