A ready-made business plan for a travel agency with calculations

A detailed business plan of a travel agency will determine the feasibility of financial investments in this type of activity. A novice entrepreneur will find in it detailed instructions for opening a new direction. The specialists who draw up the approximate business plan of the travel agency have foreseen the likely risks and took into account all the pitfalls. It contains the recommended procedures for starting a travel agency.

Travel Agency Business Plan Summary

Organization of travel is one of the most promising areas of commercial activity. Therefore, many entrepreneurs starting their own business turn to this very area.

The task of developing a detailed business plan for a travel agency with calculations is entrusted to professionals specializing in a specific area of ​​the economy. On the site you can download a ready-made example for free to assess the capabilities of an entrepreneur. A thorough study of the document will determine the prospects for a new undertaking.

Travel agency format for business plan

The main advantage of travel business is the minimum list of equipment and personnel requirements. The travel business is quite capable of being carried out by one person who possesses the necessary means of communication, represented by the Internet and telephone. Domestic legislation does not prohibit such activities at home.

When planning to create a large enterprise, with a full-fledged office and staff, the business plan for opening a successful travel agency provides for maintenance costs.

Purpose of the business plan

The success of any commercial campaign depends on a carefully thought out strategy. In order not to bring an operating enterprise to bankruptcy, it is necessary to foresee the likely risks in advance and think over ways to prevent or eliminate the consequences. Therefore, in the business plan of a travel agency opened from scratch, an example of which is attached at the end of the article, specialists give calculations of possible situations. Comparison of income and expense items determine the feasibility of founding a new travel agency.

Required documents for opening

Travel agency business plan. How to open a travel agency? Today this issue worries many business people in our country. The competition for the tourism business has already reached enormous proportions.

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This is what prompted the invention of new, interesting ways to attract potentially interested customers, new routes are being laid, work is being done, focusing on the needs of the client base, and popular forms of recreation are being improved.

Numerous competitors will not stand in the way of your business development, because there are still quite a few interesting and little-studied places on the planet that will be of interest to travel lovers.

Business Concept

Tour operators, as a rule, offer budget tours to various countries of the world and individual programs that are expensive.

The task of a new type of travel company is to make interesting non-standard options available to wider sections of the population, in particular, the population with average incomes. This can be achieved through the popularization of all kinds of innovative developments by tour operators.

This can be facilitated by advertisements and other forms of advertising that are more easily understood by the general public and help increase demand for interesting offers.

Sports and ecological tourism are very popular today. The regions of such routes can be the rural provinces of France and the highlands of Spain.

Along with these areas, traditional proposals are being developed regarding health, educational and other types of tourism.

Some agencies exclusively cooperate with tour operators, selling vouchers for only one specific operator. Thanks to this, the agency receives more favorable conditions for cooperation and is the first to know about the promotional offers of the tour operator.

Firms can offer various related services, including the issuance of a package of visa documents without the mandatory purchase of a voucher, the ability to book a hotel room in any foreign country.

Dear website visitors, below you can familiarize yourself with an example of a travel agency business plan with economic calculations. This sample was prepared by specialists with extensive experience in the preparation of similar projects, and the calculations were made in the Excel software product. Thanks to this, you can use this sample document and calculations to draw up your document for submitting it both as a student's work and to receive money from credit institutions or from an investor.


Purpose: opening a travel agency in the city of Orenburg.

Objectives: Opening a travel agency targeting middle-income and upper-middle income people.

Project initiator

The initiator of the project is a person who previously worked as a manager in a travel agency and knows how to work in it, operators with whom it will be possible to work. The decision to open your own travel agency is associated with the desire to work for yourself and receive more income than when working as a manager in this area. To attract customers, in addition to marketing activities, travel operators will be selected, verified in the course of their work by an employee, with high quality of services provided and low prices.

Investment costs

The amount of investment costs is 965,500 rubles: 557,500 thousand rubles of credit funds and 433 thousand of our own, which are invested during the period of unprofitable operations (to maintain the activity until the enterprise reaches the break-even point). The loan will be taken from the bank at 17% per annum for five years and the attraction of guarantors.

Investment costs include:

  • Registration of a limited liability company with opening an account and creating a seal - 18 thousand rubles;
  • Concluding a lease agreement and paying a security deposit - 40 thousand rubles;
  • Decoration of the premises - 30 thousand rubles;
  • Registration of an entrance (sign, banner) - 55 thousand rubles;
  • Purchase of equipment and office equipment, delivery, assembly and installation - 64 thousand rubles;
  • Creating an advertising site - 15 thousand rubles.

In general, investments will amount to 222 thousand rubles. The rest of the funds will be used to support the business in the initial period.

The office will be rented near the center, it has a renovation and a separate entrance, which reduces the cost of repairs and registration of the premises for work.

According to statistics, about a thousand new travel agencies are opened in Russia every year, but no more than 30% “live” more than a year. This indicates the lack of clear planning and study of the specifics of the market at the beginning of the start of the business.

Travel Agency Business Plan

A well-written business plan will allow you to analyze the market, competitive environment, identify the strengths and weaknesses of the project and outline a strategic plan for the development of the company. Therefore, the stage of implementation of any idea must be preceded by the stage of writing a business plan.

Where to start?

Many entrepreneurs who decide to start their own business make the same mistake. They start implementing a business idea without prior planning. As a result, after a month or two of vigorous activity, they are faced with unforeseen risks and situations that could have been avoided with a drawn up plan.

The business plan is the key to the successful implementation of the project and takes into account all weaknesses and possible risks.

How to make money on tourism

This document will be a step-by-step guide that will help you achieve your goal without deviating from the main idea. The business plan reflects all aspects of the activity and helps to plan the sequence of actions necessary for the successful implementation of the company's goals.

Its structure consists of the following sections:

  • Summary - This section describes the relevance of the idea.
  • General provisions - this section contains general information about the company, its founders.
  • Market analysis shows the market capacity, the number of competitors, their strengths, etc.
  • Product Description - this section demonstrates the services that will be implemented within the project.
  • The Organizational Plan is a clear guide to action that shows the direction of activity step by step (business registration, purchase of equipment, personnel search, etc.)
  • The Marketing and Strategic Plan is a step-by-step guide to promotion of services that will help attract customers.
  • The production plan includes a detailed list of issues related to the purchase of equipment, raw materials, etc.
  • The financial plan reflects the required spending, projected profit, profitability and payback forecast.

The tourism industry is a dynamically developing business area. Modern rhythms of life make each of us think in advance about quality rest, which will allow us to get a surge of vigor and restore our ability to work. A change of environment helps to get new impressions and emotions, improve health and improve mental state, which is why people go on vacation abroad or travel around the country.

Description of the business idea and its relevance

The main function of a travel agency is the selection of tours for clients wishing to go on vacation abroad or within the country. In fact, a travel company is an intermediary organization that promotes and sells a tourist product from a tour operator to clients.

The tasks of the travel agency include:

  • selection of the optimal tour from the offers of tour operators in accordance with the wishes and financial capabilities of the client;
  • preparation of the necessary package of documents;
  • planning the trip route and the organization of transfer to the hotel and back;
  • providing complete and reliable information about the infrastructure and attractions of the recreation area;
  • information and consulting support for vacationers.

Hundreds of new travel agencies are opened in Russia every year, which testifies to the prospects and profitability of this area of ​​activity. Opening your own travel agency is not very difficult, this business does not require large-scale investments and is able to bring good income with a competent business organization.

What is the target audience for the business?

The main clients of the tourism industry are men and women from 22 to 60 years old who:

  • have an income of at least an average level;
  • do not have the desire or skills to organize recreation on their own;
  • want to reduce the time of selection and booking tickets and accommodation.

Clients of travel agencies can be divided into several segments according to their needs:

  • families with children;
  • couples and newlyweds;
  • youth companies;
  • older people.

Couples with one or more children prefer the so-called family vacation, for them the comfort and safety of the younger family members is of paramount importance. Families without children and newlyweds most often choose a romantic getaway, while companies of young people can choose completely different options - from an entertaining to an extreme tour. Older people often prefer health tourism or a relaxing beach holiday away from noisy companies.

Where to start?

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