A ready-made business plan for a recreation center, camp site; sample with calculations and financial model

Organization of tourism and recreation will be quite an interesting project. Of course, here you will have to work a lot on the general concept of your base and invest serious money in the implementation of the plan. Although a good choice of location and the growing popularity of green tourism today can make such a business very promising and profitable. Find out the details about this case.

Choice of work format

Many people choose to relax close to their home. Therefore, the acquisition of an abandoned base or just a territory located in a picturesque corner of the country can be a profitable investment. True, here you need to take into account several factors and remember them before opening a recreation center. Where to start your search?

It is optimal to find a site not far from the settlement - most families with children prefer to rest near civilization. Also, the place should provide some entertainment. For example, a complex near a water body or in a forest will allow you to offer your clients services all year round. In addition, the surrounding landscape should be pleasing to the eye and evoke positive emotions.

Please note that you will not be able to obtain permission to open in the protected area, so try to find the most suitable option. And remember that the total area of ​​the territory should be at least fifteen acres.

Since there are quite a few such places in Russia, you can always find a good site and build a business from scratch. True, this method will require colossal investments. Consider that you will have to rebuild several cottages, a premise for a dining room or restaurant, a parking lot, various entertainment venues and sports complexes. Of course, you will also need to purchase equipment, furniture, accessories.

Of course, a more budgetary and realistic option would be to search for an abandoned complex that you can convert. Although even in this case, the costs will be quite high and amount to tens of millions of rubles. Usually, investing such an amount in a project is unrealistic even for experienced businessmen. Therefore, you will need to look for investors who are ready to help you with this idea. Of course, here you need to draw up a good business plan for a tourist recreation center - after all, you can attract interested parties only with high revenue figures.

Design questions

When you have finally decided on the decision to organize your business in this industry and have looked for a suitable site, you need to think about the legal aspects of the case. You need to start by obtaining the status of an entrepreneur. The planned amount of revenue, the number of employees and the presence of co-founders of the enterprise will play a key role here. Of course, with incomes up to 1,000,000 rubles, it is appropriate to open an individual entrepreneur and choose the simplified tax system at 6%. However, unfortunately, this option will not always be possible and the only way will be the establishment of JSC.

The prepared business plan of the tourist center must take into account the specified nuances, because taxation is one of the items of regular costs. In addition, indicate in the strategy and the costs of refurbishing the complex in accordance with sanitary and fire safety standards. After all, you cannot avoid checks of SES and GPN. These services give permits for the opening of your enterprise and control its further work. Here you need to plan at least 150,000 rubles to receive all the necessary securities.

Land purchase

So, you need to start with the acquisition of a site. As we have already mentioned, it will be much cheaper to re-equip a ready-made boarding house, therefore, we will consider exactly the acquisition of an abandoned complex in the middle lane, located on the banks of the Volga. The base is located fifteen kilometers from the city and occupies a plot of 20 acres. On the territory there are 4 family cottages and a general boarding house for 10 rooms. That is, you can simultaneously receive up to 50 tourists. The purchase price of the territory will amount to 10,550,000 rubles.

Opening your own recreation center does not require a license, but you can hardly do without a carefully drawn up business plan.

Market and Competitor Analysis

A lot of people are planning to spend their summer vacation at a regular camp site. They are willing to pay a certain amount for the beautiful nature, the opportunity to swim, fish and taste barbecue. The ideal option is when the cost of the package of services is affordable, the road is close, and the children end up squealing with delight.

Many tourist bases are owned by enterprises, therefore, the service in such an institution leaves much to be desired. So why not respond with your own offer when there is consumer demand? A recreation center as a business is a very profitable option.

All the nuances of organizing such activities are discussed in the following video:

Accommodation options

In this area, the most important is the location of the recreation center. The distance from the city should be minimal (no more than 2 hours by car or public transport). Of course, it should be located in a picturesque place, for example, in a forest or on a lake.

To organize a comfortable stay, you need to rent an area of ​​3 to 5 hectares. When equipping, attention should be paid to the target audience. The high exclusivity of the entertainment set guarantees the success of the project.

Renting a volleyball ball or swimming mattress is also popular with vacationers. These additional services will definitely add a few points to the positive image of the company.

Production plan

When drawing up a business plan for a tourist base, designed for a one-time service of at least 30 people, it should be borne in mind that one person occupies at least 10 square meters. m of living space.

Mandatory premises include:

  • holiday houses (at least 6 pieces);
  • an administrative building, which includes an administration, a dining room, a billiard room, a conference room, etc.

Business plan of a country recreation center:

  • market research;
  • general plan preparation;
  • development of plans, sketches of all objects;
  • preparation Feasibility study and financial work plan.

Marketing Market Research

Many rely on their intuition, they say that their entrepreneurial flair has never betrayed them. But, there are a great many "BUT". If you have a sufficient amount of money, and you are ready to implement the business plan of the tourist center on your own, without attracting investors, you can rely on "chuyka" or other qualities.

If, in addition to this very "chuyka" and the desire to see several attractive houses on the river bank, you have nothing, then marketing research is a mandatory process, since, for example, the credit committee of any bank is used to trust only papers.

In addition, according to the results of the study, you can find out that, for example, you need to build not a base for fishermen on the shore of the reservoir, but start building a small base with a pond in the forest. In addition, you will receive information about what competing organizations are doing, about their strengths and weaknesses, about competitive advantages and positioning.

In addition, it will not be superfluous to know about the plans of the state or the municipality in relation to the land plot on which you plan to build a camping or mini recreation center. It is quite possible that a waste processing plant will be built nearby. And you urgently have to change the project plan. Or vice versa, it is planned to improve the territory, open a tourist zone. Marketing research will not be superfluous if you are developing a business plan for a recreation center.

We conduct marketing research taking into account the specifics of the business and, based on its results, we describe the real picture of the market in which your facility will operate. We rely not only on data from open sources, but also on the insights of both consumers in this market and direct players in it.


Marketing research is not always necessary and depends on the specifics of the territory and the activity of the competitive environment on it. In addition to answering the questions: What? For whom? How and why to build? You will receive:

Answers to the main product questions: What? For whom? How? Why?

Based on the data on the offered and requested services, you can determine the specialization of the country recreation center.

You don't have to spend money on advertising inviting everyone in a row. You will be able to determine in advance the target audience, and at the same time with the pricing policy.

Before you start drawing up a business plan for a holiday camp, you need to understand what you are dealing with. Believe me, there are both advantages and difficulties with which you will have to cope in any case.

Organizing such a business certainly looks attractive. As practice shows, even large investments pay off within a reasonable time frame. Why is that? Let's try to figure it out:

Selecting the location of the new object

Business plans of the recreation center can be of two types. Some involve the purchase of a ready-made complex, which already has everything you need. The price will be quite high, but on the other hand, you will begin work, almost in a few days. If the area is good and the main audience is not lost, then the payback will occur within a few years. You can build a base yourself. Everything here is much more complicated and the costs are almost the same, but there is a significant plus: you yourself can choose the desired segment, design the design, choose the architecture of buildings, and so on.

When it comes to location, we also need to talk about natural resources. It's just that a complex with several sectors and gazebos is unlikely to be able to gather a large audience of clients. It's another matter when there are all the necessary natural or artificial objects:

If you decided to build an object from scratch, then pay attention to the landscape. To carry out construction work, you will have to issue a whole complex of permits, which, in one way or another, will require a study of the area for the presence of negative factors that may interfere with the construction.

If you download different types of business plans for the recreation center, it will become clear that another important criterion is the short distance of the facility from the city. Why is it important? Not everyone wants to spend a precious weekend or holiday on a tiring trip.

Advertising campaign: how to attract an audience?

The business plan for the recreation center should include a section on marketing strategy. Attracting the target audience is the main task of any project, if you want to receive at least a stable income growth.

It's over, you can contact a professional advertising agency that will develop a strategy based on the available resources. But if you want to think over everything yourself, then this is also quite possible:

Everyone loves rest. Someone prefers bus tours, someone rushes to the best resorts in the world, and someone likes a calm fishing on the nearest lake. However, we all love nature, which means that a recreation center is the type of business that will always generate income. The recreation center is a place where you can be alone with nature, enjoy peace and quiet, and in the evening go to a disco arranged right in the fresh air. The recreation center belongs to the tourism industry and can bring its owners a large and stable income. In this article we will consider what is included in the business plan of the recreation center, as well as the possible nuances of running this type of business.

Stages of organization

As a rule, any business aimed at long-term and profitable activity starts with business plans. So in the case of the recreation center, you will need to draw up a business plan for the recreation center. Typically, a business plan consists of the following parts:

Let's consider the nuances of building this type of tourism business.

Marketing Analysis

Marketing analysis includes market analysis and, separately, competitor analysis. In order to analyze the market, determine the scale of the business, as well as its location. As a rule, a camp site is built near water, for example, near a lake, river or sea. Do you want to build a small house to accommodate 10-15 people, or do you want to build a whole complex by purchasing several hectares of untouched coast and forest?

When you decide on the scale and location, we suggest you take a closer look at your competitors. Competitors can be both direct and indirect. Direct competitors are those camp sites that are located in the immediate vicinity of your intended location. Indirect - all other camp sites in the city, district or even region.

You can learn the best from your competitors, because if they are still afloat, then the demand for their services is quite large. You can make the best camp site if you consider the following factors that can potentially attract a consumer of your services:

What do you need for a camp site?

Houses, entertainment, equipment for a comfortable stay, etc. includes any successful tourist base. In order to calculate what kind of equipment you will need, as well as how many houses you need to build and what they should be in terms of area, you should take into account that one person occupies about 801 sq. M. living space. Any recreation center necessarily includes:

If you decide to build several small houses, then a separate building can be allocated for entertainment, but if you opted for the construction of one building, then we advise you to place a cafe, billiards, tennis and other necessary premises on the ground floor or even in the base.

Moreover, do not forget that you will need plumbing, household appliances, furniture and other fairly expensive things. So, to equip one house, you will need to install bathroom equipment (shower, toilet, sink), furniture (bed, wardrobe, table and chairs), as well as conduct electricity and provide residents with such trifles as a kettle and accessories, a refrigerator, TV set.

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