A ready-made business plan for a nightclub: an example with calculations

To attract investors, a novice entrepreneur will need to provide them with a ready-made business plan for a nightclub.

When writing a project for a nightclub, pay special attention to financial costs, it is necessary to calculate the return on costs, the level of profitability of the institution.

Before starting work on a project, it is necessary to study the market conditions, to determine the volume of products sold.

Nightclub Business Plan Summary

Include a description of the project name in this section. List the purpose of creating the business and the main users of the service. The resume is made after a thorough study of the specifics of the business. The main ideas of the following sections are summarized.

Tip! Give the main calculations of the financial indicators of the stability of the enterprise - the level of profitability and the payback period of financial investments.

Nightclub format for business plan

When describing your own services, refer to the standard format for a nightclub business plan. There are directions of the club organization:

creative programs for youth, competitions;

Buy a nightclub business plan

entertainment events on the stage venues of the city;

corporate and festive events.

For the convenience of clients, you should organize a private recreation area, a dance floor in the room. The institution can organize the sale of alcohol, hot and cold dishes. Keep in mind that the average check of the institution must be available to visitors. As a rule, the amount reaches 5,000 rubles.

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The main thing about the business plan of the nightclub in the year

Features of the night club organization

How is the success of a nightclub measured? Of course, its occupancy. If there is nowhere for an apple to fall in, and this trend is not accidental, but persists for many days, this suggests that the entrepreneur has managed to make a profitable business at a nightclub. The key to such success is, first of all, a well-chosen concept of the club and a clear definition of the target audience.

For example, focusing on the so-called "golden youth" who have the opportunity to spend a lot of money on entertainment, it would be unwise to save on club decoration, as well as reduce the range of additional services. On the other hand, when planning to organize your own economy class nightclub, you should not rely on expensive food and drinks, and invite super-fashionable DJs, thereby increasing the cost of the admission ticket.

The main consumers of nightclubs were also students, which is why most entrepreneurs focus on creating democratic entertainment establishments. Not too high prices in them are compensated, as a rule, by a large flow of customers. In large cities, the share of such clubs often reaches 70-80%.

When planning the opening of a nightclub, it is important for a businessman to correctly prioritize, determine the goals and objectives of creating such a business. A correctly chosen club concept means success and active development. There are several main formats of nightclubs, the most common of which is democratic youth establishments, which are somewhat similar to ordinary discos. A large turnover of funds due to a massive influx of customers is the main trump card of such clubs.

Businessmen with significant initial capital often decide to open their own business - an elite nightclub. The cost of the average check in such clubs is much higher than in regular ones, but there is a risk that there will not be enough customers. The competent location of the establishment, attracting customers with the help of unusual shows, and the introduction of additional services will help to minimize the risk to a minimum. The prestige of the club in this case is not just empty words.

Starting a business such as a nightclub can mean creating a highly specialized establishment, for example, a club only for gay or women, or a strip club. The income of such establishments depends on how much a particular format is in demand in your city, as well as on the quality of services offered in the clubs.

If you decide to open an unusual nightclub, pay special attention to advertising. Its importance is described in detail in a professional example of a business plan for opening a nightclub with ready-made calculations, which should be used not only by beginners, but also by experienced entrepreneurs. This document contains a detailed description of the nightclub, and if it is not yet ready to open, if you are in doubt about the need for advertising, be sure to study the business plan, and you will have no questions.

Opening a nightclub: the secret of success

What distinguishes those who were able to achieve everything from those for whom this task turned out to be unbearable? After all, they start from about the same level - from scratch, when there is absolutely no knowledge about the business and how to run it. We can say with confidence that one of the most common reasons for failure or success is the competent drawing up of a business plan. This article will explain in detail how to draw up this document when opening a nightclub.

Market and Competitor Analysis

The first step is to analyze the city in which you are going to open an institution. Find out the population size, overwhelming age, etc. You need to calculate the approximate number of potential visitors. The main priority is given to the age of up to 35 years - they are the main target audience of nightclubs. Therefore, for a correct analysis, count the number of institutes, colleges and other educational institutions.

The place where you open up is very important. The ideal location is in the city center, where a large number of people are concentrated. Thus, your establishment will be in plain sight, and it will be easier to get to it, which will undoubtedly attract visitors.

Format options

An important point will be the choice of the format of your institution. At night it can be opened as a nightclub, and in the morning it can be turned into a regular restaurant. If the space allows, your venue should be equipped with a large area dedicated to the dance floor. It is also necessary to place the bar counter so that it does not interfere with passing people and is slightly removed from the dance floor.

If you decide to additionally position yourself as a cafe, then you need to provide suitable conditions for the work of chefs and hire qualified personnel. The kitchen must meet all the necessary standards and have a large, varied menu. You should also provide the room with designated landing areas where people can eat and drink in peace without disturbing the dancers.

Production plan

First, it is worth dividing the territory of your premises into sections. You should immediately set the area that will be allocated for:

  • Dance Floor.
  • Landing and VIP zones.
  • Kitchens.
  • Toilets, utility rooms, and wardrobe.
  • Hall.

You will need to ensure the efficient and uninterrupted operation of all equipment in the room. You will also need:

  • Rent a room.
  • Carry out a complete or partial reconstruction.
  • Purchase furniture, bar counter and other interior items.
  • Register an institution, purchase a license to sell alcohol, coordinate everything with the permitting authorities.
  • Purchase lighting and sound equipment.
  • Buy cash registers, office equipment.
  • Hire and train staff.
  • Purchase all necessary goods, alcohol, etc.

All premises must be reconstructed and adjusted to comply with fire safety rules. Fire alarms, fire extinguishing systems and means, emergency exits should be installed. A prerequisite will be the presence of an evacuation plan.


Potential clients of the institution will be young men and women aged 18 to 35 years. With the right approach, the age range can be expanded. For example, there may be children's fitness groups, and men over 50 also attend the gym. In aerobics and yoga groups, a good coach can teach classes for women over 50 years old. It is these age categories that lack sports facilities. All clients are middle-class people.

Competitors are promoted clubs, the presence of which is known to everyone in the area where the project is supposed to operate. You can win competition with them due to professional staff and lower cost of services.

The focus of the project is on providing the services of a gym, which is in the greatest demand among potential clients.

The club will work daily from 9:00 to 21:00, which is 84 hours a week. The club's attendance does not depend much on the season, but in the summer there are fewer clients, worse with attendance in December.

Club space

Before opening a fitness club, you need to decide on the premises. It is necessary to choose a room for the gym based on the fact that for each client of the sports hall there should be at least 6 m², and for the fitness hall - at least 2-3 m². The premises should be commercial, you can choose it either in the city center or in a residential area. The lease must be concluded for a period of 3-5 years.

The area of ​​the room can be calculated. The calculation is based on the fact that fitness groups will have an average of 15 people. They will need a hall of 30-45 m². The gym will simultaneously train 15 people, which will need 90 m². The two changing rooms - for men and women - should be 25 m² each, while the reception and corridors will take another 50 m². The total area of ​​the fitness club is 220-235 m².

If the level of attendance of the gym is expected to be higher, for example, 25-30 people, then the area of ​​the room will grow to 280-315 m².

Calculating expected income

Actual business ideas that require scope and creativity, imagination and a sufficient amount of investment in the initial and subsequent stages are associated with recreation and entertainment. The most popular type of leisure today is the club, so your own business - a nightclub will always have a steady demand where there is a sufficient number (at least 10 thousand people) of young people aged 18 to 35 years. But this target audience is not homogeneous. With a predominance of students from budgetary universities and colleges in the population, it is worth focusing on inexpensive, democratic institutions. In the business part of the city, visitors to the nightclub will be office workers and businessmen. They will prefer nightclubs with non-trivial programs, fashionable expensive format.

Open a nightclub from scratch or buy a ready-made one?

Business plan: cost calculation

In total, the most modest nightclub will need to spend over 2 million rubles initially. The upper limits are measured in tens of millions.

Business plan: income calculation

  • for democratic, designed for student visits - 2-3 million rubles per month. At the same time, the average check will be 300-700 rubles per visitor, taking into account the low (about 200 rubles) entrance fee, which includes the traditional three free drinks;
  • for strip clubs - from 3-4 million rubles. It should be borne in mind that the peak of fashion for frank pole dancing has passed, and visitors may be interested in a non-trivial, spectacular, bright program;
  • small establishments of a certain theme (rock clubs, art-house establishments) bring them to their owners profit from 1 million rubles.

Despite the high - about 800%, the profitability of the business, serious expenses for its organization allow the business to recoup in 2-3 years with a steady flow of visitors and a steadily growing demand.

Nuances of opening a club in a small town

The main challenge in small towns is the volatility and instability of the audience. A nightclub is your own business, where you should always “keep your finger on the pulse” and be a little ahead of the time, analyzing fashion trends “ahead of the curve”. Regular promotions and change of show programs with their vivid preliminary engagement help to keep the attention of visitors, expand the audience. Unskilled, illiterate staff can become a problem on the way to the development and normal functioning of a business. Diligence, sociability, politeness and modernity - it is not easy to find all these combinations in one employee. But a successful business requires.

Own business - nightclub - one of the most difficult and interesting. You need to love your job, be aware of fashion trends, have tireless energy and breakthrough power, and, at the same time, everyone, be able to count and save money.

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