A ready-made business plan for a holiday agency

Recently, there has been a popularization of creative trends in Russia. In this regard, creative workshops began to enter the service market at a steady pace, where people can test their strengths and capabilities, "wake up" sleeping talents. The fine arts presented by the schools of non-standard education in an accelerated course, the so-called express courses, are in particular demand.

Therefore, if you come up with an idea to start your own business, then opening an art studio is a good undertaking that does not require serious investment. This segment still has a free niche, since the direction is only developing. In addition, private schools greatly benefit in the curriculum over government institutions of a similar nature with their extraordinary approach to the process of submitting material.

Business brief

The studio is designed for leisure activities with unobtrusive learning. The main goal of the project is to reveal creativity in people, to join art without introducing deep academic knowledge. For the profitability of a business, it is advisable to open in a settlement where the population is more than 200 thousand inhabitants, otherwise the investment may not pay off.

Since investments in this area are relatively insignificant, a novice entrepreneur can rely on his own strength without seeking financial help from creditors or investors.

The format of the classes depends on the size of the rented premises and the number of students. Lessons can be held both in a group and individually. In the latter case, it is possible to equip a workshop at home or in another large apartment. The main thing is that its location is convenient for access.

For this business, registration as an individual entrepreneur is acceptable if the open art studio is intended for a small number of visitors. A large school will require paperwork for an LLC. At the next stage of the business plan, we will determine the target audience and opportunities to increase earnings through additional activities.

Target audience

The opening of a fine arts studio is designed to help just such people. Therefore, the target audience of our business is not only talented children. Rather, the stake is placed precisely on solvent adults who do not set themselves the goal of getting to international exhibitions. They need to be provided with an easy learning format with a quick achievement of the final result. And these are the studios aimed at developing the primary skills of redrawing (copying). Such a lesson brings moral satisfaction, because upon completion the student sees the fruits of his activity. If there are many students, then they can be divided into subgroups by age, which will help to follow common interests:

  • Preschoolers - 4-7 years old.
  • School students - 7-17 years old.
  • People of mature age - 30-40 years old.
  • Youth - 23-30 years old.

The study of the inclinations and preferences of this target audience will help set the price for training, as well as the direction. Before opening an art school, you need to conduct a survey of interested citizens. They themselves will tell you what conditions suit them.

The schedule is made in accordance with the possibilities. So, children will be able to visit the studio in the daytime, and those working in production - in the evenings after the shift. The development of classes is carried out with a focus on the target audience, which, if possible, needs to be expanded. The wider the audience, the more opportunities open up for the founder.

Holiday entrepreneurship remains profitable, the need for service is increasing from year to year. Many companies and individual clients order special events. To implement today a ready-made business plan of a holiday agency from scratch is a profitable business.


This project is a sample business plan of a holiday agency with calculations, the payback of which is two years.

The idea of ​​creating an agency for the provision of holidays has several goals:

  • formation of a highly profitable company;
  • obtaining stable income and profits;
  • satisfying customers in need of entertainment by professional organization of celebrations, anniversaries, etc.
  • The project will be invested by taking out a business loan in the amount of 2,850,169 rubles.

Business Profile

The company for organizing events is intended for the professional organization of events. To bring pleasure and joy to the participants of such events as weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, anniversaries and more.

The main services for organizing events are as follows:

  • corporate events;
  • theme parties;
  • team-building trainings;
  • calendar holidays;
  • organization of seminars, presentations;
  • children's parties;
  • organization of corporate outdoor recreation;
  • birthdays, anniversaries;
  • organization of weddings.

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