A phased plan for opening a training center

Project Summary

The goal of the project is to open a non-state educational institution (NEU), providing services in primary general and secondary general education in a city with a population of over 1 million people. According to Russian legislation, the activities of non-profit organizations belong to non-profit organizations, therefore, the purpose of profit is obtained in order to expand activities and pursues the mission of developing education in the region.

The project involves the creation of a paid private school (half board), which is a complex format, including an elementary school (grades 1-4), a secondary school (grades 5-9), as well as English language courses, training courses to the exam and exam, section. The advantages of the project include the presence of its own building, and, consequently, the absence of rent in the expense item, which for competing establishments can be up to half of the total budget. Potential clients of the school are children of parents with a high level of income who want to provide their children with a decent future, as well as children, for whatever reasons, are inconvenient for a mass school (speech therapy problems, developmental delays, etc.).

The demand for the project is explained by the need to improve the quality of educational services in the country. In conditions of loss of trust in public educational institutions, the preference of parents is increasingly leaning towards private schools with an individual approach to the student and a bias towards learning foreign languages, mainly English.

The basic educational services of NOU include:

1. Primary general education

2. Secondary general education

3. Preparatory courses for the exam and exam

4. English language courses

5. Dance, choreography, vocal lessons

The cost of the project will amount to 14,530,000 rubles, of which 10,530,000 will be the start-up investment in the opening, and 4,000,000 rubles. - working capital. To implement the project, it will be necessary to attract borrowed funds in the amount of 2,000,000 rubles. The loan is issued for a period of 24 months. The loan rate is 22%. The deferral for payment of payments is 3 months. The volume of own funds will be 12,530,000 rubles. or 86% of the required amount.

The project is planned to be implemented within 9 months. The start of activities of the NOU is scheduled for September 2021.

Industry and company description

The modern world is developing very quickly, science does not stand still, which means that a person needs to constantly learn something new. Employers expect not only good professionals in their field, but also those people who are ready to develop and learn something new.

It is possible to independently study something on the Internet, but it takes a lot of effort. Therefore, various educational schools and courses are a real salvation for a person who wants to gain new knowledge, but does not have enough free time for self-education. A training center business plan can be very profitable if implemented in stages. Further in the article, the current directions for training centers, the stages of its creation and the nuances that a novice entrepreneur may encounter will be considered.

Analysis of the demand market and areas of activity

The business plan of the educational center provides for market analysis. Before launching such a project, it is necessary to check the availability of demand for such services in a certain region, the level of competition. It is also worth identifying an indicative target audience.

It is worth considering that modern companies have recently been trying to raise the standards and requirements for the qualification level of employees. Because of this, the demand for the services of training centers is actively growing, which means that such a business has good prospects.

Based on the requests of the target audience, it is possible to determine the range of services for the training center:

  • conducting business trainings;
  • conducting seminars;
  • conducting group trainings;
  • conducting individual trainings;
  • one-time master classes;
  • professional training courses.

Some of the most popular options are courses in computer, financial, legal literacy. The topic for the activities of the training center can be chosen not only among popular queries, but also with the prospect of increasing demand in the future. For example, you can safely open courses for training specialists in Internet marketing, since the demand for such personnel in the job market is actively growing.

You can choose any time for courses and trainings. Since different companies now set different conditions for the work schedule, classes can be set in the morning, afternoon, evening, and also on weekends.

It is worth considering that a business with a training center has a certain seasonality. The demand for such services will grow closer to the autumn-winter period, and decrease during the summer holidays.

Options for organizing a training center

One of the important points of the business plan of the training center is the choice of the form for its implementation. The most common options are:

  • creating an intermediary platform;
  • opening our own professional center;
  • opening network training centers;
  • opening a center premium class trainings.

Examples of business plans for educational institutions

If you have chosen education as the direction of your entrepreneurial activity, then you will definitely need to draw up a business plan for the institution. As a rule, the business plan of an educational institution is a document in which all the main tasks, goals, directions and problems of the learning process in a particular institution must be clearly indicated. Also, the plan should state what kind of resource support your educational courses have.

Start a Learning Business: What You Need

To successfully implement the educational programs you have developed, you need to do the following:

  • Rent or purchase a building from which an educational institution can be made;
  • Obtain an appropriate license to provide education;
  • Pass the certification procedure;
  • Purchase and install the equipment necessary for training;
  • Pass a fire safety audit;
  • Hire teaching staff (at least one teacher per academic discipline);
  • Hire service personnel (security guards, cleaners, accountants, secretaries);
  • Conduct an extensive advertising campaign.


Training courses have a good profitability (at least 30%) with a small investment. For example, if the cost of one month of training is from 2,500 rubles to 3,000 rubles, you can get 10-15 dollars per day. The key to the success of your business will be the teaching staff and competent teaching methods.

As for the most common areas of training courses, these include management and marketing.

Business plans in the field of education are presented in large numbers on the Internet. You can use them as samples. You can draw up a business plan for educational courses yourself or seek help from specialists in the field of drawing up business plans in the field of education.

Why do you need a business plan and how to conquer the world with it (or to start a successful educational project)?

Head of the University of Online Professions EdMarket

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Starting business projects (including educational ones) think about drawing up a business plan when they plan to apply for funding or a grant. In other cases, the project moves by touch, and sometimes it turns out that you have to run in all directions, plug several holes at the same time and feel like on a ship during a storm.

How to avoid the situation in the picture on the right?

Treat the business plan as a self-coaching element to help you:

  • to see a holistic picture of the development of an online school. Projects without a systematic approach are doomed to chaotic actions and drainage of resources into the void.
  • evaluate ashore resources
  • see blind spots: weaknesses in your calculations and expectations.

A business plan primarily answers the question of how we will make money. With its help, we draw up a business model, assess the market and our USP, think over monetization models, estimate income and expenses.

Let's take a step-by-step guide on how to write a business plan that will be an effective tool to launch your online school. The template for the business plan can be downloaded here.

Step Market and Demand Assessment

Assess whether there is a demand for your services. This will help Wordstat, Google Trends and other tools that estimate the frequency of queries on topics that are important to you.

  • Competitive Analysis

The article contains the main aspects of drawing up a business plan for an educational training center. The demand for educational services is growing every year, as people understand that there is no opportunity for development without appropriate knowledge and skills. The advantage of starting this kind of business is also the variety of different training programs.

A business plan is required to open an educational center. It will help not only to attract investments and obtain loans, but also to structure information, a detailed description of the project concept and the calculation of profitability.

The main sections of the business plan of the educational institution

The main section of any business plan is a detailed description of the concept of a future project. In our case, it is a center for the provision of educational services. This includes the following items:

  • Legal registration and necessary documents;
  • List of services and their cost;
  • Target audience and the procedure for attracting it;
  • Requirements for premises and equipment;
  • Requirements for teaching staff, etc.

All these positions are formulated on the basis of a detailed analysis of the market and its features.

An example of a business plan for an educational training center


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