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The main thing about the business plan of the water park in the year

Opening a water park: drawing up a concept

The entertainment industry in our country is just beginning to develop, and a characteristic feature of this market sector is the presence not even of niches, but of real gaps in many areas. This fully applies to the construction of water parks, the existence of which residents of many cities have only heard of. The water sports business is undoubtedly costly. On the other hand, it is not at all necessary to open a water park, stuffed with all kinds of attractions. This will inevitably increase the cost of visiting an entertainment water complex, which, in turn, will reduce the number of visitors who can afford such entertainment.

What do you need to open water activities? The basis of this business is a clear concept. You need to create an image of your potential visitor - his status, age, estimated income level, and already starting from this, determine the type of water park: open or closed, a set of attractions, the availability of additional services. All these factors determine the cost, first of all, of the entrance ticket, and it must be adjusted to the financial capabilities of your potential customers.

All water parks are conventionally divided into two types - open and closed. In addition, there is also a classification according to their location. The first type includes urban gated complexes. To open such a water park, it is necessary to build a spacious building, which should be located in an area with a well-developed infrastructure. Business in this type of water park implies the presence of a large number of attractions. A natural reservoir in this case is not required. But high-quality access roads are a prerequisite.

The second type of water park, with which you can build a profitable business on water attractions, is a suburban complex. Most often, such complexes have their own natural reservoir, which makes it possible to significantly expand the list of water activities. It is also necessary to build a small hotel on the territory of the complex so that your potential clients can come here for a few days. In addition to this, the complex can be equipped with a boat station, sports grounds, small shops and a disco.

And, finally, the largest space for the development of such a business project as a water park is provided by the third type - open water parks on the sea coasts. A water slide business alone can bring substantial profits to an entrepreneur. Moreover, at first, the water slides can be rented. If the necessary amount is available, a businessman can build a huge complex consisting of a huge number of pools and attractions. The payback of such water parks is the highest due to the huge flow of visitors.

A professional water park business plan will help you to understand all the intricacies of the entertainment business. After studying it, you will find out what documents are required in order to start a business on water attractions and entertainment. With the help of this document, you will most effectively spend your money, which will return to you in the near future.

A ready-made business plan for a water park from scratch with examples of calculations for opening

A well-prepared water park business plan is a document that can start an amazing and profitable endeavor. The water park has become a favorite weekend getaway for many. Adults bring children here as a reward, here you can relax, actively celebrate your birthday, ride on water attractions, and also improve your health in a hammam or a sauna. A quality vacation also requires a lot of investment, so it may be necessary to attract credit funds or sponsorship fees.

We offer a document on organizing the construction of a water park, which you can study on the website right now. This is a great undertaking, because the entertainment industry does not stand still, the water park can be equipped with several bars, a small restaurant and even a bar on the water. Do not forget about the smallest visitors who are just getting involved in water procedures: small shallow heated pools, comfortable and safe rides, equipment and inventory - everything should be taken into account when the water park is put into operation.

This ready-made document will allow you to determine the number of personnel who will perform various types of work. In addition to cleaners, technical personnel, a medical worker, there must be qualified rescuers, security guards, bathhouse attendants, bartenders on the staff. A water park is a fairly costly business, however, it also promises quite tangible profits.

Review of the hotel business plan

We were pleased with the obligation to complete the project, detailed calculations for each article of the document and the implementation of all recommendations. As a result, we attracted investments of 150 million rubles.

Feedback on the business plan of the recreation center

Received a loan from Sberbank for 70 million rubles, reconstructed and opened a recreation center. The work of the experts was immediately visible, the business plan was checked by the bank. Everything was done on time.

Feedback on the private kindergarten business plan

Comprehensive business plan, understandable logical descriptions and calculations, project payback estimate. As a result, we received a loan from Sberbank in the amount of 15 million rubles and were able to open a kindergarten for 180 children.

Content of the water park business plan:

Why do you need a water park business plan?

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Standard Business Plan

From the point of view of an experienced entrepreneur, such an establishment has a profitable investment project that will give a good profit and bring a lot of positive emotions and thanks from satisfied visitors. Therefore, you can safely start drawing up a detailed business plan for opening your own water park, and we will help you with this.

Enterprise Concept Development

To start such a serious and financially costly business, it is necessary to thoroughly research this industry, analyze the supply and demand market, assess possible risks, think carefully about who this enterprise will be organized for, that is, study your potential customers.

First, you need to figure out what a water park is, what services it can provide and what types of these complexes exist. So, the water park is an entertainment, sports and recreation center for family leisure, which contains pools of various shapes, sizes and depths for adults and children, bright, exciting attractions and water slides, saunas, baths, hammam, jacuzzi, baths with hydromassage, bars and restaurants, hotels, showers, car parks and much more. Here everyone is able to find their own secluded corner, entertainment to taste.

Since the stay in the water park can be long, even a whole day or even several, there must be establishments on the territory that provide food, soft drinks and various snacks. Water treatments are very good for the appetite, especially for children.

Also, the complex should have its own first aid station with a medical worker and the necessary medicines for first aid in case of injuries. If visitors come from afar, then you should provide them with parking and hotel rooms for accommodation. All this and many other nuances must be taken into account when choosing a place for the construction of this facility.

Customer Focused

Before implementing any project for the production of goods or the provision of various services, it is necessary to study the consumer market in order to maximize the expected income. Potential users of the water park services are supposed to be the following target groups:

• children accompanied by their parents; • young people between the ages of eighteen and thirty; • people of middle age (from thirty to fifty years); • guests of your city and the country as a whole, tourists.

You also need to anticipate what they expect from your product and do whatever it takes to meet their expectations and even exceed them. According to the selected target groups, the following expectations can be distinguished:

• settle down and find a place for good family leisure; • get together with old acquaintances, classmates (classmates) for a rest in a cheerful company of friends; • spend time for the purpose of recovery and relaxation; • visit a place corresponding to fashion trends; • it will be interesting for nonresidents to come on an excursion and relax; • choose a place for various entertainment and cultural events, sports and so on.

Having analyzed the requests of potential consumers, it is easy to outline the ways of their implementation. The more versatile and diverse the institution turns out to be, the more visitors it will be able to attract.

Main types of water parks

It's no secret that the level of competition in the entertainment industry today exceeds all reasonable limits. Especially in the metropolitan area and million-plus cities. However, some types of entertainment facilities built in a provincial city can be new to residents and bring excellent profits to their owner. A small water park just belongs to such objects. In view of the certain complexity of the implementation of this business project, not every entrepreneur will dare to implement it. The business plan of the water park with calculations presented in this material will help novice and experienced entrepreneurs to soberly assess the risks, costs and potential income from the construction of a water park in a small Russian city.

Investments in the construction of the water park and its subsequent "bringing to mind" will result in about 120 million rubles. It is advisable to attract these funds from several sources, including a bank loan, direct investment and personal money of a businessman.

Concept Brief

The water park, an example of the organization of which is presented here, must be registered in the form of LLC. The choice of the correct taxation system is not entirely obvious, however, as practice shows, the STS with a tax rate of 6% of the total income is best suited. However, you need to keep in mind that if your revenue for the tax period exceeds 120 million rubles (in 2021), you will lose the right to apply the simplified tax code. When registering a water park, you should select the correct OKVED codes, namely:

  • 93. 1 “Activities of culture and recreation parks and theme parks”.
  • 93. 9. "Other entertainment and entertainment activities, not included in other groups."

After completing the business registration procedure at the Federal Tax Service, the entrepreneur needs to attend to the following documents:

  • Permission for the construction of the "water park" from the city committee for urban planning and architecture.
  • Permits from the SES and the regional fire service, without which it is legally impossible to commission the future water park.

It is also worth noting that the organization of a water park does not apply to licensed activities.

How much to invest in opening

The cost of building a water park and putting it into operation looks like this:

Calculations show that more than 80% of the start-up capital will be spent on the construction of the water park. Therefore, it is extremely important for an entrepreneur to approach the choice of a contractor as responsibly as possible. It is best to entrust the construction of a water park to a trusted company with an impeccable reputation that has been working on the market for many years. The rest of the money will go to the purchase of equipment, advertising and various "small" expenses.

Marketing Plan

The first water parks in our country began to appear in the mid-90s of the last century. They very quickly gained popularity among the population and became a permanent place for family holidays on hot summer days. Due to the fact that such water amusement parks are in stable demand, their opening is a very profitable business. Today we offer you to find out how to draw up a business plan for a water park and how much money is required to start such a business.

What is a water park?

It is a public entertainment and health complex equipped with a variety of water entertainment devices. They include swimming and play pools, a variety of attractions for both children and adults, hot tubs, saunas, fitness areas, and cafes, bars and eateries.

What determines the success of the water park?

The success of your company will depend directly on its attendance. To ensure a stable flow of customers, it is necessary to draw up a business plan for a water park taking into account such factors as safety, comfort, affordable prices and a variety of entertainment. In this regard, it is necessary to equip your water park with a wide variety of slides, attractions, recreation areas, cafes, bars, etc. In addition, a sufficient number of service personnel, as well as rescue instructors with relevant work experience, should be hired.

Ideally, your water park should be a complex facility with a food court, a shop of sports equipment and everything you need for recreation and, of course, an extensive area for entertainment. In addition, a swimming school for children and adults can be organized on the basis of the center. Also, your visitors will appreciate the presence of a sauna, hot tubs and massage services on site.

Choosing a location for the water park

The location of the water park is not critical to its success, as most of your customers will drive their own vehicles. However, the water park should not be located outside the transport accessibility for those who do not have personal vehicles. When equipping the territory, be sure to take care of the arrangement of a spacious parking lot.

Market Analysis and Research

The business plan of the water park must include this moment. Today in Russia there are more than a hundred large amusement parks that cannot cope with the influx of visitors. In this regard, we can safely say that the demand for such entertainment is quite large and is still not satisfied. According to analysts, this situation will continue for at least another 5-7 years. In this regard, now is the time to take your place in this niche.

As for businessmen and investors, they, as a rule, try to enter the markets of small cities, where the cost of land is not as high as in megacities. In addition, the residents of such towns are not spoiled by a variety of entertainment, which will guarantee a constant flow of customers to the water park. As already mentioned, the main thing is to provide a varied and interesting stay for your visitors.

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