A detailed business plan for opening your own medical center with calculations

The Medical Center is opening with the aim of providing advisory, therapeutic and preventive services to the population. The business plan provides data on the level of competition in the industry, the composition of the potential audience and the financial aspects of opening an institution.

Being in fact a private general clinic, the medical center is a complex structure that provides paid services to the population. Accordingly, it should immediately occupy an appropriate niche in its market sector and determine its pricing policy. Since in the field of paid medicine the requirements for the quality of service are higher, already at the initial stage it is necessary to set a high bar, subsequently constantly confirming it.

Medical Center as a Business

A medical center, or a private clinic, is a modern full-fledged type of business that has a wide potential audience and takes its place in the state health care system. Increasing public confidence in private clinics increases the prospects for this type of business. Nevertheless, some of the difficulties that every entrepreneur who opens a medical center faces remain relevant.

The most important requirements for an entrepreneur - the founder of a medical structure are as follows:

  • - medical education - higher or secondary;
  • - certain experience in the medical field;
  • - obtaining a license issued by the Ministry of Health, and a special certificate for the conduct of this type of activity;
  • - the presence of a premises that meets the established technical requirements and legally owned by the founder of the center;
  • - compiled in accordance with existing standards and accurate financial calculations business plan.
  • Several factors can be identified that determine the success of a medical center:
  • - efficiency of planning activities and literacy of project management;
  • - peculiarities of spending resources, their distribution in accordance provided by the norms;
  • - the nature of the implementation of the drawn up strategy for the development of the enterprise.

A private clinic often includes several directions at once. In contrast to highly specialized centers, such an institution has more prospects due to its wide potential audience. The most popular areas of activity that should be included in the range of services provided will be the following:

  • - therapy;
  • - pediatrics;
  • - preventive activities;
  • - areas of alternative medicine and others competitive activities.

According to the results of recent years, the most profitable areas of private medicine have been named:

  • - dentistry;
  • - pediatrics;
  • - gynecology, sexology;
  • - narcology.

The format of family medicine is considered successful, especially popular among the wealthy segments of the population.

When opening a paid clinic, it is worth considering what competitive advantages will be offered to potential clients, thanks to which the new organization will be able to attract and retain its audience.

The business plan of a private clinic is the most important document at the stage of preparing a business and a step-by-step guide for an entrepreneur. How to develop an effective business plan, what items must be included in the document and how to open your own clinic (maybe a whole multidisciplinary medical center) from scratch - we will consider further.

Stages of opening a private clinic

The business plan for a private clinic should cover all stages of preparation for opening. Only in this way will a businessman be able not to lose sight of a single important detail and clearly control the launch of the project. First, you need to draw up a business resume and carefully analyze the market for the presence of competitors, the needs of the target audience and the possibility of reaching a good profit. Then it is worth taking up the choice of premises, the buying process or drawing up a long-term lease agreement, repairing and purchasing the necessary equipment. But this is only in general terms. An example of a business plan for a private clinic with calculations will be presented below.

The most important thing for successful business development is to define the specialization of the center. To take as an example a business plan for a private clinic, you can open a dentistry or other institution - medical centers differ only in the range of services, and all other registration procedures will be similar. It is desirable to have a medical degree, but this alone will not be enough to launch a successful project. A businessman must have organizational and entrepreneurial skills.

Drawing up a business plan

A dental clinic business plan with calculations is a ready-made guide to action. Therefore, the preparation of the document must be approached with all responsibility. A business plan for opening a private clinic should include the following sections:

  • Title page. It is necessary to indicate the name of the project and state the essence in one phrase, indicate the actual and legal addresses, contacts of managers.
  • Privacy Statement. If the business plan of the dental clinic falls into third hands, then on the second page, you should set out the restrictions on disclosure, copying and dissemination of information.
  • A summary of the business plan. The section summarizes the main points, resources required and expected results. A ready-made business plan for a dentistry or a clinic providing services should arouse the interest of investors and show the prospects for investments. This is the main goal of this part of the project.
  • Information about the company. It is necessary to present information about the enterprise in more detail. Provide the legal form of the organization, an analysis of the company's work for the previous period (if any) or relevant marketing research, information about partners, suppliers, and so on.
  • Characteristic of services or products. Please describe in detail the services offered, the required permissions (licenses and certificates). Diagrams, drawings and photographs are very welcome.
  • Marketing. Analyze the sales market for services, provide information about competitors, give their comparative characteristics, make a SWOT analysis and determine the factors that can affect demand.
  • Organizational plan. Expand in detail the organizational structure and give a description of the management system, indicate the requirements for the qualifications of hired personnel.
  • Financial section. This is one of the most important sections. It is necessary to reflect all the costs of preparing and implementing the project, as well as calculate the payback and expected profit, describe cash flows (costs, revenues, taxes, profits, and so on).
  • Warranties and risks. It is necessary to analyze the possible risks associated with the implementation of the project, and the strategy to minimize them.
  • Add-ons and applications. In this part, documents are attached that were used to develop a business plan for opening a private clinic.
  • Marketing research.

Center Specialization

It is important to study the market for medical services in a particular locality in order to accurately determine the needs and ability to pay of the population. Traditionally, the most popular are gynecology and reproductive health, urology, ophthalmology, cosmetology and dentistry. A business plan with calculations should clearly define the specialization.

There are separate centers that specialize in laboratory research, which is also profitable. These laboratories are best located near large government hospitals or in the city center. With a great demand in big cities, you can think about a project of a multidisciplinary medical center with the involvement of a large number of specialists of different profiles and providing patients with a full range of care.

Choice of organizational and legal form

Russian “free” medicine is getting worse every year - this is an indisputable fact. That is why there is an acute shortage of quality medical services at an adequate price on the market. The apparent inadequacy of medical centers is visible to the naked eye, even in metropolitan areas, not to mention ordinary medium-sized cities. Therefore, opening your own medical office is a great idea, which is guaranteed to bring you a good profit. In this article, you will learn about where to start opening a medical center, what is needed for this and how much you can earn on providing services to the population.

Market research

First of all, you should study the market and find out how popular your services will be. It should be understood that increased requirements are imposed on medical centers both by regulatory authorities and by potential clients.

We recommend that you first create a clinic not of a general profile, but of a narrow one. It is necessary to choose the most suitable job profile, find personnel, and select equipment. Then, as you work, you will understand what services are popular in your city / area, and you can develop further.

To study the market, you will need to analyze several factors:

  • Are there medical centers in your city that provide paid services? How many such centers operate in your area, what services they provide, what level of prices they offer to the population.
  • What services are popular in your city. This information can be obtained at the nearest clinic, simply by looking at the queues and talking with the receptionists.
  • How effectively the medical center will be able to cure the existing disease.
  • The average cost of the services you plan to provide.

Based on such an analysis, you will be able to draw up a high-quality business plan and determine the feasibility of opening your own center. Also, based on this research, a marketing plan, equipment procurement plan, recruiting, etc. will be built, so never ignore the market research process.

Premises and opening options

Where is the best place to open a private medical clinic to get the maximum flow of clients? The optimal choice is the city center, an elite microdistrict, a microdistrict with new buildings. You should not focus on old sleeping areas - they are home to many retirees and young people who are not your target audience.

You need a large enough room to open a clinic. It will need to accommodate several treatment rooms, a staff room, a treatment room, a staff room, several bathrooms, offices for admin staff, etc. The room must have plumbing, heating, sewerage, electricity (some devices require 380 volts). It will be necessary to make high-quality repairs in the premises and purchase the appropriate equipment.

Please note: the purchase of equipment is the largest expense. To choose it correctly, you need to determine the class of the medical institution and the scope of its activity.

There are three classes of clinics:

Starting your own business is the cherished dream of most modern people, each of whom intends to have the most stable and, most importantly, decent material income.

To competently manage your personal business, desire alone is not enough. It is imperative that you draw up the most competent in all parameters and a very clear plan, and following it must be of high quality.

This article will talk about how to open a medical functional center correctly and quickly. On the territory of our country, polyclinics of this type are quite popular. It is worth noting that none of the beginnings will be profitable if the clinic plan is not developed. This is what constitutes a definite success in modern business. The article will focus on such an issue as a business plan for a medical center or clinic.

Most important

Before opening your own paid center, which will not be free, you must first solve a certain number of different organization-related issues. Initially, it is necessary to determine such moments and questions, by answering which it is possible to determine the general direction of the clinic. It is required to very clearly define what kind of services a given center should provide, for example, diagnostic or therapeutic, as well as the possibility of opening a rehabilitation center.

It is equally important to decide what kind of profile the clinics will be. You will need to decide how many blocks will be in the institution and think over other, equally important issues when working with such a moment as a business plan for a medical center.

Analytical work

As soon as all the issues of such a plan are resolved, it will be possible to fully imagine what the planned business project of the clinic will represent. After that, a thorough analytical work will be required, which will be aimed solely at identifying the following important factors of a medical or rehabilitation center:

  • High demand for various services offered in a particular locality;
  • A certain saturation of the market with these services in the selected area;
  • General information about competitors. It is necessary to find out as much information about them as possible, as well as to consider all the negative and positive aspects of the issue;
  • It is required to obtain information about all the medical services of a similar clinic, which are most popular in a certain area.

A variety of static data can help with this information. You can use special publications and information provided by the authorities.

When deciding which first steps to take in the process of opening a clinic, the most important thing to do is to define the format of your main activity and all services. It is equally important when working with such a factor as a business plan of a medical center or a rehabilitation institution, you need to choose your main clientele, that is, who it is, what income the bulk of the clinic's clients have, and what basic requirements they have regarding service.

How to draw up a business plan for your own medical center, we will describe in detail below.


Entrepreneurs who decide to open their own medical center should take into account that such institutions are extremely demanding by both the controlling government agencies and the clients themselves. For this reason, even at the organizational stage, it is necessary: ​​

  • to accept for execution all applicable standards (sanitary-epidemiological, fire-prevention, etc.);
  • carefully study the relevant legislation governing business and the procedure for submitting medical services;
  • to assess the market situation in a particular region.

The business plan prepared for the opening of a medical center should contain a section with an analysis of the situation and information on the relevance of the chosen specialization.

First of all, you need to define:

  • how much paid services are in demand in your city;
  • which areas of therapy and diagnostics are most in demand;
  • will the new cent work effectively;
  • what prices will ensure the profitability and popularity of the establishment at the same time.

Only after thorough market research can you get answers to all the above questions.

Further, based on the chosen area of ​​activity of your medical center, you should:

  • find the most suitable location for the organization;
  • make calculations on initial investments and operating expenses;
  • predict the size of the expected profit.

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