Your own small business: ideas without investments from scratch

In this article, you will find the best small town business ideas. We have collected 50 of the most relevant and profitable, simple and affordable ideas that can bring good profit. Both a beginner and an experienced entrepreneur will cope with the implementation of each of them.

Funeral Home

Experienced businessmen say that the best business in a small town is a funeral home. The difficulty lies in the fact that the market for funeral services is divided between several companies, and it is difficult to get into it. To enter such a business, you need to be assertive and have a starting capital of at least $ 30,000. If all goes well, the bureau will generate $ 10,000 or more in net profit.

Sewing clothes for church ministers

There are functioning churches even in the smallest cities, which allows you to earn money by sewing church clothes. With an optimal combination of price and quality, orders will come from other cities in the region and even neighboring regions.

For an original idea to make money, you need to invest $ 15,000 in its implementation. The monthly profit of the workshop will be $ 5000.

Production of paving slabs

Considering business ideas for men in a small town, one cannot fail to mention the production of paving slabs. This type of road surface is in demand, so there will be a lot of orders.

The main thing is to analyze the market and make sure that there are no competitors that can "crush" a small business.

Implementation of the idea will require about $ 30,000. The expected net income is $ 7,500 per month.


The popularity of a healthy lifestyle is growing every year, so opening a gym is a win-win business idea. The success of a business depends on the location of the gym, the number and quality of simulators, the interior, and the qualifications of the trainers.

Each of us at least once in his life thought about creating his own business. For some, this is an escape from the office and unwillingness to spend time and knowledge "on an uncle", for someone - the need for self-realization, and for someone - the opportunity to independently manage their personal time. But the most important criterion for everyone who wants to create their own business in a small city or a large metropolis is financial freedom and an increase in living standards. At the same time, those eager to set off on an independent voyage mistakenly believe that it is easier to succeed in large cities and metropolitan areas than in small ones.

In order to refute this myth, let's look at the concept of "small town". As a rule, these are cities with a population of less than 50 thousand. And as practice shows, it is much easier to organize and develop a business in a small city than in a large one.

In this article, we will cover the following issues:

  • What are the pros and cons of owning a business in a small town?
  • What is the best business to open in a small town?
  • What business ideas working for a small town in 2021 with minimal investment?
  • How to start a business from scratch?

So, let's start sorting it out in order.

Choosing business ideas that can be implemented in a small town

The benefits of doing business in a small town

Advantages (+) of doing business in a small town:

  • Small start-up capital. In small towns, business costs such as renting premises, utilities, personnel and advertising costs are significantly lower.
  • High efficiency of word of mouth. In small settlements, the popularity of a product or service is largely due to acquaintances and personal reviews.
  • Quite a lot of free niches due to the limited availability of goods and services. Many innovations appear in small towns with a considerable delay, which, undoubtedly, can be used by “bringing” a business idea from a large city in which it has already been tested.
  • Low competitive environment.

The main disadvantages (-) include a limited potential audience (each client will be "worth its weight in gold") and a rather low purchasing power (in small towns, population incomes are orders of magnitude lower than those of residents of large cities).

What new business can you open in a small town

There is an opinion that a really profitable business can only be opened in a big city, and in a small one there is nothing to try, but this is not so. Of course, the specifics of the business will differ from the business in large cities, but the income will not be long in coming. Moreover, there are much more small towns in Russia than large ones, and it will be more profitable and easier to develop your business in such a way.

A small town is not an obstacle for a large, let alone medium and small business. Enterprising people are everywhere - there would be a desire, but you can realize your potential even in a small village.

Do not rush to move to megacities - their smaller brothers also need jobs and quality goods / services. In this article, we have prepared an overview of business ideas for small towns. These ideas are easy to implement and do not require a lot of investment.

Business in a small town - to what extent it is justified

To begin with, there is no clear definition of a “small” city. This concept is relative and in many respects subjective. For one businessman, these are settlements with a population of less than 50,000 residents, the second feels comfortable in cities with a population of 100,000-300,000 people, and for a third, half a million will be small.

According to official data, out of 1100 cities in Russia, only 37 have a population of more than 500 thousand. This means that we have many sites for building a small local business.

Most often, those who have lived in them all their lives or have relatives there start their own businesses in such settlements. But modern technologies make it possible to establish a business almost anywhere and control it remotely in the future.

At the same time, minimum investments are required for opening, since the cost of rent and the level of wages of workers in the province is much lower.

Small towns tend to lack infrastructure. People lack a variety of products, entertainment, services. If you live in such a town, you yourself will say with confidence what you are missing as an inhabitant of it.

But what if you are not familiar with the locality close enough to know about its problems? Any startup starts with analysis. First, you need to study the city and its infrastructure and find out what its residents need.

We have selected several topical directions that take root well in small towns.

Many people who are planning to start their own business, unfairly believe that developing their business and making high profits is possible only in a big city. In fact, this is not the case for several reasons, the main ones will be discussed below.

To begin with, let's figure out what is “small town” in the concept of business technologists. This is considered a settlement with up to 100 thousand inhabitants. It should be noted that in Russia there are more than 83% of such cities, that is, business ideas for a small settlement open up great prospects, it is much easier and more profitable to open a business in a small town.

Own business for a small town

Living in a small community, there are many business opportunities. This is due to lower costs than in a metropolis and lack of competition.

Why do you need it?

Having opened his own business in a small town, a businessman first of all gets independence, the opportunity to earn quite large sums.

At the same time, a considerable part of the money is saved due to the fact that starting a business in a province bears much less cost than in cities with a million population.

In addition, you can be the first in the city to offer certain services, in which case the absence of competitors will quickly expand and strengthen your business.

Differences from large cities

Let's take a closer look at some of them:

  • Inhabitants of small towns, as a rule, have a low income. Therefore, it is not profitable to set up a large business in such settlements (except for the opening of large enterprises that require labor.);
  • Demand in such cities for ordinary, familiar goods and products that we use on a daily basis. This allows you to expand the scope of business in several directions at the same time;
  • Not high investments at the start (low rent for premises, low salaries, low costs for promotions).

There are a lot of large organizations that started their business with small business and minimal investment. And if you do everything right, then after a while, the income received from a small business will allow you to expand and increase your holdings.

In order to do everything right, not to fall into the hands of scammers and start building your bright future for yourself, you need to adhere to some points.

What do you need to start a business?

First, define your field of activity. What in the future you will have to do, bring not only income, but also pleasure.

An important planning tool is a business plan. The business plan is the main long-term plan of the enterprise, on the basis of which all the others are drawn up.

In this case, you should choose only those options that are interesting to you. You should not completely immerse yourself in your desires or hobbies, the business should be needed in the place where it is going to be opened.

Learn how to draw up a business plan yourself and this will help you provide complete information about the project to an investor or a bank.

It is necessary to determine in advance how much you can invest in the business and calculate your funds. It is impossible to start even the smallest business without start-up capital. This is the most important factor in building your own business.

Small business ideas from scratch

Building a business without investing your money will not work. Even for simple options, at least a minimum amount is required with which it will be possible to purchase raw materials for the manufacture of goods, equipment, or finished goods for sale or use.

There are some exceptions, of course, such as braiding at home, or the same haircuts and styling, but even here a minimum set of necessary tools is required to work.

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