What business to develop in the village

How I want to quickly and with minimal costs open my own business in the countryside, which will overtake the city in terms of self-sufficiency.

My Mini Business Plan

My name is Arthur. Since my youth, the dream has not left me to open and raise my own business. During the years of perestroika, he tried to engage in trade: he opened a kiosk for the sale of food, but went bankrupt due to a lack of working capital. Studied in absentia as a manager, then tried to master the profession of a broker.

But as my bitter experience has shown - you are not a person without money, no one takes you seriously.

For 2 years now I have been preparing to start a business in my native village. This is not a mastered field of activity, both literally and figuratively. I collect information on activities that could actually generate income. I calculate the costs that I need to meet the minimum, plan where and what buildings to put.

Last year I applied to an agricultural bank with a request to provide a loan of 600,000 rubles for the development of farming. The answer is no due to the lack of collateral for the loan. But then intermediaries in the same bank offered to solve this problem for 50% of the commission of the loan amount ...

During the years of developed socialism, our village was one of the leaders in the delivery of agricultural products to the state. Currently, the previously fertile fields are abandoned, the farms are half destroyed and stolen, the young population left for the city, as there is no work.

I would like to revive my village: to renovate and launch farms, plow and sow fields, revive beekeeping. To do this, I will need to start with a few simpler but more commercially viable areas.

Beekeeping with a well-established system of timely provision of raw materials brings quite tangible income.

To open an apiary, which will pay for itself during the first year of operation, it will double in size, and will bring a profit in the amount of money spent, you need to purchase 50 bee colonies with hives. 1 colony with a hive costs an average of 3500 rubles. In May - June, bees begin to swarm (1 colony is divided by 2). It is necessary to purchase 50 more hives at a price of 1500 rubles / piece.

Equipment and raw materials for 100 families will cost 50,000 rubles. In total, my initial costs for opening an apiary: (3,500 rubles 50 p / s = 175,000 rubles) + (1,500 rubles 50 hives = 75,000 rubles) + (50,000 rubles equipment and raw materials) = 300,000 rubles. The main honey collection begins in July.

From each bee colony, an average of 20 kg of marketable honey is obtained at a price of 400 rubles / kg. It is not a problem to implement it in our region. As a result, we get: (100 p / s x 20 kg of honey = 2021 kg) x 400 rubles / kg = 800,000 rubles.

With this money, I plan 200,000 rubles. to invest in the construction of a winter house for bees, and 100,000 rubles. for the purchase of raw materials for bees for the next year. RUB 500,000 I have left for DEVELOPMENT.

How to start a business in a village from scratch

The current market development trend is aimed at business development in rural areas. Modern realities make it possible to start an excellent business in many areas. There are many benefits to starting a business in rural areas, including low levels of competition. As a result, a large number of buyers.

Rural Small Business Ideas

The main advantages of rural business include the allocation of government subsidies and subsidies for starting or developing a business in the countryside, a wide range of areas for starting a business and the demand for agricultural and livestock products.

Moreover, this interest comes both from the population of cities and large retail chains.

We must not forget the low prices for utilities, rent payments. The increased demand for environmentally friendly products allows us to speak of potentially great demand and great development prospects.

There is a wide range of business ideas in rural areas. Let's consider the most popular and profitable ones.

Production of frozen vegetables and fruits

Various varieties of berries and fruits can be grown on the personal plot, which can then be supplied to large retail chains. And now retail chains prefer to purchase frozen mass in bulk. In the future, they pack them up on their own. The most common business options in this area:

  • Growing strawberries is a very common activity in our country, and at the same time it is quite profitable. The only drawback is competition is possible.
  • Breeding grapes - there is a certain risk, as grapes are very dependent, capricious plant and highly dependent on climatic conditions. Therefore, not all areas can be engaged in this activity.
  • Raspberry plantations are a rather risky step for our country, but there is practically no competition here.
  • Growing blackberries is a very profitable and promising business. It can be organized both in large and small villages. The popularity of this berry is growing every year.
  • Orchards are an unusual and progressive small business that is the easiest to implement. A big disadvantage is the high cost of seedlings of fruit plants, as well as a long time interval from planting a seedling to the first harvest.
  • for growing vegetables is a promising direction. The redistribution of the finances of the family budget towards vegetables is natural, and since there is demand, then it is necessary to establish production as well.

This is not easy work, and the profit is seasonal. For implementation, you need a plot of land, equipment for breeding bees, the bees themselves, and certain knowledge and skills. But as a result, you will get very popular products on the market - honey, wax, royal jelly. All these products are quite expensive.

How to make a business in a village from scratch. How and how to start your business from scratch in a small town: what ideas you can do in the village and countryside How do I want to open it quickly and with minimal costs

People move from city to village for various reasons, but everyone has one big question: "How to make money?" A job familiar to a country dweller is hardly suitable for a city dweller. It is good if you can get a job as a seller in a shop, but most often, small paid jobs are occupied, and new ones are not expected. You need to find a way to make money on your own site. Almost any person who is not afraid of difficulties and active work can organize their own business. Before you plunge into worries about making money, you should organize your own life so that everyday issues do not distract from the main activity.

Village business from scratch

Land is a resource that you already have when you move out of town. If you decide to move to live in a village, you probably also did a dacha, which means that you can grow a crop of vegetables and fruits. Having prepared a certain amount for the family, the surplus can be sold: independently on the market or by handing over to the procurers. The first, the simplest option can be the first business that any villager can handle.

If you need more scope, become a procurer yourself. To organize a business in the village from scratch by buying surplus berries, vegetables, fruits from local residents is a task with one unknown. The obscurity and little difficulty is to find a distribution channel for an organic product grown almost under your supervision in the neighboring vegetable gardens. You can sell your products to small shops of eco-products, which are now being opened in great numbers in any city.

Logically, the third option is to open our own shop of organic products in the city. You can sell not only fruit and vegetable products, berries, mushrooms in season, but also dairy products, which can also be bought from local residents. And this is not only milk, but also cottage cheese without additives and preservatives, dairy products, cheeses and so on.

Strawberries and strawberries

The first months of summer bring berry harvests. This storehouse of vitamins is appreciated more and more every year. You can grow strawberries both outdoors and in greenhouses. The greenhouse harvest ripens earlier, which means that it will be possible to sell it at a more favorable price. A small greenhouse will generate capital that can be used to start a larger project or invest in a more advanced multi-building greenhouse system.

An additional income-generating activity can be growing strawberry seedlings in pots. It's a little exotic, beautiful and popular. Strawberry bushes, planted in a pot, bear fruit successfully throughout the season in an urban setting, so such a small home garden is a very interesting idea. It is important to select a seedling variety and wait for the first berries to make the strawberry pot attractive from a consumer point of view. Curly remontant strawberries or strawberries are ideal. Growing strawberries in pots is a way to open the first small business in the village.

Raspberry: Anything Comes in Handy

Raspberries are also one of the favorites of the season, especially since, harvested for the winter, they are no less useful than fresh ones. When pruning raspberries in the fall, collect and dry the raw materials. Twigs, dried leaves, dried berries are also in great demand, and if you are a connoisseur of medicinal herbs, then making a blend of vitamin or medicinal tea will not be difficult. Selling dried raspberry-based healthy teas is also a lucrative business in the countryside. It is quite simple to organize the reception of berries from the inhabitants of your area - offer a favorable price and get the result.

Salad greens

The cultivation of dill, parsley, green onions is a great business in the village if they are cultivated during the cold season. There is always demand for this product, despite crises and falling incomes. To organize the cultivation of greenery, you will need a small greenhouse or a heated room where you can put several boxes with soil and make a planting. You can harvest the harvest all year round, but the winter period is especially profitable: holidays and vitamin deficiency are the engines of the green trade. If this option is yours, then you can do it all year round, especially if you add the cultivation of celery, asparagus and other greens in the summer season.


To be in a village, you need to know which one will be promising in a particular area. It is possible to organize a successful company outside the city even with a small investment due to low competition, inexpensive rent and cheap labor.

Fundamentals of a successful rural business

To organize in rural areas, it is important to consider the advantages and disadvantages of this activity.

Pros of village earnings:

  • Local government support. The state in Russia and Ukraine is interested in the development of the countryside, therefore it is possible to obtain investments and loans on favorable terms.
  • Motivated employees. The lack of jobs encourages the population to work better so as not to lose their jobs.
  • Low rental cost. In contrast to the city, premises and building areas are rented in the village at very low prices.
  • Availability of natural resources. It is especially important when choosing a niche related to the production of natural products and animal breeding.
  • Low competition. Rural business is just beginning to develop, so there are few rivals, and the business is profitable.

Disadvantages of entrepreneurship in the countryside:

  • Limited market. There are much fewer potential customers, so you need to find sales channels in advance.
  • Hard to reach. There are often road problems.

How to choose the right business idea for a village?

When choosing an idea and drawing up a plan, an entrepreneur needs to focus on the indicated advantages, as well as on his own resources. For example, to start production at home, and only then organize a large enterprise.

A beginner entrepreneur should focus on the following parameters:

  • The scale of the settlement. It is especially important when starting a business with implementation in the territory of the village.
  • Availability of required resources. For example, a reservoir for fish farming.
  • The presence of potential customers. Relevant when opening a business in the service and entertainment sector.
  • The required communication systems are available. For example, constant access to the Internet if sales are conducted online.

The best business ideas in the village for the production and sale of goods

Describing mainly business ideas that are mainly suitable for implementation by city dwellers and business projects with large financial investments, we undeservedly kept silent about what kind of business you can open in the countryside. Today we decided to correct this omission and provide readers with an overview of the most popular ideas for profitable business in rural areas.

Moreover, it should be noted right away that business in rural areas is not only business in agriculture. As a rule, such projects also require considerable start-up costs. Take carp farming, quail farming, or truffle farming, for example.

Well, where, one wonders, the villagers who receive, at best, up to 20 thousand rubles in wages, money for the implementation of such business ideas? Therefore, in today's review, we tried to collect such ideas describing rural business, which really anyone can implement.

Of course, most of these projects are tied to a specific season - most often summer, but during this time you can earn enough so that you don't think about money all winter and look for options to expand your business. So, what kind of business can be opened in rural areas with the most minimal investment, literally making do with what is at hand?

The village and the village are now on the verge of extinction - this is no longer a secret for anyone. But does the well-being of villagers really depend on the federal budget? Is it really impossible to organize your most profitable and most profitable business in agriculture in the countryside? You can, and now we will prove it to you!

The main resource that almost any villager has is land. Tens, hundreds, thousands of vacant hectares of land - everyone chooses the area he needs to start a business. And you can start with the usual "six acres".

To begin with, it is worth deciding which products are most in demand in your region. Here you need to understand that, for example, growing potatoes on a scale that would allow, after the sale of all grown products, to live a year on this money until the next harvest, and in addition to this would also allow you to gradually develop your business in agriculture, will require significant costs for rent of special equipment, and / or wages of hired workers, premises for storing products, etc.

For many years now, there has been an increased interest of urban residents in real estate in the countryside. Land plots and old houses are sold literally for next to nothing. For example, a fairly strong house, quite suitable for living, can be purchased in the central part of Russia for 250-350 thousand rubles. This is what city dwellers use, buying up such buildings to use them as their summer cottages.

There are several (and even several dozen) such country houses in almost every village. But the trouble is - with the end of the summer season and the departure of vacationers to the city, these dachas become either objects for theft or a haven for homeless vagabonds. Many owners of summer cottage real estate face similar unpleasant moments.

The essence of the described business idea is to offer the owners of summer cottages services to protect their property. We think that few people will refuse to pay 1.5-2 thousand rubles for the safety of their property. Such "dacha watchmen" are widely popular in the Ryazan region, in the Tambov region, the Moscow region, and some other regions of the central part of the country. 5 objects for such a watchman will bring at least 10 thousand rubles a month. This work does not contain any particular difficulties. And in the summer, you can implement any of the above business ideas.

Procurement and sale of bath brooms

Of course, it is best to organize a business in the countryside related specifically to the rural theme - breeding cows, growing porcini mushrooms, breeding dairy goats. Agree, you can't do such a business in the city!

Therefore, before starting something, it is worthwhile to work out several possible options for various business ideas. One of them can be the procurement and sale of brooms for a bath and / or related bath accessories - wooden tubs, ladles, buckets, carved tablets with folk proverbs about a bath, which are often hung at the entrance, etc.

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