What business can you open in a small town

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Profitable business ideas in a small town". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

TOP business ideas with minimal investment in a small town

In this article, we have collected the best business ideas with minimal investment in a small town. Real options for starting your own business with a capital of 800-4000 dollars.

Private kindergarten

A popular option in the face of a shortage of public kindergartens. It is possible to equip a kindergarten for 30-40 children in a rented private house. You will need to hire at least two educators, a cook, and a cleaning lady. You need to invest about $ 3000-3400 in the company, and the net profit starts from $ 1600 per month.

Frameless furniture production

Popular sofas and bean bags can be made in a small workshop or in your own garage. For the purchase of materials and tools, you need to spend 2-3 thousand dollars. / P>

The production requires two craftsmen, as well as an employee who makes covers for frameless furniture. The monthly income of the company is from $ 1200.

Sewing and repair of clothes

It is possible to open a small atelier in the central area of ​​the settlement with one or two female workers, with a capital of $ 3000.

At the start, the atelier will bring from 400-500 $ "clean" per month, with the growing popularity of the salon, the figure increases to 1000-1200 $ and more.

Fast food kiosk

Needless to say, life in a metropolis is markedly different from that in the provinces. In a big city, there are many opportunities for career growth and business development. In addition, residents of the capital sometimes do not need to think about how and what type of entrepreneurial activity to do. Why? Because you can almost always, if you have, of course, education and appropriate skills, to find an excellent job with decent pay both in private and government agencies. Unfortunately, the Russian province is unable to provide its residents with such opportunities. Small salaries, a limited number of jobs, competition - all this leads to the fact that many of its inhabitants are sometimes forced to think about what kind of business can be opened in a small town. And nothing can be done about it. Regardless of where a person lives, in the capital or in a small urban village, he needs money, which, as you know, today is the guarantee of everything. It is necessary to maintain health, organize comfortable living conditions, and satisfy, even if minimal, needs. With all this, a profitable business in a small town is not so easy to open. There are many different reasons for this: a store with a hundred thousandth store in Moscow that sells food will make a profit in any case. While the same, the fifth point of sale, opened in the regional center, may well turn out to be unprofitable. Therefore, when thinking about how to start a business in a small town, you need to carefully weigh everything, think over an action plan and get acquainted with the work of competitors.

What, in fact, we want to help you. So, business in a small town. What option to prefer and what should be done in order not to fly into the pipe, as they say.

Disadvantages and advantages of doing business in the province

Yes, there are more than enough obstacles in the path of a beginner entrepreneur in a regional center or a small village. A profitable business in a small town can really be so only if it is possible to find a truly unoccupied niche. But, paradoxical as it may sound, it is easier to find it in the provinces. What is the contradiction of the statement? The point is that all business ideas that can be realized in a small town are, as a rule, hackneyed. Thinking carefully, it is quite possible to come up with something so creative that no one has ever offered the consumer.

The disadvantages include a small number of customers and their rather low purchasing power. However, depending on which side you look at. There are also provinces where the people have quite good incomes, and therefore it is much easier to open a business in a small town.

An undoubted plus of the province is the opportunity to engage in agricultural activities and their own production, because in the first case there is no need to go far behind the land, and in the second, the availability of appropriate resources plays a huge role. For example, the same forest is nearby, which is very convenient if we consider equipment of our own sawmill as an actual business in a small town. In addition, in the province there is no need to spend much on advertising - word of mouth will do an excellent job with its functions. And further. Small business in a small town is a type of entrepreneurial activity that is highly welcomed by the administration of the settlement and is encouraged in every possible way. This is accompanied by the issuance of preferential loans, tax cuts and rents for the premises or production areas used by the businessman.

The agony of choice

When deciding what kind of business you can open in a small town, the following should be considered in the selection process. The proposed activity should not require significant costs, since it will take much longer to "unwind" in the provinces than in the megalopolis. Any profitable business in a small town, from your point of view, must certainly be targeted at the target audience. Speaking specifically, as a rule, a new business needs to be opened in the most popular areas: trade, services, catering, small-scale production, agriculture and, if there are appropriate prerequisites for this in your area, tourism.

Now let's look at the most “working” business ideas. In a small town, as mentioned above, their choice, so to speak, is not so great, but it still exists. In what we will try to convince you.


Naturally, this is the first thing that comes to mind to everyone who racks their brains over solving a difficult problem on the topic: "What kind of business can be opened in a small town." Let's make a reservation right away. It is quite understandable that any large supermarket offering the consumer goods at reduced prices will be in demand. And even if there are ten of them in your city, the eleventh (say, yours) will still make a profit. But the opening of such an enterprise requires a colossal initial investment, which a novice provincial businessman does not have. And most likely it never will. But a small grocery kiosk selling essential goods, cigarettes, beer, etc., will certainly be profitable. Even if it is located in the wilderness or on the outskirts. In addition, you do not need to discount such a type of activity as off-site trade. This, believe me, is an extremely profitable business in a small town. Residents of the surrounding villages will look forward to the arrival of your car shop, since today not every small settlement has its own shop.


Residents of any city want to be not only well-fed, but also beautiful, so the influx of customers, even despite the presence of competition (which, of course, will be), is guaranteed to you. Especially after a while, when you build up a reputation. And who knows, perhaps over time it will be possible to expand your enterprise by opening a modern and equipped beauty salon on the basis of a small hairdresser.

Few of today's people would not want to run their own business in order not to work for hire. Not only young people dream about this, but also people of quite solid age who already have a certain experience, means and desire. Both of them need to know the best business ideas of 2021-2021 in order to choose an occupation based on them not only for money, but also for the soul. In addition, the very study of ideas for business can push you to create something completely new and very profitable in the future.

Small classification of niche varieties for business

It is clear that a business can be small, medium, large and even international. Here we are talking about the fact that the same small store of farm goods and the supplier of agricultural products to chain hypermarkets can have one basis. No one bothers to open your own shop and get a chance to grow into a large agricultural holding over time.

In fact, there are only three business niches:

  • Services.
  • Trade.
  • Production.

Either people who are completely inexperienced in economics, or highly specialized people who want to highlight accents, for the sake of these nuances, will argue with this. Moreover, business ideas with minimal investment often imply services and small trade.

Small town ideas

The first thing to properly evaluate when starting a business in small towns is low purchasing power. For small businesses, it is almost unimportant whether it is trade, services or manufacturing. At the beginning of the formation of work, a small entrepreneur will not be able to economically transport far the produced goods or overbought products, which means that they will have to be sold on the spot. The same applies to certain services, because it is unlikely that assistance in transplanting large garden plants for landscape design will be fully in demand in a small settlement.

Therefore, in addition to various small outlets and services, you can try to do a distance business. It could be:

  • Online consultation portal.
  • Remote accounting services.
  • Text, video and photo agency.
  • Pre-order rare goods delivery business.
  • Creating a landing page or a classic online store.
  • Maintenance of sites of a certain subject with earnings on advertising.

Also, for a small town and even a small village, a conditionally information business is suitable. In essence, it is a hybrid of trade and service. T. information service is being sold. The topic can be anything from rolling salads for the winter to identifying engine malfunctions by the sound of its operation. In a small town, it is difficult to sell information directly to people themselves, but the presence of the Internet allows you to find buyers outside your community.

Many people mistakenly believe that it is profitable to do business only in big cities. But the needs of all people are similar, the population in all places needs the same services and entertainment.

In business technology, a "small town" is a settlement with a population of up to 100 thousand people. According to statistics, more than 80% of Russian cities fall into this category, so the prospects for the development of small businesses in small towns are enormous and have many advantages.

As a rule, in small cities the competition is much lower than in large ones, and some areas of activity are not covered at all.

The costs of developing a business in a small town are much less than in a big one: it’s cheaper to rent space, it’s easier to get a loan, it’s cheaper to launch an advertising campaign, advertising is much more efficient than in a large city. Often, the so-called word of mouth is sufficient: residents of small settlements learn local news not from the Internet, television and newspapers, but from friends and acquaintances.

What kind of business to do in a small town?

Which business is better for a small town

As a rule, local residents, who are well acquainted with the peculiarities of conditions, infrastructure, and know the needs of the population, start their business in small towns.

The first step is to assess what services a small city needs, what exactly is missing, what business will be the most demanded and profitable. It's best if you are the first to provide certain services or entertainment in a small town. Lack of competition will help the fast and successful business development.

It is important to consider all the specifics. As a rule, residents of small settlements have a low income. It is unprofitable to provide expensive high-end services that will rarely be in demand (for example, plastic surgery).

The demand for everyday services and goods (food, car washes, hairdressers, dentistry, tailoring and repair shops) in small towns is as constant as in large settlements. But, most likely, all this is already in the proper quantity, and it makes sense to open a food store, a hairdresser only if they are not in the area and you are sure that there will be demand.

Since the reputation of a businessman is especially important in a small town, make sure that the quality of services and goods is always high. It is better to find suppliers nearby, in the same city or small neighboring ones, but not in megacities, it will cost more.

What business ideas for a small town are time-tested and actually work? This question interests many people who live in a small city and want to start their own business. Consider which business niches are relevant in small towns and which projects can be profitable.

Cons of starting a business in a small town

What pitfalls can you find when starting a business project in a small town? The first thing that can hinder the development of your project is a small number of clients. In small towns, the population size differs significantly from this indicator in the megalopolis. Because of this, at a potential outlet, the passability will be noticeably lower.

Small salaries are considered the next disadvantage. The less residents of the city in which you start a business receive, the less they are able to spend. Therefore, the implementation of some overly expensive and exclusive products or services is automatically deleted from the list of suitable ideas for a startup.

Pros of starting a business in a small town

The first plus is the low cost of renting the premises. As a rule, in big cities the rental prices are fabulous. Therefore, renting a room in a small town is much easier, and reducing costs will have a positive effect on the further development of the business.

A small town can be competitive if you choose the right type of activity.

The question of personnel also depends on the type of activity you plan to engage in. Not all areas require qualified employees, whose work should be paid at a high level. There are many types of businesses that simply require labor. Due to the fact that in this case serious requirements are not imposed on employees, their wages are low.

Profitable types of business in a small town

One of the interesting small business ideas is opening a car wash. In any city, even a small one, there are a lot of cars. Therefore, car wash services are always in stable demand. The initial investment in this case is small due to the fact that the area of ​​a standard car wash is not very large, workers are paid moderately, and the equipment is relatively inexpensive. To make your car wash cost-effective, choose a prime location for it. An additional plus will be the round-the-clock work of the institution.

Another promising option for starting a small business is a computer services salon. These services are relevant anytime, anywhere. Now it is difficult to find a place where there would be no computers at all. Even in many villages, computerization is developed, and even more so in small towns. A small salon that provides computer repair services, refueling printers, Internet access, scanning, printing from electronic media, etc. will be in stable demand. In addition, in such a salon you can sell equipment and accessories related to computers: mice, keyboards, musical equipment, laptop stands, microphones, etc.

Shoe repair is a proven small business idea. Any small city where the income of the population is not very large, and people do not have the opportunity to throw out spoiled shoes by buying a new one, will make this idea almost a win-win. If you find a good master who will do his job with high quality, then this will replace the cost of advertising. In this case, the principle of "word of mouth" works. If you initially manage to attract the attention of even a small number of customers and they are satisfied, then rumors of a good reputation for the workshop will spread very quickly. Customers generally choose not to change shoe repairmen. In addition, clients will "advertise" your services by bringing in friends. Within a month, this business can fully pay off.

These business ideas for a small city are quite simple and do not require large investments. The main thing is to intelligently analyze which area will be relevant in a particular city. The success of your small business will depend entirely on your ingenuity and the effort you put in.

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