What business can you open for 100,000 rubles

What business can you open for 100,000 in order to get a good income in the coming months?

Own atelier: sewing new clothes, repairing old ones

Today there are very few ateliers that could offer such services as tailoring modern and high-quality clothes to order, repairing old clothes. This niche for the formation of their own entrepreneurship is practically free. Therefore, having experience in the sewing business and for starting at least 100 thousand rubles, you can completely organize your business in this direction.

Initially, it is possible to start a sewing business in your own apartment. Therefore, all expenses will go towards the purchase of the necessary equipment and tools. You can declare your own business in order to attract customers through your relatives, acquaintances, by placing an advertisement in print, pasting it on notice boards in residential areas, and posting it on the Internet.

Real Estate Agency

Having such a sum and experience in real estate activity, you can organize a real estate agency. This business is associated with the provision of services to the population for the rental of inexpensive quality housing. Equity capital up to 100,000 rubles. is necessary to open an office, which is recommended to be located in crowded places.

Today, we have few specialists in this service sector, so real estate services are in high demand on the market.

Ceramic photo printing

Everyone is capable of learning the art of photo printing, and not so much money is needed to purchase equipment to promote your own business. This direction has great prospects in the future. Subsequently, the business can be expanded at the expense of the profits earned and apply photo printing to a wide variety of products. For several years of work, a small business can really be promoted to a significant scale: to open, for example, a design studio.

Shop on Wheels

To organize mobile trade, you will need to draw up a certain list of permits, purchase for 100 thousand rubles. goods and you can start trading on wheels.

Beginning entrepreneurs who have a small start-up capital in their hands cannot always figure out what kind of business they can do. The article discusses business ideas that can be implemented, having on hand from 100 to 200 thousand rubles.

Catering and everything related to it

The catering industry is one of the most popular and demanded niches among small businesses. In most cases, to work in it, it is required to obtain permits from supervisory authorities - the fire service, Rospotrebnadzor. But having overcome all the difficulties, one can hope for a stable and high income.

Selling Hot Dogs

Fast food is in great demand among modern citizens. Cooking hot dogs does not require special skills and abilities. This is a simple bun with sausage, mayonnaise, ketchup and various spices and seasonings. Success will depend on the following factors:

  • the quality of the products sold;
  • the correct choice of the outlet;
  • the level of service;
  • the catchiness of the sign.

Before you can start trading, you will need to obtain permission from the Sanitary and Epidemiological Station. For work, you will also need a special seller card. It will be possible to sell only those products that are displayed in the assortment list. For work, you will need special racks for preparing hot dogs.

Popcorn vending machines

This option for selling popcorn allows you to increase your profit level by saving money on wages. Vending machines are self-service machines. It will only be necessary to make sure that they are not empty, that they work properly, and that they have money for exchange. It makes sense to place machines in the following places:

  • in cinemas (if the cinema itself does not sell popcorn);
  • in crowded parks;
  • in amusement parks;
  • in zoos;
  • in water parks;
  • in entertainment and shopping centers.

Private entrepreneurship is a fairly profitable and promising area of ​​activity. You don't have to have millions to start your own business. What business can be opened for 100 thousand rubles, we will try to figure it out in this article.

Cheese production

If you are looking for options of which business to open for 100,000 rubles, pay attention to the production of cheese. This product is very popular in our country and abroad, so a mini-cheese dairy will bring a good income.

This business can be entered literally from scratch. At the start, it is enough to purchase inexpensive equipment and rent a small room. Over time, if all goes well, the business can expand. In addition, you can organize your own livestock farm, which will supply raw materials for production. Do you want to know which business brings in 100,000 rubles a month? Get involved in cheese making or stew production. This popular product will provide you with a high stable income.

Honey packaging

To sell honey at a good price, you need to pack it, pack it and find buyers. The cost of a prepackaged product is 30-60% higher than that of bulk honey, so packaging can be profitable. The most important thing is to find reliable distribution channels and product suppliers. Opening such a business for 100,000 rubles is quite realistic. A small enterprise equipped with semi-automatic equipment processes 1 ton of honey per shift. If you want to save money, you can manually fill the honey at first. Over time, you can purchase all the equipment you need to increase the productivity of your business.

Soft ice cream trade

Ice cream is bought all year round, but the greatest demand for it is observed in summer. If you want to open a business with a budget of 100,000 rubles, buy a soft ice cream freezer and register as an individual entrepreneur. Such a business will bring you a good profit, because ice cream is loved not only by children, but also by adults.

The outlet should be located in a public place. Equip it with colorful display cases and an eye-catching sign. The profitability of such a business reaches 40-50%. The initial investment can be returned in 6 months.


In order to open a smokehouse, you first need to rent a room. It should be located away from residential buildings. Do not forget that serious requirements are imposed on the premises, especially from the outside. Equipment for a small smokehouse will cost 20 thousand rubles. The main costs are renting premises and purchasing raw materials. Such a business pays off with an investment of 100,000 rubles in just a few months.

Food delivery

It seems that to start any business you need to own impressive capital. But is it realistic to open your own business for 100,000 rubles? We present to your judgment a few business ideas that should not be taken as a guide to action, but are good starting points for thinking. It is necessary to immediately take into account that it is necessary to occupy the area in which the entrepreneur is more or less versed. Experienced businessmen do not recommend focusing solely on high profitability. For example, it is now very profitable to connect your business with IT, but if you do not understand much in modern technologies, then it is better not to get involved in this topic. Fortunately, there are at least a dozen options to open your own business with a budget of only 100 thousand.

Public catering and restaurant business

If the start-up capital is limited (and 100 thousand rubles by the standards of large businessmen is a small amount), then you can open a small coffee shop or start producing food. This direction always remains in demand, so it is necessary to focus only on the local presence of competitors.

You won't believe it, but a shawarma stall near the metro in Moscow can bring up to a million rubles in revenue per month, or about 700 thousand rubles in net profit.

In a small town it is better to open a coffee shop, as there is a fairly cheap rental price for real estate, in larger ones it is better to start producing food, namely, agricultural products. The latter is more relevant for owners of private houses with small adjoining land plots.

  • quail eggs;
  • homemade kvass;
  • mineralized water;
  • greens (dill, fresh onions, parsley);
  • strawberries (especially good earnings are obtained in the winter season, when the price of 1 kilogram reaches 600 - 700 rubles).

Opening coffee shops in large cities now is not the best option due to high competition. If you really want to create an institution, it is better to make it thematic.

For example, targeted only at gamers. True, opening a gaming club will require about 150,000 thousand rubles, since it is necessary to purchase rather expensive game consoles, plasma TVs or projectors.

Small cafes with cats are gaining popularity in European countries, where you can play with animals or just feed them something delicious.

Video: top business ideas with minimal investment

Business for 100 thousand rubles - 3 steps, how to start + 14 ideas in various spheres of life.

Do you have a small start-up capital, but at the same time you want to break out of the routine of being at your unloved job every day and start your own business?

Many will say that this is impossible, that huge "money" is needed to open your own business.

But what you really need is a head, the ability to take risks and a willingness to work.

Business for 100 thousand rubles is a common practice of many entrepreneurs who were not afraid and just started doing something.

Even with such an amount, believe me, you can achieve multimillion-dollar turnovers as a result.

Microbusiness for a thousand rubles: what is it?

In our countries, microbusiness is a relatively new concept, although this phenomenon has existed for a long time.

Freelancers, those who work from home, earn from their hobby - these are its outstanding representatives.

Thus, microbusiness is characterized by minimal investment and work built on the personal schedule of everyone.

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