Village business ideas from scratch

The widespread opinion that it is difficult or problematic to open a business in a village from scratch is rather just a delusion. Today this area is much more dynamically developing than business in an urban environment. Here are some tips to help you decide where to start a village business.

Ideas for business in the countryside can be divided into several conditional areas:

  • livestock business and products of its processing;
  • business related to the cultivation of vegetable crops;
  • so-called green tourism, the main idea of ​​which is to attract tourists to the village;
  • service sector.

Let's talk about each of these areas in more detail.


Cattle breeding

Raising livestock for slaughter is one of the most common areas of village business. Both large livestock (cows, sheep) and small livestock (poultry) are raised.

  • lack of seasonality, you can get a constant income all year round. Food is not the direction that Russians save on, even in difficult times;
  • does not require a lot of cash injections. Livestock is unpretentious in food and living conditions, it is easy to take care of it;
  • the possibility of organizing a full-cycle agricultural business, namely raising livestock for meat and milk, as well as raising fodder for it.

  • requires a lot of work, at least several people are needed to care for livestock and sell meat;
  • the payback period for this business is at least three to four years.

Fur sale

This service sector can also be attributed to one of the most profitable businesses in the countryside. It is distinguished by both high profitability, low competition, and a large coverage of territories. These can be Russian clients - ateliers, fur stores, and foreign ones.

The main disadvantage is the impossibility of running this business all year round. The problem is that the main season for fur is winter, and it is required to keep and feed the animals all year round. Moreover, some of them require special conditions of detention, such as the muskrat.

Rabbit breeding

In cities, the most profitable and popular niches for business have already been mastered and occupied. Even with the initial capital, it is not easy to develop to the level of payback - at every turn, competitors strive to cut you down.

That is why more and more start-up entrepreneurs are turning their eyes to the countryside - there is space, there is no end to it, there is where to turn around and pick up decent speed.

With you Denis Kuderin - expert of the magazine "HeatherBober" on financial issues. I will tell you what a business in a village in modern Russia is, what agricultural sectors are most profitable for investment, and how to competently conduct a business in a rural area so as not to burn out.

Business in the countryside or how to get rich outside the city

There is a persistent misconception that doing business in the countryside is more difficult than in the city. In reality, a much larger number of projects started from scratch pay off in rural areas. At the same time, the costs of organizing and running a business are an order of magnitude lower - if only because land, labor and resources are cheaper here.

Investment in agriculture is a promising and long-term investment that is almost independent of fashion trends in the economy and market fluctuations. The land and what it gives are enduring values ​​that people will always need. Even the most advanced technologies cannot replace meat, bread and milk.

Developing agriculture is not only beneficial, but also beneficial for the development of the economy. In the context of the crisis and constant sanctions, Russia is more and more oriented towards the domestic market, which means that the products produced in the country will be more and more in demand every year.

At the same time, you need to understand that manufacturing industries, by definition, cannot bring quick profits. This is not stock trading or even an online store that pays off in 4-6 months.

Business in the countryside - for those who count on the long term. After all, crops, poultry and livestock must first be grown and only then sold.

I will list all the advantages of doing business in rural areas:

  • relatively low competition - the number of farms in Russia is not yet large enough to fully supply the domestic market with products;
  • the state supports farmers - they take less taxes from them , grants and subsidies are allocated for the development of the agricultural sector;
  • the cost of natural products is constantly growing - people take care of their health and prefer healthy domestic products to imported ones;
  • lower tariffs for electricity and others resources - for example, in the Novosibirsk region the difference in tariffs between town and country is 25%;
  • a more favorable environmental situation - clean air, no chemicals in products, etc.

And if in the field of industrial goods almost all profitable niches are already occupied, then in agriculture for people who are enterprising and energetic - expanse. And then, agricultural products are needed by the population all year round, which means there will never be a shortage in the sales market.

Low competition, availability of raw materials, benefits - a business in a village has many advantages. In addition to the well-known milk production, there are dozens of other options for different budgets and life experiences.

From this article you will learn the latest business ideas for the countryside and the countryside. You will understand how to get your favorite business, fresh air and money in one bottle.

Production of medicinal herbs

The herbal farming business is a promising area because the demand for herbal medicines and teas is high and the competition is low. Be sure to study the characteristics of the soil and climate in your area. What exactly to grow? If you are new to this business, choose the most unpretentious plants:

  • calendula ;
  • chamomile;
  • hops;
  • mother-and- stepmother;
  • yarrow;
  • licorice.

Initial costs (per 1 ha of land) are 50 thousand rubles, and the net profit per month is 75-150 thousand rubles. depending on the type of plant you choose.

Collection of medicinal herbs

If a small business in the village for growing herbs is not available to you due to lack of funds, try collecting. It will be enough to buy packing equipment, which costs about 20 thousand rubles, and spend your personal time.

By supplying products to tea producers, markets and individuals via the Internet, it is possible to actually earn up to 100 thousand rubles per season. Agree, quite a successful business in the countryside.

However, you need to be well versed in herbs and know where they grow. It is difficult to achieve supplies to pharmaceutical plants: there products are controlled for the content of heavy metals and radionuclides.

Growing carnivorous plants

If you're still looking for an idea of ​​what kind of business you can open in the village, pay attention to the plants that eat insects. Such products are eagerly bought by botanical gardens, flower shops and private exotic lovers.

Many people have doubts about the fact that living in a village can become a very successful entrepreneur. However, as practice shows, a business built in a rural area develops quickly, without special financial investments and is always favorable. In this article, we will present you with several interesting options for what kind of business you can open in the village. By the way, according to experts, it is better for beginners to initially try their hand in the villages, and not in megacities, where the level of competition is very high.

Fish farming

What do each of us associate the village with? Picturesque nature, fertile fields, gardens, ponds and rivers. All this beauty is simply created by nature in order to fish. And for those who are looking for a business to start in the village from scratch, fishing can become a stable source of income. In the countryside, you can breed carp. You can actually buy their fry, or catch them in a pond, or grow them in an aquarium. If you want to make a profit as soon as possible, then immediately purchase two-year-old carp.

Now let's figure out in detail how to start a business in a village related to fish farming. Needed:

This is a great idea of ​​what kind of business to open in the village. For its implementation, you can use a conventional fiberglass pool. Experienced entrepreneurs in this direction argue that fry launched into the water in March can already weigh 1.5 kg in December.

For start-up capital, you will need approximately 100,000 rubles. In 3 years (this is exactly how much it takes to grow carp for sale), you will have 500,000 kg of fish. If you sell all this amount at 60 rubles per 1 kg, you can earn 3 million rubles.

Home hairdresser

What is needed to implement such a business idea without investment from scratch 2021 in the village:

  • Purchase professional equipment and tools for work (this usually costs the most);
  • Take training courses in hairdressing, if there is no special education. They last at least 3 months. To speed up the learning process, you can additionally watch a video of village business ideas from scratch. On the Internet, a large number of master classes on creating hairstyles are presented.

At the first stages of developing your business, you will need to create a customer base. To do this, you need to think over a system of promotions and discounts that always intrigue people.

In addition to making money on haircuts and hairstyles, in the future you can get a good income from creating makeup. For this, of course, you will also have to undergo training from stylists and makeup artists. You can also earn extra money by selling cosmetics that are affordable for rural residents.

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in the interest of entrepreneurs in agriculture. There are three reasons for this: constant demand for products, active government support and a high level of competition in cities. It is logical to assume that in rural areas, all novice businessmen face the same problem: what exactly should you do in order to count on a steady income?

It is possible to determine the prospects of a business idea in a village from scratch only after studying the market and determining the categories of goods in greatest demand. At the same time, the preferences of the target audience should be taken into account: in rural areas, the price is a significant argument for consumers, while sales in neighboring large cities are better based on the concept of naturalness and organic origin of products.

The implementation of any business idea for a village and countryside from scratch in Russia should be preceded by the development of a business plan, including not only an optimistic, but also a pessimistic option. The need to miscalculate an unfavorable scenario is justified by the risks accompanying agricultural activities - the likelihood of drought, crop failure, epidemics among animals, and pest infestations. The success of a business is determined by how well all such options for the development of an enterprise will be worked out.

Farming as a business

To calculate the total amount of investments, for each type of activity you need to draw up a business plan with calculations, since you can open your own farm for raising pigs or cows from scratch for 3–6 million rubles, a poultry farm - for 1, 2-1.6 million rubles, and an apiary - for 500-750 thousand rubles. In general, the agricultural business includes many areas:

  • Livestock. Breeding pigs, cows, sheep, horses on an industrial scale requires a significant amount of start-up capital;
  • Poultry farming. It means keeping chickens, geese, ducks, quails, pheasants and even ostriches. When studying which business is profitable to open in the village, it should be borne in mind that this direction is characterized by high profitability;
  • Aquaculture. Includes breeding of various types of fish (carp, crucian carp, pike, trout, sturgeon) and crustaceans (narrow-clawed, Australian crayfish and shrimp) in open water or in closed water installations;
  • Beekeeping. In the presence of certain natural resources in the district (gardens, fields, meadows), it is a promising type of activity;
  • Cultivation of grain crops (barley, wheat, corn, soybeans);
  • Cultivation of vegetables and greens (potatoes, beets, tomatoes, garlic, onions);
  • Gardening and floriculture, growing berries (strawberries, raspberries);
  • Viticulture. Quite a specific type of activity, characterized by a long payback period;
  • Growing mushrooms (champignons, oyster mushrooms, truffles and others). When considering how to make a business in a village from scratch, you should pay attention to this way of generating income.

Carp farming

Speaking about possible areas of entrepreneurial activity in agriculture, one cannot fail to mention aquaculture: to equip a fish farm does not require high-tech technologies and significant investments. Under such conditions, it becomes popular to breed carp in a pond in the country at home as a business, which is primarily due to the peculiarities of keeping this type of fish:

Considering how to start a business from scratch in a village, the fish farm project includes the arrangement of an artificial reservoir with an area of ​​up to 100 m² and a depth of up to 2 m. If the size of the site allows, it is advisable to dig several such pools for spawning, growing fry , maintenance of adults and wintering: the construction costs of each will amount to 50-70 thousand rubles.

Blooming and pollution of ponds with carp waste products can lead to the death of the herd. To avoid unpleasant consequences, such a business idea in the village involves the purchase of filters, pumps, aerators, sterilizers, oxidizers and measuring equipment. A set for servicing each reservoir will cost 75-85 thousand rubles.

In the question of what kind of profitable business can be opened in the village, it should be borne in mind that the first income from carp farming will be received only in a year. With a market price of 120-150 rubles per kilogram of live weight, this amount will be 330-360 thousand rubles.

Breeding crayfish

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