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Today we bring to your attention an article on the topic: "creative business ideas". We tried to fully disclose the topic and explain everything in an accessible language. You can ask all your questions in the comments to the article. Our expert will promptly answer them.

It is well known that in the system of a market economy, hired personnel receive a minimum income. The owner of the enterprise takes the lion's share of the profit. Therefore, millions of people today are striving to open their own business.

Creative ideas for business

Most start-up entrepreneurs face typical problems: high competition in profitable sectors, lack of start-up capital or influential support, corruption. The solution can be an original idea that reveals a niche in which no one has worked before. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to invest big money in the start. In the United States, Europe, Japan and even Russia, where entrepreneurial thinking is not yet so deeply rooted, you can find thousands of firms with billions of dollars in turnover that started with just a few dollars. Apple's story is a prime example.

The article presents several successful business cases that work exclusively due to the non-standard thinking of their creators. All of them do not require a lot of investment and they can and should be used.

Idea of ​​Sewing women's tops or original slippers

Thanks to celebrities flashing in tops on screens and fashionable photosets, this accessory has become incredibly popular among the beautiful half of humanity. Especially among young girls. Simply put, you have millions of potential customers given that you can sell finished products through social media.

To get started, you don't need to rent a huge room and office, buy a bunch of tools and hire staff. A sewing machine, supplies, a little imagination and skill - that's all you need. The profitability of the business can reach 1000%, since the prime cost of the top is relatively low, and it can be sold at several times more expensive. But, of course, you need to have a certain skill and experience here.

Sewing original house slippers

Slippers are a slightly different story. Everyone needs them. But now everyone wants original slippers. And here again creativity comes to your rescue. Develop an original idea for slippers and you will earn some pretty decent money. The cost of their production is no more than a women's top.

Idea Sewing or printing of individual cases for portable equipment

In the modern world it is more and more difficult to find a person who would not own a smartphone, laptop or tablet. At the same time, few people are satisfied with them, in general, the same type. Many would like to stand out from the gray mass. This can be done thanks to the original case, which would be specially sewn for the owner of the portable equipment.

To select a suitable and rather unusual business idea for starting your own business, let's look at what they are and where they come from.

How start-ups are born

Their main sources are hobbies, their own or other people's needs, as well as attempts to improve someone else's idea. That is, to take a certain project, "bring to mind" and adapt to your own needs.

Another winning option is to remember the well-forgotten old. Having rummaged in the archive of ideas and fished out from there something worthwhile, but undeservedly forgotten, many contemporaries were able to establish a more than profitable business.

The basic principle of every successful entrepreneur is to do what you love and manage to make profit from it. Almost any hobby, subject to a serious passion for it, can develop into a full-fledged business. To do this, you should think about what benefits it can bring to others. In this case, an easy correction of the idea or work in a similar direction is possible. Business training in this case is quite easy and natural.

The classic way is to analyze what the surrounding reality lacks for you or your loved ones. It was with this approach that a huge number of useful little things appeared, without which we now cannot imagine everyday life. Another good option is to copy someone else's business idea. For example, you have come to visit relatives in another city and suddenly you see something that is not in your native places. For example, a bright and cheerful playground on the territory of a shopping center. Why not organize something like this at your local supermarket? Unusual small business ideas sometimes literally roll underfoot.

For about a month, ask yourself the following question - what inconvenience people are experiencing, what do they need right now, how can I use it? Think about it always and everywhere - being in society, observing the life and daily affairs of acquaintances and strangers. This is where the basics of business learning begin.

Let's start thinking about the project

Start "Brainstorming" by making two lists - what you are competent in (what you know, can, can organize) and a list of things and hobbies that can bring you true joy. Be as honest as possible, delve into your memory - what exactly did you like to do from your youth, what did you dream about when you were young? All activities that arouse interest and attention, carefully write down on paper.

When both lists are ready, select one item from the first one in turn and try it on to each position of the second. We carefully and critically examine the resulting combinations. What can they give? Do not be lazy to mark each option you find. At the same time, do not forget about the basic principle of brainstorming - we write everything down, but so far we do not analyze anything. Now our job is to record all the thoughts that have come to mind. If necessary, we involve friends or colleagues in the process.

The next step is to analyze and carefully select the recorded information. To assess how effective our new and unusual business idea will be, you should think about a whole host of factors, namely:

1. Will this offer be in demand?

2. What kind of resources will the project require?

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Creative ideas for business from scratch." We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

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Absurd business ideas, crazy for a year How to make money on absurdity and is it even possible?

Absurd business ideas. How to make money off the absurd and is it even possible in a year?

Business ideas that seem ridiculous, funny or scary at first glance, in fact, bring in a very good income for their creators. Variants of an absurd, but profitable and working business, we want to offer you.

A startup is a responsible procedure. However, there were those who managed to approach the problem of easy legal earnings creatively and with humor. Moreover, such people have earned millions without much effort. Even children are among these craftsmen! The girl came up with a pain-free plaster cast removal lotion and secured her future.

A selection of creative absurd ideas will help you tune in to the creative wave and have some fun. But in such ideas, the main thing is their correct embodiment and correctly set priorities.

Not even the product itself is important, but its non-standard packaging, attracting the attention of the consumer and competent marketing, even in the most delusional business, brought to the point of absurdity.

Enterprising Americans have literally made money out of the air - they sell oxygen in sealed cans. But this is a special air - collected in ecologically clean areas. It is also proposed to buy a ghost in a bottle, and the creator of such "home ghosts" will never go to work - he has ensured himself a completely comfortable existence.

As you know, the main generators of "crazy business ideas" are young people who live in the West. Residents of Russia are used to thinking soberly, and the very idea of ​​earning money on something funny or absurd scares us.

However, it is worth taking a closer look at such ideas. So, translating from a canine into a human language or growing fangs brought real profits to the prospectors. Many adolescents, and even mature informal people, will not refuse to change their appearance - to grow fangs and scare others with them, or to purchase an unusual decoration from banknotes. Stores selling zombie bullets or making clothes or vinyl from the ashes of a dead relative are odd but lucrative.

Dog sunglasses and jewel-encrusted designer collars are all the rage for pets. Although at first glance, the idea is more than strange.

Is it possible to prosper and be successful just through your ideas? Yes - at least in the so-called creative economy. For creative people, there is not only an opportunity to flourish in this system, but the system itself is built on the exchange and implementation of their ideas.

Author John Hawkins, who has written several books on the creative economy over the past 15 years, defined it as an economy that "deals with ideas and money."

In this economy, the main commodities are imagination, ingenuity and innovation. The more these goods a person or organization has, the higher their value. Compare this to a manufacturing economy, where production, trade and consumer demand are the main factors affecting value. In a creative economy, the strength and uniqueness of your idea matters more than the productivity of your production line.

Given how organizations like the UN and the Inter-American Development Bank try to define and measure the creative economy, it is important to understand how it works and what role we play in it.

Why is the creative economy important?

Despite its name, the creative economy is not limited to specific creative fields. This concept can be applied wherever value is measured in terms of innovation and ideas. However, most often this applies to the fields of art, design, entertainment, media and culture.

There are several reasons why the creative economy is important today, even for those whose professions are far removed from the profession of an artist or other traditional creative pursuit. First of all, modern Internet technologies allow people to quickly and cheaply launch and promote their ideas, regardless of origin and financial condition. For example, business practices such as the Lean Startup shorten the business cycle by allowing it to launch products and services as quickly as possible.

Events such as Startup Weekend and a variety of hackathons encourage participants to release MVP in a matter of days or hours, while at the same time creating conditions for creative people to collaborate with each other in this short period of time. Whether your idea is a simple blog or an online software package, it can be tested and launched today in a faster and more cost-effective manner than it was ten or twenty years ago.

Learn more about different approaches for lean startups:

Also, many repetitive, simple actions today can be automated. Experts estimate that by 2021 the global market will lose about 5 million jobs. According to the same study, the main skill that will become increasingly important during this time will be the ability to learn, which includes creativity, the ability to reason and flexibility in cognition. This means that employees who want to remain competitive in the near future will need to be creative, among other things.

For this reason, it becomes more important for skilled workers to be able to compete in a creative economy where their ideas can be quickly translated into reality and skills cannot be automated. It is easy to determine that creative industries such as art, design and culture will thrive in this economy, but technical skills will play a critical role.

In the creative economy, it is more valuable how unique and innovative your idea is than the shape of your creative product. In other words, the value of a sculptor who does not use an advanced approach may in the end be less than the value of a programmer who creates a simple technical solution to an important world problem.

How to Succeed in the Creative Economy

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