The recipe for a successful business: a creative idea, a competent plan

The constant increase in business space, expanding the range of opportunities and prospects are a favorable factor for creating your own production. For a new business to be successful, it needs the potential to implement ideas. With some experience in conducting financial affairs, taking into account modern technology and fashion trends, you can achieve significant business success. New business ideas can give you financial independence!

For example, in 2021 the popularity of frameless furniture increased. A comfortable soft armchair not only adjusts to the position of the body, relaxing a person, but also has a beautiful shape and color, representing a noticeable detail of the interior. Making furniture without a frame can be a good source of income. In addition to aesthetics, frameless furniture is convenient in everyday life - it is suitable for any small-sized home and is quite mobile. In addition, the absence of sharp corners makes it safe furniture for a child's room.

Where to get ideas for your business?

In general, any new original business ideas arise spontaneously, practically "out of nothing." So, watching any informative TV show, entertaining news in the press, or just a conversation with a casual interlocutor can serve as an impetus for generating business ideas. In a conversation with a stranger, you can find out more about the shortage of a particular product or service, which will lead you to the idea of ​​making up for their shortage.

The creativity of ideas depends on the education, experience and inner mood of the person himself. New directions in business can be very different - from the provision of psychological assistance to the construction of country cottages. But no matter what method of self-profit you choose, without clear calculation and planning, a successful business may not be.

For example, the idea of ​​making frameless furniture is aimed at young people who are alien to conservatism and prejudice. Here, the original shape or color of the product can serve as an impetus for an impulse purchase.

Phased implementation of a new business idea

Stage I

The initial stage includes the formation of an idea and determination of the direction of commercial activity. What will your new business be like? For ourselves, we have already chosen the production of frameless furniture from scratch.

Stage II

  • development of a business plan;
  • market analysis and calculation of the company's profitability;
  • assessment of financial capabilities and the most rational ways to obtain a loan; <
  • legal basis for conducting commercial activities (LLC, MP, JSC or cooperative).

According to preliminary estimates, our mini furniture production is 30-40% profitable. Having calculated the costs at the initial stage, before making a profit, we found out that you need to have at least $ 20 to start. 00. True, the calculations were carried out for the capital region - in the periphery, the start-up capital may be half as much, both due to differences in local legislation and in working conditions.

Obligatory expenditure - the cost of renting premises. Having found a good option for a room for the manufacture of furniture, you can significantly save on rent. However, you need to carefully consider all the benefits. For example, production in a garage may require modernization (insulation, additional electrical wiring) for comfortable activities.

Brief Investment Memorandum

2. Business idea: production

Description of business, product or service

The ChemRussia Group of Companies is one of the largest Russian manufacturers of cleaning chemicals that has been producing high-quality products under the Cobra ™ brand for 7 years. In 2021, ChemRussia opens franchised production facilities in the regions of Russia and the CIS, and within a year successfully launches 3 production facilities for cleaning products in Russia.

GK ChemRussia produces highly effective products that use:

  • cleaning companies (their number in Russia has reached more than 1000)
  • industrial and manufacturing enterprises;
  • hospitals;
  • childcare facilities;
  • livestock complexes;
  • construction companies.

  • Cleaning and maintenance agent for sanitary areas
  • Cleaning agent for leather goods
  • Chewing gum remover
  • Stain remover
  • Matt furniture polish
  • Furniture polish
  • Floor wax
  • Cleaning agent carpets
  • Cleaner for tiles and tiles
  • Cleaner for plumbing
  • Cleaner for equipment, containers and tools
  • Cleaner for for hand dishwashing
  • Means for cleaning smoking chambers, ovens, grills
  • Means for removing milk stone and mineral deposits
  • Means for CIP-washing of food equipment
  • Means for removing tartar
  • Means for technical cleaning of equipment, degreasing parts
  • Means for post-construction cleaning
  • Anti-adhesive agent
  • Universal water repellent
  • Universal antifoam
  • Means for washing tanks from oil and bitumen contamination
  • Means for cleaning cars, rolling stock
  • Means for cleaning facades
  • Liquid soap
  • Glass and mirror cleaner
  • Gel for dry closets
  • Cleaner for sewer pipes gel
  • Universal detergent
  • Universal detergent <
  • Floor cleaner
  • Floor cleaner
  • Floor cleaner

Benefits of Cobra ™ cleaning products

  • wide assortment (there are 34 products in the line - acid and alkaline detergents, disinfectants, liquid soap, etc.)
  • favorable prices;
  • prompt delivery of products;
  • convenient packaging;
  • the Cobra ™ brand has existed on the market for more than 7 years;
  • high product margins.

3. Analysis of sales markets

Professional cleaning is a whole industry today, where experts in the field of cleaning develop modern highly effective detergents, offer high-quality equipment and provide professional service.

Potential buyers:

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