The most unusual and original ideas for business

Someone dreams of finding the most original business idea, but practice shows that it is the use of someone else's experience that makes it possible to earn faster and more, and the most successful small business projects in Russia, as a rule, were spied on in the West - in America or Europe (and more recently in China).

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According to his mentality, a rich person possesses (as the people say "grasp") - this is primarily your conscious state, thanks to which you focus all your skills, connections, knowledge, abilities and, of course, cunning, for in order to reach your ultimate goal.

Goal setting can be safely attributed to a separate conversation, which you can read about in more detail on the pages of our site. In addition to luck, which is not always worth hoping for, you need, first of all, to decide on the chosen niche where you can feel comfortable when making money. This niche needs to be unique, competitive, and relevant.

Updated October 26, 2021

Decided to open your own business, but don't know what business idea to start with? Which occupation or craft is right for you?

If you are looking for interesting business ideas that will help you make your choice, then this article is just what you need. Here are 123 business ideas from a wide variety of areas: personalized services, retail, cleaning services, animal care, technology and more.

In this list, you will surely find the best business ideas that ideally meet your goals and requirements.

But before you dive headlong into this extensive list, we want to draw your attention to one question - if you don't have a logo or other elements of corporate identity yet, we recommend you an online logo generator called Logaster ...

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Home business ideas

Home Makeup

If you know how to emphasize the dignity of a person's appearance and work wonders with eyeshadow and lipstick, then why not monetize your talent? For less than $ 250-500, you can start your own makeup business from scratch. With a skillful approach, such an undertaking can turn into a rather lucrative part-time job.


In the modern world, people simply do not think about other types of business, few people can come up with original ideas. It seems that everything has been invented for a long time and it is simply impossible to discover something new, unusual. Of course, this is a misconception, and if you think through your business idea well, you can make a big profit with a minimum investment.

Ideas for starting a business from scratch

As we have already found out, despite the great competition and crisis, you can make money quite simply, the main thing is thinking outside the box. They began to introduce original ideas relatively recently, so the competition is minimal.

Of course, if you are reading this article, then you cannot come up with something interesting yourself. It is for such people that we have prepared several interesting and profitable areas of activity:

  • Psychological taxi. A new and unique business idea was invented in Sweden. The bottom line is this: a taxi drives around the city, if a call is received, then a driver and a psychologist come to the person. Throughout the trip, you can talk to him and discuss your problem. You pay only for travel, you do not need to pay for a consultation with a psychologist. This is great for people who have problems but can't go to the doctor because they don't have enough money for it. Within a few months, this taxi became very popular. They got a lot of customers who booked a car long distance to have as much discussion as possible. Such a business can be organized in any city in our country. In Russia, and especially in Moscow, it will also gain a lot of popularity. The profit will be quite large. But first you have to invest: buy or rent a car, hire a driver and a psychologist.
  • Fitness trainer at home. More recently, this new business has begun to develop in America. In this country, a huge number of people have problems with being overweight due to fast food. As a rule, such people want to lose weight, but they are too lazy to get off the couch and go to the gym. How was this idea implemented? Several people equipped the van for a gym. A person who wants to play sports orders a van. After a while, when he drives up, the person simply goes down to the street and enters the car. There he can work out with a coach for a couple of hours and go home. To realize this idea, you need to invest, since the van and all the equipment will be quite expensive. The profit will depend on the number of people interested.
  • Bad news service. It is quite difficult to tell your family about the unfortunate news of another person. The news of death, serious illness, or divorce is usually difficult to receive. And so a new business appeared - "Service of unpleasant news". Such news is reported by qualified psychologists who can immediately take control of a person and help him cope with emotions. This business is only gaining momentum. It began to spread throughout the world and will soon reach Russia. The costs will be minimal: doctors' salaries and advertising. The profit will not keep itself waiting long, as soon as people find out about you, a large number of customers will be drawn to you.
  • Shoes with a navigator. For travelers who often go to unfamiliar places, they came up with special shoes. A navigator was installed in it, it helps a person to reach their destination. How it works? If you go the wrong way, the left or right boot will vibrate, telling you to turn. These shoes are gaining popularity, but there are very few of them. If you are interested in this business, then you need to open a small factory where shoes will be created or modernized. Of course, the costs will be quite large, but there are many people who are ready to pay a rather large sum for such original shoes. Quite quickly, it will turn out to close all debts and go into a plus.

You can learn a few more interesting options from the following video:

Ideas with minimal investment

For such people, we have collected the most interesting and new ideas. They do not require any special material investments, but you need to think about how to implement them:

Read about whether it is profitable to open a travel agency now here.

Small town ideas

This is wrong. With a competent approach and thinking outside the box, you can make good money even in a small town. Let's see how you can do this:

We present you with a selection of the most interesting and profitable real business ideas with minimal investment. The article will be useful for people who are interested in the following questions: how to start a business, how to choose an idea for entrepreneurial activity, which small business ideas are the most profitable.

Content of the article:

With minimal investment

There are many areas of activity from scratch or with minimal investment. Here is a small list.

1. Various projects that can be organized on the Internet.

There are a lot of different unique ways to organize which require minimal investment, and some require no investment at all. Business on the Internet, the ideas of which are discussed here, are very popular and profitable. The most popular idea is to create a website itself.

For newcomers to the Internet Community in social networksEarn money on photobanksinformation businessalibi for unfaithful spousesFor those who have initial capitalDating projectinternet store

2. Services sector.

Once you decide to start your own public services firm, you can open just about anything. It all depends on your financial capabilities and on the market needs for your services.

Requiring minimal investment office cleaningBicycle salesBeauty salonSale of auto partsopening a fitness clubexotic hotelComputer and laptop repairwedding agencyopening a photo studioDress rentalSignificant financial costsOpening a vehicle inspection point asphalt production

Setting up your own business is sometimes not easy. In order to open a large production, enterprise or any other profitable business, it often takes a lot of money. Therefore, many people prefer to start their journey to heights at home. Some business ideas from scratch are easy to implement at home. And if you do everything right, over time you can get up well, get a decent income. After all, most of the well-known and successful businessmen started their business from scratch, and some even without money to start.

What business to start from scratch without money: creative ideas

There are many business options that you can create without money. Many of these ideas are great for implementing them at home. The options shown in the example below are suitable not only for women, but also for men.

Idea for business: organizing holidays from scratch

Creativity is often more developed in women. But men in this business can also become specialists. If we talk about holidays, then it always takes a lot of time and effort to decorate them. In addition, any celebration requires careful preparation. Most people prefer to pay money for organizing a holiday to specialists, rather than arrange it on their own. That is why such an idea, with the right approach, can turn into a successful and profitable business that does not require capital investment.

To start such a business, you need to decide in which direction you will work. There are several types of holidays:

  • Auctions, presentations, political gatherings - all this refers to solemn events;
  • Cultural events include various ceremonies, fashion shows, galleries;
  • Anniversaries, weddings and birthdays are family celebrations;
  • Various music parties and sporting events fall under the category of recreation.

Of these four areas, you need to choose only one and put all your energy into it.

After all, if you take on all categories at once, you will hardly be able to achieve good results in business. Holiday decoration services are in great demand, so it will not be difficult to find clients. The main thing is to organize your first order well. Then there is no need to advertise the business. Word of mouth will do its job and your business will go uphill.

Idea for business: collection and subsequent sale of medicinal herbs

  • Yarrow. Wholesale such herbs in dry form can be sold at a price of 300 rubles per kilogram;
  • Dry extract of elecampane root per kilogram costs 1350 rubles;
  • Licorice root is more expensive. For one kilogram, you can get 1,850 rubles.

Finding a sale of dried medicinal plants is easy. They can be taken at wholesale prices to pharmacies, specialty stores, pharmaceutical companies. When your business takes off, you can expand it a bit. For example, open an enterprise for the production of dry formulations for brewing tea drinks at home.

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