The most creative business ideas

What if an unloved job turns into a dull money making? Of course, you can do, as in the joke: "The mice cried, injected, but they continued to eat cacti." But, as a matter of fact, is it not for this reason that a person is given reason and free will, in order to choose? It is especially difficult to follow the "mouse method" for creative people, for whom routine is a heavenly punishment.

Why? A company without a brand is like a person without a passport. You can live, but the possibilities are limited.

Every brand has an emotional and functional side. More often than not, especially in the creative business, the emotional side provides much more value than the functional side:

  • the functional side is the need your brand satisfies;
  • the emotional side is what the customer thinks / feels when using your product.

When thinking about your future brand, look at it from all angles. The more thoughtful its functional component and the more emotions you can put into your product, the more profit you will receive.

So where to start building your brand? With a trademark? With a corporate identity? From the name? No, no and NO! You need to start by understanding three things: - Who are you? - What is your product / service? - Who is your client?

Identify your ideal customer

It is not enough to present the target audience in general terms. Only "tasty" and describing the client in detail, we can offer him something really worthwhile. Knowing our client "by sight", we represent his needs and opportunities, concerns, shortcomings.

Avoid the standard short definitions "rich", "middle class", "brides", "women", describe your target audience in as much detail as possible:

gender age religion marital status nationality profession, education annual income preferences / hobbies / hobbies how they spend their free time favorite brands (clothes, car, dishes, cellular communication, etc.) lifestyle

If you are just starting a business, the concept of the ideal customer may not yet be clear. Allow yourself to come up with a dream client, try to describe him and stick with this image for the first time.

Sometimes the strangest and even crazy ideas bring millions of fortunes. While you are amazed at the games of your own mind, people without prejudice embody their wildest fantasies. It turns out that non-standard thoughts visit many heads at the same time.

Another year has passed, during which such unusual business ideas have appeared in the world that it is sometimes difficult to even imagine. Most of the owners who own the ideas described below have become dollar millionaires.

If, as they say, you look closely, then there is nothing supernatural in these ideas, on the contrary, they are so banal that most people would not even think that it would be possible to make money on it. I won't bore you, but I'd rather go straight to the list of the most unusual business ideas of the year according to TimesNet magazine.

Elephant Washer

African coffins

But in Africa, craftsmen do not sit idle. They quite successfully create and export to Europe and the USA wooden coffins of various, even the most inconceivable shapes. From a cell phone model to a Ferrari coffin. The cost of the latter is about a thousand dollars.

Bow Adoption Business

46-year-old Connor (A yu Sarah Connor?) from Kent County, England, together with her friends, opened an agency that allows everyone to adopt pickled onions. Yes, at first my head got a little dim, and then for a few seconds a violent imagination painted a vivid picture of a happy family: father, mother, etc. pickled onion strolling in the park.

On the website of the adoptapickledonion agency. om it is proposed to choose a "baby", place an order and give "Cipollino" a decent life. After adoption, you will receive a certificate confirming the fact of adoption, a photo of your baby with a happy smile on his face and an indescribable sense of pride. By the way, adoption is not the cheapest. Everything costs about 8 euros, which is quite expensive for a pickled onion.

Crime Scene Cleaning

Murder Scene Mop Up, an Atlanta-based company, specializes in cleaning crime scenes. According to the founder of the company, this business idea is not very bright and interesting, in some cases you have to rip your brains off the walls in the literal sense of the word, but that is why the services provided by the company are in demand and the annual turnover is more than a million dollars.

Suicide Help

They have nothing to do with real life. They say that all these inventions and unusual steps cannot bring good profits and are just toys. Let's try to prove the opposite and tell you about ten ideas that also seemed interesting to many only on paper. And in the end, people have brought it all to life and make money.

Of course, some of the ideas presented, in principle, cannot bring a lot of money, but at least they will serve a good service for people, somewhere they will amuse them, somewhere they will make life a little more interesting.

"Damn heel!" - how often do we hear these words from girls who, in the heat of anger, express their emotions and curse their shoes. You know, heels are not very comfortable to walk, and running in them is just real torture. But what not to do in order to look beautiful.

Toronto-based entrepreneur Haley Coleman realized that most girls wear heels just for the initial effect. Then they get rid of them by any means. Haley launched shoes without a damn heel on the market and hit his target audience very well. The savvy businessman was able to appear on one of the Canadian TV shows and promote his product, thanks to which he raised an investment of $ 30 thousand.

Shoes are foldable, easily fit almost in pockets and elegantly fit under a pink or black handbag. These shoes are especially relevant for Mademoiselles who return home after a night out in a club. Successful business idea, successful development of events for a businessman.

In early 2021, the organization introduced a small "newborn warmer" that costs only $ 25. The heater is like a small sleeping bag, which is like a mini incubator that does not need electricity. There is a heating element inside that can be removed and recharged in boiling water.

This product has attracted the attention of non-profit organizations around the world and Embrace Global expects to raise $ 1.5 million in the sale and distribution of this invention.

The only pity is that the price is rather biting and amounts to $ 2021. For this price, you can buy a simple motorcycle that will run on regular gasoline.

Where can I get money to start my own business? This is the problem that 95% of aspiring entrepreneurs face! In the article, we have revealed the most relevant ways to get start-up capital for an entrepreneur. We also recommend that you carefully study the results of our experiment in exchange earnings:

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It is well known that in the system of a market economy, hired personnel receive a minimum income. The owner of the enterprise takes the lion's share of the profit. Therefore, millions of people today are striving to open their own business.

Most start-up entrepreneurs face typical problems: high competition in profitable sectors, lack of start-up capital or influential support, corruption. The solution can be an original idea that reveals a niche in which no one has worked before. At the same time, it is absolutely not necessary to invest big money in the start. In the United States, Europe, Japan and even Russia, where entrepreneurial thinking is not yet so deeply rooted, you can find thousands of firms with billions of dollars in turnover that started with just a few dollars. Apple's story is a prime example.

The article presents several successful business cases that work exclusively due to the non-standard thinking of their creators. All of them do not require a lot of investment and they can and should be used.

Idea of ​​Sewing women's tops or original slippers

Thanks to celebrities flashing in tops on screens and fashionable photosets, this accessory has become incredibly popular among the beautiful half of humanity. Especially among young girls. Simply put, you have millions of potential customers given that you can sell finished products through social media.

To get started, you don't need to rent a huge room and office, buy a bunch of tools and hire staff. A sewing machine, supplies, a little imagination and skill - that's all you need. The profitability of the business can reach 1000%, since the prime cost of the top is relatively low, and it can be sold at several times more expensive. But, of course, you need to have a certain skill and experience here.

Slippers are a slightly different story. Everyone needs them. But now everyone wants original slippers. And here again creativity comes to your rescue. Develop an original idea for slippers and you will earn some pretty decent money. The cost of their production is no more than a women's top.

Idea Sewing or printing of individual cases for portable equipment

In the modern world it is more and more difficult to find a person who would not own a smartphone, laptop or tablet. At the same time, few people are satisfied with them, in general, the same type. Many would like to stand out from the gray mass. This can be done thanks to the original case, which would be specially sewn for the owner of the portable equipment.

For example, it can be embroidered with initials or some symbol, phrase or pattern that reflects a person's view of the world. In addition, the cover is a practical and convenient protection against various external influences. The potential audience is huge. It includes men and women of different ages, regardless of their social status and financial situation.

All you need is multicolored threads, fabric, a set of scissors and needles. The cost of one cover does not exceed 100 rubles. You can sell it for an amount of 300 rubles and more. The number of products produced depends solely on you. But for successful sales, it is very important to develop an original style for your covers.

There are many unique people on planet Earth.

Most often, their creativity is manifested in inventions, painting.

But just as surprisingly, they come up with unusual business ideas.

At first it may seem that a person with standard thinking would not even have such thoughts!

And not that yet to bring them to life, and to expose your unusual idea to the whole world.

Maybe some options are not entirely "absurd"?

Let's evaluate together the business inventions of creative people.

Unusual business ideas: TOP-unusual options

"Bluetooth" instead of a dongle

Such unusual business ideas are commendable, as they solve the age-old problem of lost keys.

Perhaps every person at least once in his life has lost, broken or left keys somewhere.

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