Small business ideas with high ROI

Even the most successful and largest business always starts with small, awkward steps. But a creative or completely ordinary idea can make a person rich, turning his small business into a huge company.

successful business ideas from scratch

Probably in order to start your own business, you need to gain some experience. To do this, you can first find out the most successful business ideas and how their creators made their dreams come true.

Examples of the most successful business ideas

Roy Raymond wanted to surprise his wife by giving her an unusual pleasant gift. He decided to give her beautiful underwear.

But when the man got into the women's store, he was simply confused and did not know what to choose. Even experienced consultants could not help Roy in his selection.

Roy never bought anything from this store, so he had a stunning idea. He decided to create his own line of lingerie and in 1977 he opened his own store called "Victoria's Secrets".

In this unusual store, the owner has tried to combine a friendly atmosphere with a certain elegance that is present in European boutiques.

In such a store, even men felt comfortable.

Raymond also invented a new system for selling lingerie, namely through catalogs. This decision was revolutionary in the world of sales.

But five years later, Roy decided to sell his business to Leslie Wexner, who changed the image of a quiet store for men.

Now Victoria’s Secrets lingerie was positioned as an extremely luxurious item for women. And Raymod never managed to find the next work of his life and committed suicide.

At the moment there are many different ideas for small businesses, and sometimes the choice becomes a daunting task. Moreover, not everyone knows in what order to act and what steps to take.

It's actually quite simple. And it's worth starting by choosing the optimal direction that you like. The next step will be the process of drawing up a business plan with its subsequent implementation. Depending on the chosen niche, it may be necessary to select personnel, rent premises and purchase equipment. And when the work is established, you can think about expansion.

Renovation of offices and apartments

This direction of independent activity cannot be called new, but quite popular. Thousands of private craftsmen-entrepreneurs prefer to make money precisely by providing repair services. It is noteworthy that the implementation of such a business idea does not require large material investments. After all, you can start with the smallest, for example, with the proposal to hang a cornice or fix a socket.

Agree, such types of work do not imply serious technical equipment, and most of the male population of the country owns such skills. In the future, having earned a little extra money, you can acquire a tool. The well-known hammer drill is useful for interior and exterior decoration, and a jigsaw is usually used when cutting, for example, laminate in the process of laying it. Thus, the range of services provided will gradually expand, and the likelihood of decent earnings will steadily grow.

Over time, your skills will improve, and if they are limited at the initial stage only to the ability to replace a light bulb, you can invite a few comrades to help you, who, like you, want to make money.

  • Try assembling furniture. To do this, sometimes you don't even need to acquire a screwdriver. After all, most of the large manufacturers sell products that are completely ready for self-assembly at home. The component parts usually already have screw holes.
  • Not attracted by furniture assembly? Let's glue the wallpaper! It's fast, simple and profitable. Offer potential clients to prepare the walls in advance, because they often need plastering, and priming is absolutely necessary in order to increase the level of adhesion of the wallpaper to the base.
  • Are you proficient in tiling? Then you should definitely try yourself as an independent finisher. This type of work is in great demand, and the cost of the service is relatively high (especially when laying products with a complex pattern or in the presence of friezes and inserts).

Photographic Services

It is impossible to imagine holding practically a single celebration without the presence of a photographer, be it a wedding, anniversary, graduation or corporate party. People willingly use the services of photography, wanting to capture the memorable moments of life with the help of a well-made and processed picture.

And you don't have to have a lot of experience. The art of photography can be mastered by almost anyone and is a great idea for starting a small business. It is only necessary to purchase the appropriate equipment, and at first you can do with semi-professional equipment, and then you can start self-training.

On the Internet, you can easily find special programs created for the purpose of processing photographs, and lectures aimed at training beginner photographers, and detailed instructions on using the capabilities of cameras of various models.

How to tell people about yourself and make your first money? There are many ways:

Here are the best ideas for business, both absolutely crazy and difficult to implement, and simple, relevant and relatively inexpensive.

Many people think about starting their own business, but no more than a third of them reach implementation.

If you feel the desire not only to hover in the clouds, fantasizing about the great independent future of an entrepreneur, but to get down to business and go to the end, this article can give you many useful options.

Here are collected the best ideas for business, both absolutely crazy and difficult to implement, as well as simple, relevant and relatively inexpensive.

To begin with, before you start going through the right ideas, it is worthwhile to understand that a business is not organized solely for their own enrichment.

Also, the activity should allow you to be realized in a field that will bring you pleasure.

And ideally - also to benefit others, even in your own city, even for the whole world.

You also need to understand that starting a business will take away not only money from you.

To create something worthwhile on your own, you will need to devote time to work on a regular basis.

If you want to leave the office to work for yourself and imagine a rest 20 hours a day, forget it.

An entrepreneur is constantly busy with the problems of his own business.

And besides, you will need to spare no effort and effort, even when it seems that they are gone.

Many of our citizens are interested in small business, what they can do and how to develop their business, they already know. Currently, as sad as it sounds, there are practically no unique and truly original ideas left. But why show miracles of creativity, when the main thing for us is to get our well-deserved profit and retire in a solid plus?

Small Business Ideas

We will not delay too much with the presentation of the most profitable and simple ideas for our own business, with a small start-up capital:

  • Coffee shop.
  • Online store.
  • Sale of sports nutrition.
  • Tutoring.
  • Consultations.
  • Sex-shop.
  • Homemade soap making.
  • Sale of hand-made goods.
  • Bookstore.
  • Pizzeria or small cafe.
  • Accounting services agency.
  • Sale of T-shirts and sweatshirts with original prints.
  • A stall or small tobacco shop.
  • Purchase of a franchise.
  • Local band support.

Some ideas may not seem very fresh, others may not seem very profitable. But they all have the right to exist, and each of them has proven its viability.

Small Business Resale

Since we have decided to invest a little and get a lot, we will consider the most monetary ideas. Remember, this is still a small business. The age-old option for making a profit is to buy something cheaper, and sell it much more expensive.

The top three on this indicator will include coffee shops, sports nutrition and intimate goods, oddly enough. The prime cost of coffee is not that high, the main mark-up goes for the brand, the area rented by the coffee shop and for the salaries of the staff.

The owner, of course, should also have something left. Having just opened your own establishment, you can not hope for maximum mark-ups and solid profits, but selling a cup of coffee 10-15 times higher than its cost will be easy.

We treat sports nutrition with some mistrust, some even put it on a par with steroids and anabolic steroids. The situation is especially neglected in small towns, it is there that you can get good profits with a small start-up investment. And the best part is that you know your target audience in advance and there shouldn't be any special problems with distribution. If also the soil was "probed" in advance.

A few words should be said about Sex-Shop'ov:

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