New, original and interesting ideas for business from scratch

  • Many people dream of starting their own business, but before the idea "hits," you have to try a bunch of options, some of which sometimes turn out to be not profitable, but unprofitable due to high competition, incorrectly calculated business plan , seasonality, slow payback and other factors.
  • If with standard types of business, although in demand, such as grocery stores, shoe stores, car services of various formats, as a rule, you have to survive in conditions of fierce competition, then unusual business ideas can ensure doing business in conditions of minimal or completely out of competition.
  • The moneymaker factory has prepared an overview of 7 unusual business ideas with a brief description from idea to implementation.

Pet Hotel

With the spread of tourism, the pet care business is gaining popularity. Pet hotels are commonplace abroad. If it is necessary to go on vacation or on a business trip, the owners of four-legged friends do not even think of asking relatives to look after the pet. He is simply placed in the appropriate institution.

According to the publishing house "Expert North-West", every third family in Russia has a cat, and by the number of domestic dogs (there are more than 10 million), our country is in first place in Europe, and in fifth in the world ... The first four belong to the USA, Brazil, China and Japan, respectively.

A luxury cat hotel was opened in Lymington, UK in 2021. The tailed guests are given king prawns for breakfast, they live in luxurious rooms, there are even personal drivers, and conferences are organized via Skype with the hosts. A week of keeping a four-legged friend in this hotel costs the owners £ 250.

Andrey Pushkin, the investment manager of Rosatom, who had long dreamed of changing his occupation, the idea of ​​opening a hotel for cats came after he could not find a suitable establishment to accommodate his cat Fani for the period of his planned departure for the New Year holidays ...

This is how the Sir Cat Hotel appeared. Having rented an area of ​​100 sq. m., the entrepreneur placed 15 tempered glass boxes with an area of ​​2.3 sq. m by 2.1 sq. m. They contain all the necessary attributes for a comfortable stay of mustachioed pets: shelves, bowls, couches, scratching posts, in some boxes video surveillance systems are installed so that the owners can see their furry friends.

Fig. 1 Source: RBC according to company data

Thus, the initial investment amounted to 1.8 million rubles. (rental of premises, equipment of boxes, advertising, installation of video surveillance, etc.), the average bill - from 4 thousand rubles. (the cost of a room for a cat in 2021 averaged 550 rubles per day), monthly revenue of 300 thousand rubles, profit - 80 thousand rubles. The staff employs three people: 2 kotonyani and Pushkin himself.

In 2021, the net profit of the hotel for cats amounted to almost 1 million rubles. with proceeds of 3.6 million rubles. In 2021, 3 Sir Cat hotels have already been opened in Moscow and two more are planned.

Production of cladding tiles from glass waste

New ideas for business: definition of concepts + scheme of implementation of business ideas + 5 tips to succeed + 7 original business ideas from foreign countries.

New business ideas appear in the world literally every day. As a rule, this is due to the desire of people to start their own business, quit their unloved job and do something really important.

Unfortunately, global statistics show that 90% of startups end in failure. But there are a very large number of those entrepreneurs who, despite everything, have succeeded in doing what they love.

In this article we'll talk about how to build a profitable business, discuss new ideas for implementation from scratch and examples of successful ideas from around the world.

Defining basic business terms

Before we start looking at specific ideas, let's discuss the concepts of small business and business from scratch.

Due to the constant development of technology and the replenishment of the world vocabulary, many people misinterpret these business concepts.

Business from scratch - the term that is now on hearing, represents the development of an idea from scratch, while using minimal capital investment, and sometimes even without them (when it comes to providing services).

In this case, the idea that will be implemented can be borrowed from another entrepreneur. And, as a rule, this idea is in the category of new business ideas.

Literally every day, new ideas appear that can be implemented from scratch, and which are successfully becoming a popular business area. Most often in this case we are talking about organizing a small business.

What is Small Business?

Small Business Benefits:

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