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"How to write a sample analytical report" - such a query is often entered into the search engine line by those who need to formalize the results of the research of a problem. How exactly is such a document drawn up and are there any official requirements for it?

Where can I find a sample analyst brief?

An analytical note or reference is drawn up by those who are obliged to conduct a comprehensive study of any problem or area of ​​activity. Most often it is required:

  • marketers who conduct market research;
  • methodologists who study the work of educational institutions in general and individual teachers in particular;
  • students when studying some topics.

The main purpose of the certificate is to record the analysis result on paper. At the same time, for many who first encounter the need to draw up such kind of documents, the question arises: how, in fact, to write it?

One of the best options for resolving this issue would be to familiarize yourself with samples of such references, which are not so difficult to find now. For example, educators can find them at the appropriate education department or on the websites of other schools. Actually, the Internet in this regard is the best source of information. because on many sites you can find not only examples of already prepared references, but also templates for filling out.

What should an analyst briefing include?

There are no general requirements for the preparation of such certificates, so you can focus on industry guidelines and guidelines adopted in the relevant department. However, it is traditionally accepted that the help has the following structure:

  • Title page or heading indicating the name of the document, subject of research, author of the reference, city and date of writing.
  • Introduction (abstract) with a brief description of the research subject and its purpose.
  • Contents - a list of parts of the Help, preferably with the indication of the page numbers from which the corresponding parts begin.
  • Body.
  • Conclusion, which reflects the findings, as well as recommendations for improving the situation.
  • Signatures of the research participants who conducted the analysis and compiled the reference.
  • Application with additional materials on the topic (if any).

The given structure is indicative and can be changed if necessary.

In this issue, we will tell you about five creative business ideas from around the world that have made their creators famous and brought them big profits. Each of these ideas is unique and admirable. You can see with your own eyes how a non-standard approach to standard things brings fortune.

What does creative business ideas mean

By the word creative we mean those ideas that stand out from the crowd, that is, something that goes beyond the standard framework of understanding of doing business. After you read at least a couple of them, you will understand what is at stake. Let's take a closer look at each of these 5 miracle ideas. For residents of small towns, we have also prepared a good one.

Dish-breaking business

This creative business idea is in high demand in the USA. As it turns out, smashing dishes is a good way to relieve stress. The value of a round depends on the type of tableware chosen, for example, the client can choose any item that he would like to break - 4 vases will cost the client $ 15, and 20 plates will cost $ 50. The owner also took care of the safety of the clients, and before starting the process of destroying the dishes, the client must wear special clothes so as not to injure himself with shrapnel.

This business generates a good income, and over time it only becomes more visited. Its owner is a man named Sarah’s Smash Shack and its establishment is located in San Diego, so if you are in this city, you should definitely visit this wonderful establishment and see for yourself.

Do you think it's crazy who would buy a book without a word? You are wrong. A living example of this is a Briton named Sheridan Simov, who brought this insanely creative idea to life. He published a 200-page book entitled "What Men Think Other Than Sex" in which there was not one printed book, moreover, it does not even have pictures, it has only 200 blank pages.

The book quickly became a bestseller in the UK and brought its owner fame and money. It is bought mainly by students to record lectures and use it as a notebook for study. By the way, anyone can buy this book on Amazon for only $ 8.

Anyone is periodically stressed, and office workers are exposed to it even more often. But the Japanese company Solid alliance offers a solution - they came up with an anti-stress button that needs to be connected to the computer as USB. This button has 3 modes of operation.

  • working mode
  • combat mode
  • explosion mode

After pressing the button, different actions take place in each mode. For example, if you click the first option (work mode), an Excel document appears in which you can safely work, but if you feel stress, you can switch to (fighting mode), in which case a doll will appear on the screen, which you can muddle properly.

This is how employees get rid of stress. These are practical and creative ideas for business that come to us from distant Japan.

Eyes. Lisa. Eyelashes. Problems. Diagnostics. First aid kit

rock n roll!

As you know, in order to effectively attract customers to your business, you need to start with a product. The product must certainly have a unique selling proposition to be noticed and chosen. And creative ideas for business will help to make it noticeable.

Why do we need creative ideas for business?

What manufacturers and their marketers don’t come up with to distinguish their product from competitors. Sometimes the ideas of the most enterprising of them reach the point of absurdity and even absurdity. And the most amazing thing is that sometimes they work, delighting the market with something completely new and unusual, and rewarding entrepreneurs with multimillion-dollar profits.

In my today's selection - 20 incredibly creative business ideas that worked and brought their creators a lot of income. I draw your attention to the fact that there will be practically no technical innovations and scientific developments. Only an endless flight of fantasy, incredible courage and loyalty to one's convictions.

Superhero Restaurant

Once the owner of a small restaurant in Bangkok, Narongvit Sutkhiviriyakul, dressed all the staff of his establishment in Spiderman costumes. Everyone became Spidermen - from takeaways to barkers working on the streets. Incredibly, after this innovation, its sales doubled.

However, Marvel soon got in the way of the creative entrepreneur and demanded that his unauthorized action be canceled. And a week later, the resourceful Thai man dressed all his employees in Austin Powers suits.

Austin Powers' copyright holder - WPM Film International - not only granted him the right to use his character to attract customers to the restaurant, but also sent him 10 knitted costumes - for each member of the Narongvit team. including himself, his wife and children.

He is currently negotiating with the copyright owners of Catwoman, Lara Croft, Batman and other famous characters.

Elephant Wash

In one of the nature reserves, the flow of tourists has decreased, and the management has come up with a way to attract them to visit. A special service was organized in the reserve - washing your car with elephants. Elephants will water your car from their trunk and wash it with a sponge.

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