New business ideas from Europe and America

In addition, the staff does not constantly improve their qualifications, but changes professions, superficially getting to know each new one. Features of the external environment of Russian business Also, the features of doing business are directly related to the external environment in which the company is forced to operate. The first such feature in Russia is the large institution of mediation. Western businessmen can independently enter the European market to purchase goods; Russian entrepreneurs rarely manage to do without the help of intermediaries.

Corruption is one of the most unpleasant business problems in Russia. It is extremely difficult for an honest business to function in our country, given the fact that aid from the state and the legal framework in Russia are insufficient.

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This is a new business from Europe and so far it can only be in demand in big cities or in megacities of Russia. Due to the fact that sushi and rolls are a product that quickly deteriorates, it is better to install vending machines with their implementation where there is a lot of traffic, so that the product is sold out as quickly as possible and fresh is served.

Bicycles for rent. In big cities, traffic jams are an eternal problem. People take hours to get to work. So, in order to avoid this trouble, many people in Europe prefer to travel by bike.

She offers to rent bicycles. For just a small fee, a cyclist can take a vehicle at the bike rental machine and then return it there.

Business abroad, which is not in Russia: options for ideas

American business ideas not represented in Russia America is a pioneer in the field of new products and services. It is here that ideas are born that sprout around the world.

Today, the most valuable is the quality of goods and services, as practicality, hence the corresponding ideas of American companies. Production of covers for cars Covers for cars Covers can replace an expensive car painting procedure. They protect the car from external influences that can damage its appearance. The design of the cover can be very different, which allows the car to stand out in a number of the same models. The advantage of such a business is its demand in the service market: the number of cars is growing every year, and the alternative to painting after minor accidents or minor damage will allow motorists to put the car in order for less money.

Business ideas that do not exist in Russia yet

Despite the popular claim that business ideas are in the air, most of our compatriots are much more accustomed to the practice of borrowing fresh and atypical approaches to entrepreneurship from the West. This is not surprising, because most often they are distinguished by their freshness, creativity, originality of embodiment, profitability and innovation. This phenomenon can be explained by the presence of many factors - this is the mentality and obsession of Americans with making money on absolutely everything that surrounds them, monetizing any activity and taking advantage of unexpected areas of life.

However, a relatively favorable period for its development and prosperity played the biggest role in the formation of America as a "progressive" country for small and medium-sized businesses.

Aspiring entrepreneurs should always remember that business is not only their personal well-being, but also an opportunity to influence the whole world by bringing something new from oneself to it. However, one should not forget that progress in modern society is moving so fast that every day it becomes more difficult to surprise and satisfy the needs of its target audience. Therefore, in order to succeed in business, you need to be able to offer something new. But thinking about where to get this new one, you should turn your gaze to the question of what business ideas from America can be.

First, you need to understand that a good business idea must have several undeniable qualities:

  • It must be relevant;
  • suitable for adaptation to the domestic consumer.

Actual ideas

Another important component of business success is understanding the trends and interests of a modern person. Without a doubt, 2021 will be a new page in the development of technology, so new business projects related to this industry are already being actively developed in the United States. Such areas as have great potential for development:

  • Drones and other robotics deliver products and services to consumers.
  • development and production of smart appliances for life and everyday life;
  • autonomous vending machines;
  • the sphere of services and entertainment provided through virtual reality.

All these areas are already beginning to actively develop in the States and it is quite possible that the daredevils and innovators of domestic entrepreneurship are already trying to catch up with the rapidly arriving wave.

Business Ideas

But for those who are not ready to plunge headlong into development and nanotechnology, there are other equally interesting business areas that have not yet been widely developed in our country, but have already managed to conquer the American consumer.

  • Ordering food through the app. A very convenient solution for those who are ready to hire a smart developer and establish partnerships with various catering establishments. The principle of operation can be any, in America such services are quite popular in large cities. If you get hungry, without leaving your home, you can use the application to get information about the institution, menus and prices of all cafes or restaurants that are nearby or are interested in the features of the offered cuisine. It is enough to choose a suitable establishment, place an order, arrange delivery or pick it up in person.

Ordering food through the app

Wise businessmen with vast experience and understanding of the essence of the laws of market development advise not to start your business path from areas with high competition. They recommend looking for innovative products and services, occupying vacant niches in which only a few are working.

You don't have to enter the market with your own start-up. You can use new ideas that have begun to be implemented in the United States or European countries. Many of them are already successful and in demand abroad, but they are not yet available to the Russian consumer.

Processing of fruits and vegetables that have lost their presentation

The relative abundance and marketing policy of grocery stores gives shoppers a choice of vegetables and fruits. This picture looks especially vivid in supermarkets, where customers line up in long lines and inspect each apple or orange for a long time, trying to buy the most beautiful and ripe fruits. The remaining products are quite usable, but look unsightly. The shelf life of products, especially fresh ones, is short-lived. The supermarket management will have to throw away the leftovers.

But you can use this resource wisely and launch a line for processing illiquid assets and producing various food products from it: juices, jams and purees, fruit and vegetable salads, soups and cereals. We are not talking about rotten vegetables and fruits, but about those that have simply lost their presentation. Enter into an agreement with the management of several supermarkets and buy raw materials from them at a low price. Finished products can be sold in the same supermarkets.


This is a very fashionable and promising direction. Rest in the outback, living in a country house or in a tent, hiking along picturesque and non-trivial routes attract the wealthy and tired of the city bustle of the inhabitants of megalopolises. Eco-tourism is a great alternative to the rather boring luxury resorts and idle reclining on the beach.

The organization of such tours requires a minimum of costs and is not particularly difficult, but brings high profits. Eco-tourists do not expect comfortable conditions, they are looking for new, sometimes, thrills, want to test their endurance and get closer to nature at least for a while. But it is still necessary to ensure the safety of customers.

Selling liquid that repels water

A profitable business can be created by selling innovative products. One of them is Ultra Ever Dry. It is a revolutionary substance that has the ability to repel any liquid. The surface treated with Ultra Ever Dry does not get wet, is not contaminated with liquid concrete mixtures, oils, liquid mud. This product can be used in everyday life, in construction and repair work, in production.

The advantage of selling innovative products is favorable conditions for cooperation from manufacturers and the opportunity to occupy a free niche.

Outsourced Call Center

More and more companies working in the field of sales and service feel the need to keep in touch with their customers. The most effective way to inform about new offers, conduct surveys and provide full service is by telephone.

Today we propose to discuss the following topic: "Business ideas from Europe". We have collected and prepared a complete description of the business model and invite yours to express your opinion in the comments.

Business in Europe which is not in Russia

If you want to start your own business, but do not want to face competition, then choose such areas that are not yet involved in Russia. Practice shows that there are a lot of them. In this article, we will analyze interesting business ideas from Europe that can be fully implemented in Russia with the right approach.

There are classic laundries in Russia: the client brings his things, hands them over and picks them up after a certain time. But in many European countries there are self-service laundries where people can do their own laundry. All they need is to rent a washing machine for a certain time, load it with powder and conditioner, and take the semi-dry laundry home in an hour and a half. This kind of business is successful both in big cities and in small towns. A large number of the population do not have modern washing machines for one reason or another: some live in rented apartments, others come on business trips, others cannot accommodate it in the house due to lack of space, some do not have enough money to buy, and the fifth are students living in hostels.

There are several similar laundries in Russia, and practice shows that they are popular. At the same time, one client brings in a little money, but a good turnover is achieved due to the fact that clients come in a constant flow. In addition, special investments are not needed for this: you just need to rent a building or a basement, place several washing machines and dryers in it, buy wholesale household chemicals and advertise. It is better to buy semi-professional or professional cars, rather than household ones, since they have more resource. To get started, five machines, three dryers and three ironing boards and irons are enough for you. Separately, you can buy tools for quickly folding T-shirts and one steam iron, which is designed to work with delicate items.

Let's calculate the total amount of expenses and income. You will spend 20 thousand rubles a month on renting a space of 20-30 m2. Every day about 50 people come to the laundry (10 people per car), the average check is 100 rubles. In total, you will receive 5,000 rubles per day, 150 thousand per month, if the institution works seven days a week. Utilities costs will amount to about 5 thousand rubles, another 10-15 thousand will have to be spent on household chemicals. The salary of an employee who will keep order and collect money will be 20 thousand rubles. That is, the net profit per month will be about 100 thousand rubles, and the investments made will pay off in 6-9 months.

Floral Vending

If you can't surprise anyone with classic vending today, then the floral one is still unfamiliar to Russia. This direction is new in business in Europe and is popular and quickly pays off. Its principle is simple: the machine is loaded with fresh flowers and sells them to customers. The device itself maintains an optimal level of temperature and humidity, thanks to which the flowers are safely stored in it for up to 10-14 days. Let's consider the financial component of the question:

Phytowall creation

There are practically no analogues of this business in Russia. Fitostena is a special frame that is attached to supports and planted with various plants. Plants grow quickly and turn into a decorative wall that releases oxygen and absorbs carbon dioxide, purifies the air from dust, moisturizes it and gives everyone a good mood. The point of business is that you will offer people and organizations the creation of such walls, as well as the subsequent care of them.

There is nothing difficult in creating a phytowall. If you are not well versed in gardening art, then read a few articles and watch a video on how to properly care for walls, which plants to choose and why. The wall itself is a plastic or metal frame with special containers for planting plants. To power the system, autowatering is used, which is either connected to the water supply system, or takes water from the containers. Moreover, the cost of such a design is very serious. So, a well-chosen phytowall in an already expanded form measuring 3 by 2 meters can cost about 4-5 thousand dollars. On average, one square meter costs $ 500-600, and usually the frame is ordered for the entire wall, that is, the minimum area is 10 m2.

Phytowalls are good because you will receive money not only for their creation, but also for subsequent maintenance. It usually costs 5% of the system cost per month. That is, if you sold a wall for $ 10,000, you will be servicing it for $ 500 every month.

Business ideas from Europe

Why are business ideas from Europe interesting for us? They attract our enterprising compatriots mainly by their novelty, creativity and uniqueness of the solution.

Of course, they must be adjusted to our conditions - adapted. A businessman who has managed to implement European ideas for entrepreneurship can be awarded the title of pioneer.

Let's look at those that will take root or have already taken root and adapted to our mentality, geographic and economic conditions.

- Protective liquid for surfaces "Ultra Ever Dry". The essence of the action; water-repellent and stain-proof function. Before starting to use the surface, it is covered with this product. After use, they are removed, and the object or thing remains dry and clean. A very useful thing. Useful on the robot and at home.

This case is not very common in our country. The niche is almost free - occupy and do whoever is interested.

- "Bicycle rental on the machine". The innovation was introduced by the bikedispenser company. om in the city of Amsterdam. To improve the bike rental service and the speed of the operation itself, which takes only 15 seconds, they installed rental machines. Where you take a drive for a couple of euros, and you can return it there or to another similar rental point.

This type of activity is called vending. There are almost no competitors in our country. The field for collecting fruits is wide and few will interfere.

- The next innovation is the use of snow for advertising purposes. Curb, a well-known advertising agency in London, has always distinguished itself by using natural materials in its activities.

This is the first time Curb has used winter wealth in an advertising campaign for Extreme TV. About two thousand TV company logos were created in the snow. The inhabitants immediately noticed this innovation. An original approach to advertising, brought its results.

The bottom line is that our winters will never end. The main thing is imagery of thinking, imagination and of course clients.

- Another topical winter type of earnings, rental of New Year's costumes. Quite a profitable business, while not widespread due to its inconstancy. You won't make money on this business all year round. But those who ventured to do it do not complain and are satisfied.

- Cafes with a menu designer have become widespread in Europe. Having come to the restaurant to eat, the client does not choose from the existing menu. And he is provided with a wide range of food products, where he selects the ingredients and makes his own dish. He can even take part in its preparation. Quite interesting, and not common with us. Many customers would use this service.

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