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In difficult financial times, people think about which business is better to open in a crisis. If you have a permanent job, then the turning point in the economy is not so terrible for you, and commercial activity will be an additional help to the family budget. But we cannot know where the fortune will turn tomorrow:

  • The company you work for is starting to save money and downsizing;
  • Money is urgently needed for drugs or surgery;
  • The child must go with the class on vacation, and the salary is delayed or you are at the labor exchange.

This list of circumstances when additional funds are needed is endless. It is better to try to implement your business ideas in the 2021 crisis in practice. Instability in the financial market and economic cataclysms in the country are a time of manifestation of creative personalities, creative and innovative thinking, new opportunities to earn money. If you think about it, this is not a paradox, but a pattern of market requirements.

How to make money in 2021 during the crisis for ordinary people in the countries of the former USSR is a very relevant question today. Let's try to find out what kind of business is profitable to do during a crisis.


Food is always in demand, as they say: "Love comes and goes, but you always want to eat." The most profitable business with minimal costs in a crisis on the market for ready-made products or home-cooked dishes.

You will need:

On the fourth point, the question immediately arises - where to get it? Naturally, at the bank. Getting a loan is not a problem now. The tricky part will be to calculate the percentages correctly. Since food trade provides for a quick payback, it is not worth taking a loan for a long time. Within three months (maximum six) you will be making a purchase for your hard-earned money. Many, having started baking cakes for friends, now have their own mini-bakeries. This is a very profitable business in a crisis that does not require special investment. At the beginning of the activity, you spend money only on the purchase of ingredients for the dish. We are building our own customer base. After a while, you can purchase a bread maker, gradually moving towards such a goal as a mini-bakery. A similar business in a small town in a crisis has development prospects.

Renting out an apartment

Does your family have an empty apartment or a house inherited from your grandmother? You can put the room in order by your own efforts and rent it out. An apartment for a nail salon or lawyer services, and a house for vacationers. You can organize parties and master classes on the premises. In Europe, many families move into one apartment to start a small family business in another. You will have the opportunity to communicate better with your parents.

Learning to save

Saving the family budget is another point where you can make money during the crisis of 2021:

successful business ideas during the crisis

During periods of crisis, business activity significantly decreases. Only a few decide to create a new business. It is extremely difficult to predict the development of the market situation, and the risk of losing investments is very high. But experienced businessmen and eminent economists believe that a crisis is the best time to start a new business. The reason is a decrease in competition due to massive bankruptcy. It is important to minimize the costs of organizing your business and operating costs.

Based on these criteria, the most viable option is a home business. We bring to your attention 15 business ideas that are in demand even in the most difficult periods and do not require significant capital investments.


This direction is only partially affected by the crisis - the demand for expensive products is decreasing. The demand for everyday goods - bread, cereals, pasta, vegetables and fruits, inexpensive meat remains and even increases due to a decrease in the fraction of delicacies. Oddly enough, the demand for chocolate is not falling either. Most likely, the desire to please children and at least a little bit to sweeten life during stressful periods is too high. Study the needs in your locality and choose the most demanded direction. A significant part of the products can be grown in the country or in the garden, cooked in the home kitchen. Register as an individual entrepreneur and start working.

Car Repair

New and expensive car sales are falling. But the demand for vehicle maintenance and repair is growing. That is why auto repair is recognized as one of the anti-crisis areas of business.

You can even start in your personal garage, the only requirement is professionalism.

Virtual Assistant

In times of crisis, businesses face the vital need to cut costs on non-profit margins. Permanent employees are fired and some of their work is outsourced. Freelancers who work on the Internet can perform many tasks.

Such specialists are needed by large companies, individual entrepreneurs. This direction is very promising and is not subject to cataclysms in the economy.

Home Staging

During the crisis, the real estate market is seriously affected. Finding home buyers is becoming very difficult. One of the ways to help sell real estate is to increase its attractiveness. That is why there is a growing need for the services of designers, including landscape designers, repairmen and other home-staging specialists.

Every novice businessman thinks about how best to optimize his income.

After all, no one will ever agree to waste their time and money on a deliberately hopeless project.

Which areas of entrepreneurship are most relevant and profitable today, always remains on the agenda.

Things to know before opening

Factors to know before starting your own business:

  • Draw up a detailed plan of expenses that will have to cover the initial cash investment.
  • Consider the possibility of competition. For example, the smaller the locality, the less competition, but at the same time, the less and the possible sales volume.
  • Choose the type of business in which the entrepreneur is as well versed as possible.

Before choosing an area of ​​future activity, it is worth highlighting the key factors that determine its profitability:

  • The time interval for the return of the initially invested funds.
  • The chosen field of business must necessarily be characterized by high demand from consumers.
  • An acceptable level of profitability. Profitability should increase in parallel with the volume of goods or services sold.
  • A low price threshold at which the purchase of materials and raw materials contributes to an increase in profitability.
  • Positive rate of return on assets.

The implementation of a small business requires minimum labor resources and money. For example, you can gather friends and do the cleaning of apartment premises, repair. You can also open an inexpensive fast food, kiosk or bar.

Not so long ago, network marketing was in demand, operating on the principle of selling the produced product or service directly to the consumer, bypassing intermediaries, which significantly reduced costs and increased profits.

A striking example of network marketing is the space company Oriflame.

Most Profitable Small Business

Useful advice on how to start a business in a crisis, as well as a list of ideas for entrepreneurship in this economic situation.

Everyone knows the word crisis.

The risk of depreciation of everything accumulated scares ordinary people.

It would seem that then you can say about entrepreneurs.

The danger of investing money in a period when not today or tomorrow everything can collapse stops many.

And this is a rational fear, rather even caution.

But, as you know, only those who are not afraid to take risks achieve success.

Therefore, it is worth discarding the prejudice that business in crisis is something that should not be considered.

Contrary to popular belief, even a beginner can implement some business ideas that will successfully exist in a crisis.

The main thing is to rely on services and goods that are in demand and accessible to the population (whose pockets are significantly thinner).

rock n roll!

As you know, in order to effectively attract customers to your business, you need to start with a product. The product must certainly have a unique selling proposition to be noticed and chosen. And creative ideas for business will help to make it noticeable.

Why do we need creative ideas for business?

What manufacturers and their marketers don’t come up with to distinguish their product from competitors. Sometimes the ideas of the most enterprising of them reach the point of absurdity and even absurdity. And the most amazing thing is that sometimes they work, delighting the market with something completely new and unusual, and rewarding entrepreneurs with multimillion-dollar profits.

In my today's selection - 20 incredibly creative business ideas that worked and brought their creators a lot of income. I draw your attention to the fact that there will be practically no technical innovations and scientific developments. Only an endless flight of fantasy, incredible courage and loyalty to one's convictions.

Superhero Restaurant

Once the owner of a small restaurant in Bangkok, Narongvit Sutkhiviriyakul, dressed all the staff of his establishment in Spiderman costumes. Everyone became Spidermen - from takeaways to barkers working on the streets. Incredibly, after this innovation, its sales doubled.

However, Marvel soon got in the way of the creative entrepreneur and demanded that his unauthorized action be canceled. And a week later, the resourceful Thai man dressed all his employees in Austin Powers suits.

Austin Powers' copyright holder - WPM Film International - not only granted him the right to use his character to attract customers to the restaurant, but also sent him 10 knitted costumes - for each member of the Narongvit team. including himself, his wife and children.

He is currently negotiating with the copyright owners of Catwoman, Lara Croft, Batman and other famous characters.

Elephant Wash

In one of the nature reserves, the flow of tourists has decreased, and the management has come up with a way to attract them to visit. A special service was organized in the reserve - washing your car with elephants. Elephants will water your car from their trunk and wash it with a sponge.

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