Most popular business ideas

Business is perhaps one of the few areas where everything new is not at all what was forgotten, and then came into use again. On the contrary, this area is very responsive to innovations that are made possible by new technologies and social processes that simply could not happen before. In this article, we will look at the most relevant business ideas 2021 - 2021.

Business ideas: services

Entertainment remains one of the most profitable and demanded spheres. More precisely, the provision of services in this area. The following areas can be called new here:

  • Organization of city quests

The essence of the idea: to provide a group of people with an opportunity for interesting outdoor recreation. In fact, the quest is a story-driven game based on an interesting scenario, in which all its participants are involved. During the city quest, acquaintance with the sights usually takes place. But the main goal is to solve the riddle, and the whole team has to do it together. Quests are readily ordered as an alternative to corporate parties, as well as school trips.

Start-up capital and business organization: at first it is quite possible to keep within 50,000 rubles. This is provided that you will not have your own office as such, and the staff will strive for only a couple of three people. The script for the quest will have to be ordered from freelancers or written on your own. You need to spend money on the purchase of costumes for the participants of the quest, advertising their services and organizing a reliable connection with the group solving your riddle.

  • Biometric Testing

The essence of the idea: psychological testing is carried out on the basis of a fingerprint drawing, as well as an analysis of the tendencies of a particular person to a certain type of activity. Everything happens quickly, the results are reliable enough.

Hello! Today we publish another selection of profitable and promising business ideas for 2021. We divided them by the amount of the initial investment to make it easier for you to find a profitable business idea based on your finances. At the end of the article, we also provided links to other collections of ideas.

Profitable business ideas with investments from up to rubles

Below is a selection of 13 profitable business ideas with small investments from 100 to 300 thousand rubles.

Business idea - Opening a paintball club

Profitability is the main indicator by which the state of the business can be characterized. Usually it is calculated as a percentage. The higher the number, the more profitable the enterprise. In addition, it means that all your initial investment will pay off in the shortest possible time. Let's take a look at some examples of profitable business for 2021.

Fast food

Looking for profitable business ideas? Let's take a closer look at the fast food industry. In chain establishments, one cup of coffee costs about 160 rubles. The ingredients used to make this drink cost 10 rubles. In a small cafe, about 100 cups are bought per day, respectively, the owners of such a business earn up to 10 million rubles a year from selling coffee. If you are wondering which business is profitable in 2021, pay special attention to street food and drink trading.


This is the most profitable business in 2021. The issuance of loans secured by property brings huge profits. In some pawnshops, the monthly interest rate reaches 20%, which means that 240% over the year. No bank or any other financial institution can achieve such profitability.

This type of business pays off in the shortest possible time. During the crisis, the demand for such services begins to grow, so pawnshops bring excellent income in any economic conditions. attract many start-up entrepreneurs, so if you decide to open a pawnshop, hurry up, otherwise the newbies will take your place in the market.

Tennis Courts

In order to quickly return the initial investment, you need to build an indoor court that will be profitable, regardless of weather conditions. It is not worth investing a lot of money in the construction of a capital building. At first, you can build a temporary structure. To increase the profitability of the business, open a small cafe near the court, rent sports equipment or organize training courses for beginners.

Examination of antiques

Lately, many fakes of antiques have appeared on the market. Copies are made of such high quality that even experienced museum experts cannot distinguish them from the original. ? This question worries many of our compatriots. Buying antiques is a good long-term investment, but many people are afraid to invest in antiques because they doubt their authenticity. Therefore, many private companies began to offer clients professional services for the evaluation of antiques. The income of these organizations is about 100% per annum. To start such a business, you need to be well versed in antiques or hire experienced appraisers.

Non-standard business ideas without investment

Organization of home cooking for the holiday. Cooking at home various festive dishes for family holidays, delivery, serving. Or cooking in the customer's kitchen.

Idea for a Letter to Santa Claus

The essence of the idea is to make beautiful and creative letters-answers from Santa Claus. In our time, they still write to him. And parents, wishing to bring the child additional joy, will be delighted with the opportunity to do it in such an interesting way. So there will be clients for such a service.

There is no need to expect much competition. Large companies do not do this, it is too dreary for them. And from private individuals - not so many people decide what can be earned on this.

The main thing is that you have a quality printer with color printing and imagination. You need to start in advance. It is worth taking care of the templates that you will offer to parents. Because it will take too much time to develop a design for everyone. An individual order can be included in the price list, but the price for it can be set adequately higher so as not to lose profit from wasting time.

Such congratulations from Santa Claus can be created both stereotyped and with variants of answers to children's letters, when there is additional involvement, if, of course, parents can tell you what their child wrote in his letter.

It is better to promote your "service" through social networks, where contextual advertising will work best.

Flower Hostel

Think how often you see advertisements that your cat or dog needs overexposure? Consider pet-friendly hotels opening. Now think about how often the owners of apartments in which there are plants actually have to contact their relatives and neighbors to water their "pets" while they are not at home?

This is a real problem that the people of Russia are used to solving on their own. But how much easier would it be to turn to those who are constantly and professionally engaged in this? Then you wouldn't have to let other people into your apartment, leave the keys and generally give access, which is actually not very pleasant to do, even if the person is familiar.

The idea of ​​opening a hostel for plants is good because it doesn't require big investments. And also the fact that the concept itself will make it easy to convince people that they need it. And all you need is a suitable room, picking and delivery services, and skills in handling plants. If you don't have them, then you can hire a person.

There is a potential demand for this. A lot of people are fond of indoor plants. The costs are small. It's all about good, competent advertising.

Most wanted business: best ideas

Let's be honest - almost any person does not want to work "for an uncle" all his life, and then one fine moment comes the understanding that it is time to start his own business.

But even in periods of economic prosperity, no one wants to engage in the discovery of a deliberately failed idea.

What then can we say about times of crisis, when the slightest mistake can lead to losses.

Therefore, any entrepreneurial activity should begin with the search and selection of an idea.

And if you are reading this article, you probably want to know what the most popular business is.

Let's try to answer your question.

How is business demand determined?

It is impossible to say which business is in demand and which is not.

Remember this expression: “There is a buyer for every product”?

So this phrase clearly demonstrates the fact that all people are different, and what one needs will be absolutely useless for another.

Notice board Krasnodar

Unusual business ideas

It's no secret that the first step in starting your own business is choosing a business idea. And this first step is one of the most important: the success of your business depends on how correct it is. Among the huge number of existing options for ideas for starting your own business, you need to find one that will be really interesting to you and will suit you in terms of the amount of initial investment. Also an important criterion is the uniqueness or dissimilarity of your business to any other. The presence of a zest in the project, some peculiarity that allows it to be remembered and attract attention, will undoubtedly be a huge advantage for you.

In pursuit of these goals, the most sophisticated minds in entrepreneurship use all their imagination to come up with the most amazing business idea possible.

We bring to your attention a selection of 15 of the most unusual and even crazy ideas for business, which, despite their non-standardness, have become quite popular and are in great demand. Creative ideas from all over the world may well inspire you to start your own business.

Mermaid Courses

How to do business with swimming courses? Moreover, such that it was different from many others and brought in income. The answer is simple: create courses on mermaids, as the adventurous American guys did. A project called the Mermaid School was launched in the urban area of ​​Denver.

The idea is not a mystery - the courses teach you to swim, but not just a crawl or breaststroke, but with a tail stretched over your legs. In addition, the "little mermaids" attending such courses learn to dive gracefully and perform various acrobatic stunts.

Growing corkscrew carrots

The following business idea will appeal to all gardeners. Its essence is in the cultivation of a unique type of root crop familiar to everyone - corkscrew carrots. It is called so, of course, because of the external similarity. Russian breeders have learned how to grow vegetables in a spiral shape.

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