Manufacturing business ideas for small businesses: which business to start, where to start

If you have finally decided to start your own business, but still do not know what exactly to do, a selection of production business ideas will come in handy. Choose an activity that suits you and brings you material well-being.

Lavash production

The tradition of eating lavash came to us from the Caucasus and Asian countries. Unleavened flat cakes have become part of the domestic diet. The production of this product is regulated by GOST 31805-2021.

Tandoor is traditionally used for making lavash. But on an industrial scale, professional equipment is needed. There are two options:

  • Automated line (about 3 million rubles).
  • Separate devices - a kneader, a rolling machine, an oven (about 500 thousand rubles).

If you buy used equipment, you can save up to 40% of the initial cost. You will also need packing bags and labels. By the way, some manufacturers of automatic lines provide this option as a gift.

The size of the production facility is determined by the way the product is manufactured. So, to install an oven, dough mixer and rolling equipment, you will need at least 20 sq. m. free space. If you plan to install an automated line, the minimum required area increases to 120 sq. m. The premises must comply with sanitary standards, in particular:

  • cold and hot water supply;
  • centralized sewerage;
  • ventilation system;
  • wall cladding with tiles; <
  • whitewashing the ceiling;
  • separate rooms for bathrooms, warehouses and change houses;
  • production cannot be organized in the basement or on the ground floor.

To produce 100 kg of lavash, you will need 80 kg of flour, 2.5 kg of salt and 85 liters of water (35 for kneading and 50 for humidification). Each shift should have 4 employees (two in the direct production and two in the packaging).

To implement the business idea of ​​lavash production, you need to register an individual entrepreneur, obtain a permit from the SES and a certificate for products. All these procedures will take about $ 500 and a month of your time.

Rattan Furniture

Total in the category: 24 types, investment sizes: from 129 320 to 1 123 100 rubles. Catalog of ideas for creating a mini-production in Russia, choose an actual idea for opening your own small manufacturing business.

The section presents various options for creating a small manufacturing business with minimal investment (no more than 1 million rubles).

Format of information provided:

  • Business ideas with economic calculations;
  • Examples of business plans for small businesses;
  • Interviews with real entrepreneurs.



Relevance of a small manufacturing business

It is generally accepted that small business based on the production of products is a complex costly and unprofitable investment. Let's try to refute these statements and figure out the question - what is mini-production for small business.

World practice shows that the ideas, the implementation of which began in small private enterprises, turned out to be the most viable, promising and progressive. Think of the birth of the legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycle or the assembly of the first batch of computers by Steve Jobs in the garage. Many leading corporations are classic examples of the transformation of small-scale production into diversified giants that bring huge profits, which means that small production is a sure platform for the implementation of bold ideas or a source of stable income on time-tested schemes. Let us consider which industries are the most profitable and quick to pay off today, and also define the set of mandatory conditions in the organization of any production, on which the potential and subsequently real success of the enterprise depends.

Where to start?

The three pillars that determine the sustainability of a manufacturing enterprise are:

  • an interesting business idea;
  • knowledge of production technology;
  • start-up capital in the required amount.

Home production ideas create new opportunities for starting a business

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What is profitable to produce in Russia? :: BusinessManru

For those who have decided to organize their own business, it is most important to correctly determine the direction. It should be noted right away that the sale of goods and services is becoming unprofitable every day, because the market is currently oversaturated in Russia. And today, production can be considered the most profitable entrepreneurial direction, but only if you correctly determine what is profitable to produce at the moment.

Why manufacturing is a profitable business

Every novice entrepreneur strives to earn as much money as possible, while he wants to practically not spend financial resources on the organization. Of course, not every businessman can invest a large amount of start-up capital in his business, and production is a rather costly event, but at the same time it is profitable, if, of course, it is certain to find out what is most profitable to produce.

Currently, in our country, most of the goods sold in stores are imported products. And it should be noted that with all this, the buyer gives preference to the domestic manufacturer. But at the same time, everyone chooses goods according to the ratio of price and quality, so often expensive production products are practically not in demand.

In general, the main task of an entrepreneur is to identify what is very profitable to produce today. Moreover, in different industries, you can define a free niche, here everything largely depends on the region, population density, competition and many other factors.


Regardless of any circumstances, food products are always in demand, which means that their production can bring a good profit to an entrepreneur, even if a small business is planned at the initial stage. What is profitable to produce? In fact, there is no definite answer to this question. Because each product is in demand among different categories of the population.

The production of semi-finished products can be considered a good option, and there are quite a few reasons for this. First, they have a long shelf life. Secondly, the equipment for production has a fairly low cost. Thirdly, frozen convenience foods attract customers due to their low prices and ease of preparation.

Business ideas in production

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A manufacturing business practically guarantees an entrepreneur a high profit and a stable income. Even in spite of large capital investments, production has been and remains the most promising type of activity. In this section, you will find the most profitable manufacturing ideas for small businesses and find out which home based manufacturing business a beginner can start.

It takes a lot of effort to start from scratch. This is a time consuming and costly process. It is recommended to calculate the important details of the business project in advance.

Activity search

Own production is a great opportunity to try your hand at home business. You can open a home workshop alone, with minimal risks and zero rental costs. We suggest considering the best home business ideas.

The opening of home production is gaining in popularity. A small workshop is a good home business for aspiring entrepreneurs, because usually expensive equipment and large areas for machine tools are required to open a production facility. Mini-home production usually implies a minimum set of low-capacity equipment and, of course, free area for a workshop.

Why is it profitable to open a production as a home business

You save on rent. You can work in a home workshop or in a garage, and the savings can be invested in other needs, such as purchasing materials or advertising.

Possibility to postpone registration. At first, such production may not be formalized officially. This is only a temporary measure that will allow you to try your hand at business and get on your feet. An entrepreneur can first establish the production process, improve his skills, find the first customers, and only then register his activity.

Mini-production does not require serious investments. This is a significant advantage for a budding entrepreneur.

The investment pays off quickly. You can make a profit after the first batch of goods sold.

Small production opens up great prospects. On the basis of a home workshop, you can open a full-fledged production, if you constantly develop and improve your business.

But the disadvantages of the home workshop are also worth considering. Not every product can be made at home. For example, there may be problems with the production of products. Another challenge is the limited number of clients. Large organizations are unlikely to cooperate with entrepreneurs who run their business without an office and serious stable production. To sell their products, an entrepreneur needs to look for buyers. And it is advisable to evaluate the distribution channels before starting production.

Thus, the organization of production at home reduces the risks and makes it easier for beginners to start in entrepreneurship. The main thing here is to immediately determine for yourself a suitable and effective production option.

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