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Tips for owners of commercial real estate: how to fill empty office space in times of crisis and closing businesses. 17 business ideas for creative and exhibition spaces.

The crisis in the commercial real estate market is more than one year old. After waves of layoffs, bankruptcies, business winding up, a huge amount of office space was left empty. The hopes that this crisis is about to end and that crowds of hungry tenants will soon reappear in the form of successful bankers, successful entrepreneurs and other businessmen eager to rent empty square meters at a high price have long vanished.

The owners of these areas are trying to return the former high demand in various ways: they make repairs and try to lease ready-made offices equipped with furniture and office equipment, offer rental vacations and, of course, lower rental rates. Someone is even willing to take on all marketing costs, including advertising costs for their tenants. There are proposals to conclude a lease agreement for several years with the provision of a subsequent right to purchase the premises at a preferential price, or even more intricate transactions for the purchase of an office with an obligation to sell to the same owner (a classic repo transaction) in two or three years.

What marketing moves can you popularize or take place with? One of the options is to convert the premises into a creative zone and use it for exhibition sites, museums, holding various presentations or any thematic events.

What is creative space

Popularization of creative urban spaces can be called the trends of modern society. The creative space combines the dynamics of the real estate business, the potential of creative activity and the tasks of social projects.

What is a creative space?

In its broadest sense, creative urban spaces are places for activities based on creativity, skill or talent.

Creative spaces have the following functions:

Improvement of urban areas;

Creating an innovative environment;

Although the image of the starving artist is still popular among the people, if you were not born a programmer and are not friends with numbers, this does not necessarily mean that you will be financially shallow. As practice shows, you can make a great living if you skillfully apply your creative abilities. Artists create things for the sake of aesthetics, and let's face it - it's not really appreciated in the practical world of business. But times have changed, and the modern economy offers tremendous opportunities for those who want to create, not just reproduce or resell.

True, you have to learn a little bit of marketing basics to learn how to sell your products or skills. But even that can be done with a creative approach.

Why not combine the pleasure of creating something new with making money? If you're a creative person, here's a selection of 12 business areas to consider as options for starting your own business.

Handmade goods

If you have a talent for creating a variety of things from available tools - from children's toys to jewelry or interior items - you can start your own business right at home, in comfortable conditions. To be successful, you will need to find a reliable source of raw materials and time to create the first batch of products.

Besides all kinds of offline fairs, there are many ways to sell handmade goods online. These can be classifieds sites, themed marketplaces, or your own online store. And you can start by posting photos of your work on your own pages on social networks.

An interesting case in this niche is the myBOOKmark-shop project. om by Ukrainian designer Elena Misnyk, who produces only one product, namely bookmarks for books. The girl has already managed to sell them for an impressive amount of almost $ 400,000. / P>

Also, if you manage to effectively scale production and hire assistants, you can negotiate with shops in large cities that are focused on selling gifts and souvenirs. This is especially true for tourist cities.

Jewelry & Jewelry

This is also one of the handmade directions, but the jewelry market is so large that it is worth putting them in a separate item on our list. The first thing that comes to mind is bead products, which are consistently in high demand and popularity.

Jewelry can be made from a variety of materials, combining them with each other in any way. Everything here is limited only by your imagination, and stunningly beautiful things can be created from simple and affordable materials.

Many people buy handmade jewelry primarily due to the fact that their appearance is unique and unlike anything else, and the copy they purchased will be one of a kind.

Also, at the present time there is a problem of employment of the main niches, and fresh and original ideas are required that have no analogues or are competitive.

Original business ideas with minimal investment or from scratch

First of all, when deciding to start your own business, you will need to draw up a business plan and decide on the initial capital. In most cases, the average person does not have sufficient funds to start a labor intensive or costly business.

In such a situation, you should pay attention to the latest ideas of starting your own business with minimal costs. "Minimum" means options with a complete lack of initial costs or with small amounts that will need to be spent on opening:

Interesting ideas from abroad

Europe and America are often the generators of interesting and very unusual ideas in business. This is due to the peculiarities of mentality, greater freedom of morals and elementary laziness. The most unusual ideas for a Russian person include the following options:

Original garage business ideas

If you have an empty garage, you can try to adapt it as a space for starting your own business. At the same time, in addition to traditional car service services, there are many options for what you can do in an empty garage:

Sweets and Food Production Ideas

Everyone came from childhood and knows that sweets are delicious. Original sweets will be a good gift not only for a child, but even for an adult.

You can make millions on the most unexpected things. For example, on socks, sneakers or dirt.

crazy ideas that have already made someone a millionaire

Nobody bothers you to try to repeat at least some of them.

Establish a pet store for stones

Almost half a century ago, an American guy named Dahl, after listening to colleagues and acquaintances complain about their pets, came up with an ideal "pet" - a stone. And he opened a store selling them.

Pet Rocks were smooth boulders from the Mexican beach of Rosarito and were sold in cardboard boxes with straw and breathing holes.

Stupid? In general, yes, and even Dahl did not deny it, treating the project as a joke Gary Dahl dies at 78; creator of Pet Rock, 1970s pop culture icon. Together with the rocks, he supplied instructions for keeping and raising - a multi-page booklet in which users were told how to care for a "pet", how to lift it correctly, soothe it if the Pet Rock is alarmed, and even train it. The pet understood simple commands like “stand still” right away, while others, for example, “roll on the table,” required some help from the owner.

The ridiculous idea turned out to be incredibly successful. In six months, Dahl sold a million and a half Pet Rock for four dollars each and came out with a net profit of over a million.

Make playing cards a sport

Former military trainer Phil Black enjoyed playing cards in his spare time. After completing his military career, he decided to combine his two hobbies and created fitness cards.

No matter how hackneyed it may sound, the main trend in modern business is creativity. And the basis of this phenomenon is not the ability to "give out something like that", but the ability to ask. The ability to ask questions. / P>

Creative in business is unique in that no one can ignore it in any way, even if the entrepreneur denies any creative thinking in principle. Even the most ordinary business that brings stable profits is already to some extent creative. After all, this is a sign that the owner of this business has his finger on the pulse of his audience and satisfies its needs, adjusting to them.

Creative is both loved and hated because it allows you to win, all other things being equal: with the same budget and resources, with the same economic situation, with the same knowledge. But most of all, creativity is adored and despised for the fact that it allows you to win even if everything else is unequal. When some, excuse me, beggar and yesterday’s newspaper seller, suddenly “blows up” the market with his idea and achieves such success in a month that some companies have achieved for years and even decades. Moreover, for the latter it is especially offensive that they had to overcome this path, failing and rethinking their experience, choosing new directions and rebuilding, going through crises and rejoicing in the growth they have suffered “on the bones”.

Invisible part of the creative

Many people ask themselves why companies with the richest experience suddenly fail and leave the market, while others, who have not been drinking, suddenly become leaders. First, it's worth noting here that experience is not as great as it is commonly believed. Surprisingly, positive experiences are especially dangerous. A positive experience forces a person to think through the prism of past success and not accept constructive criticism. He begins to think not with the current conditions, but with the past. The creative approach to business is lost: resting on its laurels begins, which can ruin everything.

“Surprisingly, positive experiences are especially dangerous. Positive experience forces a person to think through the prism of past success and not accept constructive criticism "

Secondly, an experienced business has another significant drawback - it bypasses all sharp corners. Once burnt on something, he is unlikely to return to a painful point, each time bypassing it for a kilometer. But reality is like a river. Conditions have been updated, the challenges of time have been updated, technologies have been updated. The ability to look in a new way at old tasks is a quality that is not given to everyone, such is human nature. The new business is freed from this burden, so it sometimes rushes with gusto at this very painful point, which, to everyone's surprise, turns out to be not an embrasure, but a gold mine abandoned by everyone, which was in front of everyone's eyes.

You may have heard more than once that in business there are two attitudes to an emerging task or problem: as an obstacle that needs to be overcome, and as a problem of creativity that needs to be solved. The conditions, as a rule, are the same for everyone: these are limited resources, lack of personnel, lack of time, clients who want a lot for minimal money. Entrepreneurs, who perceive the problem as an obstacle, choose two paths: either when they see an overhanging hulk, they retreat back, realizing that they are unable to cope with it, or they begin a long and stubborn struggle and training. They improve their knowledge and skills, train employees, prepare airbags and escape routes in case of failure, and, finally, take colossal efforts or do not take a besieged fortress.

“In business, there are two attitudes toward an emerging task or problem: as an obstacle that needs to be overcome, and as a problem of creativity that needs to be solved."

The second variant of the attitude to the problem is unique. A person proceeds from the fact that to solve the problem he already has all the necessary conditions and he just needs to solve the puzzle that has arisen. Moreover, pay attention to the fact that the essence of solving the problem here is not in finding and finding a universal tablet, as they like to explain the success of any startups in the media, but in using a wide range of methods for solving the problem. If the first businessman “besieges the fortress”, arming the army and the navy for a long time, in which he sees the only correct decision, then the second businessman thinks something like this.

Is it possible to build such a cannon, the cannon of which will pierce the gates of the fortress?

Is it possible to poison the water in the stream that flows through the castle grounds?

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