How to start your business from scratch in the village ideas

It is still widely believed that it is not possible to earn much in the countryside. They say that only the city opens up wide horizons for careerists and businessmen, but there is no money in the outback. However, this is a stereotype. With the right choice of ideas, taking into account the analysis of local markets, business in the village not only pays off, but also brings income no less than the capital. It also gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to work in a comfortable environment and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Business in the countryside from scratch - advantages and pitfalls

Rural business will gain popularity in the coming years. This is largely due to economic sanctions prompting the country's leadership to focus on the domestic market. In addition, among the younger generation, the fashion for a healthy lifestyle is spreading. People increasingly want to consume organic vegetables and fruits grown in their own homes or purchased from private farmers.

A business from scratch in a village has at least three advantages when compared to a city:

❶. Availability of raw materials and means of production

Usually, to launch a business idea in a village, you do not need to purchase raw materials from wholesale suppliers or intermediaries. The necessary resources are either already at hand, or they can be grown independently on the land. And the labor force is cheaper than in the city.

IMPORTANT. Many business ideas for a village can be implemented with minimal investment. For example, to sell on the market surplus of what has grown in your own garden. Or, if you have a car for money, drive the villagers to the city.

Today, the real demand for certain types of agricultural products (in particular, milk, honey, fuel briquettes) exceeds supply. The same situation will continue in 2021. In some villages, there are simply no shops, pharmacies, or convenient transport. Moreover, residents need such services.

The state is interested in developing business in the countryside. Therefore, the authorities regularly adopt regional programs to support rural entrepreneurship.

For example, in 2021 the Agrostartup project was launched in the Kuban. Within its framework, novice farmers were given the right to receive grants in the amount of up to 4 million rubles. Some village programs provide subsidies for the purchase of equipment or farm animals.

Today, the dream of most citizens is to open their own profitable business. However, some people mistakenly believe that doing business is exclusively the prerogative of city dwellers. Although it is much easier and more profitable to organize some projects in the village. Let's find out in more detail what kind of business a beginner can do in the village who does not have a significant amount at the start.

On the specifics of such activities

Considering the question of how you can earn money in the countryside, first of all, it should be noted various ideas in the field of agriculture. After all, this area involves a huge selection of activities that allow you to produce food. And such activities are traditionally considered one of the most profitable. In addition, the specifics of rural life allows you to build your own business with minimal expenditure of material resources.

A beginner must take into account the geographic and climatic characteristics of his location. For example, it is inappropriate for a resident of the northern regions of the country to grow southern crops or flowers in the open field. True, having spent a certain amount on the construction of a greenhouse, you may well be able to realize the same idea.

In addition, there are other areas of employment that allow you to make great money on them. Thinking about how you can open a business in the countryside, think about organizing recreation and entertainment. So, today green tourism has firmly won positions in the European market, and in our country this industry is just emerging. Moreover, it has a stable upward trend.

Considering the not too developed infrastructure of some areas, perhaps the service sector can be an appropriate occupation here. After all, the absence of competitors will be a very good advantage, and the project itself will be a promising and profitable business. Shops, pharmacies, hairdressers and entertainment venues will always be in demand and needed.

Starting his own production is also an excellent solution for a village entrepreneur. Indeed, it is often the countryside that will be the ideal location for industrial workshops. In a word, there are many successful decisions about what a profitable business can be opened in the village. The main thing here is a preliminary analysis of the audience of your potential customers and detailed business planning of the project.

Becoming a Farmer

Usually the most profitable small business in the countryside from scratch is animal husbandry. Indeed, many market players need regular supplies of meat, milk, eggs and fish. Among them are large and small retail chains, wholesalers, private shops and processing enterprises. In addition, honey can also be sold, as well as crayfish, shrimp, wool, plumage and skins.

As you can see, the prospects here can be quite attractive. Moreover, considering business ideas with minimal investment in the village, pay attention to poultry farming. After all, breeding chickens, ducks, geese, quails, and even guinea fowls and ostriches, as a rule, does not need serious start-up capital. Typically, the cost of implementing such projects is limited to 500,000 rubles.

When you have made such a decision on how to start your business from scratch without money in the village, your own apiary will be a great idea. This is perhaps the most budgetary, but very promising project. You can start a similar business in the village for 100,000 rubles. Moreover, the profit in this kind of activity starts from half a million per year.

Breeding snails, crayfish or fish will also become quite affordable. In addition, such an exercise can be carried out even on a very modest territory. Undoubtedly, pig breeding or raising beef cattle can bear fruit. However, the start-up and overhead costs will be slightly higher here. As a rule, it is appropriate to start the implementation of such undertakings with a capital of 800,000 rubles or more. But the profit here will be incomparably greater.

The Internet today is replete with various new ways of earning money and business ideas, but there are no more real businessmen for various reasons. This often happens because people do not even know where to start developing their idea, how to prepare the foundation for it and start implementing it. But sometimes people find themselves in a situation that is most favorable for starting their own business from scratch, and they do not even know about it. So, you can easily start a small business in the garage or make money with your own hands. And even living far from the city, you can organize your own business and make good money on it. It should also be canceled that the villagers have huge prospects for earning money that are inaccessible to urban people. It is curious that the ideas themselves and their varieties are huge.

What kind of business can you start from scratch in rural areas?

Many people, far from rural and country life, believe that all that can be done in the village is breeding animals and getting food from them. No matter how it is. Agriculture certainly comes first. However, it is not necessary to perceive it only as a means by which you can make preparations for the winter or feed yourself with milk, eggs and seasonal vegetables and fruits. And if you look at all this from an entrepreneurial point of view, you can find many prospects for yourself.

A variety of businesses can be organized in rural areas. Starting from the sale of vegetables and fruits, ending with the production of outlandish and tourism. At the same time, you can cook not only what is profitable to grow in a greenhouse for sale, but also make certain products out of it. The same goes for meat and milk. You can sell the meat itself as such, or you can organize a shop for the production of sausages. You can sell milk, or you can make butter and cottage cheese from it. And so with any products of farming and households in the village.

Business ideas for countryside and countryside

There are many more business ideas for villages and hamlets than for cities. And, best of all, you can easily open your own business, already having everything you need at hand.

Poultry farming

Some people in the villages rely on exotic things and can even breed ostriches at home. But it will be no less profitable to keep the bird easier. For example, geese, ducks and turkeys. Now, in the days of chicken (as the most common poultry), for many people baking a goose in the oven will be a wonder. However, some poultry does not require much maintenance. The main thing is to monitor her health and regularly invite a veterinarian for examination. Of course, each type of bird needs certain vitamins, feed and rooms of different sizes and temperatures.

Tip: Try breeding several species of birds. For example, geese, chickens, ducks and turkeys. And start with small amounts. Two or three pairs of each type will be enough. This will make it easier for you to get used to caring for them, it will be easier to understand how to breed them and make money from it.

Butter production

Butter is a product that, perhaps, will never disappear from store shelves and will not lose its popularity. It is customary not only to eat such oil, but also to make desserts, baked goods from it, cook on it, and so on. At the same time, butter is divided into different categories:

Each type of oil has its own cooking technology and its own cost. But whatever you decide to produce (and preferably several varieties), in addition to cow's milk, you will need some equipment that will cost you two or three hundred thousand rubles:

Own business is an opportunity to work for yourself and not depend on anyone, to do what you love and get good profit at the same time. Many people dream about it. And even if you live in a village, you should not give up this dream, thinking that you will not be able to realize what you want. "How to open a business in the countryside and which one?" - this question is asked by many residents of villages and small settlements. Of course, a village cannot provide the same prospects for business development as a city, however, there are business ideas (and there are many of them) that can be successfully implemented in the village. Let's talk about them.

The most profitable and profitable business in the village

Bee farming

This is a business for those who are ready for serious and hard work on an apiary. If you have a suitable piece of land, you need to purchase equipment - beehives and the rest of the inventory, and the bees themselves for breeding. And before that, read a lot of manuals on beekeeping. This business is rather delicate and requires serious preparation.

As a result of a successful start of a business, you can get products that will be your product: honey, beeswax and poison, pollen, royal jelly. All this is in great demand. You don't need to talk about honey itself - everything is clear here, and other products are now especially in demand in cosmetology and medicine. ...

Store opening

In small villages and hamlets, there are often only one or two shops for the entire settlement. And despite the small number of residents, they are not always able to meet the needs of each and every one. In such cases, it would be a great solution. In a village (especially if it is significantly remote from a big city), it may be difficult to establish daily food supplies. This difficulty can be overcome by building a small, but equipped according to all the rules, warehouse at the store. Products stored in a warehouse, and not just in a store, will be suitable for sale a little longer.

You can also buy rural products - vegetables, fruits, berries, chicken eggs, milk, etc. - from the very same inhabitants of your village and nearby villages.

Growing plants

The village has all the conditions to breed various plants and take proper care of them. Many people (and those who live in the village, especially), taking care of their health, often resort to the method of phytotherapy, that is, herbal treatment. Probably, there is no longer a single disease that does not have herbal treatment among the options for getting rid of it. The most common of them are: ginseng, chamomile, St. John's wort, calendula, sage, yarrow.

Experts say that organizing your own business in rural areas is much easier and more profitable than in a large metropolis. Many ideas can be implemented literally from scratch, without significant financial investments. On what you can make money in the village, we will try to figure it out in this article.

Breeding of laying hens

This is a very profitable business line with high profitability. How can you make money in the village? Of course, on the sale of eggs and dietary chicken meat. These products are consumed by almost all citizens of our country, therefore, there are never any problems with their sale.

Early maturing chicken breeds begin to lay eggs at the age of 4–5 months. This performance is maintained for 2-3 years. In order for the profitability of the business to remain at a high level, it is necessary to periodically purchase or remove young animals. With low costs for keeping poultry, this business can bring a decent stable income. Many experienced farmers claim that this is one of the most profitable activities in the poultry industry.

Mobile stall

If you do not know what you can sell in the village to earn money, first take a look at what manufactured goods, groceries or clothes are more often bought in your village. Analyze the results obtained and based on them, make an assortment. Inexpensive goods can be purchased in the city at wholesalers.

Do not forget that the mobile stall must be registered as a vehicle. In addition, you should take out insurance and undergo a technical inspection. To register a car shop as a trade facility, you need to obtain permission from the SES, register with the tax office and purchase a cash register.

Turkey breeding

If you have your own land plot and are thinking about what business is profitable to do in the village, try raising turkeys. This bird easily tolerates any frost, so it can be grown in any climatic conditions. In two years, turkeys gain weight up to 30 kg. In addition, they lay dietary eggs, which are excellent in taste. Turkey meat is very tender and tasty. There is always a great demand for it.

In order to open such a profitable business in the village, certain knowledge and skills are required. If you have never encountered such a case, you can study it using specialized literature. Many experts who work in the poultry industry believe that raising turkeys is much more profitable than raising chickens or ducks. Despite the fact that this bird eats 1.5 times more feed, in 8 months it gains about 25 kg. Turkey meat costs 200–250 rubles per kilogram on the market. In addition, young stock and eggs can be sold. Thanks to this, you will receive a decent additional income. If you are still undecided, pay special attention to this area of ​​activity.


That's lovely. Such a project can be implemented literally from scratch. Wood is a commodity that is always in demand in the countryside. Houses, baths and much more are built from this material. To open a sawmill, you need to rent a production facility, a warehouse for finished products and related equipment.

A small sawmill processes 2-3 cubic meters per day. meters of wood. Such products are sold quickly, so the profitability of the business is high. If you do not have a large start-up capital for the purchase of expensive equipment, you can lease or rent it. The money will also be needed to purchase a lot of timber and purchase various tools. The sawmill is the most profitable business in the countryside. Finished products can be delivered to construction sites and shops. If you manage to properly organize the work of the enterprise, it will bring serious profits.

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