How to start your business - a step-by-step plan from scratch for beginners

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Hello dear readers. Today I want to talk about where to start your business and about some of the mistakes of aspiring entrepreneurs that I also made. I also want to give you a step-by-step plan for starting any (or almost any) business. And share a link to the section about business ideas and how to start your business from scratch without money! Now let's move on to the topic of this article.


Why I decided to write this article

Because many who ask me questions ask things that at first should not even bother at all. There are even questions that a person may never face at all. In general, "Woe from Wit" occurs in the minds of many novice entrepreneurs, and we will "eliminate" this grief in this article. At least I'll try very hard. Now let's talk about mistakes, and then I'll give you a step-by-step plan as I see it.

Some bugs and their solutions

1. Break-even point not calculated

Many people start a business without even counting how much they need to sell during what period in order to break through. This is important because many business models are cut off at this stage.

Calculating the break-even point is easy. You consider how much you incur expenses per month and then calculate how much you need to sell goods or provide services per month in order to recoup these expenses. If the figure is too large and seems unrealistic to you, then it is better not to take on such a business. If you think you can sell the right amount of products to cover costs or start covering costs in a few months, then you can think about this business further.

Conclusion 1: Until you have a complete financial picture of the business in your head, you cannot borrow money or even use your savings.

2. Everything should be perfect

How to start your business from scratch: ideas, step-by-step plan

In addition to earning high income, there are several other advantages of running your own business - independence from the employer and an excellent opportunity for personal development. And it would be wrong to believe that starting a business will require huge investments. Now there are a lot of such areas that can be mastered with practically no investment at all.

Of course, there are certain risks of losing even minimal funds. But they can be avoided if you approach the matter competently, clearly planning everything and drawing up a detailed business project.

So how can you start a business from scratch?

Looking for a business idea

According to experts, the right profitable business idea is already half the battle. It's great if a novice entrepreneur already has in his head a plan of what he would like to do. If not, then one has only to look around - after all, many businessmen have already opened their own profitable business. So maybe you should borrow effective ideas from them?

It will be great if a business is started in which the entrepreneur is well versed. It's much easier this way - you don't have to study unexplored questions and understand the principles of functioning of a specific market niche.

And it's important to understand that ideas for starting a business from scratch don't have to be global. It would be unwise to start a serious business without any support and huge capital. Therefore, it is worth realistically assessing your capabilities, i.e. start by “conquering” the local market by offering products or services in demand here. A small business will pay off faster and will not require impressive capital expenditures. And in the future, as the business develops, you can think about entering neighboring markets.

What points should be considered when choosing an idea?

It will be quite difficult to answer the question of which one is better to start your business from scratch - there are a lot of unknown variables that depend on the region of residence. Here you can only identify those areas that, even during the crisis, are popular among novice businessmen:

  • Small retail outlets in the “round the corner” format (food products).
  • Manufacturing of building materials (tiles, paving stones, Lego bricks). You can use a garage for production.
  • Second-hand and second-hand shops.
  • Farming (dairy production, pig and poultry breeding, for example, Indo-duck breeding).
  • Provision of private services (bookkeeping, "husband for an hour", haircuts and manicure, renovation of premises).

In order to minimize all financial risks, many start a home business. And here there are a lot of advantages - you can not register a company, meager costs, the ability to turn a hobby into a profitable job. Of course, you won't earn millions of capital here, but it can serve as an excellent start for subsequent achievements.

Here are the most popular home business ideas:

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