How to start a flower business from scratch in a small town ideas

Mom and daughter Olga and Daria Altunin opened a flower workshop in the center of Tver. Daria Altunina told Compare. y about the initial investment, risks and profitability of such a business, and about two succulents named Harry and Henry.

My mom worked as an electrical engineer for 10 years. After that she went to floristry, where she worked for another 10 years in various stores in Tver. Then she realized that she wanted to devote her life to flowers. At that time I was finishing my studies at Moscow University with a degree in Applied Information Technologies. Immediately after I graduated from college, my mother and I opened a flower shop.

The idea of ​​the opening was suggested by our relatives. At the start, we had 600,000 rubles: we borrowed these funds from friends and relatives, without interest. We planned to return the money within a year - and we did it.

Where did the first ₽ go?

Premises (rent, renovation, signboard, trade equipment, cold store, installation)

Purchase (flowers, goods, other materials)

Promo (logo, printing, etc.)

Initially, we did not understand what kind of room we needed and where it should be located. Found a free area in the building of the Tver Academic Drama Theater, which is located in the city center. Near the city garden, circus, many restaurants and cafes. We rented a space of 50 square meters with a separate entrance, a bathroom, a utility room and a working area with a refrigerator. It costs 50,000 rubles a month.

We opened the store in 1.5 months, we were engaged in business organization together. They came up with a name - "Mint", a corporate identity, a logo, renovated the premises, and looked for suppliers. We did everything with our own hands. At first, we ourselves went to Moscow for flowers. Friends and relatives helped with renovations, even brought a retro piano to our workshop for atmosphere.

Later, we invested another 50,000 rubles in the development and launch of the site. Most spent on design. We don't have much resources for promotion now, so for now we are promoting it through word of mouth and social networks. But we are planning to connect Yandex. Direct and Google AdWords.

About the team

Mom is responsible for the atmosphere, flowers, bouquets, style, I - for advertising, interaction with partners and contractors. For the first six months we worked together. Then we realized that we could not cope with the flow of orders, and hired a florist. Recently, the fourth member of the team has appeared - an editor who is responsible for social networks. This is an important line of business that brings results, it is very difficult to combine with other tasks. In general, we are still coping with the collection of bouquets. But sometimes on holidays you have to work overtime. In general, the lack of staff on busy days is one of the main risks of our business, along with delays in deliveries, low-quality flowers and the possibility of a refrigerator breakdown.

Even for the visual component, we are often responsible for ourselves: we photograph bouquets and other products. Sometimes we still invite a team of professionals and arrange photo sessions, but the second format is most often used before the holidays.

Such a store does not require a huge start-up capital, but the product has a significant mark-up, which can reach 200-300%. This business also has its drawbacks: seasonal sales, perishable goods, damage in transit.

Format options

The size of the premises is directly proportional to the profit that can be obtained from the sale.

The following formats can be considered:

The creation of groups on social networks will help promote the site. An online store most often complements a street point of sale.

You can learn a few interesting nuances of this business from the following video:

What can be traded? We form an assortment

The more diverse the types of goods provided, the higher the profit. Additional sold items also help to cover the costs of the establishment.

The most basic flowers will be roses and carnations, as they are always in great demand. The rest of the flowers are seasonal and should not be purchased in bulk immediately. The store must have at least 20 floristic items.

Select a location

The store located in the shopping center does not require advertising, as there is a good flow of customers. The pluses also include the ability to use the warehouse of the shopping complex.

The purchased premises in a residential building will require a separate entrance. Advertising and the parallel opening of an online store will help increase profitability.

The flower business seems attractive to many aspiring entrepreneurs. In order to start earning, you need very little start-up capital. And income during the holidays can be impressive. However, everything just seems at first glance. The flower business requires a lot of time and effort. And for the business to really make a profit, you also need to understand the offered plants.

Core Principle

People often go to a flower shop in a good mood. The task of the business owner is not only to maintain the positive mood of the client, but also to nourish it. Flowers in the salon should always have an attractive scent and appearance. The seller is obliged to be friendly with the client. The ability to attract a customer is a good trait. You need to be able to guess consumer desires, to recommend to the buyer the most suitable bouquet for a particular occasion.

The flower business is graceful and sophisticated. There is no room for bad mood and ill-treatment. If an entrepreneur behaves correctly, he can also earn good money. The markup for flowers is usually 90-150%. And to open a small shop, you will need no more than $ 7,000. e. You can quickly promote the flower business. Where to begin? First of all, you need to decide on the format of your own business. There are several options for making money on flowers. It can be a small flower stall on the street, a shop, a real boutique or an online flower shop. All four business formats have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let's try to figure them out.

Flower pavilion on the street

Small stalls or pavilions with flowers can be found almost near every metro station, in crossings and on crowded streets. The disadvantage of this format of doing business is enormous competition. Two sellers can be just a meter apart. But there will always be plenty of clients. After all, you usually have to work in this format where there is always a huge flow of people. It is not always possible to acquire regular customers. Along with this, flowers are sold well not only on weekends and holidays, but also on weekdays. The main segment is young people who are in a hurry to date. Based on this, you can put a flower pavilion near a small square or park. After all, it is here that you can most often meet lovers.

It takes a little effort if you want to start a flower business from scratch. Reviews of entrepreneurs show that all preparatory work takes no more than a month. All you need to do is arrange a place to rent, find flower suppliers and purchase a tent or pavilion. Here you should definitely take into account the choice of the place where the sale will be carried out. If you have to sell flowers on the street, you should give preference to a heated pavilion. Otherwise, the flower business will turn into a seasonal one. In the harsh winter, plants require special care. And the seller will not be able to stay outside for a long time at temperatures below zero.

It is worth remembering that flowers are a commodity that very quickly loses its attractiveness. Therefore, a trade pavilion can stand for a long time if the entrepreneur ensures a good turnover. The more people pass by the outlet, the better. And to start work is on the eve of the holidays. During this time, sales will be greatest. Then people will already know about the flower pavilion and will return to it again next time. To further increase the number of customers, you can run ads. During the first month of work, have a hired employee hand out leaflets to passers-by with detailed information about the store.

A complete flower shop

This option is suitable for those entrepreneurs who have a start-up capital of at least $ 7,000. e. It is worth choosing a room with an area of ​​at least 30 m 2. The more space in the trading floor, the better. This allows you to significantly expand the range of products. Additionally, you can offer customers potted flowers, artificial decor, and related materials for the care of garden plants. The larger the product range, the more income the flower business will generate. Owner reviews show that buyers come for one plant, and take away much more product.

If one seller can work in the pavilion, then there should be several such in the store. One specialist should be responsible for arranging the bouquets. This may be a trained employee who has lateral thinking. Both ready-made bouquets for sale and custom-made bouquets can be created. The most popular segment is floral arrangements for weddings. This is not only a bridal bouquet, but also decorations for the banquet hall. Additionally, you can create a catalog with works made earlier. The client, having come to the store, will be able to choose the most suitable option.

Opening a flower business in a shop format will require some effort and financial expense. As in the previous case, you will have to find a suitable place for trading. It is also necessary to pay attention to the activities of competitors. You should not open a store if there is already a similar one a hundred meters away. People will most certainly turn to a floral one that lasts longer.

According to statistical studies, the business, the essence of which is the sale of flowers, is among the five most demanded. And this is not at all surprising, because people need flowers for various reasons, and such a gift certainly brings incredible joy, cheers up and is an incentive for a smile.

But in order for this type of business to bring constant profit, you need to figure out where to start a flower business, and study all its subtleties and nuances.

Will there be a permanent profit from selling flowers

First of all, entrepreneurs who decide to start selling flowers must understand how a plant is grown and how to care for it. Knowing these subtleties and having a desire to tinker in the country in order to grow magnificent seedlings at the same time, you must certainly transform this hobby into a business, the correct conduct of which will help you get a good income.

Personal preferences and preferences are very important, because if the activity brings true pleasure, then the family will have a constant income and stability.

Of course, the flower business is profitable especially on the pre-holiday and holidays. After all, everyone could observe, and more than once, how almost every man hurried with a bouquet, and not even one, home on the eve of Valentine's Day or on March 8. A huge number of flowers are bought by schoolchildren on the first day of school and for gifts to teachers on Teacher's Day. And, of course, it is impossible to imagine a birthday present without a bouquet.

In addition to the holidays, which, of course, were not listed in full, blooming compositions are purchased for:

  • Decoration of restaurant halls.
  • For weddings.
  • For decoration of any premises.
  • As a gift for both loved ones and business partners.

Many people prefer to present such a present for no reason at all, in order to simply cheer up their soul mate.

The price for compositions will certainly increase on the eve of famous holidays, and in 2-3 days. These days it will be possible to buy bouquets only several times more expensive. Despite this, bouquets are still sold out, so you can confidently classify it as a popular category.

Things to consider when starting a flower business

You can open a business selling flower arrangements, as they say, from scratch, or you can buy an existing one, that is, a ready-made business. The second option is simpler, but not all beginner businessmen will have enough finance to make a purchase.

How to open your own flower shop in a small town? How to start a flower business from scratch

Flowers are one of the most popular gifts, as they are relevant for any occasion. They can be presented in various types and forms, and there are also many unique varieties that differ in appearance and cost. The flower business is considered profitable, stable and interesting, therefore many entrepreneurs are interested in it. In the early stages, it can be organized even at home, and if you properly promote it, you can receive passive income in the future, since no effort will be invested in the business.

The flower business has both positive and negative sides. It is important to know about all the parameters before starting a business in order to start a profitable business from scratch.

The disadvantages of work include:

  • sales are uneven because they are seasonal and influenced by different holidays;
  • to get started, you need to create a correct, thoughtful and reliable business plan flower shop with calculations, moreover, you can view a sample, but for each store its own individual project must be formed;
  • for high-quality business operation, a cash register is required, the use of which complicates the accounting procedure and requires registration of equipment with the tax office, moreover, the device itself has a significant cost;
  • flowers are perishable goods that need specific care, therefore, optimal and specific conditions of detention must be created for them;
  • to start working, an entrepreneur must have complex and unusual knowledge and skills in the field of floristry, so that the flower business is profitable and promising.

Initially, you need to register, and you can choose either an individual entrepreneur or an LLC. The most optimal choice is the organizational and legal form - an individual entrepreneur. For this, the following documents are prepared and submitted to the tax office:

  • a statement that must contain the correct OKVED codes for the chosen area of ​​activity;
  • the flower business can operate under a simplified taxation system, which must be switched to immediately after registration;
  • a copy of the citizen's passport and his TIN.

Trade will be reliable and controlled if the cash register is used in the process. Therefore, it is recommended to initially purchase this technique. The device must be registered with the tax office, after which it can be used for its intended purpose. It is also desirable to obtain a seal and open a current bank account.

Choosing a store location

Where to start a flower business? It is important to decide exactly where the activity will be carried out. To do this, it is necessary to carry out marketing research, on the basis of which a special project will be made, and an example of it can be easily found on the Internet. It will contain basic information and nuances of starting and running a business.

You should not completely take a ready-made project, since it will not take into account the specifics of a particular region and store.

The flower business should be favorably located as the location for this particular activity is considered a key point. The premises are considered the best choice:

  • next to the wedding palace;
  • next to high traffic areas such as public transport stops, large supermarkets or universal markets;
  • close to a train station or bus station.

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