How to organize your business where to start

If you feel that you can run a business and you are full of creative ideas, then feel free to start doing business. If you don't know where to start a business, start by making a plan. But before that, you must decide what kind of activity you would like to do.

With all this, it is necessary to remember about the profitability. Perhaps what you want to do will lie on the shelves for a long time, and you will simply burn out. If you decide to organize some kind of production, then you should find out what is the demand for this product and how much the market is overstocked with this product.

But if you don't want to build a factory or plant, but just want to be engaged in the resale of goods, then this is easier. Likewise, you find out what products are in high demand, buy them and sell them. There are two types of trade - wholesale and retail.

When wholesale, it is necessary to buy goods as cheaply as possible, which means it is better to directly from manufacturers. But since they only sell their products in large quantities, you will need a lot of start-up capital.

If you buy goods in wholesale warehouses in small wholesale, then you won't need a lot of money, but the return will be less.

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Then you must decide how you want to sell your product, retail or wholesale. For retail, you will need to hire professional salespeople and set up retail outlets. This requires additional funds.

In this case, you will need to invest more money than with wholesale. In any case, you will need to obtain permission to engage in individual entrepreneurship, and this will require a lot of money. Today, not everyone knows where to start a business.

If you do not have initial capital, use one of the government programs. Now there are many of them and they are aimed at supporting small businesses.

Beginning entrepreneurs are provided with various benefits. For example, regional authorities provide premises at lower prices, as well as provide funds for business development and other assistance.

Starting a business from scratch is always difficult. This will take a lot of money and time. But you can buy a business already created by someone or hire qualified specialists who are engaged in organizing their own business for others.

What kind of business is profitable to do: 5 areas of profitable business + 3 ideas for business without initial investment + 6 ideas for success in the countryside + 5 tips on how to start your own business + 5 steps to determine how much the idea is "your ".

Today, most people dream of financial independence. No wonder. If you receive the average salary for our region, then you can only dream of an apartment in the city center and a brand new car in the garage.

Still, people continue to go to low-paying jobs, naively believing that they cannot earn money on their own business. They just don't know what kind of business is profitable to do and how to start it right.

Up-to-date statistics on which business is profitable to do

In fact, at the initial stages it is difficult for a beginner to understand which business is profitable to do and which one will only bring losses, fatigue and disappointment.

options for profitable business directions

Their schemes above, you could understand how popular this or that direction is. What options are most in demand in Russia?

Business in Trade

Whether you track trends or search for innovative types of products - it doesn't matter at all. You can equally well sell maternity clothes, soccer paraphernalia, and food. The main thing is to determine what will be beneficial for you.


If sales are not your strong point, we suggest manufacturing. Not sure what to produce? What is missing in your city / region?

You can be engaged in the production of live beer, parquet boards, or collect agricultural machinery. There are more than enough directions.

Service Business

What kind of business can you start from scratch? Profitable Home Business Options

Starting your own business is not something supernova for a long time and anyone who has a great desire and interesting ideas in stock can do it. In principle, sometimes you can do without ideas, but you should not exclude their place in creating a business.

What business to do?

Before you start doing business, answer the question: "What kind of business are you going to do?" You must choose a direction that will completely satisfy you, that is, you must like it, you must understand it, it must be easy for you to start.

An unambiguous answer to this question cannot be given, because everything depends on many factors (your skills, your desires and capabilities, the area where you live, the population, etc.). But definitely, the most profitable business at all times is the service sector and tourism. Although it is worth noting that this will require serious investment.

If you are asking yourself the question: “what kind of business can you start from scratch?”, then you should understand that absolutely any type of business can be included in this category, because everything starts from scratch. It's another matter if you ask this question, indicating a certain type in which you want to open your own business.

Being a woman doesn't mean you are incapable of running a business. You just have to choose a closer direction for yourself. then it could be? Beauty salon, clothing store, pastry shop, information business, advertising agency and everything like that. Of course, there are no clear rules on what kind of business a man should do and what kind of a woman, but nevertheless, these areas will suit you more.

In this regard, everything is quite simple: choose the direction that is not in your village, but it is very necessary for the residents. For example, it could be a beauty salon. An unusual hairdressing salon, namely a salon where girls and women can get a full range of services. shops and bars will also be very lucrative businesses for any village. You can even open a clothing store, but first find out if such a store is necessary in the area.

If you decide to open a business within your own apartment, then a beauty salon or store is unlikely to suit you. Here you need to choose something less capacious so that you can handle your business alone. Internet business would be a great option. You will need very little effort to create it. But which direction in the Internet business to choose depends on you.

Some people think that it is much more difficult for girls to start and promote their own business than for men, but this is far from the case. Women can do business on an equal basis with men, sometimes even better, given their extraordinary approach to business and external charm. Therefore, you should not think that it is more difficult for you to start your own business if you are a girl.

It is always difficult for any novice businessman to start, and especially without the support and tips of professionals. Therefore, if you do not have such a privilege, remember the following tips, which can make your starting path easier.

  • It should be to your liking. You should start your business, not because it is expected of you or because you are in dire need of money, but because you enjoy doing it. Just like the line of business, you must like the business itself, with all its pitfalls.
  • Serious business requires serious investment. No matter how you are assured that there are many ways to start a business without a penny in your pocket, this is far from the case. If you want to have a successful and profitable business, you must invest in it not only your soul, but also your money. / ul>

    So think again, is it really a serious desire for you to start your own business?

    So, I'll tell you how I started my small business from scratch without borrowing a dime. Working as a chief accountant in a small private firm, I was completely relieved of the problem of rational use of my free time. It is also worth noting that the question "where to spend the money" did not burden me either. My salary strictly corresponded to the average statistical earnings in our city and, despite all my heroic efforts, there were no upward deviations. I only came home to spend the night. My little son was left to himself and my psyche was pretty tempered in this test.

    But one case was the last straw that overwhelmed my patience. Once, in the next reporting period, I came so late for two days in a row, and left so early that my son was either already asleep at that time, or had not yet woken up. We communicated only by phone during the day. One morning, I woke him up with the words: "Son, let's say hello, suddenly we won't see you for a long time." All this would be funny if it were not so sad. At work, as well as on my weekends and holidays, I endlessly looked for ways to make the impossible possible and solved problems like 2 + 2 = 3. If we take into account a certain amount of risk, it turns out that at that time I had to not only drink champagne, but also swim in it. However, I risked, and others drank champagne :).

    Finally, I made a strong-willed decision to get out of this stupid circle that has no sense and no prospects. Since there was no line of employers outside the door with offers for me, it was logical to conclude that I myself needed to become an employer. This is where we got a puzzle with two unknowns. Receiving a very modest salary at my previous job, I, of course, did not save money, because. she had no capital, not even a starting one. So, it was necessary to figure out where to get the money for the opening. Borrow? But this requires some guarantees, and at that time I had nothing but a bare idea: no collateral, no business plan with specific numbers, and most importantly, the desire to borrow money. From my life experience, I know that there are no hopeless situations, only if we do not create them for ourselves, while still believing with enviable persistence in their hopelessness. And I started to act.

    On reflection, I chose the service sector for my activity. Why services, and not trade in any goods, which gives much more profit? I reasoned like this: well, firstly, the market is very saturated with all kinds of goods, it is difficult to compete. Secondly, the product must first be purchased in order to have something to sell. Of course, one could find it for implementation, but this is already out of the realm: "God bless you, what is not good for us." The day before I received another diploma, an interior designer, I had already done several serious works and really wanted to do this creative work. Therefore, I chose interior design as the main direction of my activity. In addition, I could offer not only the development and creation of a design project in drawings and sketches. Making the calculation of all the required materials and their cost (estimate) according to their own sketches, it only remained to bring this beautiful picture to life.

    Why not offer the client a turnkey service? In this case, what is most important (!), I do not have to look for money to purchase construction and finishing materials for a specific private order. They, materials, or already have the customer, or he is ready to pay an advance for their purchase. Of course, if you have already decided for yourself that let the one who invented and painted it do it (more often it happens). Well, if he entered into an agreement with all the attributes of solidity: signature, seal, TIN, etc., he sleeps peacefully, feeling himself under the vigilant protection of the committee for the struggle for consumer rights.

    I just have to find a brigade of craftsmen (builders-finishers) who, under a contract with me, will carry out all the work in accordance with my sketches and I will have the opportunity, in the process of performing work, to monitor this very compliance ... It is also important that I pay for their work, in accordance with the contract, only upon completion of the work and receipt of money from the customer. Of course, there are a lot of brigades offering themselves, it is difficult not to get caught by hack, but I already had acquaintances guys. I just had to strain a little and remember all my friends and those whom I encountered in life, seemingly by accident. (Note that nothing in our life is accidental, but this is already from the field of esotericism, which I have also been interested in for a long time and sometimes very successfully apply this knowledge in practice. Which I wish everyone).

    Nevertheless, knowing the mentality and intellectual level of the overwhelming majority of the population (of course, my city), I did not create illusions about the huge demand for this type of service. Even in my wildest dreams, I did not see the payment for this work, similar to the rates not only of the civilized world, but even of large cities, for example, Moscow. Therefore, I began to look for additional types (type) of services that could bring money, albeit a little, but consistently, not from time to time. Studying the local mass media with offers of services to the population, I noticed that mostly private entrepreneurs who provide household services to the population work alone, and everyone plays his own tune, praising the service that he provides. In addition, it was possible to see, without much difficulty, that the fantasy of mass entertainers offering services for weddings and other celebrations does not extend beyond the accordion player and toastmaster. This meant that this niche in the local service market was free, and this market segment was not spoiled by attention. So I chose him as a cow, which should give milk regularly, and not when she or the shepherd will have inspiration. There was more than enough room for my imagination and a field for activity. And with great enthusiasm I began to bring this project to life.

    After sitting a little with a pencil in hand, I made a list of all the services that I could offer both new Russians and ordinary employees. In addition to the gentleman's set: makeup artist, beautician, photographer, video filming, a / car (from Zhiguli to foreign cars and a bus), I added with pleasure what no one offered in the city at that time: banquets in restaurants, canteens, cafes, bases recreation, holding celebrations on a motor ship with a banquet or buffet, professional fireworks, "Troika" of horses with a phaeton, show ballet (any genre), live music of all generations, phytodesign (from a wedding bouquet to decorating a festive table and hall), a legal conclusion of a marriage contracts with a solemn presentation during the ceremony, as well as decorating the banquet hall with such rare things at that time as glowing and flashing garlands, arches and all kinds of decorative designs made of balls (no worse than in a concert hall) and many other little things (invitations with photos of the newlyweds, champagne with a label on which the name is similar to the surname of the groom or hero of the day + photo, badges with funny inscriptions and pictures, etc., etc.) I mean, my list of services looked impressive.

    Agreeing with the performers (advertising agency, hippodrome, river port, cafes, restaurants, etc.) was also not difficult. Almost everyone was happy that I was giving them a ready-made order, and they, as is customary everywhere, pay a certain percentage of the total amount of the order. It turned out to be even easier to negotiate with those performers who worked alone, and some did not even have an entrepreneurial certificate. The amounts were negotiated individually in each case. It took the most time to find performers for original types of services and concert numbers. But again, one had only to start, tell friends and girlfriends, load everyone with information and everyone began to remember little by little acquaintances from their circle, circle of acquaintances and off they went.

    However, this is all great, I thought. But the whole charm of my enterprise lies in the fact that the client does not need to jump on different phones, performers, negotiate with each separately, worry about each separately, and in case of a breakdown of the order, it is also not easy to look for someone to blame (if the whole agreement is reduced only to verbal agreement). I offered potential clients 100% service. They come to the office, look at the entire list of services, prices, ask questions, immediately find out all the points of interest. They choose services according to their wishes and the significance of the event, financial possibilities, immediately formalize an official contract for the fulfillment of the order, paying an advance payment of only 15% of the total cost, receive a receipt and then indulge in joyful expectations of the celebration. That's all, this is where the client's troubles end. If a client suddenly wants to change something, he can always call or drop in at a convenient time for himself, if the changes require written revision and signature.

    That's it. Call and drop in at a convenient time. Where can I invite you to visit? Not in your own apartment. I had to decide with the office. Renting an office is not a problem. You could even choose according to location, rental price, telephone availability, etc. But how to rent an office without money? And when claiming an exclusive package of services, it seems that it is not quite serious to invite clients to the outskirts of the city, where they will have to go, and to get there "by the checkpoints." This means that the office had to be rented in the city center, preferably in a prestigious location. Then I remembered that, among other things, I propose interior design. Well, what person would believe in my creativity and capabilities if I sit with paper wallpaper in a small flower and fresh whitewash on the ceiling? Think or not think, there is no money, materials for renovation too, so you need to look for a ready-made option. I decided not to waste time on trifles and went straight to the most famous "patch" in the city. Not much more central :).

    I came to the landlord, set out all my thoughts about what kind of room I needed, reviewed several options and chose quite decent, "renovated", with the necessary and very modern furniture, even the blinds were present on the windows !. True, it was embarrassing that it was a little too little, but I quickly convinced myself that I didn’t need any more, because I’m not going to arrange banquets in the office. When it came to concluding a lease and payment agreement (forward of course), I calmly reported my financial difficulties, my abilities and fundamental financial analysis of a commercial project that is simply doomed to success. I also did not forget to note the qualities of my interlocutor, about which I had heard a lot, and one of which is the ability to distinguish and separate grains from chaff. She immediately offered her payment scheme.

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