How to open a flower business in stages, where to start and what to look for

Let's show you step by step how to open a flower business.

Flower business pros and cons

  • Easy entry…. It doesn't require a lot of start-up capital to get started. To open a small pavilion near the metro or at a bus stop, this amount can be 6-8 thousand dollars
  • ... and exit. This is also important. If you want to close the case, then, besides the usual bureaucratic procedures, you will only have to sell the equipment.
  • A really big trade margin. Flowers are not weapons, and not medicines, but the percentage of the mark-up when selling them tends to the same indicators: 100 - 150% plus the cost price. Which cannot but inspire. Is it profitable to do a flower business? The answer is obvious.

But, on the other hand, the promotion would not have been so great if it were not for the risks of this business, which beginners simply cannot forget:

  • Short-lived product. A large percentage of rejections, which is increasing every hour. Flowers wither, unfortunately ...
  • Seasonality. What you can definitely count on is March 8, February 23, Valentine's Day, September 1. That, perhaps, is all. All summer is a "dead", unpromising season.

In addition, we have instructions on how to open a car wash: sanitary requirements, box rental, types of washes, additional and basic services, decoration of a client's room and more.

How to start a flower business

  • Pavilions, flower stalls near the metro and transport stops. This also includes shopping places in markets and shopping centers. The payback of such points depends on the location. It should be very passable. The insiders of this business say that only the flower business pays for its place on March 8th.
  • Small shops on the ground floors of shopping and business districts, in shopping centers. Such points have the opportunity to expand their assortment through gifts, packaging, souvenirs, potted plants, and more.
  • Luxury-class flower shops, the so-called flower boutiques. They are located surrounded by other boutiques, in expensive shopping centers. "Exclusive" product in an expensive package. The target audience is wealthy people.
  • Online stores. Online flower trade is the least developed (especially in the provinces), but the most promising direction.

Wholesale flower suppliers

Something about roses. The Dutch rose is a high-quality and expensive product. It is delivered "wet", that is, in buckets, trucks, stored for a long time and, accordingly, is more expensive. Flowers from South America, on the other hand, are delivered by air, dry, in cardboard boxes. Although Ecuadorian roses have larger heads, they are less expensive and less presentable. This is a "street" product. Flowers from local producers on purchase cost the same as overseas or more. Such goods are not stored for a long time and many roses are discarded. But, despite this, local flowers find their buyer, especially in the season. They are "livelier" and smell unlike imported ones.

Not just roses. In fact, the "bread" of small shops and salons is not roses at all, but "indoor" flowers: chrysanthemums, carnations, tulips, according to the season. Their deliveries should be arranged like clockwork. After all, it is from the amounts from the sale of these flowers that rent, utilities, salaries and taxes are paid.

Reliable suppliers are half the battle in the flower business. Indeed, on the decisive days that feed the year: March 8. February 14, September 1, everything is needed and urgent. And your supplier shouldn't let you down.

How to start a flower shop from scratch: a rough business plan

Flower business is one of the most beautiful ways to start your own business. A beautiful store, immersed in luxurious flowers, is the dream of many women, because in practice you can apply the richest arsenal of skills and abilities acquired during life.

Starting your own flower business is easy. This does not require obtaining special licenses or permits, as is the case with the alcohol or food markets.

Beginning entrepreneurs should carefully study the peculiarities of the flower market, choose reliable suppliers, choose the right premises, equipment, conduct an advertising campaign and profit from a streamlined process.

How to start a flower business

A flower shop is quickly becoming not just a favorite place, but a lifelong affair, a second home for those who decide what to do business. Here you can show unlimited imagination when drawing up bouquets and compositions, decorating flowers, communicate with other flower lovers, give advice on growing certain species, share experiences, and make new acquaintances.

Strangers rarely come to the flower business. As a rule, businessmen take this path, having a great love for the most beautiful thing on the planet - flowers. Most often, women are engaged in flowers, there is a simple explanation: they are better versed in the varieties of flowers, they are well aware of the needs of potential buyers, they know how to decorate a shop window and what to offer customers.

It is best to start a flower business from scratch by drawing up a business plan for the future store. Like any other project, a flower salon can provide its owner with great benefits or significant losses. In order for the store to function correctly and quickly reach self-sufficiency, it is required to thoroughly study the market, assess the risks and prepare and think over all aspects of the work in advance.

Flower shop: sample business plan

You can download an example of a flower shop business plan at this link.

Legal business

The first step to starting a flower business is to register as a legal entity or individual entrepreneur. For novice businessmen, the second form of activity is recommended, since the process of registering an individual entrepreneur is much simpler, the taxation system is more lenient, and the costs will be significantly lower.

Once you have a legitimate business basis, you can begin to implement your plan.

Flower business ideas

[no_toc] The flower business is a retail area in which risk and perspective are intertwined more than any other activity, as the demand for flower products can serve as a kind of barometer of human well-being.

According to experts, the volume of bouquets and compositions sold directly depends on the level of financial well-being of the region, but the mentality of the nation also plays a role in this matter.

Like any other, the flower business is distinguished by its specificity, which is dangerous to underestimate. In the country, for example, the norms for written off flowers have not yet been established, although, according to professional florists, this figure is close to 10%.

This type of business attracts with a relatively small amount of start-up capital, which depends on the type of outlet and its location.

Where to start a flower business


The registration procedure is probably the easiest step in this business. Individual entrepreneurship is registered in accordance with 52. 8. 2 OKVED "Retail trade in flowers". Individual entrepreneurs need to decide on the taxation system (UTII or STS). If a businessman values ​​time more than money, you can entrust this stage to legal intermediary firms.

After registration of an individual entrepreneur or LLC, a cash register is purchased with subsequent registration with the tax office. Independent efforts take two weeks. With the service offered by KKM sellers, the whole process takes up to 3 days.

It is worth remembering about printing. Individual entrepreneurs under the existing legislation can work without it. However, there is one caveat: suppliers do not always agree to release products without a stamp on the documents.


A point of sale of any format must have documentation available to customers:

If you decide to start your own business, then you should think about opening a flower shop.

Such a store does not require a huge start-up capital, but the product has a significant mark-up, which can reach 200-300%. This business also has its drawbacks: seasonal sales, perishable goods, damage in transit.

The size of the premises is directly proportional to the profit that can be obtained from the sale.

The following formats can be considered:

The creation of groups on social networks will help promote the site. An online store most often complements a street point of sale.

You can learn a few interesting nuances of this business from the following video:

What can be traded? We form an assortment

The more diverse the types of goods provided, the higher the profit. Additional sold items also help to cover the costs of the establishment.

Compositions made of dried flowers are in demand, so they should also be present in the assortment.

The most basic flowers will be roses and carnations, as they are always in great demand. The rest of the flowers are seasonal and should not be purchased in bulk immediately. The store must have at least 20 floristic items.

Select a location

The store located in the shopping center does not require advertising, as there is a good flow of customers. The pluses also include the ability to use the warehouse of the shopping complex.

How much can you earn selling flowers

Most of the plants are imported from other countries: from the Netherlands, Italy, Georgia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ecuador, Colombia, China, India, Israel.

Russia also grows its own flowers, for example, in the Krasnodar Territory there are large greenhouses that supply "live" goods throughout the country. However, domestic producers are able to satisfy only about 10 percent of the market needs.

What range of plants do the main importing countries offer?

In world practice, all transactions related to the purchase / sale of flowers are made by dealers, but in Russia there is no such link. Therefore, the majority of domestic manufacturers focus mainly on the market of Moscow and the Moscow region.

Delivery of foreign goods is carried out both by legal means and by "gray" schemes or smuggling. Flowers are transported dry (in boxes) or wet (in containers with water).

Pricing is directly related to the size of the stem, measured excluding the bud. The most demanded in the domestic market are roses with stems from 60 to 80 cm long and weighing from 50 to 70 g. As the size of the flower decreases, its cost also decreases.

Lawyer, financial advisor

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The financial condition of society is to some extent determined by the demand for flowers and this is a fact proven by the results of the research. Economists argue that the richer a region or city, the more flowers sold per capita. But still, this statement cannot be called one hundred percent, since mentality plays a certain role in this issue.

It should be noted that the sale of flowers is one of the five most demanded types of business in the world. This phenomenon is not surprising, because flowers are needed in many life situations, it is a kind of art that gives people positive emotions, joy, smiles.

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