How to make money on YouTube from scratch and is it possible

In today's article, we will highlight the most important nuances of this topic and see if it is really easy to make money in this way. Let's get started.

YouTube earning mechanism

An ordinary user has a logical question: who will pay for the video? The answer is simple - advertising. More precisely, advertisers. If you have used video hosting, you have noticed that while watching a video, various kinds of advertisements pop up.

Placing advertisements allows the authors of videos to earn money.

We figured out the mechanism for making money. For many, the second question is ripe: how much can you earn? Dry statistics show that users earn from $ 5 to $ 25 per thousand views. The data provided is not accurate. Affects earnings:

  • number of subscribers;
  • popularity of the footage;
  • frequency of new footage received on the channel.

You shouldn't think seriously that by filming a random, very few people interesting video and putting it on a resource, you will receive $ 25. In that case, all of today's video bloggers would be financially independent people.

YouTube Affiliate Program

If the application is approved, the ad revenue will begin to accrue, which is displayed inside the video or near it.

Many owners of their own large websites or blogs make money from contextual advertising. The advantages of the YouTube service are that there is no need to have your own website, which greatly simplifies the task.


Earning money on the Internet is very popular these days. Almost every family has modern gadgets or a computer. Few succeed in earning the main income while sitting at home in front of the monitor, but, nevertheless, this can provide a solid addition to the main income. One of the fashionable ways to make money online today is your own YouTube channel. How it works - we will tell further.

Anyone can register their own channel on YouTube. By periodically uploading interesting videos, you can add an additional amount to your family budget. In the context of an unstable economic situation, this type of earnings is attractive because it does not require almost any investment.

Where to start?

To start your own video blog, you need to decide on the main points.

First of all, choose a topic. For a topic to become monetary, it must be popular. Ask yourself, "What are people interested in right now?" First of all, money, ways of earning money, politics, sports, health, new technologies, construction, education. The wider the horizon, the more options.

Much depends on the skills and talents of the author. Perhaps you are a successful athlete and can offer the world a new effective training system? Or are you fluent in a foreign language and ready to give video tutorials? Apply a creative, optimistic approach and you're halfway there!

Secondly, you only need to upload high-quality video. Therefore, it makes sense to learn how to own a camera (the same YouTube is full of training videos) and use programs for editing video files. Consideration should be given to the design and presentation of the videos.

The higher quality content you have, the more profit. Most users ignore poor quality and unprofessional videos. Such videos negatively affect the number of subscribers. Uploading new videos needs to be stable. For a channel to be popular, it must be updated with at least one story per week.

This technique will keep existing subscribers and attract new ones. This is important, since the channel's income depends on the number of subscribers. The more people subscribed to the channel, the more views and the more money.

When compiling the semantic core, pay attention to the correspondence of the video description to its actual content. Subscribers are unlikely to be delighted if a cute hamster is shown on a video with a brutal name (although ...).

Promotion and earnings

HOW TO START A BUSINESS WITHOUT MONEY - IS IT REALLY POSSIBLE? Every business has something in common - they all start with an idea. Whether it's your passion or something that you suddenly think about,

For most Internet users, YouTube is a leisure resource. However, companies often use YouTube to run and grow their businesses, and many have done quite well. Roman Zhaivoron, author and presenter of the Movavi Vlog YouTube channel with 60 thousand subscribers, made step-by-step instructions for a business to create a YouTube channel.

Where to start

The first thing you need to do is set up a Google mail. Signing up for gmail is incredibly simple: you just need to enter your details and upload a photo for your profile. If you already have a mailbox, then proceed to the next step - how to create a YouTube channel.

You must register first. Registration on YouTube takes a couple of clicks. So, you need to click on your avatar in the upper right corner, select "My Channel" and enter the required information. After that click on "Create Channel". All is ready. You can upload your first video.

When creating a channel, keep in mind that you can link additional channels to it. However, remember that if the rules are violated on one of them, everyone will be blocked. Some users register their channels to different email addresses to avoid blocking in the future.

Let's consider one more thing - how to create a YouTube channel from your phone if you don't have a laptop or computer at hand. The process is fast, uncomplicated and practically no different from the desktop version. Sign in to your YouTube account or go through the standard registration procedure. Then click the icon with your photo and select "Create channel". We will consider setting up additional parameters below.

YouTube channel design

There is no specific complexity in channel design. However, there is one important point to consider from the outset - uniformity. If your channel is created in a certain style, then it will be perceived much more pleasantly. In corporate identity, this is called the corporate identity of a company, enterprise, or even one person.

First of all, the user sees the avatar and the header of the channel. What would be appropriate to place there? How can they be further combined with the design of your videos? If you use the services of a designer, create a technical task for him. Describe in detail all the conditions and requirements for the necessary icons and images for splash screens.

Build and upload a trailer. This will help keep your audience engaged and attract more followers. Remember to keep it small, interesting, and reflective of the channel's goals. Creating an intro at the beginning of your future videos is a good idea. It can become a graphic presentation of your product, keep the viewer watching the video at the beginning of its demonstration. Creating an end screen will allow users to navigate to another video or subscribe to your channel.

Write a description for the channel. With it, you can tell your audience about the topic of your videos. The number of characters in the description is limited, and on the first reading, only the first 250 characters will be visible. The rest - only when you click the "Advanced" button. It is important to present the essence in the first part and reveal its contents in the second. In the same place, add all the necessary links to your website or pages on social networks.

YouTube setup and additional channels

You can edit your channel at any time. All changes are made in the "Settings" section. There is an "Advanced" button in the left menu. By clicking on it, you can change the URL, link the channel to a Google+ page, see the sites that have access to the channel, and delete the channel itself.

Millions of users watch YouTube videos every day. And naturally, this becomes an excellent motivation for many companies to place their ads on the service. And where there is advertising, you can always make money. Start and you will receive a steady income from your own YouTube channel! Do not think that only experienced Internet users can do this - even a beginner can take his "niche" here. There are many examples proving that it is quite possible to receive good funds here. How to make money on YouTube from scratch for a beginner?

YouTube is a site where Internet users can post and watch videos. There are a lot of “private” video channels of various directions here - their owners share reviews and opinions, post interesting videos from their lives. The site, just a couple of years after its appearance on the Internet, has become a place where you can make quick money.

There are a lot of ways to make money on YouTube. Choose the one that suits you - read the opinions and reviews of already experienced video bloggers, weigh your capabilities. Today even a schoolchild can “make” a popular channel on this site. Almost all options are reduced to interactions with advertisers - this method has become "universal".

How to start making money?

The goal you need to set yourself is to make your YouTube channel popular. The more loyal "fans" you attract to your blog, the more profit you will receive in the future. It can take quite a long time to develop a video channel.

If you don't have your own channel on video hosting yet, register an account. Registration on the site will not cause any difficulties - enter your email address (you need a mail on Google), the name of the video blog, information about yourself. Now you can start working.

To make money on YouTube on your channel, you first need to choose the direction to which you will devote your "brainchild". The topic of the video blog is of great importance - only the niches in demand will attract a large audience to the channel, which is what is required to make further profit! Can't decide? "Look" the idea from successful bloggers - if their stories are watched by millions of users, then the topic of the audience is very interesting. But it is better to choose niches that are well known to you - it will be much easier to work, and most importantly, more interesting. Let's designate popular topics that will help you make money through YouTube by posting videos:

  • Reviews. You can browse any purchases, games and movies - this is one of the most popular topics among users. No wonder - before buying something or watching a new movie, people often look for useful information on the Internet. Videos dedicated to reviews of technology and electronics are well "dispersed" - a great way to make money with the help of YouTube! But the channel owner may have difficulties here - you cannot buy yourself a new gadget or phone every month in order to regularly upload interesting reviews. In this regard, the promoted bloggers have no problems - manufacturers themselves offer them goods for a quality review. But beginners can also work on YouTube in this direction - browse games or movies, books.
  • Master classes. Many "professional" needlewomen or craftsmen have their own video blog, where they talk about the subtleties of making certain things, about various technologies (construction, repair). If you also consider yourself a pro in any business, share your knowledge with other Internet users - great money on YouTube videos! As practice shows, this niche will require more painstaking work on the blog - only a small number of users subscribe to such channels, while the majority comes from search engines.
  • Letters. This is a video walkthrough of the games. A very popular segment - choose this direction if you often play computer games. Users on your channel will find solutions in the intricate plots of games, and you can make good money on the Internet on YouTube.
  • Entertainment videos. Not everyone comes to Youtube in search of educational and review videos - many of them just "relax" here, watching funny mini-films. If you know how to “cut” video, making up funny stories, be sure to try yourself in this direction. You cannot even imagine how many "likes" a funny video with animals or babies can get - there are many cases when an ordinary user who posted a short video became a "millionaire" in a couple of weeks.

How to create a YouTube channel and earn money? When your personal video blog is created and its theme is chosen, take care of its design. The service offers many different backgrounds for accounts, but you can use your own designs as well. Make sure that your channel attracts users not only with video content, but also with a pleasant interface.

Now you can start posting thematic videos on your blog. Remember the main rule - no matter what methods of making money on YouTube you choose, you will gain more subscribers only on condition of high-quality content! Moreover, it must be unique - taken with your own hand. And even without a camera, you can shoot a video - use your smartphone or webcam from a computer or laptop. In the future, if your channel becomes really popular, you can purchase more serious equipment - this way you can shoot high-quality videos.

To make money on the Internet on YouTube higher due to more views, before posting content on the site, process the video in special programs - edit, add sound or special effects, add text. Here you can use the following tools - Adobe Premiere Pro, SonyVegas, Camtasia Studio. Be sure to rate your work - users should like the "picture". Please note that the audio files used, as well as the video itself, must not violate copyright - use the music that is hosted in the free Youtube music library.

For most people, YouTube is the place to find a video tutorial, music video or entertainment video. At the same time, for other people, it is the main source of income. Now let's look at how to make money on Youtube and how much income you can achieve.

What do you need to do and how much can you earn on YouTube?

The Swedish video blogger PewDiePie, with over 48 million subscribers, has generated $ 12.9 million in revenue over the past year.

This is a record for a site to make such amounts, it has come a long way and put a lot of effort into it.

However, in any activity, in order to get something, you also need to spend certain resources. The success of PewDiePie may seem impressive, perhaps even something distant and unrealistic, but at one time he too began his journey from the very bottom.

So, let's figure out what you need to do to start making money on YouTube:

  • You need to create a YouTube channel.
  • Fill with useful content
  • Get as many subscribers as possible.
  • Join an affiliate program.

Creating a YouTube channel

How to make money on Youtube? In order to do this, you just need to have a Gmail account. It allows, in addition to email, to use other Google services, including YouTube.

After that you have to come up with the name of your channel. It should be memorable and original. After all, just one extraordinary name can persuade the Internet user to watch your videos.

In addition, when the user is on your page, he will also see the banner and logo. They are sort of the face of the channel.

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